Masayoshi Iimori blasts off with searing bass house single, ‘Flow’

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Masayoshi Iimori blasts off with searing bass house single, ‘Flow’Masayoshi Iimora Flow Premiere Classe Single

Japanese dance music star Masayoshi Iimori has been popping up on playlists and remix packs all year long, including high-profile takes for RL Grime and Nick Catchdubs. The bass house producer rides in on that momentum with a grimy new single, arriving as the fourth ever release from DJ Snake‘s own PREMIERE CLASSE records. Aptly titled “Flow,” the track is an explosive combo of modernized dance floor electro and playful arcade-game flavor.

“Flow” cranks it up to 11 almost immediately, and maintains the ballistic cruising speed all the way till the end. The mortal combat mode synth stabs catapult the track towards bit crushed, searing drops. The cut borrows from bass house and nostalgic electro, then douses it in Iimori’s trademark flair for the weird and wacky. The artist’s style flashes equal hints of Dillon Francis madness and TNGHT distorted punch. Amazingly, both Masayoshi Iimori and the track’s newly founded label home are just getting started — but both entities smashed the gas from the jump, and show no signs of slowing down.

Relive standout sets from Ultra Japan’s fifth anniversary: Oliver Heldens, Galantis, Afrojack, + more

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Relive standout sets from Ultra Japan’s fifth anniversary: Oliver Heldens, Galantis, Afrojack, + moreUltra Japan 1

The electronic world’s most celebrated music festival, Ultra, rang in the fifth anniversary of its Japanese installment last weekend, September 15-17 at its brand new home in Tokyo Odaiba Ultra Park.

The wildly attended Ultra Japan stands as testament to the EDM phenomenon’s sweeping, worldwide presence. Standout performances from the weekend include that of Oliver Heldens, Armin van Buuren, and Axwell Λ Ingrosso: all repeat Ultra offenders. Ultra Worldwide’s ubiquitous presence extends to 25 different countries, across several continents. Due to its ever-increasing popularity, the event has stretched from its two-day beginnings, into a full-fledged three-day soiree.

Oliver Heldens 

Armin van Buuren



Axwell Λ Ingrosso

Nicky Romero

DJ Snake

Photo Credit: AsiaLive365

DJ Snake announces two rare US headline shows for Halloween in New York and Los Angeles

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DJ Snake announces two rare US headline shows for Halloween in New York and Los AngelesDj Snake Halloween Show Press Photo

DJ Snake announced he’s returning to the US this fall for two very special shows. New York City’s Avant Gardner hosts the French superstar DJ October 26,  and on October 31, he’ll be at Los Angeles’ legendary Shrine Expo Hall. DJ Snake is throwing two massive Halloween parties in the US — tickets for both shows go on sale September 14.

The headlining shows will be Snake’s only territory headline appearances of the year, and each show is expected to feature state-of-the-art production. Snake’s coastal Halloween shakedowns come after a memorable year for the Parisian hitmaker. He partied with the World Cup victors, DJed at the Arc De Triomphe, has two songs on Spotify that have amassed over 1 billion streams, and is the ninth  DJ in the world on Billboard Dances 100 Artists of 2018. Each show promises to be an exciting affair, stay tuned for supporting talent as Halloween inches closer.

Chinese dance pop star Chace lives up to the hype on new DJ Snake co-sign, ‘Never’

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Chinese dance pop star Chace lives up to the hype on new DJ Snake co-sign, ‘Never’Chace Never Premiere Classe

For anyone still sleeping on Chace, it’s about time to wake up. The Shanghai-based pop/dance prodigy has exploded onto the scene on Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family imprint, and really hasn’t looked back. Since his 2017 breakout, the emerging wunderkind has already landed an EP on Mad Decent, guested for a bonafide Diplo & Friends mix, and even launched his own release imprint, HOWSHOOD. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Chace also became the first ever Chinese DJ to perform at Tomorrowland. Oh yeah, and he’s done it all before his 20th birthday.

The artist’s meteoric rise continues with a binge-worthy house cut titled “Never,” arriving via DJ Snake‘s own PREMIERE CLASSE label. Tight piano chords and pitchy vocal cuts are the main ingredients of a toe-tapping tour de force, with deep sub power and shuffling house percussion keeping pace. Chace does a top-notch job of letting only the most important sounds do the talking on this one, and the result on “Never” is a pop-injected house hit that sounds polished beyond the young up-and-comer’s years.

Gashi enlists DJ Snake and French Montana for new track

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Gashi enlists DJ Snake and French Montana for new trackGASHI Ft. French Montana DJ Snake Creep On Me E1534951283572

DJ Snake‘s collection of releases just got even more diverse thanks to a new collaboration with Gashi and French Montana. The track is titled “Creep On Me,” and its radio-hit potential is apparent with this stacked line up of collaborators. Gashi has been teasing the release on his socials, building excitement for the unexpected trio’s collaboration. A smooth opening highlights Gashi’s vocals, and Snake’s production touch becomes apparent with a Caribbean-chord infused electronic drop. The track is the perfect tune to close out summer with its downtempo chords and infectious vocals.

DJ Snake has been busy preparing for his sophomore album release, and this collaboration serves as a continuation of Snake’s diverse collection of artists he has enlisted for the compilation. He is working with everyone from Yellow Claw to Cardi B on the forthcoming album, and “Creep On Me” only builds everyone’s excitement for what is to come.

Jauz finally announces full tracklist and release date for forthcoming 23-track concept album, ‘The Wise and The Wicked’

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Jauz finally announces full tracklist and release date for forthcoming 23-track concept album, ‘The Wise and The Wicked’JAUZ Press Photo

Jauz has been relatively quiet and cryptic with his social media movements lately, though the LA-based producer has now broken his silence with an exciting update.  Fans can now move up to the edge of their seats with the official announcement of Jauz’ upcoming concept album The Wise and The Wicked, set to be released on August 31.

The “Squad Out” producer isn’t going with your average 12-track compilation and calling it a day, either. There will be 23 tracks on the album, and Jauz has structured them to fall within different ‘chapters’ because there will be three overarching themes to describe the album’s complexion. Jauz explained how and why he organized the album the way he did, stating,

“When I’m writing music, half of my brain wants to write fun, crazy bangers for parties, clubs, [festivals], etc. This is represented by ‘The Wicked.’ The other half of the time, I want to write emotional, intelligent, experimental music that feeds the ‘inner-artist’ in myself, which is represented by ‘The Wise.’ The middle ground, which is where I strive to really be, is a blend of the melodic, emotional parts of my music paired with high energy drops and climaxes. This is represented by ‘The United.’”

Collaborators on the album include Ducky, Krewella, and Adventure Club among many more. This is in addition to DJ Snake, Snails, and Example from releases “Gassed Up,” “Motherfuckers,” and “In The Zone” respectively that have already made their way out to fans in previous releases. The final track on the album, titled “Super Fly” featuring 666, is the last single that will be released before the full album is available.

[WATCH] DJ Snake releases an enticing visual feast to go with ‘Maradona Riddim’

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[WATCH] DJ Snake releases an enticing visual feast to go with ‘Maradona Riddim’DJ Snake Sourced From FB

DJ Snake continues his world music video tour with the official music video release for “Maradona Riddim.” His last music video was shot in India, and the exotic locations seemingly continue with each new video release. “Maradona Riddim” itself happier tune, with bouncy chords and summer vibes. Its video matches this light tone with shots of friends on the beach in Africa, who are dancing amongst themselves and having a good time.

At the height of this visually-appealing venture, a lone man swims out into the ocean and begins to dance on top of the water. This character happens to be Kidathegreat in real life, who won So You Think You Can Dance? in 2016. The fun ends with this spectacle, which ultimately is an ideal complement to such a summery piece of music — in fact, DJ Snake’s lack of a cameo role in the affair is hardly missed.

Photo Credit: Facebook / DJ Snake

[Q&A] North Coast’s founder, Michael Berg, talks new developments and acquired wisdom

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[Q&A] North Coast’s founder, Michael Berg, talks new developments and acquired wisdomNorth Coast 1

Every year, some of Chicago’s most all-embracing EDM, funk, rap/hip-hop, and indie event promoters—Silver Wrapper, Metronome, and Cold Grums—unite to piece together “summer’s last stand,” North Coast Music Festival. Since 2010, the festival has returned to Union Park each Labor Day Weekend to house not only world-class acts from nearly every crevice of the musical continuum (deadmau5, Widespread Panic, Portugal The Man, Gucci Mane, Pretty Lights—just to name a few), but also a myriad of visual art installations, ranging from a live, psychedelic graffiti demonstration from Chris Dyer to a unique pop up gallery showcasing solely local Chicagoans.

Tucked between some of Chicago’s most vibrant and energetic neighborhoods, including Wicker Park, West Town, West Loop, and Pilsen, North Coast’s Union Park atmosphere is a happy paradox: a serene, intimate park setting, encapsulated by trees, penetrated by the awe-inspiring urban skyline seen overhead and some of the most in-demand performances of the summer. This year, North Coast touts a larger focus, including its first-time poolside pre-party each day, which itself will host a number of installations, as well as a stark increase of visual performers, like the Bam Creates crew.

Co-founder of North Coast, Silver Wrapper talent buyer, and longtime Manic Focus manager, Michael Berg, sat down with Dancing Astronaut to discuss how the festival has grown throughout its nine years of successfully capping off the brimming Chicago summer events season. He explains how the festival has garnered its serial-attendees by catering to the “original coasties,” who tend to prefer jam and indie acts—like this year’s securing of The Revivalists and funk legend, Jamiroquai, in his first midwest performance in over a decade—while not making the mistake of neglecting the younger crowd, booking budding Chicago rapper Juice Wrld and fan-favorite dance acts like DJ Snake, RL Grime, and Axwell ^ Ingrosso.

What was your initial vision for the festival? Did it turn out the way you conceived it nine years ago?

It did at first. What I’ve noticed is as the market and the festival landscape changes, our goals are shifting with them. As our fanbase ages, things change. We’re still very proud of it. It’s definitely under a metamorphosis right now.

Can you expand on that?

I think that if you went to the festival in the first year, and you were 21-years-old, now you’re 30. That’s a big difference in life as far as maturity and priorities. We’ve always tried to curate the show with a little bit of a younger audience in mind. When we’ve leaned toward the older demographic’s music in the past, it hasn’t translated as well.

But we really saw a different response this year with some of the stuff that we booked. It made us realize that our fans are growing up. You just have to be conscious of who you’re servicing, which goes all the way up and down the ladder from the artists and their agents, to the lifeline of the festival, the fans, who buy the tickets and represent the brand.

We want to be loyal to the original coasties; but we also want to find the balance between doing that and keeping forward-thinking, like booking acts that are maybe for our undercard this year, but are maybe going to be headliners in a year or two. A lot of times the people we book [for North Coast] a year later, will be on the main stage at Lollapalooza.

Aside from lineup curation, what other areas would you say the event has evolved in over the years?

Definitely the experiential part has changed dramatically. We’ve got a much bigger presence of visual performers and art installations. Something we’re introducing this year that we’ve never done before is a daily pool party. There will be a full curation of art inside the pool. It’s just going to be for a few hundred people per day, including the artists and their guests. But a few hundred people per day will have the opportunity to buy tickets to come to this four or five hour pool party. Bam Creates is going to take over the art and do a lot with that.

The one limitation we have with it is that the festival ends at 10 pm every night. There’s only so many hours of darkness, so the types of installations that we have at something like Suwannee Hulaween, our other festival down in Florida, where things glow at night or things with fire, we can’t really do as much of that at North Coast because the majority of the fest is daylight. So you have to do installations and activations that work in the day time.

What about the venue and the location has kept you there since the first year in 2010?

First of all, we have a great relationship with the city and the park district. It’s really just the perfect location and the perfect size for this type of show. The majority of people who are coming to this show, probably 85 percent, are coming from the greater Chicago area. If you’re looking at Chicago proper, it’s right in the middle of West Town, the West Loop, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Pilsen—all those neighborhoods that are hot spots. It’s very centrally located: easy to find parking, it’s right off a train line. If you’re coming from Northbrook, or you’re coming from the West suburbs or the South Suburbs, it’s right off the highway.

The neighborhood has been generally welcoming of us. So, it’s kind of one of those things like if it’s not broken don’t fix it. If we were to sell out in advance five years in a row, maybe we would consider moving up to a bigger location, but it seems to sell out by the weekend of the fest every year. It feels like we have the right size park for the right size crowd that we’re generating.

Another thing that I really like about it is it is a park and a lot of the festivals in the city feel very urban. North Coast is definitely an urban festival, but there’s still trees and it still feels like a park when you’re there. I love how when you’re watching the main stage, you can see the Willis/Sears Tower poking up beyond the trees. So it’s just this little visual reminder that you’re in the city of Chicago.

What’s the thought process behind the lineup, stylistically? I know a lot of people see it as a predominately electronic fest, but you guys bring so much variety.

It’s a pretty diverse festival. If you look at our top ten acts this year, there is definitely a handful of electronic acts. You’ve got Axwell ^ Ingresso, DJ Snake, Yellow Claw. On the immediate undercard, you’ve got RL Grime. So those are clearly our big dance acts. But then you also have Jimaroquai, Moon Taxi, Vulfpeck and the Revivalists, the Strumbrellas, and Robert DeLong which are more alternative, funky, indie types. Then Friday, we’ve got Miguel, who, on paper, is an r&b act, but if you’ve ever seen him, he’s more of a like a live act who plays with a sick full band. Then on the undercard that day you’ve got Byrce Vine, and Juice Wrld who is just exploding right now, a local Chicago guy in that emo rap/r&b style that’s so big right now.

On Sunday, we’ve got the return of Jamiroquai to Chicago for the first time since 2005. It’s the Midwest exclusive for them. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen, but he’s a huge 13-piece funk orchestra. It’s gonna’ be crazy and will close out the festival as the final set of the weekend. He’s doing five shows in the states for the first time in 13 years, and the only one that’s not on one of the coasts is us. It’s special to us as event curators that they chose us as their Chicago show.

We really are a diverse festival. I think there was more of an electronic presence early on. But right now it’s not too much of just one thing.

What other areas have you guys tried to improve on in more recent years?

If you look at the schedule, it all makes a little more sense. We’ve really honed in on, like if you’re there for dance music, and you get there at 2 pm you go from this stage to this stage and then you stay at one stage for the last two, or whatever it is. Or on the other hand, if you’re there for jam bands, you start at one stage then go over here for two sets. Basically every hour there’s non-conflicting stuff for you to see. Obviously once you get into a diverse lineup and a diverse crowd, which North Coast is a diverse crowd, inevitably there’s going to be some ‘Why’d you put this person on at the same time as this person?”

So you’re trying not to make it too hard on people who just want to go one day?

No, I think we’ve embraced the fact that it’s a single-day market, and that everyone wants to go to as many festivals as they can. Somebody might not like North Coast’s [lineup] on Friday, but maybe they’re not going to miss it on Sunday, and that’s cool with us.

Michael Berg is North Coast Music Festival’s co-founder. Tickets to North Coast are still available here.

These are 10 hype-building songs to listen to ahead for Moonrise Festival 2018

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These are 10 hype-building songs to listen to ahead for Moonrise Festival 2018Moonrise

Moonrise Festival 2018 is shaping out to be one of Baltimore’s most exciting events of the year. The two-day festival — held at the Pimlico Race Course – is preparing for its 5th installment, which will feature a wide and diverse range of artists, catering toward fans of almost any dance music sub-genre. Performers include Kaskade, Zeds Dead, 3LAU, JOYRYDE, Ookay, GRiZ, Illenium, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Ekali, MK, and more.

In honor of the upcoming festivities, we’ve compiled a 10-track playlist that includes tunes from some of the weekend’s most anticipated acts — perfect for any pre-game or long road-trips to Baltimore.

1. Silk City (Diplo & Mark Ronson) – “Only Can Get Better”

The latest single from Diplo & Mark Ronson’s newest side project Silk City. This is definitely a collaboration attendees will hear during Diplo’s headline set at the Stellar Stage Saturday night. Ronson has since teased their second upcoming release, so maybe he’ll give fans a little taste at the festival?

2. DJ Snake & Mercer – “Let’s Get Ill”

One of DJ Snake’s hottest 2018 collaborations saw linking up with Mercer for a rapid, future house heater. Check out Snake headlining the Stellar Stage Saturday night alongside Kaskade, Diplo, Zeds Dead, and more.

3. Marshmello – “Rooftops”

Marshmello recently released his Joytime II album, which has been very well-received by the Mello Gang. “Rooftops” a groovy one from the album where the DJ/producer throws on his own 90’s punk rock-sounding vocals. He’ll take the Stellar Stage Sunday night and will likely close out the weekend.

4. SNRBN – “If I Can’t Have You” feat. Harloe

The LA-based DJ/producer, who will also be taking over the Stellar Stage on Sunday afternoon, where he will more than likely take his audience out of the racetrack an instead place them on a mental beach. His latest single “I Can’t Have You” accomplishes this feat in mere minutes.

5. Two Friends – “While We’re Dreaming” feat. Kevin Writer

We enjoy this 2017 throwback from the duo, who will be treating their guests to a heavy dose of their cheery brand of dance music.

6. Galantis – “Mama Look At Me Now”

“Mama Look At Me Now” is one of two tracks from Galantis’ latest EP release, and it gives us a taste of what’s in store for the mischevious Swedes’ infectiously raucous Sunday set.

7. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – “Miss You” (Akira Akira & Hikeii Remix)

This is one of the most poppin’ remixes of his hit collaboration “Miss You” with Major Lazer and Tory Lanez. Festival goers can expect to hear either the original or an assortment of remixes, yet knowing Cashmere Cat, he often has a strictly Jersey club section of the set, to which this fits perfectly. Check out his set at the Lunar Stage on Sunday.

8. Rezz & 1788-L – H E X

Rezz is blowing up the scene with dark synths and heavy beats that are nothing short of an innovative sound. Check out her latest release, which she’ll most likely use to destroy the Solar Tent atmosphere on Saturday.

9. Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo, Anti-Up – “Pizza”

Anyone want pizza? No? How about after a few hours of constant movement and house beats at the Celestial Stage? Chris Lake will be headlining the house-geared stage Saturday night and will probably trap listeners into his set right as they’re deciding to leave for some pizza.

10. Eric Prydz – “Liberate” (Lane 8 Remix)

This remix for Eric Prydz’ “Liberate” is one of Lane 8’s hidden gems released back in 2014. He’s pushed out a lot of new music since then, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop showing this perfect blend of deep and melodic house some love. Check him out headlining the Celestial Stage Sunday night.

Purchase tickets via the Moonrise Festival website and if this song selection didn’t do justice, check out the festival’s 2018 Spotify playlists, which are curated by stage.


DJs chime in on France’s World Cup win

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DJs chime in on France’s World Cup winDJ Snake World Cup

France defeated Croatia in the World Cup finals on Sunday by a score of 4-2, marking their 2nd ever world cup victory. Countless French DJs took to social media to share their support and excitement. Below are reactions from some of them.


With the Wolrd Cup trophy and FIFA’s Young Player Award winner, Kylian Mbappe.


Made a song.


Translation: “Proud to be French.” Him and Tchami just finished a No Redemption show in ELECTROBEACH at Le Barcarès, France.


Repping the blue, white, and red. Go blues!


Sharing with fans one of his earliest memories and letting people know there’s a good atmosphere in France right now.


Wasn’t born during the last world cup. Translates to “dedicated to all the adults who told us kids we didn’t “know the World Cup.” WHAT NOW?!?!


Celebrating out in Place de la Bastille in Paris, France.


Shouting out the French coach.



“Champions my brother.”


Promises a song with Alison Wonderland regardless of result.

Saddened with his Croatian grandmother.

Photo Credit: @djsnake/Instagram