Mountain Terrace takes ‘Ghost Voices’ for a high-speed run

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Little is known about Japanese producer, Mountain Terrace, aside from his solitary, though impressive, upload on SoundCloud: a drum ‘n’ bass remix of Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices.” Released just on the cusp of 2018, “Ghost Voices” acquired instant applaud, serving as the masthead for Porter Robinson‘s newly instated, “neo-trance” alias, Virtual Self.

Though the track has been heavily remixed in recent months, few have opted, like Mountain Terrace has, for such a dramatic tempo change. MT immediately propels the listener into a full-tilt drum ‘n’ bass whirlwind of an intro. However, he then moves the rendition into VS’ original, weighty, and slightly slowed trance interlude to lend the track a soothing sentiment before erupting again into an unhinged vortex of amen breaks.

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Raito Remix)

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Virtual Self Ghost Voices

Virtual Self has made gargantuan waves in the global EDM sphere since the release of his self-titled, debut EP Virtual Self. After making his festival debut at Buku Music + Art Project last weekend, the elusive alias is set for a plethora of upcoming performances around the world at Ultra, EDC, Bonnaroo, Spring Awakening and Creamfields.

Listeners continue to dig up new remixes of the EP’s second single, “Ghost Voices,” with the latest coming from the illustrious French techno producer known as Raito. Raito injects his own driving backbeat to the track, stripping it down into its minimalist decor.

Raito’s effort is one of the most forthright remixes of Virtual Self to date. It’s engaging, simplistic, and the convergence of styles we’ve been waiting for.

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (AWE Bootleg)

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AWE has revealed a remix of Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices.’

Virtual Self, a new alter ego from Porter Robinson, first released the track in his debut self-titled EP. Now, AWE flips the script on the track, altering its structural nature from a deep ballad to trap anthem and injecting his own blend of askew drum samples. AWE’s expansion of the original track is a testament to his experimental production M.O., an element which has certainly payed off on this rework.

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Porter Robinson unveils second Virtual Self track

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The hype around Porter Robinson‘s new project, Virtual Self, is quickly approaching a fever pitch. The producer caught fans off guard with the release of the first track under the new alias and has been surreptitiously unveiling details around the project’s first show — likely to be held in Brooklyn. Now, the producer has yet again unveiled a new track with little warning: “Ghost Voices.”

In contrast to Virtual Self’s first track, “Eon Break,” which at times became utterly frenetic, “Ghost Voices” demonstrates a more reserved tempo and energy. Still, the producer’s talent for clever production choices and an ear for melody are on full display — though, perhaps the most intriguing facet of the track is that Virtual Self seems to be a project of considerable breadth in style.

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