Louis The Child set new single ‘Free’ [Stream]

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Louis The Child set new single ‘Free’ [Stream]Games 4 Galen Oakes

The phrase “at least” almost always anticipates the speaker’s, or in this case the singer’s, acknowledgement of a silver lining, and that’s precisely the focus of Louis The Child‘s latest single, “Free.”

The romantic cut casts a lyrical glance back in time to reflect on a love that couldn’t sustain its circumstances. It’s a melancholy meditation on a relationship that once was. The story is propelled by the love’s unrequited orator, vocalist, Drew Love. For all of its aching rumination, “Free” is buoyed by the optimistic admission of the hook: “At least you’re free.”

Louis The Child spoke on lending their electronic production to the emotional intent behind driving its narrative.

“We tried about 20 million different drops for this song because we knew we had to have the production match that emotion,” Louis The Child said.

Shimmering melodies add a tonal lightness to the track that extends through the energetic stutter of the rhythm at “Free’s” breakdowns. The single follows Louis The Child’s lauded remix of Skrillex and Boys Noize‘s “Midnight Hour.”

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SG Lewis releases fervent ‘Dark’ EP

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SG Lewis releases fervent ‘Dark’ EPSG Lewis 2 E1542386043204

SG Lewis has released the second piece of his compelling three-part project. This middle section comes in the form of a five-track EP entitled Dark, following the release of Dusk earlier this year. Following this release, Dawn will follow, completing the trilogy in its homage to the conception, rise, peak and fall of a night out in youth club culture.

Evolving from Dusk‘s notes of disco, electronica and funk, the overall feel of Dark is notably heavier, with nods to an array of underground house genres. Deep house, bass, and progressive come in to play throughout a tracklisting filled with notable contemporaries, including the EP’s last single, “Again,” with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs to create a euphoric slice of deep-house. The various moods of Dark include appearances from THEY.London Grammar‘s Dot Major, AlunaGeorge, and singer/songwriter Bruno Major.

Dark has also been released with a video component — an eponymous short film viewers can watch here. Together, this project is shaping up to be a statement for SG Lewis as an artist with depth and complexity and as a forward-thinking creator.

SG Lewis continues to complement his releases with live shows, now moving on from North America and starting a European tour in November.

THEY. and Wiz Khalifa team up on rock/r&b-tinged head-bopper, ‘What I Know’

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THEY. and Wiz Khalifa team up on rock/r&b-tinged head-bopper, ‘What I Know’They. Wiz Khalifa

THEY. is back with Wiz Khalifa on a new laid-back genre bender, “What I Know Now,” to combine elements of r&b and rock ‘n’ roll. The song reflects the duo’s failed relationship with distorted guitars and alternative music while the Pittsburgh rapper brings his phantasmic flow in the final verse–both parties, indeed, describing what they know.

THEY.’s Dante Jones recently expounded on his ever-changing process in an interview with FADER: “After we dropped our last album, I took a step back and decided that I wanted my writing process to feel more therapeutic, not just for me but for the listener as well,” he said. “The song started off with the guitar riff and it instantly took me back to being a kid listening to alternative music. At that point started thinking about what I would say to myself at that point in life.”

“What I Know” is the first single off THEY.’s upcoming Fireside EP, set to drop November 9 with collaborations from Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Gallant, Vic Mensa, and Jessie Reyez. THEY. have been relatively quiet in 2018, releasing two singles within the last year: “Pops” and “Thrive.” In 2017, they released a brimming 14-track EP, Nü Religion: HYENA. The EP was released by Mind of a Genius Records, a subsidiary of Warner, through which Fireside will also be released on.

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Emmit Fenn and Drew Love from THEY. release sultry R&B single, ‘Without You’

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Emmit Fenn and Drew Love from THEY. release sultry R&B single, ‘Without You’Emmit Fenn Drew Love Without You

Drew Love from the hip-hop duo THEY. and Emmit Fenn have teamed up for an R&B collaboration, “Without You.” Love and Fenn’s sultry vocals caress low-toned keys submerged underneath high-end percussion elements. Interestingly enough, there’s no kick throughout the track, as the keys do most of the low-end and kick arrangement work. The contrast between the two vocalists are closely related, both portraying emotions of a fading relationship.

Fenn’s emotive production and vocal techniques have recently been featured alongside Vic Mensa, with a music video for his single, “Pouring Rain.”  Billie Eilish’s “bitches broken hearts” also received Fenn’s gentle production touch. “Without You” is part of Fenn’s upcoming hip-hop project, The Grey Area, set to be released in October.

The Chainsmokers release their five-track EP, ‘Sick Boy…Side Effects’

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The Chainsmokers release their five-track EP, ‘Sick Boy…Side Effects’37849324 1977488555616858 6034302061581959168 O

Love them or hate them, there is no denying The Chainsmokers‘ exhilarating music abilities along with their endless versatility in writing and production. Alex Paul and Drew Taggart have made their mark from multiple chart topping singles like “Closer” and “Roses,” to winning a Grammy, two American Music Awards and five iHeart Radio Music Awards. They’ve certainly come a long way from their “Selfie” days.

In their most recent venture, the pair release a five-track pop leaning EP called Sick Boy…Side Effects, which serves as a witty title playing off two of the tracks featured on the work. The EP features four previously released singles, one of which feature’s They.‘s very own Drew Love, and one new one called “Side Effects” featuring the lovely Emily Warren, who was also featured on their album Memories…Do Not Open.

In this tune the guys channel a classic house sound and compound it with a lively bassline, warm atmospherics and a stunning vocal from Emily that captivates from the moment the track starts.


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