SQUIRM throws a house spin on Marshmello’s ‘Happier’

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SQUIRM throws a house spin on Marshmello’s ‘Happier’Screen Shot 2018 12 13 At 6.45.21 PM Min

It appears that SQUIRM came across Marshmello‘s Billboard charter, “Happier,” featuring Bastille and decided to tinker with it. A celestial house makeover gives the original a boost of speed, cranking BPMs up to 127. Uplifting metallic synths dominate the melody with an accompanying bassline around a punching house track, showing quite the ecstatic alien producer.

While pairing with another artist who used anonymity to cover their work and define their brand, few have created a new world narrative for listeners to explore. SQUIRM is on that path with the robot’s mystic persona and storytelling, Traveller EP, which crash-landed out of nowhere. Sources say there’s a veteran dance music producer behind the creation, but SQUIRM could also just be a real alien looking for friends.

Marshmello is at work on a ‘Joytime III’ album

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Marshmello is at work on a ‘Joytime III’ albumMarshmello Cred CINDY ORDGETTY IMAGES

Marshmello‘s repertoire is an eclectic collection of genre fluid cuts that allow the masked producer, alongside a host of fellow collaborators, to appeal sonically to fans of various different styles of music. His latest single with Roddy Ricchh, “Project Dreams,” marked the dance music personality’s return to the hip-hop end of the spectrum, where he’d previously dabbled with Logic on “Everyday.” Then, the comparatively more pop-oriented Bastille collaboration, “Happier,” signified a shift toward more mainstream, radio friendly direction, while the superstar’s Joytime II album represented a return to the whimsical technics of Marshmello’s original electronic sound.

He continues on this swift and dynamic road with the announcement of a series of new and diverse new productions to come in the foreseeable future. One particularly notable project in the works is Joytime III, which we’re expecting to harken back to his usual future bass aesthetic that so many know and love. That said, “I don’t want to just stick to one genre, as a producer who loves making music nothing excites me more than pushing the boundaries,” Marshmello stated in the announcement Tweet, mentioning he’s also working on “a couple hip-hop” tracks and his “next pop single.” While the sickly sweet talent revealed little more than the existence of new music, the details that will remain to come will certainly pique excitement among his wide fanbase.

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Matt Medved drops off infectious remix of Marshmello and Bastille’s sweeping hit ‘Happier’

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Matt Medved drops off infectious remix of Marshmello and Bastille’s sweeping hit ‘Happier’Matt Medved

Matt Medved is adding another high profile remix to his catalog with his new take on Marshmello and Bastille‘s smash hit, “Happier.” Closely following a grooving house remix of Khalid‘s “Love Lies,” Matt Medved has followed up with a buoyant, upbeat take on “Happier,” taking the tune from the radio waves to the dance floor with his re-visioning.

Accenting the track’s foundation with his own house-inspired theme, Medved leaves Bastille’s vocal work largely intact, working in his own infectious percussion arrangements around the track’s ubiquitous topline. Lush club-ready soundscapes supplant Marshmello’s cheerful piano chords as Medved breathes new life into his masked companion’s latest hit. Matt Medved’s remix also follows another inventive take on the track by JAUZ — who opted to offer a more downtempo perspective on one of the year’s biggest tracks. Stream Matt Medved’s remix of “Happier” below.

Watch Marshmello tease his forthcoming Roddy Ricch collaboration

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Watch Marshmello tease his forthcoming Roddy Ricch collaborationMarshmello Cred CINDY ORDGETTY IMAGES

For a personification of the phrase “strike while the iron is hot,” look no further than Marshmello. Dance music’s saccharine song spinner graced the cover of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 issue just days ago — a career milestone that plays out across newsstands — while Marshmello’s latest single, “Happier,” continues its cozy reign on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. While Marshmello could certainly revel in present success, the producer is instead training his eye on what comes next, and what Marshmello’s ensuing move entails is a single with ascending rapper Roddy Ricch.

Marshmello has experimented with the electronic/hip-hop hybrid on previous releases like the Logic-assisted “Everyday” and the posthumous Lil Peep collaboration, “Spotlight.” The electronic/hip-hop hybrid is a stylization for which Marshmello evidently has a penchant, and while the helmeted artist has yet to reveal a formal release date for the forthcoming single, it’s clear from the preview that the track will arrive as an idiosyncratic and forward-thinking take on modern electronic and rap constructions.

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Marshmello pulls at the heartstrings in new music video for ‘Happier’

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Marshmello pulls at the heartstrings in new music video for ‘Happier’Marshmello Happier Video

Marshmello is on a roll of video releases after putting out soccer-themed “Stars” music video, and then releasing the video for Bastille collaboration “Happier” shortly afterwards. The “Stars” music video was a testament of hard work and a feel-good story of success, whereas the “Happier” music video is ironically a tear-jerker as the storyline shows the bond between girl and dog.

The track has sultry chords despite its title, and the music video follows a little girl through the various hardships of growing up such as getting bullied at school, but her dog is there routinely to help her through the rough times. Throughout the video, the dog ages until it’s the pup’s time to depart earth. The heart-breaking moment fades into the girl 20 years later as a mom. The scene is similar to the entrance of the video, where her father gave her the puppy, but this time her father gives a new puppy to the girl’s daughter, creating a heartwarming ending to the tear-inducing video.

Get a sneak peek of Marshmello’s new Bastille feature, ‘Happier,’ dropping Friday [Stream]

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Get a sneak peek of Marshmello’s new Bastille feature, ‘Happier,’ dropping Friday [Stream]20228889 1622687541083104 3624557739808384426 N

Marshmello will put the “sweet” in “bittersweet” on his latest single, “Happier.” Slated for an August 17 release, the newest offering from EDM’s jet puffed beat breaker will feature British indie pop band, Bastille.

Marshmello’s formal announcement of the single’s imminent release will hardly arrive as a surprise to some Mellogang members; Marshmello originally sparked suspicion of an incoming collaboration with Bastille in March when he tweeted that he was “playing phone tag” with the band.

Bastille followed Marshmello’s Instagram preview of the forthcoming production with a tweet describing the track as a melancholic number tinged with Mello’s inimitable merriment.

HAPPIER ft. @bastilledan this Friday 😄 pre-save link in bio.

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Kasbo delivers an elegant remix for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’

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Kasbo delivers an elegant remix for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’37884733 1162977063843798 210607741448749056 O

The Swedish producer and Foreign Family member Carl Garsbo, better known as Kasbo, entered music swiftly with his soft and sweet productions that shimmered with simplicity and relished in their effortless ability to provoke emotion. On his debut LP “Places We Don’t Know,” Kasbo captured even more attention garnering more than 26 million streams, and showing the world what it truly meant to dance and cry at the same time.

With so much success, it’s no surprise that some of music biggest acts such as Ed Sheeran would enlist his talent in the form of a remix. In his rendition of “Happier,” Kasbo takes the once acoustic track, grabs it by the hand and introduces it into his very own world full of brilliantly warm atmospherics and delicate synths. The remix swirls with elegance from it’s minimal percussion, yet pumps with sentimental energy, that showcases Kasbo’s signature style to a tee and will captivate both his and Ed Sheeran’s fans upon first listen.


Photo credit: Facebook / Kasbo

Tiësto remixed Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’

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tiesto ed sheeran

Tiësto remixed Ed Sheeran‘s “Happier,” off his 2017 best-selling album, ÷. This is a massive collaboration and the result is no surprise: it’s amazing. Tiësto sounds like he’s flexing his Kygo muscle, as the producer’s light, deep house cuddle’s Sheeran’s folksy voice with melodic, rumbling synths.

The king of trance kept to Sheeran’s minimal vibe, adding euphoric builds and a driving house beat to an originally somber vibe. The bed of ambiance hugs the track, letting listeners know, everything will be okay.

The remix was released off Tiësto’s AFTR:HRS label, which is his deep house imprint. The label boss has been producing vibes recently. His last release was an uplifting, hip-hop, pop track, “Jackie Chan,” with Post Malone and Dzeko. “Boom” featuring Gucci Mane is techno fire. Watch out 2018, Tiësto is out to have another stellar year.

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