First Listen: rising bass producer Qoiet debuts vicious new project, ‘Absurd’

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First Listen: rising bass producer Qoiet debuts vicious new project, ‘Absurd’Qoiet2

Talk about a misnomer—Qoiet’s debut LP is anything but quiet. In fact, it might be the loudest low-end ammunition to drop all year long. Though, where rising bass producer Qoiet may have you fooled with his name, the title of his newly released project hits the nail square on the head: Absurd.

The new album is a 12-track listen that wears its name on its sleeve from front to back. To call Absurd dubstep would be inaccurate, or at the very least, an underestimate. The record is a bulldozing amalgam of riddim, dubstep, trap, hip-hop, screamo, and metal tropes. Bombastic, stabbing bass and raw, snarling vocals are weaved together with penetrating frequencies, as Qoiet makes his official long play introduction. If you aren’t up on Qoiet yet, that’s all about to change—but we warned, Absurd is not for the faint of heart.

Marshmello’s foray into dubstep, “Sell Out,” feels like just that…

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Marshmello’s foray into dubstep, “Sell Out,” feels like just that…Marshmello Horse

World domination has always been in Marshmello‘s cards. Aside from his attention-grabbing masked getup, the business-savvy producer’s fluffy take on future bass, and later, sweetened pop collaborations made him accessible to an extremely wide base of music consumers. A tried-and-true formula doesn’t always equate to longevity, however, which is why it’s often crucial to diversify one’s sound to maintain relevance and mass interest (at least if the goal is to stay at the top).

Enter “Sell Out,” Marshmello’s newest collaboration with dubstep up-and-comer SVDDEN DEATH. First, a couple things before we dive into the track—one, ‘mello seems like a nice guy, and it’s always lovely to see A-listers helping elevate others’ careers with collaborations such as this one. Second, we know that Marshmello does enjoy a good dubstep tune or two based on his prior history.

With all the star power on “Sell Out,” however, one would expect the result to be original and refreshing. Simply put though, this track is neither. In fact, it sounds like it was thrown together on Ableton in under an hour with immensely cookie-cutter construction. “Sell Out” begins pleasantly enough, with euphoric melodies often present in a Marshmello production. Things only get increasingly bland from there, with a stereotypical sped-up build, and tacky vocals prompting preparation for the drop. What’s next? The usual cacophony of robotic synths and wild screeches that sound like they could have been taken from one of the innumerable pre-existing sample packs on the market. “Sell Out” feels long removed from the days when acts like Skream, Mount Eden, Rusko, and others took the dubstep sound into more avant-garde directions.

If Marshmello is truly interested in diving deeper into dubstep, authenticated success will require the bucket-headed producer to put more effort into thinking outside the box in order to really wow consumers, which, given his undeniable ability to produce hits, shouldn’t be asking too much. “Sell Out” comes off like an easy cop-out to increase variety and maintain Marshmello’s hold over the EDM world at large—perhaps his next foray into bass lands better.

Rusko to release new EP on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint, plots return to old-school dubstep with ‘Squeeze’

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Rusko to release new EP on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint, plots return to old-school dubstep with ‘Squeeze’Rusko

Rusko is releasing a new five-track EP on Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats label, teasing the inbound project with a single that returns to his UK dubstep roots, “Squeeze.” In fact, the venerated dubstep flag-bearer looks to explore this theme throughout the entirety of his upcoming extended play. The final EP cut was decided at Lost Lands Festival, an opportunity Rusko took in 2018 to test a big batch of new music. The songs that performed the best made it on the project.

“Squeeze” hits listeners with a reggae bounce and melody while Rusko’s signature gritty synth drives the track. He told Billboard in a recent interview that he’s trying to put the “dub” back in dubstep and focus on melody, breaking from the popular hardcore riddim bass. “It’s a deliberate attempt to to rekindle those fires of the old vibe,” says the “Woo Boost” vet.

Rusko also mentioned he has a collaborations with Bassnectar (about time) and Ducky in the works. The EP is set to drop in full this spring. Hear “Squeeze” below.

H/T: Billboard

Photo Credit: Chris Stack

Brody Jenner launches new dubstep-punk hybrid project AHZ with SAVI, Loren Moore, and 2Cents’ Adam O’Rourke

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Brody Jenner launches new dubstep-punk hybrid project AHZ with SAVI, Loren Moore, and 2Cents’ Adam O’RourkeBrody Jenner Dj Kristopher Han

Brody Jenner is adding new credentials to his resume with the launch of a new super group called AHZ. The group consists of Jenner, LA-based producers SAVI and Loren Moore, and metal band frontman Adam O’Rourke of 2Cents. Taking it back to the end of the 90’s and early 2000’s, AHZ’s sound fuses grungy rock tropes, post-punk themes, and a heavy dose of bass that gives the sound a contemporary edge. The former reality-star-turned-musician’s new concept is a lot to unload, but it certainly packs a deafening punch. The group’s debut single, “It’s Alive!” is a head-rattling blend of distorted rock and heady dubstep that gives a sneak peek perspective on AHZ’s forthcoming catalog.

AHZ’s aesthetic is much more accurately encapsulated in the group’s live performance. To complement their first record, AHZ filmed a short video feature to fully introduce the new project. Get your first look at AHZ below. Listener beware, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Featured Image: Kristopher Han

Wavedash and QUEST are back at it again with snarling new single, ‘BSTRD’ via Gud Vibrations

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Wavedash and QUEST are back at it again with snarling new single, ‘BSTRD’ via Gud VibrationsWavedash Quest Bstrd Single Gud Vibrations

When Wavedash and QUEST collaborate, magical things happen – dark, twisted, bass-music-from-another-dimension magic to be exact. Whether co-crafting classic dubstep fare or linking for a full EPs, the group of producers always bring their A-game when creating together. Their latest single “BSTRD” unquestionably that continues that streak, with the added distinction of being among the first releases from NGHTMRE and SLANDER‘s recently minted Gud Vibrations imprint.

The track’s halting, glitchy intro sets the stage for head-banging euphoria, before detonating into an onslaught of squelching synths and relentless bass. “BSTRD” masterfully employs moments of silence to bring added impact to each section. The breakdown is less breather and more of an excuse for the artists to stretch flex their rhythmic chops, before once again priming a drop for impact. Wavedash and QUEST’s latest collaboration results in a certified setlist weapon that fuses technical brilliance with downright menacing execution.

Premiere: Chime reinvents dubstep’s sonic wheel on ‘Coins!’

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Premiere: Chime reinvents dubstep’s sonic wheel on ‘Coins!’Chime Press Shot Cobblestone

Chime harnesses the sonic nostalgia of a Nintendo video game soundtrack in “Coins!” the latest single from the Circus Records signee. The animated tune sources its vibrancy from glitchy electronic elements that encompass the snappy sounds of a video game, ranging from gratifying ‘cha-ching’ noises to shrill zings, and virtually every other sound effect in between. Although distinctly dubstep leaning in its construction, “Coins!” isn’t a predictably bass grounded number. The track re-envisions modern dubstep arrangement through a peppy, whimsical lens, descriptors that listeners wouldn’t necessarily associate with a dubstep oriented production. Unexpectedly fresh, and daringly idiosyncratic in nature, Chime’s brand of dubstep on “Coins!” is a welcome anomaly in the context of familiar dubstep sound.

“Coins! is a track I’ve been meaning to make for almost three years now since I originally thought up the idea,” Chime said of the single. “I combined influence from a ton of different video games to create the tune, mostly within the Gameboy Advance era that I have some of the most nostalgia for. I hope for the listener it conjures up an image of pixelated explosions, manic arcade fun, and the joy of collecting stuff in games.” Listeners can catch Chime on tour as he works his way through a slew of remaining fall 2018 tour dates, which will take the producer through a number of major cities, including San Francisco, Detroit, and more.

Tour Dates:

Fri 12 Oct 2018 – The Works, Detroit, MI, US
Sat 13 Oct 2018 – Elevation @ the Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI, US Thu 18 Oct 2018 – DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, US
Sat 20 Oct 2018 – Envy Nightclub, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Thu 25 Oct 2018 – Bar Fly @ Skyway Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, US Fri 26 Oct 2018 – The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO, US
Sat 27 Oct 2018 – The Black Box, Denver, CO, US
Sat 03 Nov 2018 – Big Adventure 2018, Costa Mesa, CA, US



Caspa – Neurological

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Caspa – NeurologicalCS3853274 02A BIG

To any devoted bass-enthusiast, Caspa is a artist who needs no introduction. The London-based dubstep pioneer has been churning out devastating tracks since the genre’s early days. Now adding another selection to his vast array of singles from the past 18 months, the DJ and producer has released a dark, deep track titled “Neurological.”

Caspa masterfully blends the subtleties of old school dub with clean and crisp percussion in “Neurological.” The British producer’s laid-back approach finds no need for an intense build, smoothly dropping the song into a hard-hitting groove with a heavy low end. With choral vocal chops fitting for a nasty grime track, Caspa puts his London heritage on display on this slow-burning belter of a track. Not to mention, he shows off his abilities in balancing the past and present to create a timeless piece of music.

Snails and Kill The Noise team up with Sullivan King and Jonah Kay for new heavy metal bass track, “Shake The Ground”

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Snails and Kill The Noise team up with Sullivan King and Jonah Kay for new heavy metal bass track, “Shake The Ground”DA WM 45

Snails has teamed up with Kill The Noise, affectionately self-dubbed Kill The Snails, to create a heavy-handed metal/dubstep hybrid featuring Sullivan King and Jonah Kay. The new face melter, titled “Shake The Ground” finds Snails and Kill The Noise in the booth together ahead of their slated back-to-back performance at HARD Summer in August. Enlisting his OWSLA veteran contemporary on the new collaboration, Snails is officially launching his newly announced record label Slugz Music with his latest.

The track’s piercing, screaming vocals rattle over a pulsing bass backdrop. Screaming vocals pierce the listener to their core, and compliment the pulsing backdrop. “Shake The Ground” is exactly the type of assaulting output one would image would come from one of dubstep’s most venerated forces linking with bass music’s current reigning heavyweight. On the new release, Snails explains,

“We wanted to try something new and different on this one and bring our metal and rock n’ roll roots into the song. The energy of the crowds when we drop this song at festivals is what makes it all worth it. Really, really proud of this one!”

Panda Eyes, Barely Alive, and Virtual Riot smash their new collab, ‘Triforce’

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panda eyes virtual riot

Panda Eyes, Barely Alive, and Virtual Riot team up for the glittery dubstep collaboration, “Triforce.” With video game synths, happy horns, lush keys, and twinkling arpeggios, the track starts off in a blissful state before shifting towards the dark side. There’s a stark contrast between the verse and hook, using a Skrillex-esque vocal build that unwinds into old-school dubstep.

Panda Eyes makes his Disciple Records debut alongside label alumni, Barely Alive and Virtual Riot. Each combine their gritty bass sound design to create this headbanging oasis of unadulterated joy and grit.

The 22-year-old Swiss bass producer teamed up with dubstep veterans in anticipation of his Isolation EP. Barley Alive and Virtual Riot are regular collaborators, so adding Panda Eyes to the mix must be a nod to the label newcomer.

Photo Credit: @officialpandaeyes/Instagram

Introducing Dorfex Bos: A rising underground bass talent talks inspirations, collaborative hopefuls, and his penchant for low-end vibrations in debut ‘Opinions’ EP [Interview + EP Review]

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Who exactly is Dorfex Bos?

Dorfex Bos may not be a household name in electronic dance music, nor may he ever wish to be. However, the Madison House-signee is one name in underground bass that we’ve been keeping tabs on here at Dancing Astronaut since appearing on Bassnectar‘s tenth full-length studio album, Into the Sun, back in 2015.

“Lorin [Ashton] is an absolute beast. He’s a genius,” Dorfex Bos told us in a recent interview. “I’ve never met someone with such a clear vision of what they wanted and the skills to make it happen so fully.”

Dorfex Bos is Angelo Tursi, an artist emerging from the early 2000s West Coast bass scene. His music is easily discernible by its eclectic, heavy sound stamp that weaves together elements of lush downtempo, dubstep, and left-field electronica.

But, like most free form bass music artists, don’t ask Dorfex Bos to force himself into any narrowly-defined categories. “I don’t really identify completely with any genres,” Tursi says of his experimental sound. “I’m known for making deep, trippy, cinematic tracks that I guess is considered ‘bass music,’ but I’m not really trying to put myself in that box.”

The Brooklyn-based beatmaker further alluded to the bass music genre as one that is as loose and expansive as it is subversive and very much open to creative interpretation:

“I feel like ‘bass music’ as a genre is very much solely focused on the body experience. I like to weave in a melodic and harmonic element that takes the whole experience a little deeper. My music has [an] emotional flavor that I feel is missing from a lot of ‘bass music.’ “

Dorfex Bos plays the Incendia Stage at Okeechobee, Florida, 2018. Photo courtesy of Madison House.

“Okeechobee was absolutely bonkers. I was set to play a smaller, late night stage…and there were a few thousand people there. It was a beautiful sight. It was a super tight, deep set.”

Dorfex Bos is known by many for his iconic collaborations with Bassnectar, including the self-titled track “Dorfex Bos,” which first appeared in 2004 on Diverse Systems of Throb, along with “Horizons” and “Other Worlds“— two mind-melding numbers that appeared on the recently-released Reflective EP.

“Our last two collaborations, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Other Worlds,’ were made in my bedroom studio on two separate occasions. We would start playing with ideas and very quickly a very clear and defined sound would emerge. It’s crazy making music with him because I have to keep in mind that tens of thousands of fans are going to experience these tracks in arenas and stadiums and you have to think about how they are going to sound in huge venues. It’s different than writing music for clubs. It’s a bit of a mind fuck.”

Recently signed to the Boulder-based powerhouse booking and management firm, Madison House — who also represent electronic music careers of Bassnectar, Clozee, Crywolf, Golfclap, Mt. Eden, Polish Ambassador, The String Cheese Incident, William Black, among many more — Dorfex Bos now brings his debut EP, Opinions, to the table. He is poised to stand alone as a new power player within his area of expertise.

“This EP is very special to me. Each track encompasses a specific and unique combination of mood and groove.”

The four-track project is an aural representation of a roundtable discussion on the sheer eclecticism and diversity of sound within the underground bass music scene. Rather than a cohesive journey of musical story-telling, what Tursi is laying down in his Opinions EP is a track-by-track catalog of playful sonic surprises with ever-evolving synth patterns, broken beats, and newly emerging bass lines around every turn. Perhaps no one puts it better than Tursi on his Opinions EP:

“It feels like a cocoon-deep welcoming, charged with just the right kind of rhythmic energy to keep it moving forward into the unknown. It’s music made for dimly lit dance floors or late night car rides down empty highways.”

Tursi’s auspicious sound sits on the horizon of where bass music is heading: It’s a purview into another world, catalyzed by a full-bodied, all-encompassing listening experience. Opinions serves as his artistic vessel into charting this plane: It’s a sonic mosaic that Dorfex Bos pieces together layer by layer, bit by bit, through each of his meticulously-crafted productions.

Take the EP’s eponymous leading track — a stunning, yet jarring composition laced with a sounds often mirrored by Bassnectar himself in his recent work. Complete with gritty electro-style synths, robust, grounding basslines, and highs that resemble the emergency sirens of a national weather warning system, it resembles an aerial adventure through hypnotic sound fx“It’s so big and expansive, it feels like you’re soaring on the back of a dragon very high up in the sky and you can feel the wind whipping through your hair,” says Tursi of “Opinions.”


Building upon the steady momentum set by the EP’s beginning, “Teen $pirit” begins much lighter with a keen focus on arpeggiated chords and captivating toy-box synth work. After the song’s first drop is where the intensity culminates into a more foreboding mood; yet, with the continuous use of light-hearted synths, users need not be apprehensive in giving themselves over to the song’s darker elements.


“Cyalafalora” subsumes the EP’s most mysterious appeal. Laid across an experimental landscape, the track features outer space bass elements, retro 1980s synths, like something out of Stranger Things, and laidback tones that allows the listener to explore the unmapped terrain of the human psyches. Upon the song’s second drop, Dorfex Bos takes a complete 180-degree turn into what sounds like a completely different song. 


Finishing off the EP is “Ralph’s Dance,” complete with a dark, anthemic quality that only Dorfex Bos can replicate. It catapults listeners into a side show circus tent, as if one is lining up to watch a traveling freak show somewhere in an arid desert county in the 1950s. 


In short, Dorfex Bos’ breakout EP is a statement of what is to come from the rising artist. Though eclectic as ever, that isn’t to say that the EP is disjointed by any means. For Opinions features a unique, experimental, and amorphous sound so as to explore the deeper possibilities of free form bass. “It’s thick, it’s bouncy, it’s deep, it’s dreamy,” says Tursi.

Dorfex Bos plays the Incendia Stage at Fractal Beach, Florida, 2018. Photo courtesy of Dorfex Bos.

“I wanted to present a mini-journey of what Dorfex currently represents and what I’m doing in my live sets — which is [using] very big, expansive beats with a mysterious, almost haunting, narrative running through it.”

Still in the early development phase, Dorfex’s live show is a rollercoaster ride of raw, undefined emotion and low-end frequencies that incorporates original tracks from Tursi’s sizable back catalog of music. Visually, there is still much left to map out for the young artist: “Up to this point, I have been the sole designer of all Dorfex visual art. I enjoy having a lot of creative control over how my work is presented. But I do look forward to collaborating with the right artist in the future if that magical synergy is there.”

“The live show is very me in that it will be an interesting dichotomy of ‘dark’ and ‘light’ imagery.”

Tursi’s approach to his live experience is laced with the kind of DIY sensibility that runs deep within the spirit of the underground bass scene. It is a sense for which he also takes cues from Tipper, whom he has opened for in the past, and Bassnectar, who he will open for during night two of Freestyle Sessions. On playing the upcoming event, which will be full culty bass heads:

“I’m super excited for Freestyle Sessions! I’m playing on ‘Dreamtempo’ night so it’s going to be a dreamy, bouncy set. I’m not really nervous about it, a lot of Bassnectar fans come out to my shows and they are usually super engaged and excited about me playing.”

As for his other upcoming appearances throughout the year, Dorfex Bos is also booked as direct support for The Glitch Mob on their new album-accompanying world tour, dubbed “Blade 2.0,” a interactive live music spectacle with visuals powered by Dell and an immersive VR experience from Strangeloop Studios.

“I’ve been friends with Ooah and Boreta for a very long time, about 15 years,” Tursi explained matter of factly. “They got in touch with me because their original support Elohim was unable to do [one particular] date.”

Dorfex Bos was beaming at the opportunity to play on The Glitch Mob’s cutting-edge stage set-up. “It’s a game-changer,” alluded Tursi. “I very quickly said yes because I know they have a very open-minded fanbase that would be down to go on the Dorfex journey, which is going to lean a little on the cerebral.”

With mentors like Tipper, Bassnectar, and The Glitch Mob — each with their clearly-defined respective sounds, and their shared roots in psychedlica and new-age spiritualism — there is no doubt that Dorfex Bos is one breakout artist whose climbing the swift ladder to success. Not only is he set to expand the sonic worlds of the three aforementioned artists, who all share a similar musical flavor, as well as crossover fanbases, DA asked what other artists made Tursi’s list of collaborative hopefuls.

“I’d love to work with Four Tet… he’s been a big inspiration to me for years. I’d love to make something with Potions (of the Lab Group)… he has such an amazing sense of sound design. Some other names I’d like to throw out on my collab wishlist… ELWD, Nils Frahm, EPROM, Oneohtrix Point Never, FlyLo, and Björk.”

So what exactly is a Dorfex Bos?

“I like my audience to experience ‘feels,’ and not just solely a beat to bang their heads to. It’s a fully sensory experience.” – Angelo Tursi

Tursi conjured up his moniker from a wildly imaginative place. The root, “Dorfex,” refers to some imaginary rural county in the British countryside, complete with lush rolling hills and dew-filled forests; the stem, “Bos,” he’s always thought about in terms of a fantasy computer-coded language. Juxtaposing the two creates a kind of elemental synergy — between nature and machine — for the artist. It’s a space Tursi says he enjoys dwelling in, both mentally and physically.

As for Dorfex Bos’ vibrant future, 2018 has much in store for the Brooklyn-based producer, including several more releases and collaborations for which the artist remained rather vague about going into detail over.

One thing we know for sure of the left-field bass producer is that he has a clearly-marked sound, with a penchant for low-end vibrations, and a definitive map for where he’s going.


How this will come to take shape for the audience?

Only time will tell.


But Dorfex Bos is not just a moniker, or even a man behind a moniker. According to Tursi, it’s a fully immersive experience: “The Dorfex Bos experience is a balanced combination of bass heavy beats and a rich cloak of melodies and harmonies that feel very much like a film score.”

Cinematic and fully sensory, on the one hand. Heavy, cumbersome, and yet fully palatable, on the other.