Pan-Pot rework ‘Babylon Berlin’ theme into jarring techno

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Pan-Pot rework ‘Babylon Berlin’ theme into jarring technoBabylon Berlin Pan Pot Remi

Dance music and mystery make for a pleasing combination — especially when the genre in question is techno. Pan-Pot were tapped to foster such a combination by the critically-acclaimed German show, Babylon Berlin, whose brooding plot is based around a series of detective novels by Volker Kutschner. The theme song, “Zu Asche, zu Staub,” has since been re-worked into a piece fit for the basement clubs in the city.

Pan-Pot’s reimagining opens with the ethereal piano progressions of the original, before diving deep into a hole of throbbing percussion and hypnotic synth beeps that, when paired with the resounding vocals of “Zu Asche, zu Staub,” results in a high-charged number that obliterates the dancefloor. This standard is one that fans have come to expect from Pan-Pot, who’ve long honed their sounds in and out of the club circuit and have proven their affinity for dark, driving productions.



Exclusive: Take flight with Koven’s out-of-this-world ‘Do You’ music video

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Exclusive: Take flight with Koven’s out-of-this-world ‘Do You’ music videoReality Reach Sent Into Space Koven

On Reality Reach‘s release day, UK duo Koven did something completely out-of-this-world — they sent their EP into space.

After working with 100 fan-submitted vocals for “Voices,” the Monstercat artists have one-upped themselves once again. They partnered with Sent Into Space and Jägermeister to launch physical copies of their EP (along with Monstercat’s signature plushie) up high into the atmosphere.

To celebrate the package’s return from space, the pair have released a music video for the EP’s second track, “Do You.” The music video was created from the 360° footage of the package’s flight, showing the EP as it leaves the ground and sails for the heavens. As it ascends, viewers can observe the temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude it travels. At the height of the song, the balloon camera offers stunning footage of the Earth from miles above its surface, showing breathtaking views from above the clouds. As the song draws to a close, the package descends back to Earth, where it lands in a field just as the Katie Boyle’s vocals drift off.

Reality Reach isn’t the only body of music that’s been sent into space. Over the years, Sent Into Space has worked with Metallica, Kelvin Jones, and Mystery Jets to present their music to fans in a unique way.

Premiere: Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)

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Premiere: Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)Parfume

Anjunadeep darlings Eli & Fur crafted a dreamscape within their four-piece, Night Blooming Jasmine EP. It showcased their affinity for all things melodic and liquid. When the task came to choosing remixers for such a milestone EP, the girls chose carefully, breaking outside their usual confines to choose unique talent to bring into the fold.

Dosem was one such talent chosen to sign onto remixing duties, this time for the singe “Parfume.” The Spanish house wizard and Suara veteran takes the song down from the sunny skyscape it came from and onto the afterhours dancefloor, adding drive and a hint of darkness to the mix. “Parfume’s” ethereal vocals glimmer in this new foundation, allowing a bit of bliss to poke through despite what Dosem’s done on the low end.

“Parfume (Dosem Remix)” is out on September 14. Pre-order a copy here

Premiere: Pig&Dan – Pushing On

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Premiere: Pig&Dan – Pushing OnDC195 Artwork

The fall season approaches for 2018, which means that it’s time for Drumcode to release its annual A-sides compilation. In its seventh edition, Adam Beyer has gathered the usual array of longtime colleagues and inspiring newcomers to contribute a firestarter of their own to the collection. Many of the songs featured on the series throughout the past are often rinsed as IDs in the label boss’ sets throughout the year, making the compilation one that is continually high on followers’ radars.

Per usual, Drumcode powerplayers and Elevate owners Pig&Dan gladly accepted the request to donate a track to 2018’s A-sides. It comes in the form of “Pushing On,” a percussive number that fits their brooding aesthetic. It rumbles through a warpath of pungent kicks and bass until it reaches its soaring breakdown. While Pig&Dan bring some relief in the form of soaring synth melodies, they quickly pull a switch in tone to drag the listener right back down into the underworld with wild roars and a pulsating climax. “Pushing On” will be released on September 10, along with the rest of the A-sides compilation.

Order a copy here

Premiere: BLOND:ISH – Circus

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Premiere: BLOND:ISH – CircusBLONDISH Circus

BLOND:ISH have spent years honing their craft in cutting edge house music by taking in the world around them and applying it to their musicality. Having caught a great deal of attention in recent years — including numerous releases on Get Physical, KATERMUKKE, and Kompakt — Vivie-ann and Anastasia are now ready to launch their very own imprint, ABACADABRA. The label gets its name from their party series, which has made waves in Tulum and other magnetic world sites.

They’ve rung in the launch of their label with a grooving inaugural single, “Circus.” BLOND:ISH to its core, the track balances delicate layers of drum patters with ethnocentric string play and airy synth sampling. It sweeps the mind to its desired spot — an extravagant circus of old, filled with chaos and grandeur. It does well in reaffirming the current BLOND:ISH aesthetic, while showcasing the delectable treats the girls likely have planned for future releases.

Pre-order a copy here


The Radar 113: Mixed by Eli Nissan

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The Radar 113: Mixed by Eli NissanEli Nissan Press Shot

Eli Nissan‘s productions quite often serve as secret set weapons used by titans in the progressive and melodic realms. Look at labels like Guy Gerber‘s Rumours, Lost&Found, and Plattenbank, and Nissan’s name appears. He’s been coming more and more into the open as of late, setting into turbo drive in the studio while accepting increasing invitations to bring his brand of music abroad.

He’s an artist who is being heavily watched in the underground at the moment, and it’s time to shine a light on him through The Radar. Nissan kindly provided one hour’s worth of choice tunes that are finely weaved together into an enjoyably sentimental voyage. In it, he includes a fresh release from the enigmatic Cornucopia, upcoming gems from Guy Mantzur and Hermanez on Lost&Found, and more.

Two numbers from Nissan’s newest Late Romance EP — “Old Glory Late Romance” and “Aquarius” — also make an appearance on the mix. The multiflavored release was the third on EDGE, a promising new label arm from the Belgian promoter of the same name. Order a copy here.


Navigate through a trove of exclusive Justice material from the last decade on new retrospective website

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Navigate through a trove of exclusive Justice material from the last decade on new retrospective websiteJustice Www Live Credit Anthony Ghnassia

Ten years in dance music might as well be an eternity. Celebrating a decade in the business is no small feat. Though, on the heels of Justice‘s third live album, (technically their fourth studio album), Woman Worldwidethere’s no denying the duo’s already-secured spot in the highest echelons of dance music ubiquity. Now, to celebrate their tenth anniversary, before moving to deliver another masterful imagining of their live show, the “Safe and Sound” producers have launched a new website — Justice TV — stocked with a trove of highlights from the French electro dons.


Tour through mesmerizing video content and nostalgic look backs at some of Justice’s brightest moments, navigating through fan-generated video clips, music videos, photos, and more. Fans can also discover “hidden” exclusive content, scoring Justice merchandise and tickets while perusing through the band’s storied career. There’s even a streaming link to watch A Cross The Universe in full buried somewhere in the sprawl of material found on the new site. Justice fans just hit the jackpot.

Featured image: Anthony Ghnassia

Premiere: Cristoph – Revolver

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Premiere: Cristoph – RevolverLNOE093 Cristoph Revolver

Last Night On Earth welcomes the return of Cristoph to its confines with a brand new three-tracker titled The Duel. Since his debut EP on the label — Eleven, in 2017 — the British talent has bolstered a heavy tour schedule with releases on Pryda Presents, Selador, and Bedrock. It’s clear by the labels who’ve signed this blossoming act that he is a clear power player underground, despite a relatively short tenure.

The Duel hits high gear with its middle track, “Revolver.” Much like the weapon it’s named after, the production fires shots of pounding bass into a lush, arpy landscape filled with cunning melodies that give off a foreboding tone. A brief respite is offered in the breakdown, but Cristoph makes it clear he’s out for murder by the time all elements are forged into “Revolver’s” climax. Listen with caution…

Pre-order a copy of ‘The Duel,’ due on August 24, here

Felix Da Housecat & Kristin Velvet – Marshall & Pierre

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Felix Da Housecat & Kristin Velvet – Marshall & PierreCats Love Velvet Feli Da Housecat

Australia’s Kristin Velvet, co-head of the burgeoning dance label Arms & Legs, has reached across the globe to Chicago house music legend Felix Da Housecat for a collaborative two-track EP entitled Cats Love Velvet that’s already rumbling through club systems in the Windy City and beyond.

The EP’s lead track “Marshall & Pierre” was initially not even supposed to be about Chicago house innovators Marshall Jefferson & DJ Pierre. Velvet was curious to hear the story of how Felix met Pierre in his early studio days when Felix responded, “I don’t wanna sing about Pierre!” and instantly the hook to the track was born. Tough percussion and a slinky bassline start the track and set off an old school vibe before Felix’s distinct vocals lead the way for take off, as he namedrops Prince, Mike Dunn, and others while the track bubbles up and sways on the infectious chorus. It’s a tried and true Chicago formula that doesn’t attempt to do too much. The result is a super catchy and club ready collaborative history lesson from an up-and-comer and legend.



Order a copy here

Techno Tuesday: Marsian tell a tale of their descent into new territory, alien abductions, & more

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Techno Tuesday: Marsian tell a tale of their descent into new territory, alien abductions, & moreMarsian Press Shot New Credit Octopus Team

Techno Tuesday is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture of underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some of the best talent outside the world of mainstream dance music.

Two titans have merged into a singular powerful force, introduced to the world as Marsian. Marc Houle is one member driving this new force, bringing his immense expertise in hardware and boundary-leaping electronica, house, and techno to the fold. Meanwhile, Octopus owner Sian adds a searing flair to Marsian that ties the group’s collective talents together.

Their time has been brief, but monumental. Marsian’s first release, X-Rays, brought to light just how complementary their diverse talents are. Since then, the pair have been impressing the music scene at large with their array of hard-hitting, technical works that explore the realms of techno, acid, and electro. They’ve solidified their presence in the underground through an introductory tour as well, which saw them pummeling their audiences with gripping live performances.

Who are Marsian, really? DA sought out to uncover more of this intriguing new act in this edition of Techno Tuesday, where we dive into the project’s nascence, inspirations, and where they’re looking to take Marsian in the future. Enjoy our premiere of “Convergence,” off their newest Chromatic EP, while learning about what makes Marsian who they are.

Let’s first talk about your history together. How long have you known each other/when did you begin working together, and ultimately what led to a more concrete partnership and the formation of Marsian?

M: This is a mystery to us. It’s like we woke up one day and it was all happening. I know we go way back I think right?

S: I think we first met many years ago and always just kind of clicked with our music and our renegade attitudes. The collaboration just kind of spawned out of us sharing some tracks and ideas with one another and seeing how well our sounds meshed.

Whose idea was it to come up with the punny, yet appropriate name for your project?

M: Frankly we think it’s kinda stupid how people from Mars are called Martians. It should be Marsians and everyone knows it. We’re just cementing the obvious out there.

S: Truth be told, myself and Marc both had some very interesting, supernatural childhood experiences, some people say abduction or surprise adoption…but we prefer to stay private about these things.

What kinds of things have you two explored (or are planning to explore) in this project that you normally wouldn’t express under your individual projects?

M: For me it’s like we’re heading down a dark road with parties going on all over. It’s a bit menacing but there’s too much fun going on for it to be scary.

S: With the live performance it’s really uncharted territory with each performance taking on a life of its own. With our productions each track we make feels like something fresh and exciting since we work a lot remotely bouncing ideas off of one another some really cool sounds evolve from what our normal style would be.

Your debut in Detroit was quite impressive; we enjoyed the live setup. Are you planning on doing live performances for all your gigs? What does your setup look like and what’s your favorite thing to play around with on stage?

M: I think it’s always going to be live. That’s the best way to get both our inputs at once. If it’s just a DJ set, everything’s sort of set in stone and lacks the flexibility we have going now. I’m still trying to find the perfect synth to take on stage that lets me have the wide range of sounds I need out there. The TR-8 kick has been a savior whenever we needed more punch.

S: The live aspect of the collaboration is so dynamic and ever-changing that I think that’s one of the most exciting parts about it so I don’t see us veering away from doing a live performance. Our setup is definitely ever changing and we’re always on the hunt for that next piece of gear that will bring some new other-worldy sounds to our performances.

You’ve noted in the past that your minds have melded together into a new style, and that what’s coming out of Marsian is a more experimental, club-oriented sound. Can you go into detail on some of the more experimental things you’ve been trying out? Ie, new synth techniques, sample usage, genre blending, etc?

M: On a lot of the tracks we’ve been working on, I’d make a whole bunch of synth parts and Graham (Sian) had the good sense to strip it down to the essentials and focus on the sounds and groove. I think the kick and bass are way stronger than on anything I ever make alone.

S: Marc’s so good at making those truly weird and mind-melting elements of the tracks and I think that coupled with the heavier grooves I tend to make it’s really created a powerful new experimental vibe that really works on the dance floor.

On that note, what is the farthest you guys would be willing to push the Marsian project? Do you ever fancy yourselves doing something completely unexpected, like dnb or glitchy modular music?

M: Right now I’m happy delving deeper into the sound we have started. If there ever came a time it was no longer interesting, I think we would have to rethink things. But we have so much further to go down this road that it’s not really a possibility.

S: I think the sound we’ve got going on right now is so exciting and seems to really be working at all of our performances, that we will likely keep delving into our current sound like Marc said, doing what we feel… but who knows what we’ll come up with next, the possibilities are opening up.

How do you two normally make music together given the distance? Do you fly over to each others’ studios and physically work together, or do you mainly email projects back-and-forth to each other? How does a general day of producing go in the Marsian world?

M: Luckily we’ve gotten to the point where transferring mass amounts of data back and forth is no problem. We work in separated parts since Graham is mostly in Ableton and this old man is still using Cubase. It’s kinda nice that way because we can use the best of both worlds and mix it all together. Speaking of mixing, the final tracks get mixed on an SSL desk with some great effects to add space and warmth.

S: It’s great to be living in a time where we can work together even though we live so far from one another. A lot of times one of us comes up with some ideas and shoots them over to the other and this process goes back and forth a bit till we have a finished product. Technology makes it so easy these days.

Generic, but difficult question – don’t you love these? Anywho…if you were asked to define ‘Marsian’ through just one of your productions thus far, which would it be?

S: I think “Chromatic” probably, it’s such a raw track that really highlights both of our vibes so well into one track. Both off center and also quite dance floor, weirdly works out somehow.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this particular EP? How did it come about, and who got the ball rolling on it?

S: Well as we mentioned above, we both kind of get elements going for a track and then see where it goes, but “Convergence” really just started with one sound…..the rave stab. This was the anchor for building a world of sounds around.

When and where can we expect to see more Marsian?

G: After a busy summer of touring we’re taking a little break to get some new music out there, but we’ve got a USA tour coming soon. Stay tuned for more info & announcements.


Photo credit: The Octopus Team