Techno Tuesday: Oscar G on bringing ‘The Culture’ back into house

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Techno Tuesday: Oscar G on bringing ‘The Culture’ back into houseTechno Tuesdays

Techno Tuesday is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture of underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some of the best talent outside the world of mainstream dance music.

One of America’s top house exports has come out with another class album to add onto his extensive discography. For The Culture is Oscar G‘s homage to the scene that he’s been a heavy contributor to for close to three decades. Unfolding across twelve tracks, each synthesizes classic house and modern popular elements into timeless house with ease. The LP immediately captivates with its opener—a sensuous dance-floor-ready imagining of Ashanti and Fabolous’ “Into You” featuring vocals from Katiahshé —and only continues to do so throughout the rest. For The Culture as a whole is distinctively Oscar G, and shows off an artist with an unwavering commitment toward maintaining the integrity of the sound that drew him into a life in dance music. But, it stretches this format enough to show edge as well.

The album is also special because it recognizes local stars as well. Many of For The Culture‘s tracks are collaborations with artist friends like Lazaro Casanova, Ronald Rodriguez, Stryke, and more. Keen to hear more on the inspirations behind the album, the writing process, and his MO toward music writing in general, we picked Oscar’s brain for this Techno Tuesday. Order a copy of For The Culture here in the meantime.

Techno Tuesday: Oscar G on bringing ‘The Culture’ back into houseOSCAR G 2738

What was the inspiration behind For The Culture? Has making an album with the help of fellow local talents been an item on your bucket list? What about the message you’re looking to convey?
In a dance culture that has long been defined by originality and individuality, we find ourselves in a moment where music is strictly defined by genres and the mass appeal merchandise items attached to them—be it hair-dos, clothing, drugs etc. I was originally attracted to a movement with a diverse following that appealed to the streets. These days, that movement seems at times like it’s been gentrified into high end elitist VIP experiences in exotic locations with a soundtrack that is regurgitated and uniform sounds that are posing as essential forms of music who’s pioneers thanklessly pushed forward. This album is my humble attempt at recognizing that original culture that first inspired me and continues to today.

Let’s dive deeper into the album process. How did you go about writing each track and putting it into place? Are there any plugins/synths/gear items that played a big role in putting together a lot of the tracks, or was there a routine you followed to help your creative flow?
About six months after I started working on the album I decided to listen to the ten or so tracks I had completed to get a vibe for how close to complete the project was. I ended up dumping every single track, as they sounded like a collection of mindless tech house that would probably get me a bunch of bookings…ha!

From that point on, things started moving much faster and smoother. I began using technics that I used long ago with my SP-1200 drum sampler, but instead with Pro-Tools software. Song ideas started coming together much easier, and I broke away from studio habits I had formed. When you make music for a long time you can get caught up in comfort zones. I tried to break out of that by tapping in to the way I made music when I was first starting out. This was inspiring in many ways. I then called friends Stryke, Lazaro Casanova, Oba Frank Lords, Katiahshe and Ronald Rodriguez to collaborate on several of the songs.
In the end, I just hope it does justice to the culture it represents.

Is there any track in particular on the LP that defines it? Why is that, if so? How have you seen “the culture” evolve over time, and how has it stayed the same?
I think the album is defined by its diversity. No single track or genre defines it much like the culture it represents. This culture is always evolving and always seems to have a new surprise waiting around the corner. Certain things things don’t change though. People will always feel the need to move to the sound of drums. That is as pure as it gets.

What can young fans do to keep the spirit of “the culture” alive?
Keep an open mind. Focus on the music.

What does house music mean to you?
House music has been a huge part of most of my life. It’s what I do. It has taken me around the world and put a roof over my family’s head and food on our table. It is a sanctuary I can always count on. It is the love of my life.

After being in the scene for so long, how do you go about pushing yourself as an artist and finding new inspiration to create?
I never look back and never buy my own bullshit or hype. I try to stay in touch with what got me hooked on this to begin with.
Inspiration is a gift and not always easy to come by. I try not to force it and instead live my life with the ones I love and pray that I’ll continue to be blessed with inspiration.

What does a day in the studio look like for Oscar G?
I’m not a regular schedule type studio person. Sometimes I will go a month or two without setting foot in there, then there are times that I will go into full hermit no sleep no shower creative binges. A day in the studio probably begins at about 1am and ends with lunch the next day. I don’t have a regular process but I do usually start things off with drums and basslines. The best projects usually come together quicker than most.

What’s your current setup?
In the studio I am a big fan of Pro-Tools. I use a lot of Native Instruments and IK multimedia plug-ins. I also use my roland 909 & 808 as well as older analog synths I love like the Yamaha TX81Z and Oberheim Matrix 1000. In the DJ booth I use a Pioneer 900 Nexus 2 mixer with Traktor and X1 controllers (first generation because I prefer them to the newer model).

How do you prepare for a marathon set?
I tend to spend most of my time organizing music for marathon sets. I usually go through promos and buy music one day a week. When preparing for a marathon, it’s less of that and more of just making sure I’m aware of where my music is and make it easy to get to. I want to make sure I play the stuff I’m sure of but also can get to stuff I’m not sure about or need to read the crowd to figure out. I also like to have a certain map in mind. A general outline of the ride you want to take people on. In the end though, it’s all about connecting with people the night of and being ready. There is also the physical aspect of rest and hydration before hand. It can be a bit exhausting, but there is no more gratifying feeling than connecting with people for 10, 12, 15 hours!

Last words before we conclude? Upcoming projects outside the album or other fun things in the pipeline?
I am always grateful for and mindful of how lucky I am to do this. I appreciate every single person who listens to my music and dances to my sets. That is what keeps me going and inspires me the most.
Stay tuned!

Dirtybird Campout East will not return for 2019 iteration

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Dirtybird Campout East will not return for 2019 iterationClaude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

Dirtybird Campout East will not be in session for a 2019 iteration. The Dirtybird brand first flew south last winter, to descend upon St. Cloud, Florida in February 2018, where the collective would host the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East. Although many East Coast Dirtybird enthusiasts might have expected Dirtybird Campout East to become an annual electronic event listing, the festival will not return for a 2019 followup, as per a statement newly released by the Dirtybird team.

“We’re sorry to announce that after many months of research and countless avenues explored we will not be able to execute the best possible East Coast Campout in 2019,” Dirtybird tweeted on December 27. “We know that February’s 2018 East Coast event was not perfect, and we want to be absolutely sure that when we come back, the quality of our production is not compromised.”

The Dirtybird flock was forced to suspend all Campout East programming on February 2, 2018, following permit-related issues. While Dirtybird ultimately succeeding in restoring the music from February 3-4, thereby allowing Dirtybird to finish out the initial East Coast experience, festival organizers were nevertheless required end both ensuing nights of the festival early, which led to shortened set times, and a slew of cancelled sets. Dirtybird Campout will continue its West Coast tradition in 2019, and eyes 2020 as the year of its impending East Coast return.


— Dirtybird Campout (@DirtybirdCamp) December 28, 2018

Okeechobee Festival promises return in 2020

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Okeechobee Festival promises return in 2020Flume Credit 451Photo Okeechobee 2017

Okeechobee, Florida’s massive four-day music and arts festival has canceled its 2019 edition. Promising to return in spring 2020, festival organizers announced they will take a fallow year in 2019.

“For the past three years, we have witnessed 100,000 strangers from all walks of life, come together to our home of Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida, to live, laugh, listen, sing, dance, learn, create, meditate, downward dog, eat & drink, explore, give back, embrace and live OMF’s mantra to Be, Here, Now. Now that’s love.”

The festival’s website and social media posts give no reason for this pause in production, but note that March 2020 will bring the festival’s next installment. Okeechobee hosted acts such as Bassnectar, Arcade Fire, Halsey and Travis Scott in 2018, and previously boasted lineups with artists like Flume, Porter Robinson, Pretty Lights, and many more in years prior.

“As we pause for a moment and look back, we are incredibly humbled by the love and spirit you have shown us each and every year at OMF,” the November 29 announcement reads. “This tight knit community of fans, attendees, musicians, artists and staff that we’ve built together truly belongs to everyone. We are happy and grateful to consider each of you our family.”

Photo credit: 451Photo

Florida’s Forbidden Kingdom delivers inaugural lineup riddled with bass superstars

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Florida’s Forbidden Kingdom delivers inaugural lineup riddled with bass superstarsEcision Hollywood Paladium 2017 Rukes

The festival circuit is kicking off early in 2019 with south Florida hosting one of the heaviest lineups currently out there. Forbidden Kingdom, a new event coming to Boca Raton on Presidents Day Weekend 2019, has debuted their inaugural lineup, topped by Excision‘s full Paradox production, Adventure Club, and Zomboy. Bass heavyweights 12th Planet, Dion Timmer, Funtcase and Sullivan King also round out the wub-heavy billing, though Forbidden Kingdom is bringing a lot more than rattling low end to Boca come February 16 – 17.

The event is aiming to create an immersive narrative for attendees to dive into, launching a full fantasy story line in a 60-page book written to complement the lineup announcement. More books and characters are expected to follow Forbidden Kingdom’s first installment. Tickets to the first Forbidden Kingdom are on sale now.

Florida’s Forbidden Kingdom delivers inaugural lineup riddled with bass superstarsForbidden Kingdom Lineup Flyer

Featured Image: Rukes

Diplo calls out Dame Dash for allegedly shopping his beats to Kanye West

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Diplo calls out Dame Dash for allegedly shopping his beats to Kanye WestDiplo Dame Dash

On a video promoted by Kanye West, Dame Dash is pitching a beat he calls his own to Mr. West. Dash is seen feeling this beat for a total of one minute and 17 seconds, selling Kanye on his creative genius. Unfortunately for the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, that song isn’t his. It’s Diplo‘s from his 2004 album, Florida, “Sarah.

Dash says in the video, “Yo, bro. I’ma send you this beat. Don’t talk that shit talkin’ bout you ready to rap, had me come cook some shit up, get in the lab. We make shit up. I’m in the studio, making motherfucking records, and I got more, so just let me know. You have to respect my creativity in this motherfucker. I’m only telling you this to get you hyped over this shit. I’ma email this shit to you. Let this shit get your mind right.”

Hyping up his genius creativity and ownership for over a minute became cringeworthy once the Mad Decent label boss called him out Twitter. The fake Diplo account created for Vice’s comedy What Would Diplo Do?

Controversial rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida, collaborators and supporters react

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Embattled rapper XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, has died following a shooting earlier today (June 18, 2018) in his home state of Florida. He was 20 years old. The rapper, who’s career breakout has been marred by extensive legal trouble since his emergence in 2015, was reportedly shot outside of a Deerfield Beach motorcycle dealership. Broward County police responded to the call around 4:00pm EST and transported the victim to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Despite the highly controversial nature of the young rapper’s appeal, XXXTentacion released two critically acclaimed LP’s, 17 and ?, that both managed to chart exceptionally well. Prayers and supportive messages from his contemporaries have begun pouring in from rappers, producers, and DJs from across the world.

No arrests have been made yet in connection with the slaying of the young rapper. This story is developing, check back for updates.

Diplo delivers sun-drenched ‘California’ EP featuring Lil Yachty, DRAM, Desiigner and more

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Diplo has dropped off his first solo project since 2013’s Revolution, the new seven-track collection, California. Don’t let the title fool you — random white dude still be everywherethough nowadays the Mad Decent head leans much more west coast than anything, and lately he’s enjoyed some time in the studio with a batch of rap’s most in-demand young up-and-comers. Recruiting work from Lil Yachty, Desiigner, DRAM,, Goldlink, Trippie Redd, and controversial rhymer on the rise Lil Xan, the new EP sees Diplo reaffirm his status as one of today’s top A&Rs, all rolled up and tightly packed into a wrap fit for pop music’s most ambitious force behind the console.

The EP includes previously released material, including “Look Back, “Get It Right,” and “Worry No More.” Each track on the EP features Diplo’s chameleonic style wrapped around different lyrical deliveries, with each rapper and vocalist obviously inspired by their Californian surroundings in different creative ways. One listen through California highlights just how far the Major Lazer frontman has come since his 2004 debut, Florida — and it’s a lot further than just coast to coast. Florida was the beginning of Diplo’s grind, and California plays a lot more like the type of music one could sit back and watch a young man’s game unfold to. And 15 years after his studio debut landed, its safe to say Diplo has undoubtedly earned that right.

Sex, Drugs, and EDM: how common is sneaking drugs into festivals?

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Sneaking your MDMA into Ultra using a rotisserie chicken? Sounds like quite the stretch, but a recent study conducted by the Boca Raton-based Take 5 Media Group reports that this situation is indeed a reality.

The company conducted the study for a behavioral health treatment facility, Florida House Experience, in Deerfield Beach — which resides less than an hour outside of Miami. Florida House Experience works with such local universities as University of Miami, Florida International University, and Barry University to provide rehabilitation, addiction counseling, and mental health services to patients.

Their aim with this investigative study was to find out what kinds of drugs were being purchased at music festivals, what they were being cut with, who was doing the selling, and how users were sneaking them in.

Take 5 Media

Here are the winners:

As far as sneaking in goodies to music festivals, underwear was the most popular method of transfer; although, rotisserie chickens and prosthetic limbs were also noted as used methods.

One of the studies most disconcerting conclusions was that most drug users — 63 percent — obtained their substance(s) of choice off a one-time encounter with a stranger.

Even worse are the “unidentifiable additions of unmarked and sometimes dangerous substances,” reports Take 5 in the study. “Beyond being unrecognizable to the naked eye, these cutting agents are sometimes significantly stronger than the drugs they’re labeled as, creating deadly consequences.”

Take 5 reports that jam festivals such as Summercamp or High Sierra revealed 89 percent of attendees reporting they’d been offered illicit substances at jam festivals. EDM came in as a close second, with 83 percent of attendees reporting being offered drugs.

All of that drug use clouds the frontal lobe and likely causes spikes in the libido of horny festival goers, as Take 5 reports that nearly one in four attendees admitted to having unprotected sex after using drugs at EDM Festivals.

Take 5 Media


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Shooting in Florida linked to “Project X” style rave

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A shooting in Mount Dora, Florida has left one dead, and one in critical condition.

Authorities report that the two men were shot near Sheridan Road at approximately 2:30 AM on Saturday morning. The shooting has reportedly been linked to a large “Project X” style rave held in the area where anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people were in attendance.

One of the victims, Steven Charlostin, 21, was found fatally shot within a car that had been reported stolen. Another man was discovered in a driveway and later taken to a hospital. Both men had been present at the party that evening, the event hosted in a “nearby plaza.”

The exact location of the shooting is unknown. Police currently do not have information on the shooter.

Via: Mixmag

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