BREAKING: Gesaffelstein finally confirms new album, ‘Hyperion’

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BREAKING: Gesaffelstein finally confirms new album, ‘Hyperion’Gesaffelstein Live Black White

Since Gesaffelstein erected billboards prefacing his return in late October, the dance music rumor mill has been abuzz with whispers regarding a sophomore album. Such hype was increased all the more when, shortly thereafter, the laconic artist signed onto Columbia Records.

The biggest news, of course, in Michel Lévy’s recent machinations was the release of “Reset” last week — his first single in years. Coming alongside a video, the eerie, broken-beat track all but confirmed the aforementioned LP rumors. After all, why would the covert Frenchman put so much effort into promoting a solitary song?

At long last, Gesaffelstein has confirmed that he does indeed have a new album on the way: Hyperion.

A mural stating “THIS IS THE COVER OF HYPERION, THE NEW ALBUM BY GESAFFELSTEIN” arose this week in Miami during their ongoing Art Basel festival. Emblazoned in a similar fashion to the famed billboards, it’s not fully clear if the announcement itself is the artwork for Hyperion or if the adjacent picture of a shattering black pane is. If the latter is the case, the LP’s packaging would be evocative of The Black Keys’ 2010 album, Brothers, which famously read, “This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers.” Suffice it to say, Gesaffelstein wouldn’t find himself in poor company with such self-evident album artwork.

No release date for Hyperion has been confirmed at press time, but at the moment, we can all take a moment to revel in finally being able to say with conviction, “Gesaffelstein has a new album on the way.”


Drezo breaks radio silence with menacing remix of Gesaffelstein’s classic, ‘Aleph’

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Drezo breaks radio silence with menacing remix of Gesaffelstein’s classic, ‘Aleph’Goldrush Day1 JTD Highlights 017

Drezo has spent the past half decade carving out his own lane in the realm of bass-heavy, dark house music. With his spastic percussion and ominous vibe, the LA-based artist draws influences from new wave electronic music while tapping the rave sounds of the past. Now, he’s broken nearly a year of radio silence, taking on the title track of Gesaffelstein‘s seminal debut album, Aleph. Drezo flexes his production prowess with a hard-hitting remix for the French icon, reinventing the track just as Gesaffelstein’s resurgence is beginning.

Drezo begins the remix by playing up the eerie guitar found in Gesaffelstein’s original. As the track begins to build, a bass line eases in, before quickly jumping to prominence with a fierce break. Though his signature heavy low-end is present, this remix stands as a more minimal take on Drezo’s usual style in homage to Gesaffelstein’s characteristically stripped back aesthetic. With hollow synth stabs and a brooding energy, Drezo has put forth a remix fitting for the newly returned French techno luminary, alluding to his own comeback primed for 2019.

Watch Gesaffelstein make his spectacular return with menacing new ‘Reset’ video

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Watch Gesaffelstein make his spectacular return with menacing new ‘Reset’ videoGesaffelstein Shadow

The time has finally come. 

The world has been watching him since the billboards arose in late October, but the wait has been far longer, and far more arduous for a majority of his fans. Indeed, this cryptic campaign began almost five years to the date since dance music’s most sinister figure proffered his debut album, Aleph. In the years since, he’s made only intermittent appearances in the lives of his devotees, releasing no music whatsoever apart from production credits for Kanye West and The Weeknd, the score to a French thriller film, and a sole collaboration with fellow French luminary Jean-Michel Jarre.

Since he famously retired the black marble altar at Coachella 2015, audiences have sought ceaselessly to fill the void that he left. In an attempt to do so, leagues of aspiring dance music necromancers have endeavored to mold themselves in his fashion; and, while the results of such missions are often pleasurable, they will always, inevitably, be but middling simulacra in the face of the original. Thankfully, now, with “Reset,” the abyss is no more.

“Reset” might be more than the presumed lead single of an impending new album from Gesaffelstein. The track comes with a video that seems to take aim at a certain polarizing rapper, and could perhaps be the beginning of a more pointed commentary from the principal of techno and hip-hop’s intersection.

At long last, Gesaffelstein has returned.


Gesaffelstein teases new music in cryptic video ahead of impending comeback campaign

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Gesaffelstein teases new music in cryptic video ahead of impending comeback campaignGesaffelstein Summons His Dissenters Photo By The1point8

Move over Swedish House Mafia, there’s another electronic act that’s hot on the comeback trail.

Gesaffelstein‘s three year hiatus is officially coming to an end, with the French luminary recently finalizing a deal with Columbia Records for a comeback campaign due to begin any minute now.

The first sign of Mike Lévy’s potential resurfacing came with a grip of mysterious billboards that cropped up in major cities across the globe. Shortly thereafter, the news of a newly inked Columbia co-sign essentially sealed the deal. Now, we have a brief, tantalizing taste of what Gesaffelstein is working on. So far, it is unclear whether the “Control Movement” producer is gearing up to deliver a long-awaited follow up to Alephor if his resurgence will bring an entirely new line of work, though a video posted to Gesaffelstein’s newly revamped social media pages might give the first glimpse into what we can actually expect to hear on the fully actualized upcoming project.

The clip is short and sweet, leaving a lot of room for intrigue, though the tense, glitchy build is already enough of a hair-raiser for fans eager awaiting Gesaffelstein’s impending return. Stay tuned.

Gesaffelstein has signed with Columbia records, reaffirming rumors of his return

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Gesaffelstein has signed with Columbia records, reaffirming rumors of his returnGesaffelstein In Color

Gesaffelstein sent a hush through dance music’s darkest realm when, in late October, billboards began to emerge across the globe featuring his name emblazoned in gold upon a black backdrop. In the time since, the artist has remained characteristically silent regarding the purpose of these advertisements, acknowledging them only via changing his Facebook profile and cover photos and making his website a bare, black background (previously, it had displayed an ad for his soundtrack to the French thriller Maryland, released in 2015).

Fans of Michel Lévy have hoped with fervor that his new campaign teases an impending sophomore album — after all, it’s been five years since he released his iconic Aleph LP. Today, we have more reason to believe that than ever before, following a press release from Columbia which confirms that the label has signed Gesaffelstein. Unsurprisingly, the release was as laconic as all news surrounding Lévy’s work, stating only, “GESAFFELSTEIN SIGNS TO COLUMBIA RECORDS” alongside photographs of his recently-erected billboards.

It’s unclear when further information will be available on Gesaffelstein’s newest endeavor; indeed, it’s still uncertain if he has a new album forthcoming in the near future. However, with this new signing, it seems safe to say that there is some darkness looming — we merely have to be patient.

Dancing Astronaut has contacted Columbia Records and Gesaffelstein’s representation for comment. 

BREAKING: Mysterious Gesaffelstein billboards begin appearing around the world

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BREAKING: Mysterious Gesaffelstein billboards begin appearing around the worldGesaffelstein Summons His Dissenters Photo By The1point8

Is Gesaffelstein teasing a comeback? Just typing the sentence is enough to induce goosebumps. 

Techno’s prodigal son famously hung up his live performance chops in 2015 at the top of his game with a groundbreaking final performance at Coachella. While he’s broken radio silence with a few key production credits over the last three years, there’s undeniably been a void where Gesaffelstein once stood, though now, mysterious new billboards currently cropping up across the globe suggest the suit-clad, cigarette-wielding dark prince of techno may be on his way back.

The enigmatic graphics follow Aphex Twin‘s similar campaign from earlier this year, with the producer’s logo popped up in New York, London, Hollywood and more. While these new billboards don’t reveal any details about the Aleph creator’s next move, though they could likely allude to new music in the near future, or perhaps, although much less likely, a comeback live performance of some sort. It has been a long three years since Gesaffelstein went on hiatus, though it seems he may be coming out of semi-retirement with a statement to make soon.

To hold you over until his return, revisit our Gesaffelstein Halloween homage here.

BREAKING: Mysterious Gesaffelstein billboards begin appearing around the worldGesa 2BREAKING: Mysterious Gesaffelstein billboards begin appearing around the worldGesa Ny

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DA Presents: ’30 Days of Fright’ featuring REZZ, Gesaffelstein, Noisia, Drezo, and more [Playlist]

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DA Presents: ’30 Days of Fright’ featuring REZZ, Gesaffelstein, Noisia, Drezo, and more [Playlist]SPOOKS PLAYLIST 1

Grab a mask, slam back some candy corn, and get primed to get spooky: it’s October and officially witching season. Electronic music fanatics might be creatures of the night all year round, but there’s something so undeniably righteous about the Halloween season that makes the rapturous roar of dance music even more spellbinding. Whether in the form of diabolic dubstep or demonically deviant techno, the advent of electronic music has given the world some of its most truly terrifying tunes. In that vein, the Dancing Astronaut terror squad is proud to present 30 Days of Fright, our most dastardly dance music favorites for the spookiest month of the year.

By Asher Norris and Bella Bagshaw 

Surrender your consciousness and step inside REZZ‘s world of swirling asphyxia with “Relax.”

Feel your blood begin to bubble and your pulse hectically hasten as BlackGummy and Brooks’s “Neverdeader” breathes a bit of electronic hellfire.

Stream if you dare, as this flame-throwing dubstep track from Kill The Noise, “Black Magic,” will leave your eardrums scorched, but entirely satiated.

Zeds Dead offers up the score for entertainment of the entirely un-dead variety with their timelessly terrifying, “Demons.”

Careful – Megan James’s delectably delicate voice may seem perfectly benevolent, but make no mistake: lofty pipes like hers are witchy by nature.

ZHU plays maestro for all things that boogie and bump in the night with “Nightcrawler.”

Taste the psychedelic strangeness of An-Ten-Nae and Alice D.’s “Raindrops On Roses,” and fall into their preternatural purgatory.

Ever wanted to dance with the devil himself? Habstrakt‘s harrowing house track, “She Goes,” is an opportunity to do just that.

Zomboy invites you to venture through his dubstep-riddled zombie apocalypse with “Ressurected.”

Crowned prince of menacing sound design, Drezo sprinkles a ghastly vocal cut and some unearthly growls in one of his most downright evil releases, “Dead.”

Ivy Lab puts a wickedly delicious spin on an already-crazed Noisia classic, “Tentacles.”

Bask in the eerie ecstasy of Eekkoo and Forrest’s pulsating house production, “Preach.”

NERO solidifies their title as masters of destruction and drum ‘n’ bass with “Doomsday.”

Slithering and psychotic, Noisia’s “Lilith’s Club” will summon spooky sentiments from listeners across the board.

Catch a case of the techno scaries with Gesaffelstein‘s devilishly danceable “Viol.”

Magic Sword wields triumphant electrowave, “In The Face Of Evil,” to fend off even the most nefarious of forces in the days leading up to this All Hallow’s Eve.

Phantogram‘s off-kilter ambiance from “Funeral Pyre,” is the ideal supernatural soundscape, topped with seductive static and levitation-inducing guitar chords.

An undoubtedly foreseen, but fundamental addition to the list, deadmau5‘s “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” keeps the freaky, phantasmic fun flying all season long.

Float through the ectoplasm of The Upside Down with this exquisitely melodic synthwave track direct from the second Stranger Things soundtrack.

We’re not really sure what Moody Good is investigating in the malignantly-sampled “This Is The Investigation,” but we’re pretty sure it’s not natural.

Step inside Pryda‘s low-lit techno tunnel and experience the roaring mania of “Rebel XX.”

Those with a predilection for the creepy crawly end of the electronic continuum need only submit themselves to Knife Party‘s iconic “Centipede.”

Street Fever’s winding techno musings inside “Dispose” may be simplistic, but they’ll leave listeners reeling with haunted rejoice.

Feed Me‘s two-headed trap/dubstep hybrid “Pink Lady” will have you seeing phantom strobes well into the afterlife.

It’s virtually impossible to overload on REZZ tracks during any month, but it’s especially tricky this time of year. Her immortal state of “Delusion” thrusts listeners below ground, where the most formidable forces can frolic freely.

Virtual Riot unleashes a bloodcurdling, cinematic ruckus with zombie-apocalypse-themed, “Haunted.”

Names are not at all deceiving as Shadient takes Wavedash and Quest‘s unnervingly vocalized “Devil Music” for ransom.

Coast the un-departed synth-pop streets of Dance With The Dead’s chillingly regal “Nightdrive.”

Spirits loom overhead, as Stephan Bodzin’s “Singularity” permeates shuddersome sounds of uncertainty.

The evil computers of the underworld unite on Knife Party’s riot-conjuring, “Internet Friends.”

There’s too many spooky dance cuts to round up all at once, alas, we’ve got you going with a pretty good start. Keep the spooks in rotation all month long, and don’t forget to mix in “Monster Mash” a few times to get into the spirit of things this season. Stream the full 30 Days of Fright collection below.

A HARD Day of the Dead poster has surfaced… but it may be too good to be true

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A HARD Day of the Dead poster has surfaced… but it may be too good to be truePrydz Mau5 Hard Dotd

UPDATE: HARD has confirmed this lineup is not the official lineup


Los Angeles electronic events giant HARD recently made headlines with the return of their once defunct Day of the Dead property, bringing the festival back to its original home at LA Historic Park this November. The news set the rumor mill ablaze, speculating which HARD alumni might make their return for the festival’s re-inauguration, and now a lineup poster has surfaced. At first glance, it looks like one of the most stacked dance billings of the year, though upon closer examination, some minor fractures in the unconfirmed lineup may reveal this one is too good to be true. No harm in putting our eggs in this basket for the time being and hoping it actually materializes though.

The rumored lineup features a rare 2018 performance from Skrillex — fans might remember the last time Sonny Moore rested the Skrillex project to link up with Boys Noize for Dog Blood in 2013, Moore’s comeback performance was at none other than Day of the Dead. Boys Noize is featured on the lineup as well, and anytime Skrillex and Boys Noize are in the same hemisphere, there arises a glimmer of hope for Dog Blood fans. Gesaffelstein is tapped as a DJ headliner and a Bixel Boys reunion in the undercard are some red flags. Again, this could either be the greatest lineup of the season or a certified fake. Deadmau5, Kaytranada, Bloody Beetroots live, and Baauer all make appearances on the rumored roster as well, with a grip of additional dance music power players. For Day of the Dead’s highly anticipated return to LA, we’re betting HARD pulled out all the stops — fingers crossed this one is confirmed official.

A HARD Day of the Dead poster has surfaced… but it may be too good to be trueHard DOTD Runored Lineup Dancing Astro

Featured Image: HARD Events

The Weeknd is working on new material with Gesaffelstein

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The Weeknd is working on new material with GesaffelsteinGesaffelstein Summons His Dissenters Photo By The1point8

The Weeknd is already back in the lab following the March release of his acclaimed extended play My Dear Melancholy,. The project featured a brooding, cerebral brand of R&B, crafted by contributions from Skrillex, Nicolas Jaar, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, and Gesaffelstein‘s sinister electronic production sensibilities. Now the “Call Out My Name” crooner has confirmed he’s already working on a Melancholy reunion of sorts, enlisting Gesaffelstein for fresh, new material.

me and this dude got another one 🔥

A post shared by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on

The pair previously put together “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You” and now it appears The Weeknd has once again tapped the elusive “Pursuit” producer for another likely dark, moody collaborative piece, confirming the news on social media. No specific release details exist yet for their new project, though with his last release, The Weeknd kept tight lipped and subliminal in his messaging leading up to the EP’s roll out. Gesaffelstein famously hung up his live performance chops in 2015 with a run of high-profile final performances. While there’s no indication he has any plans to return to performing, he has a track record of prolific work alongside hip-hop’s top creators and it looks like he may be adding to it with another Weeknd feature.

Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, Skrillex assist on The Weeknd’s new album

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s surprise release of My Dear Melancholy marks the vocalist’s first full-length production since 2016’s Starboy, The Weeknd’s widely acclaimed third studio album. The considerable commercial success of Starboy could be credited in part to The Weeknd’s collaboration with Daft Punk on two tracks of the album, “I Feel It Coming,” and the album’s namesake, “Starboy.”

The interplay of The Weeknd’s and Daft Punk’s musical acumen figures again on My Dear Melancholy, where Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo receives a production credit on the six-song project’s fifth track, “Hurt You.” Techno visionary Gesaffelstein and Skrillex are likewise represented in terms of authorial credit — Gesaffelstein appears as both a featured artist and a producer on “I Was Never There,” and “Hurt You.” Skrillex’s influence in the making of the album’s third listing, “Wasted Times,” is apparent in his production credit thereon.

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