Kayzo (Feat. Micah Martin) – Feel the Power (Original Mix)

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LA-based bass music staple Kayzo has released his newest single. “Feel the Power” is an infectious dubstep original featuring intense percussion and snippets of striking electric guitar, all tied together by Micah Martin’s ominous vocals. The powerhouse producer has been grinding out release after release over the past year, showcasing a variety of production techniques while remaining true to his signature sound.

Kayzo has garnered support for his entrancing, weighty buildups and highly energetic, intricate drops. His last release, “Whistle Wars,” has been a summer anthem since it was dropped about a month ago, and with his latest, the artist adds another stellar track to his growing arsenal of releases.

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Unlike Pluto and Joanna Jones cover TLC’s classic ‘No Scrubs’

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As one of the genre’s most exciting new talents, Unlike Pluto has made a name for himself with a unique style that blends big brass elements with soaring melodies and blistering bass lines. The young producer stays true to form on his latest release, a homage to one of the most anthemic hits of the late 90s, TLC’s “No Scrubs.” Enlisting frequent collaborator Joanna Jones for vocal duties, Pluto’s spin on the empowering anthem turns the timeless hit into a jazz-influenced cover that modernizes without damaging the original’s message —

Except now the scrubs are bottle drinking bros who ‘know the promoter.’

Oliverse – Where Did The Love Go (feat. joegarratt) [Original Mix]

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UK producer Oliverse has been on a roll lately.

Through a array of releases, the producer has tried out a diverse range of genres and put his own unique twist on all of them.

His latest is an original dubstep mix called “Where Did The Love Go.” Featured vocalist joegarratt provides an entrancing introduction to the track, drawing the listener into thinking the track will be lighthearted and more on the melodic dubstep side.

The surprise comes at the drop, when Oliverse drops an ungodly heavy bass line. Though the verses and the chorus contrast each other greatly, it works.

Listeners will end the 3 minutes and 33 seconds thinking “what did I just listen to?” and then go back for more.

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Code:Pandorum x Hi I’m Ghost – Call for Help (Original Mix)

Jauz & Crankdat elevate ‘I Hold Still’ from celebrated ID to official release

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An unreleased ID is a double edged sword, the withheld track often serves as an engrossing sample of what any given producer has been doing in the studio and is usually a major tease as tracks are often not slated for release in the foreseeable future.

Some IDs are so impressionable that they leave listeners talking about them for months. Cue “I Hold Still,” the Crankdat and Jauz collaboration that has been hotly anticipated since its incorporation in various sets from both producers. The track has remained in the producers’ back pockets for a little over a year now, finally materializing for its long awaited official release.

As those who have heard the then ID can testify, and as those who have not are bound to discover, the final product is well worth the wait. I Hold Still couples Jauz’s characteristic dubstep and bass house elements with Crankdat’s general musical intensity and melody forward production, making for a track that is well within both artists’ respective wheelhouses.

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Borgeous releases twisted music video for new single, ‘You’

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Borgeous has shown for his ability to produce anything from house to rap to dubstep. The versatile artist’s latest single, “You,” released on Geousus Records, skews heavy dubstep with a hard and hectic drop. The single is reminiscent of his recent dubstep kick, which is also embodied through his recent release, “Hold Up,” with Morten.

In the accompanying music video for “You,”  Borgeous chronicles a trip through the psychosis of a drink server at a house party. The server falls for a guest at the party, while simultaneously having visions of tying up and ravaging the guest’s fiancée. The video takes the viewer on a gorey ride and we are left not knowing reality from the nightmare in the server’s twisted mind. All we can say is that the music video is as hectic as the track’s drop.

Code:Pandorum x Hi I’m Ghost – Call for Help (Original Mix)

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German born DJ and producer, Code:Pandorum’s sound is manic, invigorating, and imaginative. In his latest production, Hi I’m Ghost join the artist with their own brand of energetic, hypnotic beats, creating an overwhelming wave of cacophonous sounds in each and every drop.

Code:Pandorum’s “Call for Help” is one of the twenty-eight tracks included in his most recent album, The Lovecraftian Horrors, which incorporates themes on the album cover from H.P Lovecraft’s genre. The imagery conveyed in the famous writings reflects the style of the entire track which features weighty bass progressions, distorted snippets of creepy vocals, and oscillating bass synths. “Call for Help” marks Hi I’m Ghost’s second release in under two week, showing that with each release, the duo clearly is gaining momentum among bass music’s most promising up-and-coming producers.

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Exclusive: Wooli – Back (Original Mix)

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A pioneer of the dubstep scene since its swell in the early 2000s, Flux Pavilion has built a multifaceted career in dance music that many seek to attain. Outside of his own productions and solo project, the UK beat-smith also champions his own imprint, Circus Records, that has bred some of dubstep’s finest young talent. Among the newest names to emerge from the label is rising producer Wooli.

With touring experience alongside bass favorites Excision, SpagHeddy, and Bear Grillz, Wooli looks to continue his upward trajectory with a new ear-splitting single, “Back.” While the build is a tension-swelling assortment of hard kick strikes and eerie melodies, the New York-based producer shines in his crisp yet thrashing drop of scraping, snarling composition.

Stream Wooi’s “Back” below, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

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Borgore goes back to his dubstep roots with ‘Domino’

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Borgore has gone through many stylistic phases, initially gaining momentum for his aggressive dubstep sound that fit perfectly with the newfound interest which 2010 US audiences had in the genre. As trap rose to popularity in the following years, Borgore was able to gain more momentum by pushing twerk music alongside a “booty-centric” aesthetic.

Ultimately, Asaf Borger has centered his own music and his Buygore imprint around bass music in general, pulling from all ends of the aggressive dance music spectrum. Today, July 6, the producer has come full circle with “Domino,” enlisting the support of established reggae artist Mad Cobra. With his newest single, Borgore revisits his authentic style of heavy-handed dubstep in a fashion that will appeal to both his longtime fans and recent inductees.

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Premiere: Sinner’s Heist Feat. Emma Sameth – Up In Flames (Original Mix)

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Los Angeles has always been a breeding ground for new dance talent, and a new duo by the name of Sinner’s Heist are the latest to get their start in the City of Angels. Launched just 5 months ago with a bootleg remix of Eminem that sits at 3.5 million streams on SoundCloud, the duo followed up with a debut original on Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace platform. The Southern California-based team continues to expand their catalog and flex their melodic aptitudes with their newest single, “Up In Flames.” Sinner’s Heist recruits developing singer Emma Sammeth to float her pillowy vocals atop a brooding synth line before crescendoing into a fiery, intricately-layered drop. Overall, Sinner’s Heist is certainly turning some heads with their debut releases and melodic dubstep fans may want to keep a close eye on their progress.

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EPROM shares heavy-handed new five-track EP, ‘Pineapple’

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2017 has been a busy year for EPROM. After releasing Night the Dreadless Angel EP under the moniker Shades, a duo comprising of himself and UK-based drum & bass producer Alix Perez, EPROM has returned to his solo output with his long-awaited Pineapple EP.

Pineapple features four original tracks and one remix. Opening the collection with the EP’s fitting title track, EPROM breaks into his famously adventurous, experimental production style with distorted bass stabs and wobbling, industrial synths. The release’s second select, “B.F.G.” finds EPROM dabbling with a wiry trap bounce ahead of “Zweihander,” which circles back to an all-out assault of crisp 303 rhythms over a landscape of deep, growling sub-bass.

EPROM ties together the original tracks with a haunting downtempo piece titled “Koummya.” To close out the EP, the producer reached out to past collaborator G-Jones for a heavy remix of “Pineapple.” Along with collaborations that include Barclay Crenshaw, Alix Perez, G-Jones, Ivy Lab, and more EPROM continues to secure his spot as one of underground bass music’s foremost talents on his latest release, Pineapple.

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