Prepare for Skepta’s incoming new album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’

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Prepare for Skepta’s incoming new album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’Skepta Ignorence Is Bliss

Skepta announced his new album, Ignorance Is Bliss, will drop May 31. His previous long play, Konnichiwa, was released in 2016 and won the Mercury Prize, awarded for the best album released in the UK from a British or Irish artist. In 2017, he released an EP called Vicious, which featured Lil B, Smoke Boys, A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Nast.

The grime luminary has kept details about the project on the hush, releasing the album artwork which features an image of him holding his recently born daughter. Perhaps we’ll have a glimpse of his newfound fatherhood mixed in with his normally harsh lyrical hammering. Details that are known include the album art photographed by Manu S. Pillai and there are 13 tracks set to grace all streaming services near you.

Prepare for Skepta’s incoming new album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’Unnamed 1

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Stormzy to become the first UK rapper to headline Glastonbury in 2019

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Stormzy to become the first UK rapper to headline Glastonbury in 2019Stormzy

Grime’s favorite son Stormzy will make Glastonbury history in 2019, when he becomes the first UK rapper to headline the legendary festival. The news that Stormzy would bedeck the Glastonbury lineup as the event’s leading headliner preceded an official announcement from Glastonbury organizers, as Glastonbury Free Press posters surfaced in several Oxfam shops, emblazoned with the sentence “Stormzy Friday! First Glastonbury Headliner Revealed.” The festival confirmed the “Scary” rhymer as 2019’s first headliner later that same day.

Stormzy is notable for his previous appearance at Glastonbury 2017, where he performed at the Other Stage. The booking follows Stormzy’s release of his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer in 2017, a production that won him a Brit Award for “British Album of the Year” at the 2018 awards ceremony. The 2019 headliner comes after festival organizer’s announcement of Glastonbury: 50, a commemorative festival book that will encapsulate exclusive photographs and narrative inclusions to cohesively reflect on the event’s progression over the past 50 years.

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Stormzy introduces new publishing house, #Merky Books

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Stormzy introduces new publishing house, #Merky BooksStormzy 6 1435229778 View 0

In recent years, Stormzy has gone from underground UK grime rapper to being one of the leading figureheads in the emerging rap sub-genre, and the poster boy for grime’s growing international appeal. Now, the London-native emcee can add publisher to his rap sheet, with the launch of his newly announced partnership with Penguin Random House to expand into the world of book publishing with his new imprint, #Merky Books.

Stormzy took to social media to announce the news to fans. The “Scary” rhymer is looking to give opportunities and inspiration to young writers and help create the next generation of authors of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. #Merky Books will be hosting an open writing submission competition and a paid internship program in 2019, hoping to get young people into the world of book writing and publishing. The first release from #Merky Books is by Stormzy himself, titled Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far. More than just another extension of his #Merky brand, Stormzy’s dive into literature highlights his multidimensional capabilities as a creator as well as his desire to help groom an up and coming generation of fellow creatives.

Super proud to announce our new venture #Merky Books, a publishing imprint in collaboration with Penguin Random House @penguinukbooks We will be using this as a platform for young writers to become published authors, I know too many talented writers that don’t always have an outlet or a means to get their work seen and hopefully #Merky Books can now be a reference point for them to say “I can be an author” and for that to be a realistic and achievable goal. Reading and writing as a kid was integral to where I am today and I from the bottom of my heart can not wait to hear your stories, your poems, your novels, your sci-fis and then getting them out into the big wide world. Proper proud of this! We’ll be doing school competitions, taking entries and submissions and looking for writers as well but I’ll keep you posted! #Merky Books will also be offering a paid internship in 2019! The first book to be released under the imprint will be “Rise Up: The #Merky Journey So Far” out November 1st and available for pre order now (The link is in my bio!) 🙏🏿❤

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Grime is now an official genre on Spotify

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2017 marked significant evolutions in hip hop, pop, and electronic music. The year also saw the infiltration of grime music into the mainstream through the acclaimed efforts of such artists as Stormzy, Skepta, Giggs, Wiley, and even the facetious efforts of Big Shaq on the viral hit “Man’s Not Hot.”

Emerging in London in the early 2000s, grime’s origin stems from the UK underground, where the genre was heavily influenced by the soundscapes of UK garage and jungle, as well as ragga, hip hop, and dancehall. Grime initially spread through the underground scenes on pirate radio stations such as the now infamous Rinse FM or Sunshine 855.

The genre has been described as the “most significant musical development within the UK for decades,” so its only fitting that Spotify is aligning with the times by officially recognizing grime as a genre on their platform. The update will categorize grime music and make it easier for fans to listen to and discover their favorite grime artists through curated playlists and more.

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Loco Dice delivers five-track EP from new hip-hop and grime side project FKD

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House and techno stalwart Loco Dice has made his extended hip-hop and grime debut. News of the exciting new venture came last month when Dice announced on Instagram he would be working with longtime friends Frizzo and Kobe Hodgson on the collaborative project, FKD.

In an effort to blur the lines and push the boundaries between electronic music, trap, hip-hop, and grime — much as regions of Europe naturally do — the three artists have joined forces with BURN energy and kicked off the new project off with an all-encompassing five-track namesake EP. FKD is searing in its commencement. On “Can’t Dead On My Watch,” the three nail the sheer force of their work together by enlisting the renowned grime MC Killa P on a blistering trap beat. Hailing from Brixton, Killa P’s revered for his unique patois style and hard lyrics.

With a breadth of production experience under his belt, German DJ Frizzo has produced huge hits of the German industry’s biggest names. Kobe Hodgson also has a sprawling production CV, as he’s worked as a producer, rapper, and songwriter who’s also featured on Dice and the grime artist Giggs’ collaboration “Get Comfy.” The three have delivered a varied production as a collective effort, highlighting a vast array of talents and rising acts in the UK hip-hop and grime scene while also hinting at the inherent cultural crossovers of their music. From grime trio YGG (aka You Get Grime), London-based Kasien, the aforementioned Warrior Recordings’ talent Killa P, to the highly-acclaimed Jacques Fugee, and FKD’s own production, FKD’s nascency is an auspicious testament to the collective cultural narratives that shape and have shaped grime since its genesis.

FKD will likely be a gift that keeps on giving, given the consolidation of their exceptional music experiences. It can’t merely be a coincidence they sign off with the track, “World Domination,” after all.


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Loco Dice announces new hip-hop and grime side project FKD

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Loco Dice is one of dance music’s most mercurial DJs.

The house and techno maven moves across a multitude of genres with a keen sense for how sounds reflect in their respective atmospheres. After spending what seems like a lifetime honing in on his craft, moving in and out of styles, Dice has announced the creation of his very first side project, which pushes the bounds of his expansive style even further.

Having already teamed up with the revered grime artist Giggs in the past, Dice too is making a move to the genre. His cinematic view of music has taken him to his new venture, a hip-hop side project called FKD, which he’s described as “a journey from hip hop to electronic music.” Instagram he continued on Instagram with the note that FKD “is a new platform to do something different, something new.”

FKD is a new collaborative group created by Dice and longtime friends Frizzo and Kobe Hodgson. The news comes from FKD’s Instagram teasers and their work in London with grime artists YGG and Jacques Fugee.

Considering Dice’s past and grime’s limelight ascension in mainstream hip-hop, the project comes as little surprise. FKD will release its first EP on December 15.




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Zeds Dead unveil heavy ‘Deadbeats Compilation 2’ LP

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When Zeds Dead announced their very own indie imprint in spring 2016, the Toronto-based dubstep pioneers were essentially making their foray into the broader sounds of bass music. Not even one year later, the iconic duo would release their first Deadbeats compilation, further solidifying the then-blossoming careers of Nebbra, REZZ, and Megalodon, among others. Along with their weekly Deadbeats Radio series, the continual hard work and ruthless output of Dylan Mamid and Zach Rapp-Rovan is beyond human.

Zeds Dead now unveils another label compilation to give fans a taste for the evolving sounds coming out of Deadbeats Records. Dubbed Deadbeats Compilation 2, the LP offers up 10 brand new tracks that explore the heavier side of bass music. Busy, stabbing synths, aggressive 808s, and garage house arpeggios mark the sonic landscape of the album. One of the standout tracks of the LP, “Freestyle Flow,” comes from trap newcomer Schlump, with its outer space-inspired sound design and otherworldly appeal.

From dubstep and grime-inspired tracks like YOOKiE‘s “Intruder Alert” and Champagne Drip‘s “Industry Black” to the bass house offerings of Nebbra’s “Get Busy” and “Bop It” from Astronomer, the entire compilation seems to spotlight the stylistic direction Mamid and Rapp-Rovan envision for their line of bass music.

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Skepta surprises fans with release of ‘Vicious’ EP on Halloween

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Skepta caught fans off guard on Halloween with the release of his new Vicious EP.

The six-track project features cameos from the likes of A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast, Lil B and fellow Brits Section Boyz. This is the Tottenham native’s first release since his 2015 album Konnichiwa, which won Skepta the Mercury Prize for Best Album the following year in 2016.

As a living legend of grime and an internationally acclaimed music innovator, Skepta has played a huge part in bringing UK hip-hop to a wider global audience. Earlier this year, the UK emcee appeared on both Drake‘s album More Life and A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes: Vol. 2.

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TroyBoi releases a spooky, experimental single, ‘Creeper’

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London’s very own experimental trap producer TroyBoi has been hitting it hard with new releases lately — with his 20-track debut album, Left and Right, and an original single titled “Don’t Want.” The artist even made time to open up to Dancing Astronaut about his continuous rise in the electronic music scene. Now, TroyBoi is back with another brand new track while on his extensive North American tour.

The track, “Creeper,” comes as a Halloween night gift to fans featuring the artist’s signature trap-influenced undertones and dark, funeral paced progressions. The song’s true essence is built around muddled bass lines, hip-hop-styled 808 kicks, and breakbeat rhythms — all overlaid by the intro’s haunting vocal samples from the chorus of They’s “Jem.” From that point, the song progresses into a more ominous direction with a complexity that keeps listener’s glued to the track’s playful, spooky tone.

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Listen to Oregon Eclipse live sets from CloZee, Bassnectar, Minnesota, and more

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A considerable amount of time has passed since the Oregon Eclipse Gathering,  but exclusive sets continue to appear online as artists upload their live acts or, in some cases, even go as far as to re-record their sets.

Now former attendees and eclipse chasers from around the globe can now enjoy sets from the likes of Bassnectar, Minnesota, CloZee, and many more, organized into stage-by-stage playlists thanks to one SoundCloud user. From the deep, dark tech house of the Sky Stage, to the psytrance of the Earth Stage, to the festival’s bass head haven at The Moon Stage, over 50 live and re-recorded sets are available for stream from Oregon’s Global Eclipse Gathering, held Aug. 17-23, 2017.

Though international eclipse festivals are often based around trance and downtempo, make no mistake that the bass, jam, and house acts are actually considered guests in this awe-inspiring, transformative festival experience. Relive sets from the Global Eclipse Gathering’s Earth, Moon, Sun, and Sky stages below.

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