Flosstradamus shows support for YULTRON on latest HDY release

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It’s been a while since listeners have heard anything from Flosstradamus‘ label Hi Def Youth. However, Curt Cameruci continues to prove that he wants the imprint to really shine a light on up and comers in the dance/trap scene. The label’s latest release comes from LA based DJ, producer, and vocalist YULTRON, who has been climbing the ranks by collaborating with top acts like rapper YG and Jay Park.

Just last year, he released an EP titled Sushi, Friends & Everything Awesome, which included “Milk Was a Bad Choice,” a track that was used on the 2016 So You Think You Can Dance finale. He’s also been seeing support from major acts like Jack Ü and Adventure Club at their live shows.

Now, he’s releasing “Stronger,” which proves to be the perfect track to kick Flosstradamus’s HDY label back into gear. With catchy vocals by YULTRON himself, the song includes dreamy, harmonized synths over a chill drum beat, which builds up into a drop that’s sure to catch listeners off guard and send shock waves through a live audience with its off beat dub noises and arpeggiated synths. Look out for more to come from the young producer and future releases off Hi Def Youth.

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Gammer releases fiery new dubstep track, ‘Let’s Get Crunk’ [+ Interview]

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Make no mistake: Gammer’s love of hardcore music is here to stay, as is his production of the genre. But like with any form of artistry, the multi-faceted producer is working to expand his sound and has been dabbling in other types of music production this year.

His latest, “Let’s Get Crunk,” steps boldly into the dubstep world. With grinding bass and hyped-up vocals, Gammer’s production skills are polished and perfected. His hardcore roots shine through with a focus on the track’s blissful melody in between bass breaks. In his Reddit AMA, Gammer said the idea for the track came about after watching Kayzo play at Hard Summer for the first time.

“I was so inspired by all these different rhythms and decided I wanted to try and make a dubstep track but with a ‘thicker’ sound (mainly using the same percussive elements I always use in my happy hardcore songs) – I also didn’t want to follow the typical dubstep formula so I decided to add some more musical elements.”

Earlier this year, the UK producer entered the world of Monstercat with a fierce Darren Styles collaboration called “Feel Like This.” Since then, he’s released two other tracks on the Canadian label: “Party Don’t Stop” with Darren Styles and Dougal, and “Over The Edge” with Kayzo. The tracks couldn’t be more different. “Feel Like This” and “Party Don’t Stop” contain Gammer’s signature BPM-bursting hardcore rhythms, and “Over The Edge” blends both producers’ skills into a bouncing house track.

Lee talked to DA about the new track, the Monstercat family, and his enduring love of the hardcore genre.

Tell us a little bit about the making of your newest track, “Let’s Get Crunk.” How long has it been in the works, and why is Monstercat the perfect place to premiere it?

It was actually just a demo for the longest time. Consider it one of my earliest attempts at bass music. However I produced it in the same comfort zone in which I make my hardcore. Thick kicks and subs that aren’t the cleanest but just have some weird energy that whacks hard as fuck in a club. It’s a functional tune! Straight up I’ve been trying to work with Monstercat for years, I love how open-minded their fanbase is and I love their energy. As well as being fans of happy hardcore, they’ve openly embraced how much I’ve wanted to expand my sound as an artist.

In addition to the premiere this week, you also just released your Diplo & Friends mix. What was that experience like?

Stressful! Haha. I love making mixtapes, but I always stress myself out over them. For me it’s always been about more than just putting tracks one after the other, it’s about engaging the listener from the start and keeping them hooked. Also, I’m comfortable making mixes last for 30-40 minutes, and having to make it last a whole hour was just something else. On top of this I spent weeks compiling it, mostly in hotel rooms and on planes in between shows. I’m super happy with how it came out and I’m honoured to be involved with Diplo and Radio 1. If I make a few more people fans of the music then I guess that’s a bonus.

What do you see for the future of hardcore in the States? It seems it’s popping up more and more in the North American dance music scene.

One thing thats great about hardcore in the States is it’s still considered a newer / different sound. It’s crazy going to these bass heavy clubs and dropping this 170-bpm madness and seeing the energy levels lift immediately.

What’s your favorite country and/or city to play and why?

Haha this is a tough one. I love playing in different regions for different reasons but my most standout has to be Tokyo. These kids go facing wild from start to finish, completely sober!

What are some of the biggest differences in playing a show in the States vs. back home in the UK?

My core style remains similar in both countries, but it’s kinda like this: my U.S. sets tend to be bass heavy but I can’t really play the super super purist hardcore stuff. The UK I can play the super anthem-y hardcore but I wouldn’t play the bass-heavy stuff.

Who has inspired you the most in your years of producing?

Haha, it’s got to be my boi Kanye West! It would take an entire interview to go through the reasons, but essentially I really admire the way he thinks outside the box and is absolutely unafraid of what people think about him.

What does the rest of 2017 look like for you?

Busy! Another tour, some Asia shows, more U.S. shows, an EP, more collabs, more life!

Why does hardcore hold a special place in your heart? What makes the music and the scene stand out?

I wanna make this super clear for all the people that have been worrying about me and my feelings on hardcore. I fucking ADORE hardcore. It is beyond any measure of a doubt, my favourite style of music. When you drop it in a club and it pops off, it pops off way WAY harder than even the coolest dubstep track – it’s unlike anything else! I’m just over scenes though.

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Get your metal fix with Sullivan King’s ferocious debut EP

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It’s been a busy week for Sullivan King. Fresh off a massive remix for Excision on Sept. 15, King has now released his debut EP on Kannibalen Records, Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s label.

The three-track collection of songs seamlessly blends the lines between dubstep and metal. When he released the EP’s introductory single on Sept. 14, he demonstrated the sheer ferocity he’d bring to his inaugural set of music.

“The Glock” kicks off with a savage guitar introduction and powerful vocals, leading straight into a gloriously bass-heavy theme. The madness continues with “W.O.B.S.,” featuring Crichy Crich. The rapper keeps the adrenaline pumping with cutthroat verses over an intense, fast-paced dubstep rhythm. Though “Don’t Care” leads in gradually with a guitar solo and intense vocals from King, it quickly picks up the pace leading into the chorus. Growling vocals in the bridge lead into an intense, whirling drop that impeccably wraps up the EP.

With his debut collection of songs, King fearlessly establishes his place in both the electronic and rock communities.

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Snails & NGHTMRE – Only Want U (feat. Akylla) [Original Mix]

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Snails & NGHTMRE – Only Want U (feat. Akylla) [Original Mix]

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Snails and NGHTMRE are two heavyweights when it comes to raucous doses of bass, and thus it’s no surprise that their new collaboration “Only Want U” is highly anticipated. As expected, the track packs a significant punch but also some conspicuous diversions from their usual sounds.

The track has an anthemic feel from the beginning, with Akylla’s vocals draped in heavy doses of reverb. Their catchiness alone would make this dubstep production a likely favorite in many future sets but the two producers bring a heavy punch to the drop. The first features serrated synth leads and touches of Snails signature sound design. Still, the track makes room for ebullient waves that make for an undeniably powerful listening experience.

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Fransis Derelle – Hollywood Dreams (Original Mix)

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After cementing his place as one of the most exciting members of the Circus Records crew with his debut rework of Flux Pavilion‘s “Cut Me Out,” Antuane Walker, better known as Fransis Derelle, is back once again with the new track “Hollywood Dreams.” A perfect portrayal of Fransis’ imaginative construction and energetic composition, “Hollywood Dreams” also features the ethereal vocals of Lisa Cimorelli.

At its core, “Hollywood Dreams” is a love song with narrating the story of a girl moving to Hollywood and finding the love of her life. Fransis captures the essence of escapism with this tune and it’s almost impossible to ignore this song’s infectious nature. As one of Flux Pavilion’s brightest young lieutenants, Fransis Derelle is most certainly an up-and-comer to keep an eye on. 

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G Jones & EPROM release new genre-bending bass single from their forthcoming EP

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Emerging from the resurgence of “underground” bass music are two producers — G Jones and EPROM — who carry a similar artistic ethos and musical directionality. In the spirit of collaboration, the two have joined forces yet again on a brand new genre-bending single titled “Hysteria.”

The track comes as a high-intensity, experimentally-driven bass gem that takes frantic twists and turns in every sonic direction. It’s glitchy, it’s dubby, it’s trappy, and, all the while, the driving force holding the track together are the very things that shreds the listener into pieces. “Hysteria” is the first single from their forthcoming split EP, titled Acid Disk, which features this collaboration, along with two solo productions from EPROM and G Jones respectively.

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Becko releases punk-infused EP, ‘Reborn’

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Becko’s latest EP, Reborn, is immediately ear-catching with nostalgia-inducing pop-punk vocals and a well-pieced signature sound.

Many of dance music’s fans grew up on punk rock, and singer/producer Becko — having previously been in metal band Hopes Die Hard — modernizes those punk roots in an electronic manner. With grungy vocals reminiscent of I See Stars’ and dance beats similar to Krewella‘s early days, Becko’s latest EP is a punk/electronic crossover from heaven. Featuring blaring synths and bass-heavy beats, Reborn brings back the teenage angst in the best way.


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Autoerotique & Brohug – Brains (Original Mix)

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Autoerotique and Brohug have put their heads together for their latest collaboration, “Brains.”

“Brains” showcases the brunt force that occurs when Autoerotique and Brohug collaborate. The tune features a four-on-the-floor rhythm that combines with unforgiving bass, percussion and synths. Drop after drop, this piece evolves constantly throughout its entirety. The combined four producers take an unexpected turn halfway through, switching into a dubstep drop that pushes out an impressive amount of bass. “Brains” truly fulfills all of our Autoerotique and Brohug collaboration dreams.

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Herobust – Debt ‘N Eight (Original Mix)

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Atlanta-born bass behemoth Herobust puts his unique spin on riddim with his latest single “Debt N ‘Eight.” This wild track is exactly what you would expect coming from one of bass music’s most adventurous names. Although riddim may be dubstep’s misunderstood younger cousin, it is without a doubt one of the most fun genres to get down to when executed correctly. Herobust does an epic job of stepping into the riddim realm with this mayhem-inducing tune. A raucous drop accentuated by perfectly timed vocals makes “Debt ‘N Eight” an undeniable hit. Headbangers will surely rejoice when this track gets dropped live.

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Hi I’m Ghost releases steamrolling dubstep original titled, ‘Das Fuego’

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Los Angeles newcomers Tiago Nunez and Nathan Davis, known under the moniker Hi I’m Ghost, have brought the heat with their latest appropriately-titled original, “Das Fuego.” Hailing from Los Angeles, the duo has been making a name for themselves for their colorful, yet pervasive sound that will echo infectiously in the ears of listeners after first listen.

“Das Fuego” features a choppy riddim structure while layers of bass are effortlessly placed to create an intriguing, rounded style – a signature creative feel that Hi I’m Ghost has mastered with each release over the past several months. The unpredictable track is fresh, innovative, and showcases a variety of different cacophonous movements. Hi I’m Ghost’s “Das Fuego” is the first song dropped off their forthcoming EP, Slumber Party which will be released September 29th. With their latest release the duo with chemistry like no other bass act in the scene give us a taste of what’s to come for these up and coming artists.

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