HARD Day of the Dead delivers impeccable comeback lineup topped by Justice, Die Antwoord, and Knife Party

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HARD Day of the Dead delivers impeccable comeback lineup topped by Justice, Die Antwoord, and Knife PartyJustice Julian Bajsel Coachella C014875

HARD‘s once defunct Day of the Dead property is officially back, slated for November 3 at the event’s original home at LA Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles. While rumors have been circulating since the event’s announcement earlier this summer, and a too-good-to-be-true lineup surfacing shortly thereafter, the southern California events giant has now followed up with their official roster for 2018’s event, and its damn near just as good. Headlining DOTD’s comeback edition is Justice, breaking out their live stage rig for one final outing, exactly six years to the day after the Parisian legends headlined the inaugural Day of the Dead. South African rave-rap pioneers Die Antwoord and Knife Party also top this year’s lineup, along with a stacked cast of supporting acts.

House heroes Thee Mike B, J. Phlip, Jack Beats, and Shiba San also make their way onto this year’s billing, along with Lee Foss, Cashmere Cat, and DNMO among others. Tickets for HARD Day of the Dead on sale September 27 at 12:00pm PST.

HARD Day of the Dead delivers impeccable comeback lineup topped by Justice, Die Antwoord, and Knife PartyDay Of The Dead 2018

Eminem takes Machine Gun Kelly to task in scathing new diss track, ‘KILLSHOT’

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Eminem takes Machine Gun Kelly to task in scathing new diss track, ‘KILLSHOT’Eminem Kamikaze Min

After taking aim at Die Antwoord frontman Ninja on Kamikaze track, “The Greatest,” Eminem has locked, loaded, and fired a “KILLSHOT” at rapper Machine Gun Kelly, another target from Em’s recent surprise LP drop. Eminem originally targeted Kelly on Kamikaze‘s “Not Alike.” Kelly quickly rebutted the callout with a diss aimed back at Eminem on “Rap Devil.” “KILLSHOT” is Eminem’s scathing response to MGK’s returned volley, and as to be expected, the song is a coarsely worded verbal assault that essentially ends the conflict in four minutes.

“I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you,” Em spits, “I’d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you.” Eminem taunts MGK in his claim that he has “more fans” in MGK’s city than the Cleveland rapper himself, before taunting, “what good is a f****ng machine gun when it’s out of ammo?” The no holds barred diss track even goes after MGK’s man bun — the veteran Detroit emcee spares no punches. Eminem raps, in a nod to the single’s artwork, a sketch of MGK, complete with the aforementioned man bun and glaring crosshairs on the junior rapper’s face. If anything is for sure, it’s that Eminem just discharged another hollow point, and he’s not only got menacing aim, but plenty of ammo in the chamber.

Die Antwoord frontman makes pointed response to Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ diss

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Die Antwoord frontman makes pointed response to Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ dissDie Antwoord

A rap album rarely arrives without a diss or two, and Eminem‘s 10 studio album was no exception. Eminem took aim at South African hip-hop group, Die Antwoord, on Kamikaze‘s second track, “Greatest.” Characteristically quickly spit, the verses that comprise the track contain a jab that is anything but thinly veiled. “Who the f*ck was I now Ninja try to duck my slugs/To let ya girl get f*cked by Muggs,” Eminem raps in a frontal address to the Die Antwoord frontman that suggests that Ninja’s current ex-wife and fellow Antwoord constituent, Yolanda Visser, was the “girl” to “get f*cked by Muggs,” the DJ for the California based hip-hop quartet, Cypress Hill.

Ninja and Visser appear alongside each other in a response video newly published to Die Antwoord’s YouTube channel. “It sounds like you missed us,” Visser states at the video’s opening. Ninja follows Visser’s remark with several short but nonetheless barbed verses that not only affirm the platonic nature of Ninja and Visser’s current relationship — as per Ninja, “Yolandi” is “not [his] girl, bra” — but burn Eminem’s approach.

“She’s just my best friend who loves me/And everybody knows Vissy dated Muggzy/Mad respect to my brother Muggs/Em you slipping/You used to rap better on drugs.” He later spits, “We bred these kids Em they ain’t giving no fucks/But they not feeling your rhymes or your botox,” Ninja concludes.

Die Antwoord release details of their final album, ’27’

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Die Antwoord 27 album

It’s a sad yet exciting time. Die Antwoord announced their final studio album, 27. The duo formally announced the album would be called, The Book of Zef. They released a statement through twitter, giving fans some clues about their forthcoming album including one of the singles, “Golden Dawn.”

The South African alternative, hip-hop duo also announced their collaboration intentions for the album, teaming up with unknown artists from South Africa as well as some of their favorite artists in the world. The album will contain 27 songs along with a feature film.

They also mentioned the album will be released “unusually” in 2018. Coming from one of the most counterculture, weird, hip-hop duos in the world, “unusual” must be something out of this world.

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WATCH: Die Antwoord unveil creepy trailer for new TV show

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When Die Antwoord broke out into the music scene in early 2008, the perplexing couple’s rave-rap was delivered to the masses in the most intriguingly disturbing fashion music had seen since the introduction of Marilyn Manson years before.

While the group’s always outlandish and sometimes bizarre mannerisms have scared some off along the way, looking past their odd behavior unveiled a duo with a committed vision and one of the most respectable items in a musical project.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to not want to delve into their personal lives and explore their psyche. Luckily, for those so interested, it’s been recently reported that Die Antwoord’s creative endeavors have all been part of a larger picture – thus, we have the ‘South African Ninja’ TV series.

Since launching the bloody and somewhat creepy show teaser through ZEF TV, the duo has also shared their plans for the project moving forward, saying:


Earlier this year it was confirmed Die Antwoord would be releasing their fifth and final album titled The Book of Zef. Although the release date is still unknown, it seems Die Antwoord fans do not need to fret just yet about the end of the group.   Their highly anticipated TV Show will most definitely have all the elements that made Die Antwoord so likable in the first place. 

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