Strafe x Justin Martin – Set It Off Remix review

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Strafe x Justin Martin – Set It Off Remix reviewSet It Off Cover Remies 3000

Back in the early ’80s, New York City cats were heating up the floor, moonwalking, and slick talking over the freshly laid pavement that was NYC garage. One of the most memorable anthems of the era was Strafe’s “Set It Off,” a joint every good DJ should have in their crate. Now, thanks to Justin Martin, “Set It Off” has risen to new heights and landed among the clouds.

Justin Martin’s remixes are always bold. When he makes a VIP mix of his own track he creates something completely new yet undeniably faithful. His remix of “Set It Off” is no exception to this brash approach to remixing. Despite the fact that the track is 35 years old and no doubt influenced Justin Martin, he has taken the reins to start the party all over again.

On all sides, left and right, Justin Martin has flipped this track and made it his. It’s dirtier, contemporary, and boisterous, and in true Martin remix fashion, there remains a balance between creativity and appreciation that can only come from a place of genuine familiarity. His remix of “Set It Off” climbs higher and higher, creates more space, all while maintaining the essence of the original track — to get it started and keep it going. The momentum Justin has created with this two-track EP is notable as the three-month-long Set It Off tour is picking up speed, hype, and isn’t going to stop anytime soon.      

‘Set If Off’ is now available through DIRTYBIRD. Order a copy here, and follow the label here 

Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird Campout

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Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird CampoutArdalan Credit Justin Martin

Tents are pitched, bags are packed, and campers are readying to connect with their more youthful selves at this year’s Dirtybird Campout West. This year, something special is in store: re-arranged campsites and a brand new lakeside venue mean not only closer proximity to the Campout’s famed activities, but also the addition of water-based fun whilst enjoying the tunes from Head Counselor Claude VonStroke, and his crew consisting of Sacha Robotti, Justin Martin, Will Clarke, and many more.

Ardalan will also be returning to the campout as a Counselor for the 2018 edition, and to give fans a taste of the party that will be taking place during his gig, he’s assembled a succulent mix of energized house and tech beats that is designed to get blood flowing and feet moving across the dancefloor.



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Photo Credit: Justin Martin


Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)

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Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)Drama Will Clarke Remi

It’s time to cozy up to another pumping remix by Dirtybird mainstay Will Clarke. The self-professed cuddle aficionado and producer of raunchy tech beats has added Nick Monaco to his sizeable collection of 2018 reworks, following up a pungent edit of “Dubplate,” by My Cat Snoop. His refreshed take on Monaco is part of Dirtybird Campout West‘s compilation, which sonically hints at a raucous weekend.

The track he’s targeted this time around is “Drama,” a tensely melodic number originally signed onto Dirtybird’s Selects arm. Wherever the original establishes a sinister tone, Clarke amplifies it with a heavier low-end and bass plucks that chase after the listener like the great white shark in Jaws. This titillating take on “Drama” ought to wreak havoc on the dancefloor, particularly during pitch black nighttime hours.


Order a copy of the 2018 Dirtybird Campout West compilation here

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Volkoder – How I Talk [EP Review]

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Volkoder – How I Talk [EP Review]Volkoder HowITalk

It’s time to be educated on the ways of the dancefloor through the lens of Brazilian up-and-comer, Volkoder. The São Paulo native has been silently inserting himself into the global circuit via records like his 2014 Detroit EP, and signing onto labels like Hot Creations, Toolroom, Suara, and beyond. Bolstered by support far-and-wide, the producer found stride in the realm of jovial tech house rhythms, which has potentially culminated in How I Talk — his Dirtybird debut. In fact, it’s one that ownder Claude VonStroke has personally tapped as the one to shoot Volkoder to the top of the Western dance sphere.

How I Talk is Volkoder’s rhythmic language. Across its two tracks, he expresses himself by way of playful synthwork, crisp drum layers, and scintillating basslines. The EP commences on a subtler note through “I Talked,” which captures attention through its low-end grooves and encouraging handclaps. Bursts of tongue rolls and voice edits courtesy of Mr. Hollywood add a hint of spice to the overall production. However, the record crescendos on “How,” which has been rinsed far and wide already by Claude VonStroke. With its wild vocal clips leading the listener into a wild drop, standing still feels impossible the moment the bass and roars of extraterrestrial-inspired synthesizers are injected back into the mix. How I Talk certainly packs enough heat to stretch summer out just a little longer.


Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]

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Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]Will Clarke Press Credit Jvkdvideos

There’s been no stoppage to Will Clarke‘s creative tap in recent months. The Bristol bearded sensation has found his way onto a quite a few imprints beyond his Dirtybird roost, including a jaunt on Solardo‘s Sola, and more recently on Relief Records with his Mercy EP. It’s come time, however, to begin looking toward a return to the nest.

Dirtybird Campout West is swiftly approaching its October 5 arrival in Northern California, where Clarke will be assuming his usual post as a prime camp counselor. Prior to that, however, he’s set to provide San Diego with a round of rattling tech house during its semi-annual CRSSD Festival. Will is no stranger to the festival, having rocked its stages before.

He’s kindly put together an hour of tunes for his fans ahead of both events, however, to help warm up tailfeathers and to showcase his current musical stylings. Per usual, we’re taken on a bouncy ride through standout basslines, commanding vocal clips, and high levels of percussion that knock one into submission and force movement on the floor. It’s a truly cozy mix to snuggle up to when needing a dose of proper house.

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Photo credit: Jvkdvideos

Justin Martin kicks off ‘Set It Off’ tour in support of official Strafe re-work

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Justin Martin kicks off ‘Set It Off’ tour in support of official Strafe re-workJustin Martin Press

Justin Martin has officially become the first dance artist to be granted the “official” title in his re-work of Strafe’s smash hit from the 1980s, “Set It Off.” For years, fans have happily received the remix — then an ID — during Justin’s set, anxiously wondering whether or not the track would be shared to the public. The excitement swirling the remix reached fever pitch, however, when it caught the attention of Strafe himself, who officially sanctioned Martin’s version of the piece. He joins the ranks of Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, and Lil Jon in this endeavor, which comes packaged alongside an even more energized club mix come October 12 on Dirtybird.

Such a milestone release calls for tour in celebration. Beginning September 29 and spanning throughout the rest of the fall season, Martin will be “setting it off” on dancefloors across the United States, from the West Coast to the East, and in between. To boot, he’ll be joined by a bevy of other stalwarts in the scene as well, including Latmun, Ardalan, Justin Jay, and his brother Christian.



Justin Martin kicks off ‘Set It Off’ tour in support of official Strafe re-workSet It Off Tour Justin Martin

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Photo credit: Facebook/Justin Martin

Vangelis Kostoxenakis says to ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ in new EP

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Vangelis Kostoxenakis says to ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ in new EPTake Your Shirt Off Vangelis Kostoenakis

One of Dirtybird‘s newest talents, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, is deep into hardware and sound design. His knack for all things synth certainly shows in his rambunctious new EP on the label, Take Your Shirt Off. It beckons listeners into a balmy summer afternoon across three tracks. In particular, its title opener is a wild number, whose repetitive vocals encouraging others to disrobe are accented by crisp drum patterns and scintillating analog notes.

Motifs set by “Take Your Shirt Off” are carried over into the rest of the record, with “Bob Is Dead” upping the energy with alarming, high-pitched synths and even punchier percussion. It’s almost as though the summery landscape painted by the EP’s beginning had ended up being taken by a brief summer storm — however, this is hardly cause to stop dancing. Finally, “Play It Loud” concludes the Take Your Shirt Off on a jubilant note. Techy accents and sparse vocals are joined by vintage synth stabs to elicit a block party-like feel, and an authentic tone.




Order a copy of ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ here

Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fall

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Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fallClaude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

While Claude VonStroke‘s skill for DJing and producing is a given, the Dirtybird boss has also become known for his knack for throwing some truly unique parties and festival experiences. With Dirtybird Campouts now on both coasts and Detroit’s Dirtybird BBQ still running strong, VonStroke and the label have now announced their newest event, the inaugural Birdhouse Festival.

Taking place on September 8 in Chicago, the show is headlined by VonStroke himself, who will be bringing along a legion of Dirtybird’s top talent. Will Clarke, Christian Martin b2b Ardalan, and J. Phlip b2b Gene Farris are just a few of the hotly anticipated sets to come at this event. In addition to the music, the event will be hosting a street fair, with carnival games, prizes, and food. Lineup support comes from London’s Zombie Disco Squad, Fancy Fux, and new Dirtybird artist and Chicago native Teknicoz, bringing music, food, and fun together for a comprehensive festival experience.

Claude VonStroke announces new Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this fallBirdhouse Festival

Claude VonStroke releases surreal ‘Maharaja’ video

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Claude VonStroke releases surreal ‘Maharaja’ videoClaude Vonstroke Maharaja 1

Claude VonStroke has just unveiled the official video to accompany his new release, “Mahraja,” a track equally unorthodox as its visual counterpart.

Initially debuted on his live album, recorded at VonStroke’s headlining set at Movement festival in May, the intergalactic-styled track draws from Detroit’s own classic electro breakbeat fervor, with VonStroke’s offbeat jive rippling throughout.

The hypnagogic video is equal parts inspired by the surreal absurdism of Salvador Dali, the New York B-boy dance stylings and fashion of the ’80s film Beat Street, and the quixotic luminescence of Tron. Set, of course, in a desolate warehouse, a group of hip-hop dancers’ limbs melt and contort as they move about the space. Futuristic, Tron-like beams of light swirl and form grids along the dilapidated walls, while a series of outlandish objects, including giant golden eggs (a Dirtybird nod) and elephant statues allow the video the oddity and nonsensicalness of a bizarre dream.

Good Morning Mix: KLL SMTH shares wobbly mix from Dirtybird Campout West

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Good Morning Mix: KLL SMTH shares wobbly mix from Dirtybird Campout WestEvent 8844667

KLL SMTH has released his live set from his appearance at the Dirtybird Campout West back in 2017.

Like many artists out of the electronic music community in Denver, Colorado, KLL SMTH has a close relationship with fans and values live performance, sharing his own live sets with fans whenever possible. This outing is no different, offering a multitude of tracks from his own library of releases as well as music from close friends Noisia, Doctor Jeep, and new personal edits of his own. After performing during Dirtybird Campout in October 2017, KLL SMTH has gone on to release more wobbly electronic pieces like his hit “NICE ONE.” While KLL SMTH hasn’t been confirmed for this year’s Dirtybird Campout West, artists like EPROM, Mark Ronson and Madam X will succeed him at the Bass Lodge stage this October.