Flitz&Suppe joins Tusken. for collaborative downtempo hip-hop album, ‘Nomads Void’

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Flitz&Suppe and Tusken.’s music is on an entirely different wavelength.

It should come as no surprise then that the latter group is named after the fictional Sand people’s language of the Star Wars universe. The artists internalized that nomadic inspiration into an exploratory downtempo hip-hop work named Nomads Void. The result is a celestial hip-hop collection that is an instrumental amalgamation sure to blast those who listen to a distant interplanetary domain.

Having joined forces on different projects in the past, Flitz&Suppe and tusken.’s Nomads Void is a soothing symbiosis of the two beatmakers’ M.O’s. Similar to the long-employed trip-hop styles of both the venerable Pretty Lights and EmancipatorNomads Void is an enthralling odyssey, complete with compelling drumline cadence, and raw, vintage cuts that can’t help but imbue a lo-fi-aesthetic that begs to come in peace.

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Louisahhh unleashes fervent, punk rock bliss on new track ‘Trap,’ ahead of upcoming EP




Mija announces her debut EP with soulful new track ‘Bad For You’

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Mija continues to bend the boundaries of a multitude of genres with her new track “Bad For You,” featuring Kelli Schaefer. Fashion designer, musical curator and entrepreneur, Amber Giles continues to be a creative force in the dance music realm (or whatever realm she chooses to participate in).

Connected by a mutual friend via the Internet, Mija produced the song and linked up Portland DIY artist Kelli Schaefer, who wrote the vocals and lyrics. The track is being released in correlation with the announcement of Mija’s upcoming debut EP How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers, set to drop in early 2018.

Schaefer, a frequent member of the indie rock scene, is a perfect fit for Mija’s experimental production elements on the track, which includes a downtempo bassline, subtle pitched vocals, and a variety of electronic samples that words cannot describe.

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Louisahhh unleashes fervent, punk rock bliss on new track ‘Trap,’ ahead of upcoming EP

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Since the inception of Louisahhh’s earth-shattering RAAR techno imprint alongside Maelstrom in 2015, the French luminary has risen above her contemporaries as one of the most hauntingly evocative acts in the world.

Unmistakable in her deliverance, Louisa Pillot intertwines punk rock and techno as if the two were a match made in heaven. With each new release, and her own vocals spliced throughout, Pillot doubles down on the cataclysmic world from which she exudes sonic energy.

Presently, she surpasses the aforementioned adverse nature of her previous tunes. Her latest offering exudes her heaviest sonic embracement and introspectiveness to date with both its heavy guitar and eerily packed vocals.

“‘A Trap I’ve Built’ is an intentionally brutal body of work. Wading through murky themes of rape culture, addiction, masochism and deprivation, whatever isn’t explicitly lyricised bleeds through in a sonic ambush. It is my intention that listening to these songs, or DJing them, should be an experience that leaves the audience a little shaken up, something they can feel in their teeth,” she said of the number.

“Trap” is the lead track off her A Trap I’ve Built EP, and if the tumultuous selection serves as any indication, listeners will surely want to be sitting down when they hear the remaining tantalizing tunes for the first time.

A Trap I’ve Built will be released on December 1. Preorder here.


  1. “Hey Trouble”
  2. “To Me Right Now”
  3. “Trap”
  4. “Line”
  5. “Like A Vice”

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Bassnectar unveils Naux Faux side-project

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Who other than Bassnectar would debut a brand new side-project, then release the very first single as an official remix?

Coming as the third teased track off his Reflective Part 2 EP, Bassnectar has teamed up with long-time collaborator and friend Sayr for a throw-back psychedelic downtempo project called Naux Faux. The two producers haven’t worked together since the early 2000s — on the tracks “Enter The Chamber,” from Bassnectar’s Mesmerizing The Ultra LP, and “Grampa Slams” off Beatfreak Bohemia .

As its title suggests, “Psyopia” lays down a transient utopian landscape that calls upon a long-lost era of deep, mystical electronic music. Strewn across this scenery are analog synths, shimmering effects, and pulsing chords over chopped-up breaks and low-frequency subwoofer bass lines. The track is ultimately a tribute to the magical days of the side room, the sunrise set, and the discovery of new spellbinding frequencies, says Lorin Ashton..

“Although the finishing touches are still being added to the Naux Faux EP (thank you to all patient trainspotters!), we couldn’t resist including this remix of Psyopia on Reflective Part 2. It rounds out this 2nd chapter so nicely, and offers a glimpse of things to come…”

Pre-order Reflective Part 2, out December 1st.

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Sunday Morning Medicine: seeing extended family sucks, this playlist doesn’t

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

This week’s opening salvo comes courtesy of vocalist Sophie Meiers. With Baltimore-based producer Vide providing an appropriately oceanic foundation, Meiers’ voice occupies “Shores’” center stage. Her breathy delivery is accompanied by meandering guitar licks, wobbling synth patches, and a rumbling bass that motivates the track without ramping up the energy too high. The end result: an indolent, swaying RnB tune.

A cut from German producer B-Side’s LP When Streets Are Empty, brings laid back vibes and makes the most of its minimal style. An electric piano pings through the audio-spatial spectrum, giving way to nocturnal horn samples. Throughout, a meandering bass line rumbles underneath while a shuffling pattern on a ride cymbal — mostly hidden — provides an element of stability to the affair.

Philadelphia’s Nick Anthony — with an assist from Still Haze — offers up this edition’s most energetic track, “Blur.” A multifaceted production that pulls from styles ranging from 80s nostalgia to the future sounds dominating the electronic music scene today, “Blur” is most impressive in its structure. With so many unique riffs and sound selections, one would expect a thumping powerhouse. However, Anthony maintains a measure of restraint and melds the disparate elements into a cohesive, mellow original.

The penultimate selection is Tajima Hal’s “Until Morning.” A clever patchwork of samples creates a dreamy, hazy atmosphere that mollifies the listener. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Until Morning” is actually one of Hal’s longer compositions. Still, the track is never in any rush and is perfectly content to float along to its conclusion without ever pushing the energy envelope.

Finally, Pool Cosby’s “New York Band Plays New York Venue” brings this edition to a close. An extended intro of slickly produced piano chords opens into a tightly composed verse. Vocal chops weave in and out of trumpet runs while a clever drum pattern taps out the foundation. The track builds to a cathartic crescendo that never explodes but releases into a grinning, smooth outro.

Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.

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Stream Petit Biscuit’s soaring, cinematic debut album, ‘Presence’

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Rising star Petit Biscuit has proven his talents for music production are developed well beyond his years. Classically trained in the cello since the age of five, Mehdi Benjelloun burst onto the dance music scene with his monumental remix of ODESZA‘s “Memories That You Call,” drawing comparisons of his cinematic sound design with that of the Seattle-based duo. The promising young producer, hailing from France, would soon catapult himself to notoriety at the mere age of 15 with his 5-track self-titled EP, wherein the project’s leading single, “Sunset Lover,” reached an unprecedented 400 million streams worldwide.

The multi-talented musician now celebrates his 18th birthday with the release of a genre-blending debut album that is every bit as warm and inviting as it is vulnerable and exposed. Presence offers sunny, progressive chord structures and colorful, polished mixing flanked by electronic touches and a furtive vocality that both chills and arouses. From the LP’s first track, “Creation Comes Alive,” featuring SONIA, to its instrumental closing title, “The End,” which utilizes the same shimmering synth pattern, the entire work becomes an evocative story book of pain and resilience for which one can use a lens into — quite literally — viewing an emotion.

Arguably the stand out track of the LP is the cinematic production “Forever Being,” which calls upon ODESZA’s sonic landscape with it’s chiming key chords, soaring vocal chops, complex half-/double-time drum work, and nostalgic phonographic movie quotes on the front and tail ends. The LP’s most astounding fact: Petit Biscuit wrote, produced, and mixed Presence over the course of the last year, finding time between high school exams and sold-out tours across the US, Europe, and beyond.

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Exmag unleashes funk-infused ‘Part I’ EP

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Exmag brings the funk.

Not much is known about Exmag and their personnel’s musical history, nonetheless, their proclivity for funky, soulful, and meticulously-crafted electronic compositions is unmistakable. Formed by Brooklynites Eric Mendelson, Mike Iannatto, and Tyler Dondero, the group’s funk-infused melodies are rampant and irresistibly-danceable.

Indeed, Exmag’s return after two years exhibits their love of radiating funk and soul tenfold. For on their latest nine-track Part I EP, Exmag oozes their established groovy ethos, while upping their archetypal, genre-spanning sonic approach more than ever.

“A new season is upon us,” the group says of the new album. “The time has come to finally turn the page. After being displaced for years in the ancient mountains of Appalachia Exmag returns with reinforcements sharpened skills and lessons learned bringing songs of victory and mourning. Storms rage through the lands as tyrants cheat and destroy. Will a once great planet find peace in this time Will a new youth break their chains and rise as a cool breeze crests the mountain tops This is Part I. A new beginning. A fertile valley to defend and grow old in. As the world sifts out that which does not belong a placid force of extraordinary magnitude will build and evolve.”

Between the sultry rock guitar solos, soul-infused melodies, and downtempo electronic drops of Part I, Emxag enthralls its listeners. The records moves from slight hip sways to full-on body wavering all without compromising Exmag’s exuberant ethos. Not to mention, the newfound sonic spectrum is rather extensive. From tracks like “Not the Last Time” and “Going Down Slow,” it’s clear Part I encapsulates Exmag’s feel-good sound, all while building on the group’s expansive catalog, sure to be expanded on in the near future.

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Madnap & Duumu – Disappear ft Bien

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Coming off his Moving Castle release, “Honey,” featuring Sophie Meiers, Madnap has swiftly served “Disappear,” featuring Bien. Duumu collaborates on this one and includes the slow tempos and seducing atmosphere showcased in his 2017 singles. “Disappear” ties the chill trap side of Madnap together with Duumu’s cloudy and comfortable keys. Bien’s quick entrance and gentle voice make lyrical moments like “mistakes we make / is all those risks we take / but keep your place, no need for vows / and find a little purpose for now” strike with vengeance.

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Lane 8 announces tour dates, releases new single of forthcoming album, ‘Little By Little’

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The Lane 8 camp is full of exciting announcements right now. The Denver-based artist, real name Daniel Goldstein, has announced his second album, Little By Little, out Jan. 19, 2018 on his own imprint, This Never HappenedThe album comes with an extensive 35-date global headlining tour, with stop in North America, Australia, and Europe.

To celebrate, Goldstein has released the first single off his forthcoming LP, titled “No Captain feat. POLIÇA.” The track distills Lane 8’s unique flair for melodic and eloquently-textured productions that are both classy and quirky, traversing reflective electronica, instrumental club epics and left field pop moments alike.

Lane 8 addressed fans over Twitter to announce the project,

Over the past two years I’ve waited for a certain feeling to return – the feeling that I was ready and excited to write an album again. As it happened, at the end of 2016, we finished an incredible first This Never Happened tour shortly before welcoming our daughter into the world. As 2017 began, I found myself really driven to create album #2. Throughout this year, I found a lot of joy in focusing on each little task achieved, each small accomplishment that pushed me one step closer to the goal of making another album – another experience – that I was really proud of. In a way I think that’s what this album is all about – taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey.

Pre-order Lane 8’s Little By Little LP here. See the full list of tour dates here.

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Listen to Oregon Eclipse live sets from CloZee, Bassnectar, Minnesota, and more

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A considerable amount of time has passed since the Oregon Eclipse Gathering,  but exclusive sets continue to appear online as artists upload their live acts or, in some cases, even go as far as to re-record their sets.

Now former attendees and eclipse chasers from around the globe can now enjoy sets from the likes of Bassnectar, Minnesota, CloZee, and many more, organized into stage-by-stage playlists thanks to one SoundCloud user. From the deep, dark tech house of the Sky Stage, to the psytrance of the Earth Stage, to the festival’s bass head haven at The Moon Stage, over 50 live and re-recorded sets are available for stream from Oregon’s Global Eclipse Gathering, held Aug. 17-23, 2017.

Though international eclipse festivals are often based around trance and downtempo, make no mistake that the bass, jam, and house acts are actually considered guests in this awe-inspiring, transformative festival experience. Relive sets from the Global Eclipse Gathering’s Earth, Moon, Sun, and Sky stages below.

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