deadmau5 announces upcoming collaboration with Lights, live stream of ‘mau5ville: level 2’

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Quickly following up on the recently release of his eight-track compilation album, mau5ville: level 1, deadmau5 just teased more good news, announcing an upcoming collaboration with indie-pop phenomenon and fellow Canadian, Lights. The Skin & Earth vocalist has racked up hundreds of millions of plays over the course of a storied career, with a rap sheet that boasts LPs, comic books, acoustic work and more. Hot off the heels of some fan praise on the acclaimed Rob Swire collaboration “Monophobia,” deadmau5 had this to offer.

It is unclear if the new joint effort with Lights will come as a one-off, or a single from the mau5’s newly announced level 2 follow up, which he will begin teasing via his Twitch account. For now, the waiting game begins on the new Lights collaboration, though luckily, we have a full compilation of new work that still very much has our attention captured.

deadmau5 and Getter go on a coffee run [WATCH]

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deadmau5 and Getter go on a coffee run [WATCH]Getter Deadmau5 Coffee Run Ripped From Vid

Getter and deadmau5 seem like they’d be the most unlikely of pairings on paper; the former is a newer act who’s known for his raucous bass productions and his video series cameos. The latter rose up for his more progressive-oriented productions, which have since given him the reputation of a “dance pioneer.”

There is one huge commonality the two share, however: their cheeky sense of humor. This shared trait is what made the two excellent partners for the most recent edition of deadmau5′ Coffee Run.

They discuss all sorts of career-related and other fun topics, including hitting people with cars, Skrillex being homeless at one point in his life, and laughing at slapstick humor. All-in-all, their interaction made for quite the entertaining hour of content!

Watch deadmau5 play Electric Forest as his Testpilot alter ego

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Watch deadmau5 play Electric Forest as his Testpilot alter egoDfH9lJVMAAvIfn.jpg Large

A very dedicated fan captured deadmau5‘s full performance as his deeper, darker alter ego Testpilot at weekend two of Electric Forest. Following a mau5trap takeover of the Tripolee stage, with guests ATTLAS, Blackgummy, Chris LakeClaptone, Jeremy Olander, Rinzen and Lane 8, the mau5trap label head emerged with his lesser seen, techno-favoring style and smashed his audience to bits.

Clocking in just under two hours, this fan even posted the full tracklist in the video’s details.

Electric Forest is Insomniac’s take on a camping, transformational-inspired festival. It’s known for its enchanting grounds and friendly crowd, drawing people from all over the country to its Michigan location.

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deadmau5’s ‘where’s the drop’ is now available on all streaming platforms

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deadmau5’s ‘where’s the drop’ is now available on all streaming platformsDeadmau5 Classical Album

deadmau5‘s orchestral album, where’s the drop?, is now available on all streaming platforms. Originally released on TIDAL, the album featured 15 classically reworked deadmau5 singles mostly based from his 2013 EP, 7. The Canadian label boss enlisted the talents of the award-winning film composer, Gregory Reveret, on the project.

CMG Music Recording Orchestra performed a live orchestral rendition of the album at The Wiltern, Los Angeles on April 1, 2018 with live streaming on TIDAL’s app and website. Deadmau5 told Billboard he sees this project as step toward scoring films.

The album is great to listen to while working, studying, or simply appreciating a classical narrative. Simply beautiful.

Photo Credit: Variety

deadmau5 debuts forthcoming Rob Swire collab live at Spring Awakening [Watch]

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Spring Awakening attendees were among the first to get a live preview of deadmau5’s latest collaboration with Rob Swire, reportedly entitled “Monophobia.” Listeners will remember Swire for his work with electronic music’s big cheese on 2009’s “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” a song off of deadmau5’s album, For Lack of a Better Name.

While little is known about the burgeoning tune other than its existence after its appearance in deadmau5’s Spring Awakening set, fan videos taken during the festival offer those not present a glimpse of what’s to come when the track gains its official release. deadmau5 originally sampled the song during a live Twitch broadcast in May.

Photo Credit: Spring Awakening Music Festival/Twitter

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Premiere: Matt Fax x Dezza – Sweet Dream

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Remember “The Veldt” by Deadmau5? The track that gave everyone the feels? Well, prepare to get that same euphoria right through the spine, as Canadian born Dezza and French producer Matt Fax have created a masterpiece with “Sweet Dream”, out on Enhanced Music.

Both producers have made it apparent that they take inspiration from Mr. Zimmerman, which is clearly evident in this collaboration as it heavily features piano-driven chord progressions, light kicks, and harmonizing electro-synths. The positive vibes from the production is complimented by some dreamy, vocals by Dezza himself.

To see how the track was forged production wise, check out Dezza’s walk through below:

Watch deadmau5 produce 3D sounds using Dolby Atmos

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Dolby Atmos is changing the live audio landscape by way of a new three-dimensional sound space. Venues play electronic music in stereo, which has sound directed through two speakers. This limits the listening experience because no matter how many speakers are in the club, there is still only two channels of sound. Dolby Atmos has created a space where the sound revolves around the listener; think 3D sounds.

Various artists are already taking advantage of the experience: deadmau5The Glitch MobLondon Elektricity, and Yousef. In Dolby‘s newest video on their Atmos technology, deadmau5 demonstrates his process of producing a track for the 3D space. Throughout the feature, deaThe mau5trap label boss advises other producers using Atmos to, “keep most of [the tracks], still, front-and-center, because you have to think of Atmos like you’re looking at a movie screen.”

The “Strobe” creator praises Dolby’s resources by mentioning they have “the most arsenal out there to for people to enjoy the system on.” The use of leading edge technology has always been a major facet to deadmau5’s appeal as an artist, and with Dolby’s new, interactive method of sound design now becoming a reality, perhaps 3D deadmau5 productions aren’t too far off.

deadmau5 previews new Rob Swire collaboration on Twitch

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It’s no secret that pronounced vocals are the crux of many a classic deadmau5 tune. Consider Greta Svabo Bech‘s feature on the indelible dance classic “Raise Your Weapon,” for example, or Knife Party and Pendulum‘s Rob Swire on “Ghosts N Stuff.”

Deadmau5 has searched far and wide for his vocalists, even going so far as famously enlisting “The Veldt” vocals from a casual Twitter submission. Now, it seems the mau5trap head honcho is headed back into his classic camp for a new collaboration with Rob Swire.

He’s teased the suspected new track with a short snippet on his Twitch stream, titled as “Monophobia” for the time being — which is defined as the specific phobia of isolation; a morbid fear of being egotistical, or a dread of being alone or isolated. Although it’s still in its early stages of production, it’s certainly got all the elements of anthemic production proportions.

Rezzmau5 is imminent: REZZ and deadmau5 collaboration officially in the works

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rezz mau5

REZZ has been quite adamant about avoiding the confirmation of a collaboration with deadmau5. Rather, she’s been taking her time, assuring fans that it “will happen,” though in due time.

Now, it appears as though the two may actually release the collaboration sooner than anticipated after sending the internet into a frenzy with a new screenshotted private conversation.


Deadmau5 has even begun to tease the collaboration on his Instagram, and though there’s no news as to when the collaboration will arrive,  know that mediocrity is never an option with these two.

Here you go @officialrezz fuckit yolo swag 85bae

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deadmau5 is currently developing his own electronic game

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deadmau5 isn’t ‘playing games’ when it comes to the foundation of his fully equipped LAN/gaming center in Canada. Well, maybe just one.

The producer is already at work on a first-person shooter game, just after announcing his intent to establish a gaming mega center in Milton. Given its nascent stages, the game will take “a year at least” to officially release.

A game engine instituted by Epic Games, Unreal Engine is developing the game. Although the program remains in the “early alpha” testing stage, deadmau5 has already offered the public a preview of what the game will look like during a recent Twitch broadcast in which he streamed himself playing a prototype of the game.

“We’re just setting up some basic mechanics, getting a space together where we can jam out in an arena of sorts and spitball ideas…once we’ve agreed on that and nailed in network code and sever delegation, we head down the ‘fun and original secondary objective’ route,” deadmau5 has said of the state of the project.