Moog announce new synthesizer alongside Flying Lotus-scored teaser film [Watch]

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Moog announce new synthesizer alongside Flying Lotus-scored teaser film [Watch]Moog Subsquent 25 Synth E1579238473836

As one of the most trusted names in the electronic music hardware business, Moog continues to uphold its reputation with the announcement of their newest 2-note paraphonic synthesizer: the Subsequent 25. The music company partnered with Flying Lotus to announce their latest tech—unveiling a short animated film featuring music scored by the prolific producer. The collaboration follows Moog and FlyLo’s joint efforts in 2013 to promote the Subsequent 25’s predecessor: the now-discontinued Sub Phatty monosynth.

The animated announcement video from graphic designer Julian House, titled Building Your World, features new original music from Flying Lotus. Just last year, Flying Lotus released his latest full-length album Flamagra.

The Subsequent 25 is on sale here.

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Flying Lotus and Denzel Curry star in ‘Black Balloons Reprise’ video

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Flying Lotus and Denzel Curry star in ‘Black Balloons Reprise’ videoDenzel Curry Credit Jack Begert

Flying Lotus has never been one to take a conventional artistic direction. His 2017 film “Kuso” was a boldly grotesque film that reportedly had some viewers at Sundance Film Festival walk out of the theater. Flamagra, Flying Lotus’ 2019 album, is an electronic/jazz/funk collage full of twists and turns that has no auditory peers as commercially successful. His latest video is no exception from his unconventional stylings.

“Black Balloons Reprise” depicts FlyLo and featured artist Denzel Curry navigating grayscale bedlam full of satanic imagery, heavy distortion and of course plenty of black balloons. The video closes out with a tribute to the late Mac Miller as well.

“Black Balloons Reprise” is directed by Psycho Films’ Jack Begert, who has gained wide acclaim for his phenomenal work directing for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock.

Photo credit: Jack Begert

The Black Madonna cancels performance at Intersect Music Festival

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The Black Madonna cancels performance at Intersect Music FestivalThe Black Madonna GTA DJ Set 1

“If you were shocked I’d play for Amazon, well that makes two of us. Please be patient and while I burn some bridges. Updates soon.”The Black Madonna via Twitter.

Less than a week after Intersect Festival shared its final roster, The Black Madonna announced that she’s rescinded her slot among the lineup, subsequently disappearing from the website’s billing.

The esteemed house producer stormed to Twitter to voice her disgruntlement with the news that Intersect Festival is in fact backed by Amazon Web Services. The renowned DJ and prominent social justice advocate attributed her decision to the latter’s relations with both the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security. After showing her discernible frustration with the situation, The Black Madonna, real name Marea Stamper, returned to the social media platform to thoroughly explain her position.

Clearly I was shocked and hurt when press and promotional materials appeared with my name on an event presented by AWS yesterday. Many of you expressed your disappointment too and you were right to do so. I share it completely and amplify it….

As a global ambassador for the Help Refugees organization, I raise awareness and donate 100% of merchandise sales to refugee assistance and personally provide grants to undocumented families fleeing persecution in their home countries.

Read the full statement.

Just last year, an investigation by the Project on Government Oversight discovered documents showing that Amazon had met with ICE regarding Amazon Rekognition, a technology used to identify people based on facial characteristics in real-time video feeds. Whether the technology was licensed to ICE or Homeland Security is currently unknown.

Intersect Festival is set to take place in Las Vegas December 6-7 with a lineup that’s still set to feature Gesaffelstein, Jamie XX and Flying Lotus.

Photo Credit: IGN

Warp Records celebrates 30th birthday with ‘WXAXRXP Sessions’ anthology [Playlist]

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Warp Records celebrates 30th birthday with ‘WXAXRXP Sessions’ anthology [Playlist]Warpsessions

Warp Records was born in 1989 with the 500-copy pressing of Forgemasters’ “Track With No Name,” a jukin’ bleep-techno single which, at the time of release, could only be distributed by label heads Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett in a borrowed car. 30 years later, however, the English record label is synonymous with electronic music that’s as visionary and idiosyncratic as it is innately experimental. Having fostered the successes of acts like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno and Flying Lotus, the label sports an all-star roster whose reverberative impact on the electronic space speaks for itself.

The mainstay imprint celebrates its 30th birthday this year. The commemorative efforts began with a 100+ hour takeover of NTS radio back in June; and next with the forthcoming release of WXAXRXP Sessions, a thick box set that cements 10 rare and iconic radio sessions from Warp’s lineup into the label’s storied history. In addition to the 10 records, the collection also comes with eight unique prints and 10 Warp stickers.

WXAXRXP Sessions is scheduled to be released on November 15. To prepare, Dancing Astronaut drafted a celebratory playlist to delineate some of the most resounding and landscape-altering Warp Records selects. Find both the anticipated contents of the set and our Warp earworm roundup below.

Aphex Twin: Peel Session 2 (10/04/95)
Bibio: WXAXRXP Session (21/06/2019)
Boards of Canada: Peel Session (21/07/98)
Flying Lotus: Presents INFINITY “Infinitum” Maida Vale Session (19/08/10)
Kelly Moran: WXAXRXP Session (22/06/2019)
LFO: Peel Session (20/10/90)
Mount Kimbie: WXAXRXP Session (21/06/2019)
Oneohtrix Point Never: KCRW Session (23/10/18)
Plaid: Peel Session 2 (08/05/99)
Seefeel: Peel Session (27/05/94)

Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]

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Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]Rossfromfriends12

On August 16, Ross From Friends will be back on Brainfeeder with his newest EP, Epiphany. Ahead of the release, the trip-hop innovator – whose real name is Felix Clary Weatheral – has also shared a new single, “The Revolution.”

While Weatheral has made sparse, yet effective musical offerings over the past year or so, his proudest moment of 2018 was surely the release of his debut LP, Family Portrait, which also came out on Flying Lotus’ notorious imprint.

As the name suggests, the album was partially dedicated to his family. Epiphany will follow this trend as Weatheral claims the release is dedicated to his sister, whom he describes as one of his “most important role models.”

Weatheral has also cited his love of science fiction as a significant influence of the EP, specifically referencing movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and Fifth Element:

“I wanted the release to play on the idea of a desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany.”

Sonically, both of these distinct descriptors are apparent on ‘The Revolution.’ With the solid foundation of dance grooves Weatheral has constructed over the years, warm mid-range vocal samples drive the first half of the track until the breakdown which leaves the listener with a warehouse ready club beat. Stream ‘The Revolution’ in full below.

Flying Lotus drops new material during Warp Records’ 30th anniversary

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Flying Lotus drops new material during Warp Records’ 30th anniversaryFlying Lotus Live Photo Credit 3D Live

Few current music labels have their roots as deeply ingrained in the history of their scene as Warp Records does. The artist collective, which has a penchant for highlighting visionary, yet off-kilter acts including everyone from Autechre to Boards of Canada, celebrated their 30th anniversary this past week with a takeover of NTS Radio.

Feeling loose from the success of his latest LP, Flamagra, label centerpiece Flying Lotus brought one of the weekend’s show-stopping sets in his FLAMAGRA VS. WXAXRXP MIX, putting some mustard on an already bumping summer celebration with a further slew of unreleased material. Appearances from David Lynch as well as George Clinton don’t only demonstrate the depth of FlyLo’s bag of musical tricks, but show just how respected he is among the greater musical community.

The weekend brought fans over 100 hours of rare sets and forgotten cuts from a who’s who of the Warp roster, including the likes of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Hudson Mohawke, to cherry-pick just a few. Head over to NTS Radio to check out and relisten to the weekend’s star-studded lineup in full.


  • FLYLO 
    You’re Different Now (Unreleased)
  • FLYLO 
    A Dog Among The Ruin (Unreleased)
  • FLYLO 
    Throwing My Phone At The Wall If You Call (Unreleased)
  • FLYLO 
    Your Floppy Friend Soulja Boy (Unreleased)
    King Of The Hill
    Link Up
    Do The Astral Plane
    Dope Dogs George Clinton Unreleased
    Disco Is (Sunuske Ono Remix)
  • FLYLO 
    Takashi (Rework) *
    Takashi (Remix)
  • FLYLO 
    Your Grinder
  • FLYLO 
    Crash The Server Ft Denzel Curry / Unreleased Carole And Tuesday
    Fire Is Coming (Little Snake Rework)
  • FLYLO 
    The Clearing (Blade Runner 2022)
  • FLYLO 
    Roach Music
  • FLYLO 
    Cyclic Bit (Raymond Scott Cover)
  • FLYLO 
    The Seed (Unreleased)
  • FLYLO 
    Coool Ft. Sir Unreleased
    Walk Free (Flying Lotus Remix)
  • FLYLO 
    Carole And Tuesday Sdtk Unreleased
  • FLYLO 
    Cemetery Love Story Ft Aja Monet (Unreleased)
    Just Restart

Photo credit: 3D Live

Flying Lotus taps Denzel Curry for ‘Black Balloon Reprise’

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Flying Lotus taps Denzel Curry for ‘Black Balloon Reprise’Flylo Flamagra 180419

With the release of his next studio album, Flamagra, just days away, Steve Ellison—known commonly as Flying Lotus—has shared his next single before the drop: “Black Balloon Reprise” featuring Florida’s own Denzel Curry.

Curry announced on Twitter that this single will complete his “Black Balloon” song trilogy, with the first two (“BLACK BALLOONS” and “THE BLACKEST BALLOON”) being found on his 2018 album, TA13OO. Each of the three songs alludes to themes of fear and negativity, as Curry raps on the third in the series, “Lies are on the rise/increase to bigger size/Hard to victimize when evil’s idolized.”

Flying Lotus dedicated the beat for the single to Madlib and Egon, founder of Now-Again records, writing on Twitter, “When I was in college I heard [Quasimoto’s] ‘Come on Feet’ it re-lit my love for sampling and eventually changed my world. Love to you legends.”

Since beginning his career at the ripe age of 16, Curry has defined his reputation as a versatile rapper, lending his vocals to a myriad of different styles across his own releases as well as features in the realms of jazz, EDM, trap, and more.  This latest single with Flying Lotus affirms Curry’s interest in the boom-bap sound, a style that is a cornerstone of Flying Lotus’ catalog.

Flying Lotus shares video for Anderson .Paak-assisted single, ‘More’

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Flying Lotus shares video for Anderson .Paak-assisted single, ‘More’Hjkhjkhkjhkjh 1557672176 Compressed

Flying Lotus made headlines last week after the release of “More,” a single from his new album featuring Anderson .Paak. The track, which has apparently been in the works for more than five years, now has an accompanying video that includes all the surrealism expected from a Flying Lotus video.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of the anime “Cowboy Bebop,” the video hosts Anderson .Paak as a robot, doling out advice (in the form of soulful bars) to Flying Lotus’ pained space-man character, eventually turning him into a burning tree made of human organs. The second video from Flamagra, Flying Lotus’ forthcoming album due out May 24, this release only makes the 27-track, feature-heavy project more intriguing.

Meow Wolf releases diverse lineup for Taos Vortex including ZHU, Mija, Flying Lotus + more

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Meow Wolf releases diverse lineup for Taos Vortex including ZHU, Mija, Flying Lotus + moreMeow Wolf Photo Credit Jess Bernstein

Those looking for an interactive, multi-dimensional, and thought-provoking music festival experience should look no further than the second summer of festival experience of Meow Wolf. Taking place in Kit Carson Park in Taos, New Mexico, the event is set to take place Aug. 16-18, offering music, art, dance, and interactive exploration.

The musical focal points of the event will happen on two stages: The Spire and The Glade. The Spire is toted as a citadel for the arts, inspiring awe and reverence; a stage created for performers. The Glade is a grassy meadow for people to hang out and be a part of the show, offering a casual and intimate refuge.

Other attractions of the festival will include Taos Vortex’s illuminated outdoor wonderland, centered around different neighborhoods and the creatures that inhabit them. Huts and homes scattered around the park invite everyone to step inside, find their ‘hood, and fully celebrate the multi-dimensional get-down of the summer.

Meow Wolf has released a diverse and heavy-hitting lineup for the event, including ZHU, Mija, Claude VonStroke, Flying Lotus, G Jones, and more. The early bird tickets for the festival sold out in just five hours, so those looking to attend the unique experience can go to the festival’s website to secure their spot at the festival.

Meow Wolf releases diverse lineup for Taos Vortex including ZHU, Mija, Flying Lotus + moreMeow Wolf Lineup

Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

Flying Lotus shares two new singles, ‘Spontaneous’ and ‘Takashi,’ from forthcoming LP

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Flying Lotus shares two new singles, ‘Spontaneous’ and ‘Takashi,’ from forthcoming LPFlying Lotus Press

Just shy of a week ago, Flying Lotus finally previewed his upcoming album, Flamagra, with the release of its first single “Fire Is Coming” and its apocalyptic video, directed in collaboration with David Firth and featuring acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch. Now, Flying Lotus has shared two additional singles, “Spontaneous” and “Takashi,” in a smooth combo package. Deviating from the horror-like elements of the previous single, “Fire Is Coming,” Spontaneous / Takashi sits on jazzy, light-hearted foundations that ultimately make for a seamless listening experience. “Takashi” derives its name from Takashi Kudo, an artist involved in the creative teamLab project that FlyLo visited in 2018.

The first track, “Spontaneous,” features vocals from Little Dragon, who croons, “Don’t you wanna test my love?” against a spacey atmospheric backdrop that transitions beautifully into the next track. Embellished with eclectic string sounds and equipped with a funky bassline, “Takashi” and its preceding track are oddly delightful, exuding day-off vibes at an alien beach.

With three singles revealed and each outstanding in their own stylistic and emotional intent, the rest of Flamagra and its spectrum of production remains a mystery, albeit an optimistic one.

Flamagra is set to release May 24 via Warp Records. FlyLo’s first album in five years, Flamagra will feature artists Anderson .Paak, Solange, Toro y Moi, Denzel Curry, Thundercat and more.

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