Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 113

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 113Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

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Faux Tales‘ latest body of work is a beautiful sight to behold and absorb. Titled Hiraeth, the LP has been in the works for nearly two years. Its nine tracks allow the listener to transcend time and space, taking them on a cinematic, journey-like sonic venture. Faux Tales has a story to tell, and the album takes the listener through the chapters with thought-provoking tracks like “Home.”

Speaking of journeys, Murtagh transforms Dezza‘s “Apollo” in his newest piece of work. Dezza crafted an ethereal original track, full of builds and outer space-inspired dreamy synths. Dezza’s was fully otherworldly, abstaining from a beat or drop, but Irish producer Murtagh seizes his opportunity to introduce them. A steady, unobtrusive beat leads the listener through the song, giving it a bit of a mysterious and almost gloomy feel.

Grum starts his new single, “Tomorrow,” on a bold note, leading with bright, colorful synths and ushering in a deep-pounding bass. Wavy synths announce the entrance of emotive vocals, offsetting the tune’s darker feel with the distinctive singer’s voice. After the middle of the song, the flashy synths are reintroduced, lifting the listener back up before plunging them back into the shadowy, bass-filled instrumentals.

Inukshuk and Trove grab hold of the heartstrings and don’t let go on their new collaboration, “Pull Me In.” The joint effort is delicate and beautiful in both its vocal elements and in its instrumentals. Both aspects of the song manage to dig deep into the listener’s emotions and cradle the parts that are vulnerable and raw. It’s a gorgeous piece of work.

Fox Stevenson fans have been waiting for years upon years for the producer’s debut LP, and it’s finally arrived as of Oct. 18. The majority of the songs have been released as singles over time, but a fewlike “Use Me”arrived with the release of the album. The tune is a fun and creative amalgamation of the artist’s modern sound: pop-leaning with impeccable production and his own endearing vocals.

Lunar Lunes: Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin go acoustic, Nora En Pure finds love, Sullivan King and Grabbitz collab on ‘Show Stopper’ + more

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Lunar Lunes: Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin go acoustic, Nora En Pure finds love, Sullivan King and Grabbitz collab on ‘Show Stopper’ + moreSevenlions.da 29 Of 44

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

Just days after the release of their thrilling mega-collab, Seven Lions, SLANDER, and Dabin have revealed an acoustic version of “First Time.” Nora En Pure brings smooth sonic goodness in her new single, “We Found Love” with Ashibah, and Canada’s Grandtheft turns up the intensity with his latest, “Bags.” Italian duo VINAI are ready to hit main stages in 2019 with their festival heater, “WILD,” with Fatman Scoop. As part of his new The Demented EP, Sullivan King teams up with Grabbitz for a formidable dubstep number, “Show Stopper.” NERVO continue to dominate the space between pop and dance music with their newest single, “Habit,” and The Aston Shuffle and Fabich pump out an extended mix of “Stay.” Dezza floods listeners’ ears with the gorgeous “Toadaso,” and FETISH cooks up an emotive deep house remix of Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina’s iconic “Stereo Love.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Premiere: Matt Fax x Dezza – Sweet Dream

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Remember “The Veldt” by Deadmau5? The track that gave everyone the feels? Well, prepare to get that same euphoria right through the spine, as Canadian born Dezza and French producer Matt Fax have created a masterpiece with “Sweet Dream”, out on Enhanced Music.

Both producers have made it apparent that they take inspiration from Mr. Zimmerman, which is clearly evident in this collaboration as it heavily features piano-driven chord progressions, light kicks, and harmonizing electro-synths. The positive vibes from the production is complimented by some dreamy, vocals by Dezza himself.

To see how the track was forged production wise, check out Dezza’s walk through below: