Stream GRiZ’s album, ‘Ride Waves’ featuring Snoop Dogg, DRAM, Wiz Khalifa and more

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Stream GRiZ’s album, ‘Ride Waves’ featuring Snoop Dogg, DRAM, Wiz Khalifa and moreGRiZ 3 Wakarusa 2cm

Grant Kwiecinski, better known as Detroit-based DJ and producer GRiZ, has spent the last few years modestly making major career moves. Aside from his penchant for touring and festival performances, he released the second edition of his Chasing the Golden Hour mixtape series in 2017, and started quietly releasing singles towards the end of 2018. Now back in full force, GRiZ has released his sixth studio album, Ride Waves.

An album full of features, GRiZ maneuvers previously uncharted territories with high profile talent like Snoop Dogg, Bootsy Collins, and Wiz Khalifa, while bringing on some long-time favorites like Muzzy Bearr, Yoshi Flower (formerly of Gosh Pith), and Leo Napier. With funk and bass taking a front seat as always, Ride Waves expands on GRiZ’s classic sound over 14 tracks, which can all be streamed below.

Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2018

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Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2018Skrille 1

Paring down an entire year’s worth of songs is no easy feat.

2018 saw the explosion of songs like ZEDD‘s “The Middle” and Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa‘s “One Kiss,” dominating both the dance music charts and the radio airwaves. Ear-catching tracks like these, along with fan favorites like FISHER‘s persuasive “Losing It” and Anti Up‘s entertaining “Pizza” wiggled their way into festival sets around the world and — love them or hate them — stood out as notable tracks that do their part in immortalizing this whirlwind of a year.

We also saw a creative collective of remixes surface in 2018, including Rinzen‘s compelling take on deadmau5 and Rob Swire‘s hit “Monophobia” and Skrillex‘s intoxicating rendition of Travis Scott‘s “Sicko Mode.” We celebrated the return of Gesaffelstein with “Reset” and welcomed new projects from Diplo in LSD and Silk City. We welcomed collaborations from Ekali, Medasin, and Elohim in “Forever,” Tiësto, Dzeko, Post Malone, and Preme in platinum smash hit “Jackie Chan,” and ZHU and Tame Impala in “My Life.”

Ultimately, though, we’ve narrowed 2018 down to 30 tracks that stole our hearts and smashed streaming records.

GRiZ fuels resurgence with two fresh new tracks, makes vocal debut

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GRiZ fuels resurgence with two fresh new tracks, makes vocal debutGriz Singles

GRiZ has made his soulful return to electronic frontlines with a double-dose of his boogie emblem. In 2018, GRiZ has been wowing funk-friendly crowds near and far, at hallowed venues like Chicago’s Navy Pier and Red Rocks, with the help of his newly instated 15-piece live band.

The two new tracks, “It Gets Better” and “Can’t Get Enough,” mark the end of a year of release dormancy for the longstanding hallmark in the electronic circuit. The latter of offerings ushers in GRiZ’s inaugural vocal display, as the Denver-based producer delivers his own rap verse, over a bout of his characteristically glitchy guitar riffs. Choral supplement runs abound in “It Gets Better,” which features the GRiZ-adjacent proponent of all things “love and positivity,” Virginian rapper, D.R.A.M.. Both tracks fit neatly inside GRiZ’s perpetual good-time arena—while he continues to stretch into formerly untapped artistic reservoirs.

THEY. pull off transformative remix of Chromeo & DRAM’s “Must’ve Been”

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THEY. pull off transformative remix of Chromeo & DRAM’s “Must’ve Been”AleanderBlack THEY. Main

Chromeo‘s DRAM-assisted “Must’ve Been” has been given a stunning overhaul by fast rising R&B duo THEY. The original track has been in rotation since April as an up-beat single from the Funklordz latest LP Head Over Heels, featuring an infectious hook courtesy of the Virginia-born rapper and an ultra-cheeky music video to match. The song previously received remix treatments from artists including CID, Mercer, and Yolanda Be Cool.

Mind of a Genius-championed production outfit THEY. take the original’s chorus and a slinky new verse from singer Drew Love, and lay them over a lush, retro-inspired R&B production from the duo’s producer Dante Jones. The result isn’t just a remix, but a unique reimagining of the original canvas.  Even Chromeo themselves admit THEY.’s take caught them by surprise, and could be even better than the original. Dave 1 elaborated to Complex

“Obviously we’ve been fans of THEY. for a minute (Dante’s a genius producer). We were initially expecting some sort of remix or rework but they’ve turned ‘Must’ve Been’ into an entire different song! Not gonna lie, it might be better than the original.”

DRAM drops off surprise three-tracker, ‘That’s a Girl’s Name’

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DRAM drops off surprise three-tracker, ‘That’s a Girl’s Name’DRAM Thats A Girls Name

DRAM has effectively surprised his listeners by dropping a brand new EP out of the blue — an increasingly common practice in the music industry. That’s A Girls Name contains three tracks: “Best Hugs,” “WWYD?” and “Sundress.” With a laid-back vibe and live feel, this EP screams summer. “Best Hugs” and “WWYD” bring a chilled, California-inspired atmosphere behind DRAM’s uplifting vocals. “Sundress” has a more indie feel, with a leading bass line atop a rock canvas.

The talented vocalist has proven  his vast range in both a singing and a production sense across multiple releases. For further inspection into DRAM’s chops, check out his stripped-down rendition of Andre 3000s “Prototype.”

His last EP was his Christmas project, #1HappyHolidaySince then, he’s collaborated with Diplo, Charlie Heat, Chromeo, and Neil Young. The Virginia-born’s debut album, Big Baby DRAM, which featured his breakout hit, “Broccoli” with Lil Yachty, dropped in 2016, boasting appearances from Young Thug and Erykah Badu. His debut single, “Cha Cha,” was also a piece of audio heat.

Photo Credit: @bigbabydram/Soundcloud

WATCH: Chromeo and DRAM perform ‘Must’ve Been’ on Colbert with a full-on gospel choir

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Right up until the release of their brand new album, Head Over Heels, Chromeo was building up to the massive amount of funk that would follow.

One of the most outright instances of this was when the duo took the Late Show with Colbert and DRAM to play out the LP’s first single, “Must’ve Been,” the night before the album’s release.

In an effort that would only go on to ensure listeners would continue to fall head over heels for the new material, Chromeo let the funk flow, bringing out a full-on gospel choir and letting loose.

Photo Credit: Tim Saccenti


Chromeo releases CID’s energetic remix for ‘Must’ve Been’

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Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo has been keeping fans on their toes with the announcement of their fifth studio album, Head Over Heels, on the horizon for this June. With lead singles like “Bedroom Calling” and “Must’ve Been,” it seems as if the guys are dipping even more into R&B by enlisting features like D.R.A.M. and The-Dream.

In order to create even more buzz, the duo has released a remix from Grammy-winning artist CID, who has worked with everyone from Cedric Gervais to Kaskade and Tiësto.

CID takes the funky original “Must’ve Been” and turns it into a high-energy deep house tune that dances with clean high hats and strategic vocal chops that will start your week in style.

Blonde put a groovy twist on Chromeo and D.R.A.M.’s ‘Must’ve Been’

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Shortly after releasing the endlessly funky “Must’ve Been” in April, Chromeo announced a remix for the collaboration with D.R.A.M.

Bristol-based producers Blonde have put their own groovy twist on the already-energetic original. They’ve substituted a lively piano and dance beat for the original’s guitar melody, priming the single for the dance floor. Blonde’s rendition maintains the spirited atmosphere of the original, but adds an extra kick of dance music appeal.

After revealing a series of singles like “Juice” and “Bedroom Calling,” we’re just a month shy of the release of Chromeo’s fifth studio album, Head Over Heels, out June 15 on Big Beat/Atlantic Records.

WATCH: Chromeo performs ‘Must’ve Been’ with DRAM on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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With only a little over a month to go until the release of Chromeo‘s fifth studio album, Head Over Heels, the electro-funk veterans headed to New York City to promote the LP on Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show. The Funk Lordz have previously teased two other sexy singles off the LP — “Juice” and “Bedroom Calling.”

Performing their newest DRAM-assisted single, “Musta Been,” on May 8, Chromeo’s Dave 1 and P-Thugg delivered a flashy, colorful performance complete with all the off-beat iconography of their forthcoming LP, which included keyboard stands that sprout out slender feminine legs donning high heels.

The duo was joined on-stage by legendary guitarist Jesse Johnson, along with the Tonight Show‘s house band, The Roots. However, it was DRAM’s vocals that took center stage as the seasoned German singer/rapper graced the stage with palpable energy, bouncing between the band’s clean guitar riffs and impressive keyboard breakdowns.

Chromeo are already currently on their album-accompanying Head Over Heels worldwide tour, with stops in North America and parts of Europe. Head Over Heels is set for release on June 15, 2018.

Diplo delivers sun-drenched ‘California’ EP featuring Lil Yachty, DRAM, Desiigner and more

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Diplo has dropped off his first solo project since 2013’s Revolution, the new seven-track collection, California. Don’t let the title fool you — random white dude still be everywherethough nowadays the Mad Decent head leans much more west coast than anything, and lately he’s enjoyed some time in the studio with a batch of rap’s most in-demand young up-and-comers. Recruiting work from Lil Yachty, Desiigner, DRAM,, Goldlink, Trippie Redd, and controversial rhymer on the rise Lil Xan, the new EP sees Diplo reaffirm his status as one of today’s top A&Rs, all rolled up and tightly packed into a wrap fit for pop music’s most ambitious force behind the console.

The EP includes previously released material, including “Look Back, “Get It Right,” and “Worry No More.” Each track on the EP features Diplo’s chameleonic style wrapped around different lyrical deliveries, with each rapper and vocalist obviously inspired by their Californian surroundings in different creative ways. One listen through California highlights just how far the Major Lazer frontman has come since his 2004 debut, Florida — and it’s a lot further than just coast to coast. Florida was the beginning of Diplo’s grind, and California plays a lot more like the type of music one could sit back and watch a young man’s game unfold to. And 15 years after his studio debut landed, its safe to say Diplo has undoubtedly earned that right.