Chance The Rapper finally discloses long-awaited details on debut album, ‘The Big Day’

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Chance The Rapper finally discloses long-awaited details on debut album, ‘The Big Day’Chance The Rapper Live Lost Lake Lineup

Chance The Rapper has been teasing the long-awaited follow up to 2016’s Grammy Award-winning mixtape Coloring Book for the better part of the year, though he’s largely kept the LP’s details close to the vest. Without much more info than the fact that the collection is being marketed as Chance’s debut album (his first three releases were all mixtapes), and that it would be landing sometime in July, the Chicago-native emcee has kept the hip-hop world eagerly at the edge of its seat for most of 2019. Now, following an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that aired on July 16, Chano has revealed the record’s name, artwork design, and official release date.

The Big Day will land on July 26, and the album is available for pre-order here. It is worth noting this is the first time Chance The Rapper has ever sold a project—his first three mixtapes were given away as freebies. Now, with The Big Day‘s release date officially revealed, the wait is nearly over for one of the most anticipated LP’s of the year.

Madeon joins Beats 1 family with new show, Good Faith Radio

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Madeon joins Beats 1 family with new show, Good Faith RadioMadeon Live

Madeon SZN continues this summer as the beloved French producer announces the premiere of his new Beats 1 show, Good Faith Radio. Amid an exciting stretch of new music and the debut of a new live set up cat Lollapalooza later this month, Madeon’s new radio program will serve as the perfect platform for his new material, with his new single “DREAM DREAM DREAM” arriving on the show’s inaugural episode on Wednesday, July 10 at 11:00 a.m. PST.

The Adventure producer’s newly inked deal with Apple Music aims to bring an open-format show to the streaming giant, described by Madeon as an interactive experience between the producer and his fans.

Following a Shelter reunion with Porter Robinson earlier this summer and the announcement of a 31-date North American tour, Madeon continues to extend his hot streak leading up to one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Justice Skolnik expands his sound on debut EP, ‘Bliss’ [Stream]

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Justice Skolnik expands his sound on debut EP, ‘Bliss’ [Stream]1494893517842

Justice Skolnik isn’t exactly an “up and comer” anymore—he’s already here, and he’s shaking up the familiar sound of the scene with his debut EP, Bliss. The six-track showing exudes the inimitable effervescence of Skolnik’s style, which the producer has exhibited on the three singles that preceded the EP’s official arrival, “Cameras,” Wildside,” and “Sunshine.” In a poised balance of the established and the brand new, Bliss delves beyond these earlier tracks, to treat listeners to three fresh Skolnik productions.

Bliss opens with “No Feeling,” a melodic cut highlighted by buoyant pops of tropical bass that help the number to float along, second by seamless second. “All I Wanted” and “I Don’t Mind” comprise the remaining two previously unheard tunes of the EP. Vocalist Adam Gokcebay assists on the former multi-instrumental inclusion, while Skolnik lets the sonic reins rest solely in his own hands on “I Don’t Mind,” the effort’s closing track. B

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That’s it—Diplo’s gone country with new Thomas Wesley project, shares debut single ‘So Long’ featuring Cam

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That’s it—Diplo’s gone country with new Thomas Wesley project, shares debut single ‘So Long’ featuring CamDiplo Country

It was only a matter of time. Random White Dude truly do be everywhere.

Diplo has announced a new country music project, and he’s shared the debut single under his given name Thomas Wesley moniker. “So Long” features country pop singer/songwriter Cam, showcasing a never-before-seen side of Diplo’s proven production versatility. Incredibly well-timed with country music’s sudden impact on the cultural zeitgeist, Diplo’s foray into the genre, somehow unsurprisingly, for lack of a better phrase—works.

Thomas Wesley’s brand of country is clearly steeped in major contemporary electronic and pop tropes, worlds away from George Strait’s country music, but we’re seeing that that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Lil Nas X’s country deviation sits atop the national charts. It’s new, it’s catchy, it likely won’t catch fire with true country music die hards, but it’s a decent bridging of the gap. Venerated country force Cam, is a complementary fit for Diplo’s snappy pop-inspired grove, and if this new collaboration is any indication of where Diplo is headed as Thomas Wesley, we might have some prolonged country crossover in the foreseeable future. Listen to “So Long” below.

Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo share debut album as LSD [Stream]

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Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo share debut album as LSD [Stream]LSD Photo Credit JUCO Dancing Astro

There’s simply no denying Diplo‘s ability to craft a hit, but his remarkably chameleonic quality as a producer is what makes him such a dynamic talent. He can produce fizzy bass anthems with Skrillex as Jack Ü or switch to breezy pop anthems with Major Lazer on a dime. Now, he’s exploring psychedelic new avenues alongside Sia and Labrinth as LSD, with the trio officially releasing their debut full-length together, a self-titled Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present… LSD.

A supergroup of certified hitmakers—with writing and production credits for Beyoncé, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Katy Perry and more among them—LSD manages to maintain an incredibly complementary blend, considering the outfit’s blockbuster talent. Following 2018’s “Genius,” the group has released a number of singles this year ahead of the album’s full release, including “No New Friends,” and the ubiquitous “Thunderclouds,” by far their most popular piece to date. Stream LSD’s debut album in full below.

Justice prep premiere of new live film ‘IRIS: A Space Opera’ at SXSW

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Justice prep premiere of new live film ‘IRIS: A Space Opera’ at SXSWDFN17 SUN JUSTICE 1 Credit Ismael Quintanilla

Back in August of 2018, Justice‘s Xavier De Rosnay sat down with Dancing Astronaut to discuss the Woman Worldwide tour that was, at the time, canvassing the globe from major festivals to arenas. During last summer’s discussion, De Rosnay coyly mentioned the idea of a visual accompaniment to the group’s Grammy-nominated record, though he was sure to dispel any certainties at the time. “We’re always trying things. If it’s good enough, it’ll exist,” said the “Safe and Sound” producer—now, it appears the alluring visual De Rosnay was so characteristically tight-lipped about actually made the cut.

Justice has announced the upcoming premiere of IRIS: A Space Opera By Justice, based on the live show the pair created for Woman Worldwide, slated to debut at SXSW this spring. But for those expecting IRIS to follow in the footsteps of the band’s beloved 2008 tour documentary, A Cross The Universe, check that notion at the door.

A Cross The Universe was really about what happens when you take a new French band and you allow them to indulge in the rock and roll cliches we’ve always been told about. But we made it knowing that ten years later, we’d be in a completely different place,” said De Rosnay in 2018.

IRIS: A Space Opera By Justice indeed comes from a much different space. The new visual, co-directed by André Chemetoff and Armand Beraud, is an hour-long rendition of Justice’s live tour performance, presented without an audience. Instead, the spectacle is recorded in an empty, invisible space equipped with all the complexities of the group’s full live show, from a floating platform structure to mirrors and rotating LEDs. The film will debut on March 13 at SXSW, as part of the 24 Beats Per Second screening in the Alamo Ritz at 5:15 p.m. See the film’s official title poster below.


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Stream the soundtrack from Netflix’s new ‘Polar,’ deadmau5’s debut film score

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Stream the soundtrack from Netflix’s new ‘Polar,’ deadmau5’s debut film score37199673 195164537819632 1391795787335204864 O

Deadmau5‘s debut score is finally here. Polar has been officially released on Netflix, scratching off a major bucket list item for the mau5trap‘s head honcho. Recently, Joel Zimmerman expressed to Forbes his list of nine life-changing moments, and scoring his first film was one of them, marking a music production milestone from one of the most prolific sound engineers in electronic music history.

The entire soundtrack is available on Spotify, and it contains sounds and arrangements familiar to fans of the esteemed producer. From the weight of his analog synth to his steady buildups and anxious melodies, the soundtrack most certainly boasts deadmau5’s signature style. His arrangements have always felt cinematic, so sharing the screen with music video virtuoso Jonas Åkerlund only makes sense.

The “Monophobia” artist recently told Billboard, “It’s a really busy, colorful movie. I just really wanted to wait for the right thing to come up, as opposed to doing some major motion picture thing … the next big Fast and Furious 23 or whatever they’re on.” Stream the Polar soundtrack below.

Listen to RÜFÜS DU SOL’s breathtaking Essential Mix debut

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Listen to RÜFÜS DU SOL’s breathtaking Essential Mix debutRufus Stassie

Pete Tong has been an outspoken fan of Australian trio RÜFÜS DU SOL since their break half a decade ago. He’s rinsed their music heavily across his platforms, doing his part to seal in their now-global domination in the live electronica sphere. Having just released their critically-acclaimed and deeply personal third LP, Solace, the timing synced perfectly for RÜFÜS to make their debut on the hallowed Essential Mix series. They made their debut during the wee hours of December 1.

The boys treat listeners to two hours of sounds that that inspire them, and to some extent, their latest album. It opens with TYB’s choice edit of Simian Mobile Disco’s “Mumurations,” before diving deeper into funk-based grooves of Weval and beyond. The mix is ethereal, yet eclectic, with multiple stylings of electronic music coming together with a common tie of sentimental melodies and floating sound design. Ultimately, RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Essential Mix debut is a class showcasing of where they’re at musically, and quite an intimate one at that.




Boys Noize’s new ELAX alter-ego announces debut performance, drops Friendship Mix ahead of cruise

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Boys Noize’s new ELAX alter-ego announces debut performance, drops Friendship Mix ahead of cruiseBoys Noize Mayday Lil Internet

Boys Noize is amid the launch of his new solo side project, ELAX, and since the new moniker’s tantalizing debut, “Reaktor” on Solomun‘s Diynamic imprint over the summer, fans have been eager to find out what Alex Ridha actually has up his sleeve. Now, it appears the project is ready to fully materialize with the announcement of Boys Noize’s debut performance as ELAX. Ridha will take the stage at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on December 7 to unveil his new alter ego. Shortly thereafter, ELAX will also sail on The Friendship‘s maiden voyage with longtime friend and collaborator Destructo‘s AMFAMFAMF brand.

ELAX’s live debut will come exactly one month after the BNR head honcho’s first delivery under the new banner, recently dropping his two-track Sueño EP as the first real insight into the project’s sonic direction. Now, Ridha is upping the ante, proctoring a full hour-long mix as part of The Friendship’s running mix series to hype both the debut club appearance and the following ELAX performance aboard Destructo’s new floating festival.

Cruise through the first extended taste of what ELAX plans to offer, and grab tickets to the Sound Nightclub debut performance below.

Grab tickets to ELAX’s debut performance here. 

k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]Find Paradise Kid Artwork

It’s hard to believe, but electronic music world has, up to this point, been without a release from k?d longer than one single track. Even in a landscape inundated with quick hit singles and two-track drops, the momentum the young producer has built on the strength of a deep arsenal of remixes, singles, and profile-raising collaborations has been incredibly impressive nonetheless. Moreover, k?d’s track record is polished with a consistency that could stir envy in even the most seasoned producers. The mysterious beatsmith’s list of accomplishments already reads like a career highlights reel with tens of millions of plays on high-profile remixed classics by artists like Porter Robinson and Daft Punk, and a grip of show-stealing collaborations with the likes of REZZ and Wolfgang Gartner. And still, never a unified body of work — until now. Finally, k?d’s eagerly awaited debut EP Find Paradise has arrived.

Seeing a full six tracks, marked by k?d’s characteristically gripping, anime-inspired artwork, Find Paradise demands immediate curiosity — after all, k?d generally refuses to be pinned down to one single genre. That said, k?d’s sound is distinct: gritty, digitally crackling bass meshed with video game-inspired lead lines and a taste for ear shattering mid tempo cadence. But there’s also a dizzying breadth of moods and feelings present in the artist’s brimming catalog of work. Find Paradise manages to capture them all, and much more. The journey begins with an epic and vocal-powered “Electronic Memories,” the sole collaboration on the EP, featuring Mickey Kojak. The track vaults the listener through anthemic grandeur that the Alt Vision recruit has showcased before, though this time he holds tight to a head-turning funk-drenched breakdown dripping in unabashed wah-wah pedal. From the onset, it’s clear k?d has brought his full bag of tricks out for the big occasion.

The surprises continue immediately as “Creator’s Flower” unleashes sizzling drum and bass, topped with screeching old school trance leads. Wasting now time, “Polluted Blood” keeps the venom flowing over a trademark mid-tempo beat, with apocalyptic drones and biting bass plucks. Finally, If the first half of Find Paradise is an act, its titular track arrives as a melodic intermission to the madness. A spacious piano line oozes effortlessly into a swelling chorus shining through between crunched-out 80s drums. The intensity ramps up, but the cool blasts of melancholic chords are a constant.

“Tokyo” interrupts the intermission with immediately insistent industrial discord, nailed down to a bass line that could sounds like it was yanked straight out of Boys Noize’s playbook. Still, there’s little that can prepare for the bombastic blast beat finale that is “Destroy The Universe.” The track’s onomatopoeic name delivers, bringing about a turbo-speed rave weapon that unapologetically drills in deep from start to finish. The EP’s finale wades through a sea of buzzing and ascending synth drones, eventually detonating again into a suped-up second drop that caps k?d debut off in a surge of digital adrenaline. k?d’s first collective project is a buffet of digital distortion and tranced-out top lines, unified under a relentlessly dystopian sonic framework. The common vein is a thrilling addition to the artist’s ever-unfolding story, as he begins wielding the storytelling power of well-composed extended releases.