New survey suggests most people believe you’re never too old for concerts

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New survey suggests most people believe you’re never too old for concertsJan Bakker Marty Mann Pc

A new survey conducted by TickPick found that more than half of its participants believe they’ll never be too old for a good time, with the most accepted form of partying later in life being attending small shows or concerts.

By surveying 1000 people through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service who either currently consider themselves “partiers” or had previously identified as such, TickPick sought respondents’ opinions on the age limitations surrounding various recreational backdrops, including music festivals, bars, and strip clubs.

65% of respondents agreed there should be no age cap for partying in general, with 89% of participants agreeing people should never stop attending shows or concerts. At a relatively lower but still significant percentage, 72% of respondents agreed that multi-day festivals were ageless as well. Both women and the LGBT community were more accepting
of partying later in life than their male and straight counterparts.

Unsurprisingly, the survey drew a considerable correlation between people who attend music festivals and people who believe there’s no age limit for letting loose in one form or another. The survey was even able to show which festival-goers are most accepting of the perpetual partying pedagogy. Voodoo Music + Arts attendees accounted for the most open-minded of those surveyed, with 79% agreeing people should be able to party at any age. Electric Zoo, Nocturnal Wonderland, Ultra Music Festival, and Electric Daisy Carnival followed closely behind, however.

Preferred music genre also played a factor in respondents’ opinions on the party limit with 70% of jazz listeners echoing the ageless party sentiment. Rock and EDM garnered 68% and 67%, respectively, while hip-hop/R&B and pop ranked the lowest points, though not by much, of all the genres at 64% each.

New survey suggests most people believe you’re never too old for concertsImage
New survey suggests most people believe you’re never too old for concertsImage 1
New survey suggests most people believe you’re never too old for concertsImage 2

Source: TickPick Photo Credit: Marty Mann

Andrew Rayel recounts hosting inHARMONY’s inaugural stage at EDC Las Vegas, growing the label [Q&A]

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Andrew Rayel recounts hosting inHARMONY’s inaugural stage at EDC Las Vegas, growing the label [Q&A]Andrew Rayel Tomorrowland

With each year comes new opportunities for artistic development, as Andrew Rayel well knows. 2019 has been no exception for the inHARMONY label chief, who charted yet another milestone in the continually developing course of his musical career at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas‘s recently concluded iteration. Together, Rayel and inHARMONY hosted their first-ever festival stage, the aptly titled “Find Your Harmony.” The stage signified a momentous step forward for Rayel and for inHARMONY, while simultaneously recalling an earlier point in Rayel’s career: Rayel’s first studio album, released in 2014, shared the same name as his EDC stage. Find Your Harmony saw performances from Cosmic Gate, Mark Sixma, Space Corps, David Gravell, Leil, MaRLo, Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Bayer, and Rayel himself.

The curative endeavor is a benchmark for Rayel’s inHARMONY label, which Rayel established in September 2017 in conjunction with Armada Music. Since its 2017 inception, inHARMONY has worked with a number of adept electronic entities, like ALPHA 9, Arston, Alexander Popov, and ARTY, among others. Andrew Rayel sat down with Dancing Astronaut at Armada Music’s newly minted New York office, to talk the production of his Find Your Harmony stage, and his fluidly evolving vision for inHARMONY.

So you just curated the “Find Your Harmony” stage at EDC Las Vegas for the very first time in partnership with Insomniac and Dreamstate, what was that like?

All of them [the artists who played] are really close friends of mine, so it was really like a family stage. There were great vibes, the stage was packed from the start of the festival all the way to the end. At 5:30 in the morning when they close the festival, there were still thousands of people at that stage so I was very happy. It was a big success. I’m really looking forward to doing that more in the future.

How did this partnership with Insomniac and Dreamstate come to be?

They always want to do something unique and special at EDC, because you know, it’s EDC; every year there needs to be something cool, something new. And we [inHARMONY] have never hosted any stage at any festival, so it was our world premiere. Right after EDC last year, we already started talking about curating a stage [with festival organizers]. We had multiple meetings to talk about it, how we could put everything together, who we wanted to play the stage. It seemed like it was just oh, here’s a stage, but our partnership started almost a year ago.

Andrew Bayer, MaRLo, Cosmic Gate, and Mark Sixma were just some of the artists to deliver sets from the Find Your Harmony stage. What was your curative process like, how did you come to select the specific artists that you did, and why did you choose those that you did?

We had a big list of DJs who we wanted to be on the stage, some of them were booked [elsewhere], some of them were booked at other EDC stages. We ended up with DJs who were very close friends of ours, and a lot of them were from the same booking agency, like Mark Sixma, David Gravell, and MaRLo. Mark and David have released music on my label. We wanted to experiment more and show that we’re open. We invited Andrew Bayer from Anjunabeats, and he was happy to do it as well. We wanted to be very diverse and have different types of music and different types of artists from all over the place.

So talk to me a little bit about your label, inHARMONY Music, distributed by Armada Music. You launched the label in September of 2017. Can you say a little bit about the experience of growing the label in the time that’s followed inHARMONY’s 2017 inception?

I always wanted to have a label, and since I’ve worked with Armada for almost ten years, it absolutely made sense to collaborate with them and open a label under Armada Music. I wanted to open the label to sign music that I liked, artists that I liked, and to create a team of artists with the same musical vision. [I wanted] to grow them, take them with me on tour, just basically to make a lot of a friends that like the same music and can tour together in the future, and I’m happy that I found artists that consistently deliver great music.

At this point, we have so much quality music that it’s already hard to find time to release it. At the beginning I thought it was going to be really hard to find [this] quality music. I help [the artists] with the music, to mix and master the tracks properly to have quality results and releases. [Having a label] is one of my dreams. It was a logical step for me to evolve, and we’re taking it step by step. Hosting the stage at EDC was another step, and there’s much more to come.

Can you say a bit more about what some of these next steps might entail?

At this point, we’re focusing on growing all of the brands that we have. Our main focus is on Andrew Rayel and the shows and the music that I’m working on in the studio, and of course inHARMONY as well, and the Find Your Harmony radio show, which I’m hosting every week now. We passed 150 episodes this year and together with the radio show comes the Find Your Harmony live shows, festivals, and solo shows. We’re planning a big tour for next year when we have episode 200. We’ll continue to do solo shows and [perhaps] host more stages at more festivals.

As the label chief and head of A&R you’re really at the helm of the decision making process at inHARMONY, so you get to really sculpt your own vision of what you would like inHARMONY to be. What was your vision for inHARMONY when you first founded the label, and has that vision changed at all in the years that have followed the label’s foundation?

It did change because of the artists [that I brought on], because I don’t want them to follow exactly the way I think and the vision I had before, just because every artist needs to be free to make whatever they think is good for their music. And together with them I also adjusted and changed and realized many things. But my initial vision was quality music that brings people together, very melodic, very energetic, [music] that I see myself playing in my sets as well.

Finding and sustaining a label is an arduous endeavor. Have there been any challenges, foreseen or unforeseen, along the way?

We have challenges almost every single day, starting with creating schedules: how are we going to release the music, how are we going to promote the music, what’s the right time to plan everything, and there’s no right answer for anything. We’re also always trying new things and whenever you think everything’s perfect and everything’s scheduled musically so nothing that’s similar is next to each other [in release order], and so there’s always space in between releases, [you find] it never works like that. Instead it always develops in a natural way since there’s always new things coming along.

We’re working with artists who know their music and know exactly how the music needs to be presented, and we realize we need to listen to the artists and we need to [recognize their vision] and do it the way they want it. We work with so many artists, so it can be hard to combine everything, that’s one of the biggest challenges.

When it comes to signing new artists and bringing them on board inHARMONY, what is it that you specifically look for in aspiring artists. What catches your eye and causes you to think ‘hey, this could be a great fit?’

For me, the music talks. I’ve been in this industry long enough to understand the technical part, the mixing, the mastering skill that needs to be mastered for many years. There’s a lot of beautiful tracks with great melodies, where the technical part of those tracks is far from ideal. I can’t take [these productions] for the label. [The songs that catch my attention] are the tracks that I see that are almost there, where I can give them the last ten percent, the last 20 percent, and teach, show, and tell the artists the exact things they need to adjust to get to 100 percent.

I think every artist needs to go through every step in producing the music and promoting themselves, because if you jump over a couple of steps, you’re going to fall. [Artists] need to establish themselves and take the steps, and when the artists are almost there, I’m ready to give them a hand and help take them to the next level.

Shifting gears a bit, you teased a Game of Thrones remix prior to EDC. Can you tell me a little bit about your creative process in making this remix, how this remix came about?

We knew the dates for EDC in advance, and knew which day we would be hosting the Find Your Harmony stage, and then when they announced the schedule for Game of Thrones’ final season, we saw the finale was going to be the same date that we were hosting the stage, May 19. I was like ‘oh, that’s great, wouldn’t it be cool for me to do a remix and play it on the same night of the last episode, because the people that are going to be at EDC obviously won’t be able to watch the last episode, they’ll have to wait for the next day. I’m not going to be able to give them the last episode, but at least I can give them something cool and a little bit of that vibe of Game of Thrones.’ And I played it. I don’t think we can release it officially, so far we were not able to clear it, but you never know, we’ll see.

I heard you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, so I have to ask, did you watch the finale?

So we stayed at EDC until 5:30 AM, when the last DJ finished his set. We were at our hotel at around 7 AM, and everyone from my team was tired and went to bed. For me, I was tired from my set but couldn’t sleep, so I was watching [the finale] at 7 AM. I knew if I [didn’t watch], then there’s a chance that someone’s going to spoil for me and it won’t be as pleasant. It actually happened the other way around: nobody spoiled it for me, I spoiled it for a bunch of people. So I made a right choice, I watched it straight away. It was great too that none of the Wifi was working at EDC, because there were about 130,000 people, so you couldn’t get anything and that worked out very well because otherwise I would have seen spoilers.

EDC attendee’s boyfriend charged with attempted murder after she went ‘against his wishes’

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EDC attendee’s boyfriend charged with attempted murder after she went ‘against his wishes’Edclv 1

A Las Vegas man named Ryan Mansour has been charged with attempted murder following a dispute with his girlfriend over attending EDC “against his wishes.” According to authorities, the fight began on Tuesday after the festival when the suspect angrily left his work early to confront his significant other over pictures he found of her at the Speedway gathering. At some point amid the fighting, which also involved endeavors to throw out shared memorabilia, the girlfriend (whose name has been redacted) got into her boyfriend’s car. Upon her exit from the vehicle, he allegedly ran her over in a bout of rage.

Mansour claims the accident was unintentional, advising he wasn’t paying attention on account of his anger and that he’d “made a dumb mistake,” according to his lawyer. Immediately after noticing what he’d done, he’d immediately began to “jack the car up” to get his girlfriend out from underneath. Luckily, her life was saved; but she did sustain injuries which include skin and liver lacerations, a collapsed lung, and a broken arm, leg, and pelvis. The suspect is currently in jail with a $25,000 bail posted.

H/T: Las Vegas Review Journal

Listen to WHIPPED CREAM’s stunning set at EDC’s Circuit Grounds

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Listen to WHIPPED CREAM’s stunning set at EDC’s Circuit GroundsWhipped Cream Sourced From Her Facebook

Closing out a stage at EDC Las Vegas is an intimidating task for any artist, but the burgeoning WHIPPED CREAM did so with ease. The Canadian-born bass artist held nothing back as she took the festival’s Circuit Grounds stage for its final run, giving onlookers a final, enormous burst of energy with cuts like Gesaffelstein‘s “Pursuit,” Skrillex‘ remix of “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar, the RL Grime/What So Not classic “Tell Me,” and an array of her own originals. The set riled the crowd and instantly became a cult favorite among EDC goers, and now the cult favorite performance has been releases exclusively on Apple Music for all to hear and relive.

WHIPPED CREAM has seen skyrocketing success in recent years. After five years cutting her teeth on the circuit, the past couple have seen her taking the stage at mega festivals like Ultra Miami, Shambhala, and Lollapalooza all while selling out tour stops across North America. On the musical front, her recent re-work of ZHU’s “Desert Woman” ended up becoming a huge hit, while she also received widespread support for her second record on Mad Decent, “Time.” She’s established herself as a key talent to watch as she continues her ascension into the top ranks of bass music.

Photo Credit: Facebook/WhippedCream

ZHU sports custom jacket made entirely out of festival wristbands at EDC

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ZHU sports custom jacket made entirely out of festival wristbands at EDCZhu Edc Festival Bands

Oftentimes, the festival outfit plays an integral role in one’s attendance of the festival itself. In many cases, the drip—if you will, is a crucial element to one’s festival experience, and perhaps none understand that notion better than ZHU, who dusted any potential competition with his EDC getup.

ZHU hit EDC Las Vegas this year sporting a custom jacket made entirely out of festival wristbands, for one of the more creative outfits spotted at this year’s event. The jacket, a living festival homage, features fan-donated wristbands from previous EDCs, Dreamscape, Lollapalooza, Coachella, Tyler, the Creator‘s Camp Flog Gnaw, and many more. See ZHU’s festival fit below—which other wristbands can you spot?

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Less than 2 weeks until EDC… 👽🌼

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Watch Skrillex throw down a raucous surprise set at EDC Las Vegas’ circuitGROUNDS

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Watch Skrillex throw down a raucous surprise set at EDC Las Vegas’ circuitGROUNDSSkrille Jasmine Safaeian

Pasquale Rotella‘s flagship Insomniac festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas boasted a diversely curated lineup of electronic talent for its 2019 iteration. Skrillex‘s name was not to be found on EDC’s 2019 roster of dance acts—not unusual, as he’s been absent from the festival’s Las Vegas edition for many consecutive years. Despite that, the versatile electronic veteran could nevertheless be found throwing down a surprise set at circuitGROUNDS on the second day of the Sin City affair. Rotella tipped EDC attendees off on Twitter, where he announced that “someone who [hadn’t] played EDC in a long minute” would take the circuitGROUNDS decks come Saturday.

It didn’t take long for those on the ground and those tuned into the livestream at home to speculate that the mystery guest was in fact the Recess producer. While EDC Las Vegas live broadcasted a myriad of the weekend’s sets, Skrillex’s was not among them, which left the fans at home curiously contemplating just what would transpire at the “Would You Ever” hit maker’s unexpected performance. Fans need wonder no more, thanks to one GA hero who recorded Skrillex’s entire appearance at EDC. See Skrillex’s surprise performance below.

Featured image: Jasmine Safaeian

Footage shows Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot detained after physical altercation with security at EDC

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Footage shows Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot detained after physical altercation with security at EDCZeke Elliot 2

Arrest numbers at this year’s edition of EDC Las Vegas were way down in comparison to years passed, with 65 total arrests made over the festival’s three-day run. Very nearly bringing that total to 66 was Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot, who found himself amid a physical altercation with festival security staff on Sunday night (May 19).

Footage obtained by TMZ Sports shows the Cowboys’ star skirmishing with a security guard at EDC, after the staffer stepped in to break up a fight between Elliot and the woman he was with, reportedly his girlfriend. The video shows Elliot going back and forth with the woman several times, and once security tries to defuse the situation, things escalate. Eventually Elliot knocks one of the guards over a barricade with his chest, leading to his detention, though Las Vegas police did not subsequently arrest the running back.

In response to the video being made public, Elliott’s lawyer, Frank Salzano has made an official statement on his client’s behalf, claiming security overreacted to a “normal discussion” between Elliot and his girlfriend. See the footage below.

H/T: Complex

STREAM NOW: Zeds Dead rocks the Circuit Grounds stage at EDC

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STREAM NOW: Zeds Dead rocks the Circuit Grounds stage at EDCZeds Dead Live Billboard Credit Scott Legato

Zeds Dead are veterans and trendsetters in the electronic space, creating their own lane of new sound both produced and supported by their own Deadbeats imprint. Innovation is currency for the two dubstep flag bearers, combining different amounts of rumbling, melodic low end with dynamic synths and powerful energy for an ever-evolving, idiosyncratic sound.

Dylan Mamid (DC) and Zachary Rapp-Rovan (Hooks) mentioned on Twitter about their upcoming EDC performance, “This’ll be the most unreleased music we’ve had in a set I think.” For these Toronto-based artists who defy categorization brought Bassmentality to one of Canada’s most storied club nights and the rest was history.

Throw tour Z’s up and listen to Zeds Dead rock the Circuit Grounds stage at EDC below.

Photo credit: Scott Legato

STREAM NOW: San Holo pulls out the stops at EDC’s main stage

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STREAM NOW: San Holo pulls out the stops at EDC’s main stageSan Holo Album1 Announcement

Bitbird boss San Holo is guiding EDC into its final morning over at the Kinetic Field. The Dutch future bass pioneer is primed to bring the energy levels up via his unique blend of sentimental melodicism and a tight, thumping low-end. This set might err to the former of the two traits tonight; on May 17, Holo tweeted that his set would be the “most emotional” he’s ever played, and implied some teary moments were in store. It will likely include new music from his September 2018 LP, album1, in addition to newer cuts from Bitbird signees from the Gouldian Finch 3 compilation.

San Holo has been heavy on the album campaign trail since it released, scoring key performances at many iconic festivals—including EDC Las Vegas. He’s also been confirmed to play San Francisco’s Outside Lands in July.

STREAM NOW: Diplo’s headlining EDC Las Vegas set

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STREAM NOW: Diplo’s headlining EDC Las Vegas setDiplo 2017

Where hasn’t Diplo been lately? 2019 has seen peak public expansion of his musical palate, where he’s spun everything from deep house at Get Lost Miami, to country fusion at Stagecoach. The multi-platinum record holder returns to the electronic sound that lent to his breakout years ago for another headlining EDC set. He’ll be playing at the main stage, Kinetic Field, where he also headlined the year prior in 2018, and in 2017 alongside Alison Wonderland and JAUZ.

Diplo shocked fans at Coachella by swapping out his more popular bass get-up for house, leading fans to wonder what he has in store for his behemoth Las Vegas performance. Luckily, they can watch live as the action unfolds. Listen to see if he slips in some cuts off his latest EP, Higher Ground, or his new collaboration with Madonna and Quavo, “Future.”

Photo credit: The Holy Mountain