G Jones goes completely experimental with new release ‘Time’

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G Jones goes completely experimental with new release ‘Time’Time G Jones Artwork

If anyone were to be pioneering a genre named “experimental bass,” G Jones would be at the forefront, with his unconventional take on the style of music. His newest release, which is the third fans have heard from the producer’s forthcoming album, is titled “Time.”

The six-minute-long track takes the listener down a sonic path with endless twists and turns, combining instrumentals with commanding electronic synths that blend together to serve as the framework for scattered flute solos. Robotic vocal breaks also weave in and out of the synths, making for a tune that gives the listener something to think about thanks to its endless sonic elements. The track manages to blend subtle bass with a calming backdrop, which is a hard production feat to achieve. The track is out now on Illusory Records.

Artwork: Victor Mosquera

G Jones – In Your Head

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G Jones – In Your HeadScreen Shot 2018 07 15 At 12.49.07 PM

G Jones is known for his unapologetically aggressive take on experimental bass music. Following his recent cinematic single, “Understanding the Possibility,” the artist has returned with “In Your Head,” the second single off the producer’s forthcoming album.

Wasting no time, G Jones opens with a chaotic buildup and a heavy, bouncing beat that would make even Bassnectar blush. The track drops into a mystifying blend of erratic vocal chops, distorted bass, and stabbing synths. As one of the major players in underground bass music, these new singles from G Jones are setting high expectations for the artist’s debut album, out later this year.

G Jones – Understanding the Possibility

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Greg Jones has long been keen on foregoing the commercial spotlight in order to stay in the underground. That underground locale for the hard-hitting experimental bass music producer has earned him collaborations with The Widdler, Bassnectar, Bleep Bloop, DJ Shadow, and EPROM, to name a few. Dubbed a “mad scientist in his own right” by friend and close confidant Lorin Ashton, the grand-all catch-22 for the Bay Area producer is this: the harder Jones strives toward his experimental, underground direction, the more prominently he rises into the public eye.

Now G Jones has officially given his fans one of the many unreleased songs he has been teasing in his sets for some time. Dubbed “UNDERSTANDING THE POSSIBILITY,” the track comes as a rich and jolty bass music experiment, equipped with millennial sound samples and hardy synth work — all the while retaining it’s beautiful and supremely layered elements. The single is a signal of what is yet to come from the bass music producer, which, by rumors amongst his fan base, is a full-length studio album in the unforeseeable future.

From dusk ’till dawn under the Electric Sky — EDC’s first camping venture

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Jake West

As a festival built on an ethereal foundation of acceptance, imagination and an appreciation for dance music, Electric Daisy Carnival has contrived and solidified their elusive reputation in the realm of music festivals. It has grown to become one of the most distinguished dance music festivals throughout the globe, after years of creating transcendental experiences that manage to remain unique to, and a principal facet to the festival’s essence.

Some may say that EDC’s success can be ascribed to its core focus on the principles of unity, love, self expression, and respect. Others may attribute it to the touches of creative ingenuity in every aspect of the festival, along with their perpetual nature of outdoing themselves with the passing of each year.

EDC 2018 - Jake West

Though EDC excels in all areas of community creativity, and growth, their success innately derives from their focus on the festival attendees — thoughtfully referred to as the “Headliners” behind the weekend. No festival is able to thrive without balancing their hiccups with accompanying improvements, and this one is certainly one of those that learns from their mistakes.

From its very first edition held in 1997, to the colossal three-day takeover just over two decades later, EDC has risen to the top of the international festival landscape with little competition along the way. The 2018 edition proved to be nothing short of what is known as the “EDC experience”, as the team worked magic to pull off 72+ hours of unprecedented extravagance.

With prior years of facing issues with shuttle transportation, and being at mercy to the desiccant, desert heat, one of the largest additions (and solutions) to this years event included the introduction of Camp EDC. Positioned just outside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Camp EDC hosted over 20,000+ attendees over the course of the weekend, kicking off a lineup of widespread festivities right from the get-go. Campers were given the choice between the GA Moonstone, and VIP Desert Rose tenting accommodation, each priced within reasonable grounds to the accustomed price-hike that Las Vegas visitors typically assume. RV Camping was available for  those who weren’t fans of traditional camping, offering a more “cushy” outdoor experience.

While Camp EDC was an excellent solution to alleviating the traffic load to the venue, it came at the cost of long entry wait times to the campgrounds.

Campers took to social media to relay their dismay behind the circumstances, tweeting both EDC and festival owner, Pasquale Rotella, about the 8+ hour wait times, and the risk of running out of gas/car battery. For those who were the lucky few that managed to be in the right place at the right time managed to breeze into the campgrounds, and get set unpacked before the weekend madness commenced.

Camp EDC’s first-ever campground kick-off party took place in their common-grounds, known better by “The Mesa.” Well prepared for the daily heat and incoming profusion of happy campers, “The Mesa” was characterized by colorful landmarks, non-stop daily activities, and weekend-long pool parties hosted by fan-favorite groups like Space Yacht, Insomniac Records, and Brownies & Lemonade.

Thursday’s pre-party was one for the bassheads (and was definitely met to bewilderment from campers seeking a more tame pre-EDC night), hosted by Excision, G Jones and Habstrakt as they played out on the illustrious Parliament Art car. To add to the already stacked evening, NGHTMRE went b2b with Slander in the early evening; adding to the large case of FOMO that non-campers, and campers who weren’t yet inside experienced. Camp EDC 2018 - Skyler Greene

With the good came the bad, and EDC was not exempt from the common camping festival struggles. Desert Rose campers were promised their own 24 hour, VIP bathroom/shower facilities, yet these were unaccessible at different points throughout the first day. Shower lines for the rest of the weekend were rarely scarce, pushing people to head back to their tents and resort to a good ‘ol-fashioned baby-wipe shower. Bumps on the road aside, no festival is complete without a few mishaps, especially when accommodating to 20,000+ thousand people in the middle of the desert.

Between the daily pool parties, and influx of group activities aiming to address the mind, soul and body, Camp EDC was a cloud nine destination for those looking to fulfill their EDC experience. Just as Insomniac prides themselves on centralizing the principles of positivity and respect, staff and security showed ample enthusiasm and genuine concern to the needs of festival-goers, making for smooth and sweet conversations all around.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Skyler Greene

An attribution to the countless hours placed before the festival’s success, campers left tired, yet fulfilled at heart from the three-night spectacle. A daunting task which proves difficult to face, EDC deserves credit where it’s due. Corralling over 20,000 individuals amongst 3,400 tents and 1,100 RV’s requires far more than extraneous planning and meticulous calculations. A project of this caliber requires patience, unwavering dedication and a love for dance music; drawing back to the founding pillars behind Insomniac’s success.

Photo credits: Skyler Greene and Jake West.

Electric Zoo announces ferocious phase two line-up additions: Alesso, Tiësto, Chris Lorenzo, Destructo, and more

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Made Event‘s titanic New York-based festival, Electric Zoo, is celebrating its tenth birthday this Labor Day Weekend, August 31st–September 2nd. To mark the momentous double-digit occasion, the wildlife-themed event has added two more headlining artists in Alesso and Tiësto to join the star-studded cast of talent that already tops the 2018 bill: KaskadeMarshmelloMartin Garrix, and Virtual Self.

Other notable acts joining on phase two include: Alexander Lewis, Bonnie x Clyde, Boogie T, Chris Lorenzo, Chuurch, Crankdat, Destructo, DNMO, Dubfire, G Jones, Habstrakt, Jauz, Kayzo, Lost Frequencies, Luzcid, Medasin, Party Favor, Petey Clicks, Space Jesus, Spencer Brown, Squnto, Stööki Sound, Whipped Cream, and YehMe2.

Electric Zoo’s ‘Big 10’ birthday bash will feature additional stages curated by Anjunabeats, Deadbeats, Hyperhouse, and Sunday School.

Tickets to Electric Zoo are currently on sale to the general public, and can be purchased here.

Featured photo: aLIVE Coverage.

​Zeds Dead share full lineup for 5th annual Red Rocks event, ‘DEADROCKS’

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Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead are bringing their annual Deadrocks show to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, and for their fifth occasion, the boys are surely pulling out all the stops. The two-day event boasts a hefty list of line-up support, with G JonesEkaliPsymbionicMad Zach and Deadbeats Records artist DNMO on July 2nd, and RuskoEPROMHabstraktUm..,  and Chuurch on July 3rd.

Over the years, the Deadrocks event has become a sold-out family affair for Zeds Dead fans as they travel from all corners of the US to ascend upon one of the world’s most prestigious outdoor venues. Why? Because “DC” and “Hooks,” as the boys’ individual nicknames go, have been known to bring out surprise guests, premiere unreleased music, and unleash top-notch visual production upon their audience. One can bet the 2018 gathering will take no short cuts in celebrating Deadrocks’ fifth birthday, either.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Feature Image Credit: Camille Breslin

WATCH: Bassnectar drops unreleased music at Suwannee Hulaween

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For those who closely follow amorphous bass music producer Lorin Ashton, the man behind Bassnectar has been especially quiet as of late. The reason for this deliberate silence, as Ashton revealed on Twitter, is because he’s been tirelessly posted up in the lab working on the sequel to his two-part Reflective EP project, featuring collaborations with GnarGnar, Digital Ethos, and G Jones.

While headlining day one of Suwannee Hulaween this past weekend, Bassnectar dropped at least two new track IDs from his forthcoming EP. Thanks to a couple of hardcore members of the bass demigod’s cult following, unreleased Bassnectar music is now available for the masses.

The first track (above) is a heavy collaboration with rising bass music star Digital Ethos. Dubbed “Slather,” the track features spacey synths and electrifying drops. The second track (below) comes as a still-unidentified track with G Jones, and spawns an appropriately spooky tone with a couple of new and inventive drops that sound a lot like the auditory equivalent of an optical illusion.

No official announcement as to when Reflective Part 2 will be unveiled, but Bassnectar has alluded to a winter release date.

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EPROM shares heavy-handed new five-track EP, ‘Pineapple’

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2017 has been a busy year for EPROM. After releasing Night the Dreadless Angel EP under the moniker Shades, a duo comprising of himself and UK-based drum & bass producer Alix Perez, EPROM has returned to his solo output with his long-awaited Pineapple EP.

Pineapple features four original tracks and one remix. Opening the collection with the EP’s fitting title track, EPROM breaks into his famously adventurous, experimental production style with distorted bass stabs and wobbling, industrial synths. The release’s second select, “B.F.G.” finds EPROM dabbling with a wiry trap bounce ahead of “Zweihander,” which circles back to an all-out assault of crisp 303 rhythms over a landscape of deep, growling sub-bass.

EPROM ties together the original tracks with a haunting downtempo piece titled “Koummya.” To close out the EP, the producer reached out to past collaborator G-Jones for a heavy remix of “Pineapple.” Along with collaborations that include Barclay Crenshaw, Alix Perez, G-Jones, Ivy Lab, and more EPROM continues to secure his spot as one of underground bass music’s foremost talents on his latest release, Pineapple.

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Bassnectar releases tracks with G Jones and Dorfex Bos from ‘Reflective’ EP

EPROM attacked by crazed fan during Shambhala set

Bassnectar releases tracks with G Jones and Dorfex Bos from ‘Reflective’ EP

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There has always been the presence of a yin and yang in Lorin Ashton’s music. The very name, Bassnectar, reflects the duality of his work, towing the line between formidable and mellifluous bass-strewn sensibilities. These two sides of Ashton’s prophetic musical coin are apparent in his newest pair of productions, both of which will appear on his forthcoming Reflective EP next Friday, June 16.

Bassnectar leads into the release with “Underground,” a project with frequent collaborator G Jones, a favorite throughout the “bass head” community.  “Underground,” in many ways, revisits the style of Bassnectar’s esteemed style in the late aughts and early ’10s, typified by amorphous structures, classic dub samples, and quaking bass synthesis.

Ahead of Reflective, Ashton has also shared “Horizon,” a joint output with another veteran collaborator, Dorfex Bos. Delving into Bassnectar’s more spiritual cache, “Horizon” eschews energetic rhythmic structures for a melodic, mystifying downtempo composition.

Four more tracks are are slated to come with the release of Reflective next week, including collaborations with further collaborators Born Music, Mimi Page, and Macntaj.

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Bassnectar premieres new music in hour-long Night Owl Radio mix

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This weekend saw some of the world’s best music, food and art come together for Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas. Beginning last year, Insomniac became a partner with the festival in order to curate electronic dance music on the Troubador stage.

In order to attend the festival himself, Insomniac’s founder and head honcho Pasquale Rotella, the usual host of the Night Owl Radio, passed off the reins to Bassnectar, just in time for his set at the aforementioned festival on Saturday night.

Lorin Ashton, as Bassnectar is personally known, takes advantage of the hour-long show to premiere some new music, including a collaboration between himself and ATLiens, titled “Interlock,” as well as one track from a forthcoming EP that Lorin is working on with who he calls “a mad scientist in his own right,” and one of his “favorite collaborators out there right now,” G Jones.

Find the complete tracklist below.


  1. Bassnectar – Bass Head
  2. Bassnectar & G Jones – Mind Tricks
  3. A$AP Rocky – LSD (Bassnectar Bootleg)
  4. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Red Step
  5. Eprom & Alesia – U Guessed It (Bassnectar Remix)
  6. Levitate – God Status (Bassnectar Remix)
  7. Benga – Dirty Face (Bassnectar Remix)
  8. Reso – Spooky (BNRMX)
  9. Bassnectar & ATLiens – Interlock
  10. Joker – Midnight (Bassnectar Remix)
  11. Lafa Taylor – Heaters (Bassnectar Remix)
  12. Sibot – Row Row (Bassnectar Remix)
  13. Afrodite ft. Barrington Levy – All Over Me (FreQ Nasty Remix)
  14. ID – ID
  15. Gucci Mane – First Day Out tha Feds (Bassnectar Version)
  16. Marz Leon – Fire (Bassnectar Remix) 35:40
  17. Bassnectar – Speakerbox
  18. Beats Antique – Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix)
  19. Krust & Die – Kamanchi
  20. iLL Gates – Ice Bucket (Bassnectar Remaster)
  21. DJ Die – Bright Lights (Bassnectar Version)
  22. TC ft. MC Jakes – Deep
  23. Rusko – Bring It On (Bassnectar Remaster)
  24. Raw as Fuck – Punks
  25. EBE Audio – Energy

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