Flume’s goat releases debut mixtape, ‘GØAT TAPE V1’

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Flume’s goat releases debut mixtape, ‘GØAT TAPE V1’Flume

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

Last month, Flume introduced us to three of his goat friends on Instagram. Their handles are @totemgoats1, @cutegoatguyyy, and @hayfanatic69. The bio of @totemgoats1 read “Hi, This Is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19,” which sparked curiosity about the Hi, This is Flume mixtape and the connection to the Aussie producer’s new four-legged friend.

The day is here, and the cuddly farm animal yoga companion released its debut mixtape, GØAT TAPE V1—a five-track sonic journey that sounds a lot like the goat hired one of electronic music’s actual G.O.A.T.s to be his ghost producer. The new (presumably Flume) tracks are titled, “FEELING,” “NIGHTMARE,” “SHIFTING,” “SPACE,” and “THINGS,” all with unique arrangements with onomatopoeic names that run close to the sounds that comprise them.

Flume’s goat releases debut mixtape, ‘GØAT TAPE V1’Flume Goats 1

The full extent of what Flume has up his sleeve and where his petting zoo pals fit in to the equation remains unclear, however, if GØAT TAPE V1 is any indication of what the “Never Be Like You,” producer has in the works through the rest of the year, we’re in for a great stretch of creativity from Flume. If not, we just wrote up a goat’s mixtape, and that’s okay too.

NMF Roundup: Ferry Corsten and BT deliver ‘1997,’ Galantis and Yellow Claw team up + more

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NMF Roundup: Ferry Corsten and BT deliver ‘1997,’ Galantis and Yellow Claw team up + moreFerry Corsten Photo Credit Getty

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. With the overwhelming amount of tunes hitting the airwaves today, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25.

Ferry Corsten and BT kick off this week’s hottest songs with the release of their hefty new collaboration, “1997,” and Gorgon City take on Local Dialect in a slow-burning remix of “Poseidon.” Sub Focus thrills on a drum ‘n’ bass take on Bring Me The Horizon’s “mother tongue,” and Kaskade and Meghan Trainor join forces on “With You.” Luttrell returns to Anjunadeep for “Need You Now,” and Yellow Claw and Galantis keep things light and breezy on “We Can Get High.” Tiësto has remixed the late Avicii’s “Tough Love,” and Ducky makes a Deadbeats appearance with “Addicted to Your Distance.” Jason Ross brings an even more emotive atmosphere to Gryffin and SLANDER’s “All You Need To Know,” and Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge follow their recent LP with “Never Before.” Kygo teams up with Store P and Lars Vaular on “Kem Kan Eg Ringe,” and Fox Stevenson continues his slew of 2019 releases with “Killjoy.” Gallant serenades smoothly on “Sharpest Edges,” and Matoma links with MNEK and Kiana Ledé on “Bruised Not Broken.”

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

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Flume enlists London Grammar for otherworldly new single, ‘Let You Know’

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Flume enlists London Grammar for otherworldly new single, ‘Let You Know’Flume

Flume‘s frenzied return to electronic earshot continues with a new collaborative effort with London Grammar, “Let You Know.”

Skittering analog interference, like an intentional skipping of a record, texturize the track, while reverb phases in and out like the aural equivalent of oil on water, as seen on the track artwork. Flume first set this swirling, incandescent visual motif in motion via the visualizer for his now infamous mixtape, Hi This Is Flume of earlier this year. Hannah Reid’s voice carries a swift, almost spectral presence, bolstering the otherworldly, journey-oriented through line of Flume’s resounding revamp.

“Hannah Reid and I wrote ‘Let You Know’ last summer,” Flume writes in a recent press release. “I was on a writing trip to London, was actually the same trip where I first met slowthai. Had been wanting to make something with Hannah for a long time and this one just came together really naturally in the studio that day.”

Flume readies second mixtape of the year

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Flume readies second mixtape of the yearFlume Performing At Festival

Flume stopped the dance music news cycle in its tracks with the release of his Hi, This is Flume visual mixtape earlier this year. The 17-track project came with almost no notice, and as par for the course with a Flume release, turned out to a vibrant, interactive, strange, and compelling opus that reintroduced the Aussie beatsmith after his critically lauded sophomore LP, Skin from three years before. Now, less than three months later, he’s preparing his follow up.

The “Never Be Like You” producer announced on social media the arrival of a second mixtape, landing June 12, along with a tease of the characteristically mind-bending visuals that will accompany the upcoming release. Flume’s first mixtape is already regarded as one of the best electronic releases of the year—there’s no doubt he’s ready to outdo himself on his next one. Prepare with a revisiting of Hi, This is Flume below.

Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summer

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Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summerFlume Michael Drummond

Flume shares another hint at new music on the way. In creative Flume-fashion, it’s hidden beneath a vail of a photograph with him and three goats. Each goat has an Instagram account and the Hi, This is Flume mixtape producer kindly asks his followers to follow his new four legged friends @totemgoats1, @cutegoatguyyy, and @hayfanatic69. The bio of @totemgoats1 read “Hi This Is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19,” which was changed to simply read “6.21.19 • [2/7].” Maybe the 2/7 means 2nd mixtape and seven tracks?

Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summerFlume Goat

Further proof comes from r/Flume on reddit, from @totesmgoats1 answering questions on Insta Stories.

Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summer2jqn9qa1dmw21

Flume has hinted that more music is coming. His Hi, This is Flume mixtape came out on the first day of spring and the dates on his goat’s Instagram is the first day of summer.

In other Flume news, he released behind the scenes footage of his 40 plus minute music mixtape visualizer for his highly-anticipated and dutifully delivered project.

Diplo and Flume share ambient ‘Secular Sabbath’ performances during Coachella

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Diplo and Flume share ambient ‘Secular Sabbath’ performances during CoachellaDiplo Secular Sabbath Credit Nicole Mangiola Rolling Stone

Over the last three weekends, Diplo has certainly squeeze Southern California for all the juice it’s worth. Between two weekends of Coachella, followed by a performance at Stagecoach, Diplo gave Indio a run for it’s money. However, he still managed to find time for some much needed rest and relaxation at a much less-publicized event—Secular Sabbath, just a few miles down the road in Desert Hot Springs, right outside of Palm Springs.

Joined by Flume, the pair shared ambient tunes to soundtrack a night of introspection and meditation, close enough to Coachella to feel the event’s energy, but far enough away to feel the distance at the historic Two Bunch Palms resort. Secular Sabbath is a running event series, started in 2016, put on by California-native Genevieve Medow-Jenkins. Secular Sabbath events promote self-care and intentional, spiritual relaxation.

“It was a blast. I got to sit in a hot tub, I took a nap – there was great stuff going on all at the same time. And I got to play some cool music and I loved it. It’s good to try new things,” Diplo told Rolling Stone of his Secular Sabbath experience.

For a man who has dropped an album, a house music EP, and launched a country music project in less than a month’s time, managing a work-life balance has got to be a tall task, though the Mad Decent head honcho tends to make it look effortless. “Secular Sabbath was special, and I got to chill out, which is kind of rare. It’s kind of like the anti-festival,” says Diplo. With an itinerary like Diplo’s, a swing by Secular Sabbath sounds like a crucial stop amid three weekends of chaos in Southern California.

Spirix cuts Flume’s ‘Dreamtime’ an indie-electronic edge in new remix

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Spirix cuts Flume’s ‘Dreamtime’ an indie-electronic edge in new remixFlume – Dreamtime Spiri Remi COVER

The idiosyncratic sound constructions that distinguish Flume‘s style flourish on “Dreamtime,” one of the many sonic gems that glisten with audible brilliance on Flume’s recently released mixtape, Hi, This Is Flume. A cacophony of glitchy electronic elements on loop, rhythmic tapping, and a tunnel of white noise that is both airy and eerie comprise the components that construct an opening that leaves a resounding impression on Flume’s listeners.

So, too, does Spirix’s. The California-based electronic entity tackles Flume’s “Dreamtime” in a new remix. Spirix’s flip of the Hi, This Is Flume favorite surfaces as Spirix’s first showing after a four-month hiatus. As Spirix’s re-imaginative effort demonstrates, the brief reprieve from the production circle served as an effective incubation period for Spirix’s sonic edge, which is perceptibly sharper in this latest undertaking.

Spirix cuts the wispy, dreamlike vocal of Flume’s original, to foreground his electronic trajectory of revision. From an atmospheric ascent with synth work of an indie-cinematic strength to back the track’s climb, to a layered descent delightfully upbeat in nature, Spirix’s version of “Dreamtime” is reflective of his own unique musical vision. Spirix’s remix is versatile; the revamp is an undeniable playlist stunner, and simultaneously well-suited for potent club play.

Travis Scott, more mixtapes, and an eye on the copy cats: seven things we learned from Flume’s recent Reddit AMA

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Travis Scott, more mixtapes, and an eye on the copy cats: seven things we learned from Flume’s recent Reddit AMAFlume Performing At Festival

Recently Flume stopped by Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything) with fans. The Q&A couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, taking place shortly after the release of Hi, This is Flumea surprise visual mixtape that essentially halted electronic music in its tracks on March 20. The AMA also came after the Grammy Award-winning beatsmith, born Harley Streten, was announced as a headliner at this year’s iteration of Lollpalooza. After abruptly ending his production hiatus with a momentous new mixtape that seemingly came out of nowhere, fans’ questions were understandably stacking up, and luckily Flume was there to answer a handful of questions—hyping what should be a banner year for the Aussie experimentalist.

The AMA was even the release platform for an additional new surprise track, “Friends” featuring Reo Cragum. Though, with the loads of exciting information alluded to in the online Q&A, it’s nail down the best part. Here are Dancing Astronaut’s top seven highlights from Flume’s Reddit AMA:

A Travis Scott collaboration could materialize.

One of the most common questions in the AMA thread was about collaborators. Flume has always been a highly collaborative artist—hearing him wrap his effortlessly fluid production style round different artists is a major element of his appeal. But one fan specifically asked Streten about his thoughts on Travis Scott and if he thought a collaboration was viable. Flume’s answer reflected interest in collaborating with the “Sicko Mode” rapper, who also has a penchant for innovative sounds. Since the two are already connected on social media, Flume suggested a link could actually materialize.

More mixtapes like Hi, This is Flume are on the way

The day Hi, This is Flume landed, the overwhelming nature of music’s collective reaction made it hard to tell—was this actually another showstopper from a once-in-a-generation talent or were people just really starved for new Flume? As it turns out…both. But something about the mixtape’s surprise roll out suggested more was underway from the Skin producer, and during the AMA he confirmed he plans of delivering additional mixtapes and this spring’s project wasn’t just a one-off home run.

Expect Flume to strike a different balance going forward

Occasionally artists need to create for themselves, not their audiences. It seems counter-intuitive in some ways, but after two full length records and the never-ending press junkets and tours that ensue, Flume needed to take a break, then ultimately come back and make one for himself. When asked if he’ll continue to lean in this heavily experimental artistic direction, Streten suggested he’s going to cover, “Both ends of the spectrum baby.” Expect chart-toppers like “Never Be Like You” to rub shoulders with more unconventional cuts like “Daze 22.00” more often going forward.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Back to the notion of one for the fans, one for the artist. Flume’s self-titled debut LP, and his sophomore follow up, Skin are rife with fearless experimentation and avant-gardism, but his recent mixtape delivery was a decided departure in style from his first two long plays. When asked about the stylistic switch-up, Flume gave a succinct, yet telling answer. “I get bored, I can’t do the same thing over and over so [I’m] forced to change. Also people copy me,” replies the “Helix” producer. Flume is often credited by fans as the father of the future bass genre, essentially creating it and then allowing it to permeate into something relatively different from his own sound over time. Flume himself however doesn’t take much credit for pioneeringanything on his own, though here he gives a rare acknowledgement to the copy cats in his answer, suggesting he’s aware of the competition and he’s clearly still two steps ahead of them.

Flume and Arca would be a match made in heaven

The obligatory AMA question about dream collaborations inevitably had to come up, but in classic Flume fashion, the answer wasn’t some legendary songwriter or heavyweight vocalist. Flume reveals his dream collaborator to be Arca, which, when said out loud makes total sense. The pair would be two peas in the same experimental pod. Arca, known for credits on Kanye West‘s Yeezus and Björk‘s Utopia would be an obvious complement to Flume’s production style—hoping this one actually manifests in the future.

Ideas flowed easily on mixtape, but attention to detail made production more complicated

The caliber of detail packed into Hi, This Is Flume is staggering. From the mixtape’s teeming tracklist to the visualizer’s vibrant optical complements, the project was an exercise in free expression. While Streten admits the ideas flowed more easily on the recent mixtape, operating completely under one’s own creative direction means the attention to detail is magnified on a molecular level. Despite Hi, This is Flume being a liberating project to create, having the label at his back on his first two LP’s to provide creative direction and feedback, actually made the construction of Flume’s first two albums easier than making a mixtape solo.

Obligatory advice from one of electronic music’s current greats

Throughout the entire AMA, Flume maintains that his sound, his aesthetic, and ultimately his success has all been the product of relentless tinkering. Just boundless trail and error sessions that have, over time, molded one of electronic music’s brightest torch carriers. When asked to offer advice to an online forum full of fans and aspiring producers, Flume kept it simple and sweet. “Find your own production tricks/techniques. Download the most random plugins.” One size doesn’t fit all, according to Streten. The next Flume won’t come from someone trying to make the next “Holdin’ On”—rather, the next Flume should be the first of an entirely different species of producer.

Flume follows up ‘Hi This Is Flume’ with new single, ‘Friends’ ft Reo Cragum

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Flume follows up ‘Hi This Is Flume’ with new single, ‘Friends’ ft Reo CragumFlume SonarPub Sonar2016 Leafhopper 001

Flume fans remain on a high after the Australian prodigy surprise-released his landmark mixtape, Hi This Is Flume. As he promised in a Tweet just days after its drop, he’s back with a brand new track called. “Friends” showcases Flume’s mastery over sonic manipulation once more, with off-kilter rhythms and heavy bass lining Reo Cragun’s passionate vocals.

Hi This Is Flume saw Flume explore new realms of his musicality across 17 hard-hitting tracks and an equally stimulating visualizer by longtime collaborator Johnathan Zawada. Breaking free of structure and genre boundaries, the mixtape was liberated in tone and could even be considered one of his more cutting edge works to date. It also featured collaborations with SOPHIE, Eprom, and JPEGMAFIA; perhaps a taste of the direction Flume is moving toward with his upcoming releases.

Photo credit: Leafhopper

Explore hidden gems from Flume on his old Reddit account

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Explore hidden gems from Flume on his old Reddit accountFlume Credit Tyrone Bradley

Future bass pioneer and industry giant Flume‘s return had the whole music scene gripping its seat after an enduring silence. Coming back full force with new content including two documentaries and a 17-track mixtape accompanied with a vividly lustrous visualizer, Flume destroyed all expectations in a masterful maneuver of experimental craftsmanship that he has displayed over and over.

On March 25, a couple days after releasing his already well-received mixtape Hi This is FlumeFlume posted —with what appears to be his old Reddit account— a shout-out thanking listeners in the Flume subreddit.

Hi This Is Flume (4 real tho) from r/Flume

Although the account seems relatively inactive, Flume left a chuckle-worthy reply to one of the comments on the post.

Explore hidden gems from Flume on his old Reddit accountScreen Shot 2019 03 26 At 8.27.24 PM E1553648548408

His user handle u/humblebuzz contain posts that date back as early as nine years ago on March 2010. The profile documents his early journey into producing, from linking his MySpace page to making music under earlier moniker HEDS, and eventually What So Not and Flume. Under humblebuzz, Flume shared a plethora of content including advice to aspiring artists, music he bumped, and his own career progress — this moombahton track under What So Not, getting signed to his current label Future Classic, and even his 2016 Companion EP artwork. Needless to say, he’s shown Reddit a lot of love in the past decade and the electronic music community even more. Humble roots never go unrewarded and Flume is the prime example as he steps into an exciting 2019.

Photo Credit: Flume Official Facebook