Ardency – Bloom

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Ardency has released their newest single “Bloom.” The mysterious group is self described as “a work in progress by Christian Gomez and Daniel Noguera – for as long as it takes.”

Alluring synths and haunting vocal tenors of the group sound like sonic liquid washing over a roof during a rainstorm: brooding, yet oddly satisfying. The release comes after the release of three subsequent EPs titled MechanismHoney Moon, and For You, Only, where Ardency’s peculiar personas directly reflect in each body of work. Their newest single continues this eclectic theme, and is melancholic ear candy for indie pop fans.



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Jimmy Edgar to release unknown electro artist’s tapes as an Ultramajic EP

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Berlin’s Ultramajic record label is set to release a rare collection of late-90’s electro tracks from an unknown Detroit artist named Ashtar Lavanda.

Not much is known about Ashtar Lavanda, whose tapes Jimmy Edgar — the founder of the label —  found after receiving a tip about a storage unit being auctioned off in East Detroit that contained boxed techno artifacts.

Ashtar’s Lavanda’s tapes boast a jaw-dropping Detroit electro exudence from an artist who is believed to have never released any music under the moniker, comparable to acts like AUX88, Ectomorph, and more, according to Edgar.

Edgar’s discovery has consequently led to a present-day six-track release — the artist’s first EP, aptly titled Unsolved Mysteries via Ultramajic — and will also include continued releases to honor the artist’s work.

“I just wanted to see my music on The New Dance Show, I wanted to hear it on 97.9FM but I didn’t have the hustle to get the music out there”, Lavanda said when speaking about his long lost tapes. Despite Lavanda’s doubts, Edgar believes Ashtar Lavanda will soon be revered as “one of the true pioneers in late 90s Detroit Electro alongside artists such as AUX88, Ectomorph, Dopplereffekt, and Drexciya.”

1. Opulence
2. Moth
3. Rozwell
4. Gratior Shake
5. Unsolved Mysteries
6. Marfa Lights

Ultramajic will release Ashtar Lavanda’s Unsolved Mysteries on February 9.

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Henry Saiz – The Golden Cage (Sebastien Léger remix)

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French producer Sebastien Léger is definitely an electronic music veteran in his own right, with almost 20 years of experience under his belt. interestingly, throughout the duration of his lasting career, Leger has stayed true to his experimental style— a trend that a worrying number veteran DJs tend to shun in modern times.

His latest remix of Henry Saiz‘s “The Golden Cage” is an eight-minute-long auditory voyage in continuity with his time-tested style. Using his abundance of experience, Leger is able to meticulously craft an intriguing soundscape, filled with an abundance of analog elements that give the remix character, a quality missing from a majority of songs in current circulation.




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Henry Saiz debuts first track off of forthcoming album

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Spanish progressive & electronica star Henry Saiz has released the first taste of his forthcoming Kickstarter-funded album Human, which he will be releasing as Henry Saiz & Band. He raised over €73,000 for the project, which saw him travel to different corners of the earth to record in unusual natural settings and with unexpected local collaborators.

“The Golden Cage,” is an indie electronica hybrid with breathy vocals shimmering over slow-motion beats and a languid bassline as melancholy chord progressions play out through glistening synths. Saiz commented on this debut single and his inspiration for the project. He also notes that “The Golden Cage” was inspired by Dubai.

We were interested in those places that reveal aspects of what it means to be human, for better or for worse. It’s one of those places, a mirage that rises as if by magic in the middle of what until a few years ago was only desert, a place of wonders that hides a dark side, just like we all do.

“The Golden Cage” certainly leaves listeners wanting more. Humans’ full release date is yet to be announced.



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Bicep flex their sonic expertise in new Essential Mix

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After churning out an innumerable number of classic house tracks under their unpredictable M.O., the Belfast-based Bicep found their niche, or perhaps a more aptly-categorized lack thereof. But such is what earns the Belfast-duo their wide acclaim in the dance realm. Considering the two began as prolific bloggers at their own site, Feel My Bicep, the very weaving of an inquisitive amalgamation of house and electro is in their blood. It should come as no surprise that the duo’s tunes draw from an array of material.

This year, Bicep dropped off their highly-anticipated debut album. The self-titled work was a stylistically expanse deliverance that served as one of contemporary dance music’s deepest releases of the year. It was also an album in which the two flexed their sonic multitudes of both tenacity and flexibility.

Bicep is now ending the year strong with an Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. In a two-hour voyage through the worlds of Italo, breakbeat, and more, Bicep divulges on one of the most meticulous masterpieces of the last year.

Listen to Bicep’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix here.




Mark Barrott – “Bush Society”

RJ – “Leo”

Fantastic Man – “Dream Machine (Edit)”

Giraffi Dog – “351 Nation”

Hammer – “Atlantic 252”

Tons of Tones – “Oh Ah Ph Ah Oh (John Talabot Edit)

Lake People – “Lamb Shift”

Norwell – “Celestial Bodies (Imre Kisss “Crisis ’91” Mix)

Jacob Korn – “Selene”

Ursa’s Reef – “Love Cult”

Lanark Artefax – “Touch Absence (Edit)”

Rival Consoles – “Recovery”

Claude Speeed – “Ambien Rave (Nightmare Edit)”

Shinra – “Ball & Chain”

Djedjotronic – “Abyssal Zone”

Randomer “Smokin”

Lanngman – 80017A”

Wink – “Superfreak (Super Freak-A-Pella)

Untitled – Untitled

Dan Cough – “B-Jam”

Urban Myths – “Makin’ Me Feel (Edit)”

CJ Bolland – “The Tower Of Naphtali”

Apex Twin – “end E2”

God Within – “Raincry (Spiritual Thirst)”

Modaji – “Belle Epoque”

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Mura Masa stuns in delightful, electronica rework of HAIM’s ‘Walking Away’

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21-year-old Mura Masa has built up a staggering, incredibly impressive production catalog in a very brief time span.

Having finally returned off the debut of his self-titled album, out earlier this year, the British artist expectedly stuns in a catchy new collaboration. Taking on a production from indie rock’s favorite trio, HAIM, the producer breathes new life into their production ‘Walking Away.”

Masa opens his eclectic repertoire with the moving production opus. The resulting tune is a pleasing, electronica-washed rework taking the meaning of indie to entirely new heights. He’s flipped the track into a uniquely bright, melodious rework that’s surely unmissable and impossible to walk away from in all senses of the word.

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This Berlin-based artist makes LEGO turntables and synthesizers

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Australian graphic and web designer Arran Hearn was addicted to building LEGOs in his early childhood, and so it was with this passion in mind that he opened the doors at innovative Berlin-based company called Numode. Hearn’s venture creates custom LEGO kits in an effort to merge his passions for hip-hop, active turntablism, and the venerable building blocks.

Numode creates miniature replicas of the classic Technics SL1200 turntable and mixer, as well as the Roland TR-808, TB-303, MPC-2000XL and Akai MPC.

And while Numode is not yet an official LEGO partner and is designed by Hearn himself, we surely admire the attention to detail. For each set comes completes with a color-printed instruction booklet and custom-made, grooved discs that certainly mimic the best look and feel of vinyl on the most similar small-scale possible.












Learn more about Numode here.

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Austrian duo Leyya get chromatic on kaleidoscopic single ‘Drumsolo’

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Leyya is painting the town of electro-pop red, and pink, blue, green, and yellow too.

For in the Austrian-based duo’s tunes, the two are unraveling a new multicolor thread of electro-pop and sewing it into the very seams that so nicely dress up the genre. In a delectable exudence of multitudes, Leyya takes on both melancholy and joy in their music with a pleasantly pearlescent, polychromatic flair.

But Leyya’s new tune “Drumsolo” is so colorful, it’s almost if you can touch and taste the details.

Lead singer Sophie Lindinger’s vocals are scintillating overtop of the instrumentation so it’s as if the entire track were a friendly feud between function and improvisation, carrying the listener in both surprises and sweetness.

Talking about the explosive new track, which is part of their second album out in late January, they said, “’Drumsolo’ is one of our favourite tracks of the new album. On the one hand, it’s very complex (at one point it doesn’t even make sense ‘music theoretically’). But, on the other hand, the melody is very catchy so you don’t notice its quirkiness,” the band told Noisey earlier in November. “That’s what we always wanted our tracks to be like: different layers to discover depending on the listener’s mood.”

Leyya’s new album Sauna is out January 26 and is available for pre-order here.

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Premiere: Flora Cash – The Bad Boys (Mountain Bird Remix)

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The striking Flora Cash, comprised of the promising duo Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj, exuded a dulcetly delivered soundscape on their tune “The Bad Boys.” Atmospheric and enveloping in each and every turn, the two have a knack for putting their listeners in a blissful state of listening.

Now, their track’s been taken on by the Swedish electronic producer Adam Öhman, better known as Mountain Bird, who delves deep into his own indie-electronica remixing skills for the pleasantly driving rework.

Ridden with bittersweet melancholy in its commencement, the future bass track excels in both its silkily-treated vocals and swirling melody. Most notably, the rework’s an enthralling testament to the production skills that have gained Mountain Bird traction across the world. And with this remix in mind, it’s no wonder that his pearlescent craft has garnered airtime on radio shows like BBC Radio 6, Absolute Radio, Nordic By Nature, placement on Spotify’s Top 100 Indie Tracks of 2016, and surely shows no signs of stopping.

“The Bad Boys” is a part of a new remix EP from Flora Cash, Retrospective, released Dec. 1.

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Whipped Cream unleashes a fearsome ‘She’

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Whipped Cream explores the dark depths of the bass music spectrum with “She” — a single that refuses not ground itself in any one genre category. This unique aspect, which seems the blossoming producer combining elements of drum ‘n’ bass, trap, and electronica into a cohesive work, elevates “She” above the daily mediocrity of trap singles. Released on Brillz‘s Twonk label, the single’s haunting atmosphere and “anything-goes” mentality, along with the percussion and arrangement concocts a truly dystopian them from top to bottom.

Canadian-bred Whipped Cream  has emerged as one of the hottest trap acts on the LA circuit. Between raging live shows, steady popular releases, and a tasteful online presence rapidly consumed by her fan base, Whipped Cream is constantly converting bass fans into loyal followers.




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