Premiere: Sirus Hood – Warning

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Premiere: Sirus Hood – WarningSirusHood ThirdEye

A mysterious artist by the name of Sirus Hood stole the attention of the dance world around a half decade ago, perking ears with an array of wild house productions and sets. It didn’t take long for th French native’s heady beats to make their way to Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin, who promptly brought him into the Dirtybird fold. The rest is history,

After spending some time flying free from the nest, he now returns to Dirtybird with a stripped-down, grooving tech house two-piece titled Third Eye. Its opener, “Warning,” is minimal, yet chunky at the same time, pairing raunchy basslines and crisp percussion together into a satisfying backdrop for hits of laser and vocal edits. The result? A deep, grooving club cut that works as a good warm-up for peaktime hours.


Pre-order a copy of ‘Third Eye’ here

Premiere: Pig&Dan vs. Mark Reeve – Give It Up

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Premiere: Pig&Dan vs. Mark Reeve – Give It UpGive It Up Pig Dan Mark Reeve

Italian techno dons Pig&Dan are toasting to their label’s milestone 100th release. They naturally wanted to have a hand in its creation; however, they did tap the talents of their colleague and Drumcode alumnus Mark Reeve to join in on the process. A monstrous two-tracker ensued.

The landmark EP ends on a tough, yet addictive “Give It Up.” It’s deep, grooving techno record with infectious energy and drive. Powerful kick drums reverberate around the ears, balanced out by crisp hi hats and accented by tense synth stabs. Given its cavernous overtones, “Give It Up” works just as well in an open-air setting as it would making its rounds on the club dancefloor — a veritable anthem indeed.

Pre-order a copy of ‘Give It Up’ here

Premiere: Henry Saiz & Band – Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)

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Premiere: Henry Saiz & Band – Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)Henry Saiz Band Cerulean Fat Sushi Remi

Henry Saiz took a risk and exceeded expectations in his audiovisual album Human, which sought to expose the globally unifying power and profound beauty of music. To manifest his vision, Saiz and his band travelled around the world and recorded in several unique and inspirational locations.

Following the wave of success from the groundbreaking effort, Human has undergone a transformation  — courtesy of a handful of producers Saiz tapped for remixing his work.

Swiss duo Fat Sushi were tasked with making “Cerulean” into their own. The original, recorded in Tokyo, was a futuristic electronica cut that evoked the imagery of its recording destination with somber vocals and choice instrumentation. It is dressed in club attire by Fat Sushi, who douse it in chugging 4/4 percussion and analog synths that are seamless complements to those used in the original. Meanwhile, subdued vocals ricocheting in the background add further intrigue.

‘Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)’ will be released on Natura Sonoris on June 29. Pre-order a copy here 

Premiere: Edu Imbernon feat. Nico Casal – Chapter One (Original Mix)

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Edu Imbernon

They exist on two distinct ends of the musical plane — one a budding house and techno talent, and the other a reputable, Oscar-winning composer. The former, Edu Imbernon, had been a longtime fan of the latter (Casal), who had expressed interest in stepping outside his usual realm of expertise. Thus, their partnership was formed.

Two tracks were born out of this collaborative new project, each an embodiment of the intense chemistry shared in the studio between Imbernon and Casal. “Chapter One” commences their musical journey together on an appropriately sentimental, yet tasteful note. Classic house elements add a spot of cheerful nostalgia among cloudy, mysterious synth harmonies, making for a balanced production. It is then taken to the next level by way of cinematic undertones, with soft, subtle pads and orchestral accents, plus clever arrangement adding a “je ne sais quois” to the piece that one would expect when working with an artist who scores for a living.

“Chapter One,” and an accompanying “Levitate,” will be released on Imbernon’s Fayer imprint come June 29.

Of “Chapter One,” and working with Nico Casal, Edu Imbernon had some nice words to say:

“We originally found Nico while we were looking for artists for our Fayer label; we’d been talking to his manager about other projects for a while.

We heard his compositions and film scores and loved them, and the fact that he was a fellow Spaniard also made a huge difference. Beyond my electronic music cohorts I have grown with in the Spanish scene, it’s rare to find Spanish musicians I really love.

As I’d been experimenting more with these kinds of sounds at the time, it [was] like it was destiny for this to come together, and when we started working in my studio it felt like that even more.

We instantly connected via the music but also on a number of personal levels. It’s just one of those personal and creative relationships that clicks into place incredibly naturally and instantly.

These two upcoming tracks – Chapter One, and Levitate — are from our first sessions together, and we hope and believe this is just the beginning…”

Pre-order a copy of ‘Chapter One’ here

Exclusive: Space Jesus & Digital Ethos – Gang Fire

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Space Jesus has been called the “bass messiah” by Bassrush. Digital Ethos, whose recent collaboration with Bassnectar has quickly amassed him a sizable following, is a newcomer who fuses minimalist dubstep with a West Coast bass sound design. Both are masters of the experimental bass category, with Jedi-like senses for moving their crowd slow and low to the ground. So it was only a matter of time before the two joined forces on a weird and wonderful space bass project.

Dubbed the Mars EP, out June 15 on WAKAAN, the two-track EP flaunts the unabashedly experimental sound that Liquid Stranger’s imprint is famous for. Packed with meticulous sound designs, chunky drums, and earth-shattering bass lines, the Mars EP blends the signature styles of the two producers to mind-blowing effect. Space Jesus and Digital Ethos elevate the listener to sonic planes unknown with the Mars EP — driving forward a diverse soundscape that touches down on territories previously unchartered in the bass world.

Ahead of their highly anticipated EP, the two artists have shared one of their two newest tracks, “Gang Fire,” which sees it’s 24-hour exclusive window on Dancing Astronaut. Upon the song’s opening, listeners are caught mid-landing on some alien planet with the use of heavy, hydraulic synths and ragga voice samples. The track remains minimal throughout, reminding listeners to stay a while and explore the rest of the forthcoming body of work, which is not only technically incredible, but far beyond the boundaries of the musical imagination.

Space Jesus and Digital Ethos’ Mars EP lands tomorrow, June 15 on WAKAAN.

Premiere: Eli Nissan – Yellow Fog

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Eli Nissan

Followers of Sudbeat, Lost&Found, and other strong progressive labels have probably seen Eli Nissan’s name floating around, or have heard his work rinsed in his peers sets. Having returned a few years ago from a brief hiatus, this stalwart — who’s played a pioneering role in the Israeli music sphere for two decades — has made his return full force and has since captivated the global dance audience at large.

Nissan has made a glittering return to Guy Mantzur‘s Plattenbank in the form of Everlast/Yellow Fog. Our focus is on its closer, “Yellow Fog,” which chases the EP’s opener with piercing, ethnocentric instrumentation before opening into a fluttering, bliss-tinged soundscape that carries the listener through to finish. It winds through its various stages of development with ease, fading away with lush percussion.

‘Yellow Fog’ is set for a June 18 release. Order a copy here

Exclusive: Kongsted x Temmpo – Boomerang (Xan Griffin Remix)

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Fresh off the release of his debut Zodiac album, Los Angeles producer Xan Griffin is back with a remix of Kongsted and Temmpo’s “Boomerang.”

Xan Griffin taps into the lighthearted soul of the track and amplifies it, adding future bass production behind Tonino Speciale’s vocals. He primed the formerly low-key track for the dance floor with a soaring synth theme, backed by layers of atmospheric melodies. Xan Griffin lights a fire under “Boomerang,” preserving the heartfelt message of the original while adding his own spin to its memorable melodies.

The track is part of a remix package that also includes a rework by KRONO. The two tracks are out June 15 via Universal Music.

Exclusive: Sacha Robotti dives deep into his Sloth Sanctuary (Mix)

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Sacha Robotti

Los Angeles is not just Sacha Robotti‘s new home, but also his residence.

The news is out that Sound nightclub has officially booked the Dirtybird veteran and Sloth King for a summer residency beginning on June 23. To boot, each show will also be an open-to-close affair, allowing him to showcase his full essence as an artist.

Ahead of this expansive collaboration, Robotti has prepared an exclusive Sloth Sanctuary mix for Dancing Astronaut ears to consume. He fits quite a large breadth of tunes within its one hour span, starting off slow and grooving before heading into the dark and driving techno realm. It breeds further interest as to what a six hour set by this stalwart might sound like while also packing in a high charged mix of tunes that is sure to boost any pre-game.


Feature image credit: Quasar Media

Premiere: Matador – Surrender

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A new craze has been swept the underground as a counterbalance to the banging, percussive techno du jour: “melodic techno/house.” It resembles classic trance, albeit a bit slower in tempo, and songs produced under this banner have been captivating listeners worldwide with touching melodies and ethereal breakdowns.

RUKUS owner Matador is no stranger to melody-infused tech and techno either, having placed these elements into his own fold for quite some time. However, he’s gone particularly hypnotic, dare we say “trance-y,” in his most recent Air EP.

Take “Surrender,” for example, which Dancing Astronaut has chosen to premiere. Shadowy by way of its minor key, its burst of synthesizer, downward melodic progressions, and hits of vibrating, electro accents make for quite the sonic adventure. It builds slowly into its relaxing break, only to gather back up again into a full-blown symphony of driving harmonies and pungent percussion. One feels almost like they’re driving down an empty highway at night while listening.

“Surrender,” and the rest of Air, are set for a June 8 release. Order a copy here



Premiere: Dense & Pika – Hard Light

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UK duo Dense & Pika, comprised of Chris Spero (also known as Glimpse) & Hypercolour boss Alex Jones, have grown to be some of the most trusted names in dance over the years. Known for their signature emotive and uptempo touch that’s landed them on esteemed imprints such as Hotflush, Planet E, Drumcode, Aus, and many more, Spero & Jones have touched down at Jones’ own Hypercolour label with a high-octane two-track EP entitled ‘Amber’.

The EP’s second track “Hard Light” starts with a percussive workout and taut kicks that set the pace as dark chords enter the fore. Shuffling hats send the track soaring upwards as pads waft in the background for an eyes closed moment on the floor. Before coming back down, silvery bleeps and synth stabs bring a big sonic whoosh to any big room, truly bringing some ‘Hard Light’ to the dancer’s ear.



Pre-order a copy here