Jeffrey Sutorius makes amends with former Dash Berlin counterparts, assumes solo control of the project

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Jeffrey Sutorius makes amends with former Dash Berlin counterparts, assumes solo control of the projectDash Berlin Jeffrey Sutorius Solo

Former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius has retaken control of the project—this time for good. The veteran dance collective, a joint effort between Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn, experienced a tumultuous riff in 2018 that saw Sutorius expelled from the group he was the face of for more than a decade. Legal squabbling forced Sutorius to essentially restart his career without any Dash Berlin equity, launching a new solo single “Bad Days” in February of this year.

Now, in a new statement from Dash Berlin, all three members claim to have buried the hatchet, though the reconciliation comes at a price—Kalberg and Molijn will depart the project and leave Sutorius to helm Dash Berlin as a solo endeavor.

The departing two producers will go on to pursue other opportunities in the music industry while former frontman Sutorius resumes his position as the face of Dash Berlin. Read the group’s full statement below.

Dear friends, fans, promoters & press,

We are happy to announce that after a pretty challenging time for all of us, we succeeded in overcoming our differences and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, good communication is everything. After a sensational rollercoaster journey of more than 10 years with many highlights, we all have come to the conclusion that the chemistry between us is gone and that it is time for a change.

We all now look forward to a new chapter. Jeffrey Sutorius will set forth the legacy of Dash Berlin within his own vision. Founding members and music producers Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg together with Vanderkleij Agency have decided to end their part in the Dash Berlin project to focus on exciting new musical projects.
We all wish each other nothing but good vibes and success.
We thank everybody for the ongoing support.

Exclusive: Jeffrey Sutorius launches his rebranding chapter with his first solo release, ‘Bad Days’

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Exclusive: Jeffrey Sutorius launches his rebranding chapter with his first solo release, ‘Bad Days’Umf17b 032

After more than a decade occupying the frontman role of the once-legendary Dash Berlin trio, Jeffrey Sutorius had his membership from the group abruptly and involuntarily removed last June after the original two members registered the moniker without him. Now, Sutorius is looking to officially turn a new page following the messy divorce as he ignites his complete rebrand under the Jeffrey Sutorius identity with the release of his first solo single on his new label.

“Bad Days” instantaneously proves Sutorius can proceed without the assistance from his fellow counterparts, as he delivers yet another uplifting and animated production. Utilizing his trademark concoction of infectious lyrics, signature synths, and progressive chords, Sutorius presents “Bad Days” in the only manner he knows how, providing auspicious glimpses into what his future holds.

While fans are only getting a initial taste of Jeffrey Sutorius music, more releases are certainly inbound as he reveals that “Bad Days” is the inaugural release on his new imprint, BODYWRMR. In speaking on the label’s launch and the background behind it, Sutorius elaborated on its meaning:

“The reason I decided to call my new record label BODYWRMR is threefold. You are heating up your body when dancing at a party. Secondly, electronic music allows us to bond in a PLUR state of mind when we are hugging each other on the dancefloor and making friendships for life, we are literally warming up each other’s bodies. And finally, I wish to thank everyone for their support in making my new journey as Jeffrey Sutorius possible: this truly warms my body by first warming my heart. My intention is to do the same for my fans with new music, whether it’s mine or coming from carefully selected talent from around the world. So in the end it’s all about what it has always been for me: for each other and with each other.”

With an upcoming appearance at Ultra Music Festival‘s A State of Trance stage under his new moniker, Sutorius will undoubtedly have a full arsenal stocked of new solo productions ready to be heard by the dance music world.

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Remaining Dash Berlin members release cryptic video: ‘We’re breaking the silence’

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Remaining Dash Berlin members release cryptic video: ‘We’re breaking the silence’Dash Berlin Breakup

The sudden departure of Dash Berlin fan-facing member Jeffrey Sutorious from the three-man group shook the dance community in June 2018, and their breakup has proven to be quite ugly. Following swirls of legal battle rumors and passive aggressive jabs among the parties involved, Sutorious later sat down with DJ Mag for a tell-all interview that explained he felt he had to leave due to mental health concerns, and management/his other group members pushing him too hard on the tour circuit. The interview resonated with fans and onlookers alike, and justified the swift launch of the departed artist’s namesake solo project.

Despite starting off on a negative foot in part to the DJ Mag piece, original Dash Berliners Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are determined to continue their legacy. At the end of the year, they announced on the group’s social media channels that remaining fans can expect more music from them moving forward. They’ve now taken to YouTube in what feels like a strikeback to Sutorious with a couple exposé-esque video clips. The clips, titled The Untold Story of Dash Berlin, follow the creation of one of their most iconic singles of all time, “Till The Sky Falls Down.” It describes Eelke and Sebastiaan’s longtime friendship and collaboration, ending with a message that they’re “breaking the silence” — a possible allusion to their incoming new music, or even their speaking out with their side of the Dash Berlin story.

A notable lack of Sutorious’ inclusion, further proves the rift caused in the outfit’s fragmentation.



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Dash Berlin Twitter confirms there will be new music from group’s ‘founders’ in 2019, despite Jeffrey Sutorius’ departure

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Dash Berlin Twitter confirms there will be new music from group’s ‘founders’ in 2019, despite Jeffrey Sutorius’ departureDash Berlin Founders

Those who have been following Dash Berlin this year know that the powerhouse of a group have been nothing short of a soap opera during the back half of 2018.  Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn had a different dynamic than most electronic groups, with Sutorius being the face of the group and the solo touring artist, and Kalberg and Molijn allegedly being the production forces for the musical releases that came out of Dash Berlin.

In August of this year, Sutorius announced he would be embarking upon a solo career and would no longer be able to produce under the name Dash Berlin. The two non-fan-facing members, Eelke and Kalberg, had allegedly trademarked the Dash Berlin brand behind his back, leaving Sutorius to produce under his own name, despite him being the lone face of Dash Berlin for years. Sutorius then came out to tell his full account of the story in October, and Kalberg and Molijn have remained quiet through it all.

Throughout all of the legal battles and the public outpouring from Sutorius, many fans have questioned whether the alias Dash Berlin would continue releasing music at all. Kalberg and Molijn replied to a fan’s tweet on December 28, ensuring that there was more to come from “the founding members” of Dash Berlin in 2019.

Dash Berlin Twitter confirms there will be new music from group’s ‘founders’ in 2019, despite Jeffrey Sutorius’ departureScreen Shot 2018 12 28 At 9.34.41 PM

Dash Berlin Twitter confirms there will be new music from group’s ‘founders’ in 2019, despite Jeffrey Sutorius’ departureScreen Shot 2018 12 28 At 9.35.08 PM 1

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Ex-Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, finally speaks out about the split in new interview

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Ex-Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, finally speaks out about the split in new interviewDash Berlin

If nothing else, 2018 has brought to light the tremendous impact touring and spotlight can have on both mental and physical health. Longtime Dash Berlin frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius is the latest to join a stream of artists who decided they needed to step away from the intensity of touring in order to heal–away from a dizzying, demanding schedule. Physical pain accompanied mental burnout for the legendary artist, but his healing process has helped illuminate deep-seeded issues within the group and its management.

Many fans have been left wondering what was really going on behind the scenes of the Dash Berlin split–which has led Sutorius to sit down with DJ Mag in efforts to shed light on the ins and outs of his struggles and prevailing resolve over the course of the year.

According to Sutorius, as he was taking time off, he faced fierce pressure from management and Dash Berlin members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn to get back on the road. In June of 2018, Sutorius announced he would be embarking on a solo project, citing “mismanagement.” He was then forced to start producing under his own name, as Kalberg, Molijn, and his management claimed official ownership of the Dash Berlin moniker.

Suturius accredits his inability to voice his concerns until now to his former partners allegedly silencing him by way of locking him out of Dash Berlin social media platforms:

I’ve always been open as who I am and how I feel. Not only as an artist but also as a human being. That is why it broke my heart when Eelke and Sebastiaan cut me off from my social media channels last June and that I could not share my feelings with the fans.

Sutorius also notes his latent understanding as to why his ex-colleagues would register the auspicious Dash Berlin masthead exclusively under their own names:

I have continuously asked questions regarding the financial matters of Dash Berlin, which are still unclear to me. All that time, I have not gotten facts nor answers. Eelke, Sebastiaan and Van der Kleij still are refusing to provide documents and information, and are forcing me to take them to court.

Ultimately, Sutorius shares he is convinced Eelke and Sebastiaan harbored ulterior motives from the very beginning of their partnership:

I believe they have never intended in sharing Dash Berlin with me. They even tried to portrayed me as an act that they invented, and that I was merely a puppet on a string that they could easily replace.

Read the full interview here.

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Ultra releases rousing official 20th anniversary recap

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Ultra releases rousing official 20th anniversary recapUltra Recap 1

Nearly six months after celebrating its landmark 20th anniversary, Ultra Miami has unveiled its exultant recap of the historic weekend surely no attendee has forgotten (at least not deliberately). The short picture boasts its seemingly endless stream of EDM hall of famers, including Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Oliver Heldens, and Dash Berlin: a mere fraction of the 2018 roster.

Inundated by glistening bikini bods, a thundering mass of pyrotechnics, and a kaleidoscopic sea of swirling artist emblems, the video may appear hyperbolic, albeit, only to those who have never had the chance to attend. The recap illustrates the round-the-clock celebratory nature of the fest, shifting from day to night with no loss of vigor, mirroring that of the perpetually enthused, perma-smile patrons. Additionally, those Ultra attendees brandish not only a full spectrum of artist memorabilia, but national flags from all ends of the universe, solidifying the festival’s overwhelming scope of attraction. Even Will Smith can be seen taking the sparkling city up on his eternal “Welcome To Miami.”

Former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius announces he’s going solo

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Former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius announces he’s going soloDash Berlin Jeffrey Sutorius Solo

Jeffrey Sutorius, former member of Dutch trance group Dash Berlin, has announced that he will continue performing under his own name, with his first set dates arriving in October. The statement helps bring clarity to the group’s ongoing legal battle, at least in terms of future music and touring plans. Since first announcing his split from Dash Berlin’s resident producers and agents (Eelke Kalberg, Sebastiaan Molijn, and Erick van der Kleij ) in June citing “mismanagement,” Sutorius has received support from all angles. Both fans and industry professionals alike had expressed hope that the DJ would elect to continue performing. There’s currently no word as to whether or not the DJ will be granted the ability to perform under the Dash Berlin name in the future.

When news of the split went public earlier this summer, Sutorius was reportedly suffering from health concerns. Since then, he has taken the bulk of the summer to rest and plan the next steps of his career and future. The news that the DJ plans to perform under his own name is the best-case scenario for fans of his Dash Berlin project, which spawned massive hits like “Here Tonight” and “Till The Sky Falls Down.” Sutorius stated in a press release that the events of the past year have been the catalyst for fresh ideas, with a release date for new music on the hear horizon.

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Armin van Buuren releases full Tomorrowland set from A State of Trance stage

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Armin van Buuren releases full Tomorrowland set from A State of Trance stageTomorrowland Armin Van Buuren 2018

Armin van Buuren has shared his entire Tomorrowland weekend two set from this year’s set at the A State of Trance stage. Those who missed, or daydreamers trying to relive that day in festival history can now listen through the 43 tracks, in order, of which he played. Van Buuren opened with a dedication to his son, Remy, who turned five, before dropping into his new song with Vini Vici and Alok featuring Zafrir, “United.” Powering through, the trance legend hits songs produced by himself and close collaborators in the genre space such as W&W, Vini Vici, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Conrad Sewell, Shapov, Josh Cumbee, Maor Levi, Mark Sixma, Super8 & Tab, STANDERWICK, Emma Hewitt, Ben Gold, and many more.

Van Buuren’s nearly two-hour set was one of three sets he played at one of the biggest festivals in the world. The other two sets took place on Tomorrowland’s infamous main stage. If four hours from the trance radio behemoth isn’t enough, he played a seven hour trance set at Untold Festival in Romania earlier this month and shared the full stream.

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Dash Berlin issues statement on social media silence, addresses management complications and legal issues

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Following the cancellation of multiple shows and a social media silence that dates back to late-May now, Dash Berlin has finally emerged from radio silence with a statement addressing the issues behind it. The Dutch group’s frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, addressed the group’s ongoing trouble in a press release originally reported to have been sent through Berlin’s press team, The Media Nanny. Sutorius explains the chaos surrounding his management team, legal complications, and the future of Dash Berlin as we know it.

“Through this statement I inform you that at the end of May I severed my ties with Vanderkleij Agency, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg (booker and management of Dash Berlin). The reason for ending the relationship is mismanagement in the past several years and neglecting my interests. I recently found out that Molijn and Kalberg together with Vanderkleij Agency registered the name ‘Dash Berlin’ in their own name. I did not realize that as such it might not be possible for me to perform under my Dash Berlin name. I requested my lawyers to put this matter before the court, so that this matter can be resolved. All this has had a negative influence on my health, and I was advised to take it easy. I would have preferred to announce this through my own social media channels. However, after ending the relationship my access to the social media accounts was blocked. I hope that all this can be settled quickly and that I can continue to perform. I love my fans and I hope they will understand.”

Previously, the message behind the major appearance cancellations was due to health-related concerns, though now it appears that the Dash Berlin project might be facing uncertainty moving forward due to legal trouble. Following a largely successful decade of touring under the Dash Berlin banner, Sutorius may no longer have the right to use the name, and Dash Berlin may have split as we know it.

Dash Berlin pulls out of Spring Awakening due to health issues

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Chicago’s premiere electronic music destination Spring Awakening had some unfortunate news this weekend as they took to Twitter to announce that Dash Berlin would no longer be performing due to undisclosed health issues.

Although in light of his absence, Spring Awakening has added Zedd to its bill.

The past year has been full of highlights for Dash Berlin, although this recent cancellation is is not the first time his health has led to canceled shows. Recently, Berlin also withdrew from the A State Of Trance lineup, also for undisclosed health issues. Still, no further issues surrounding the complications of his health have been made known. Dash Berlin has had several major releases through his career, largely shaping the spheres of progressive, trance, and big room. In 2017 alone, Berlin saw successful several single releases including “Love Out Loud, ” “Home,” and “We Don’t Belong, ” keeping himself at the forefront of the EDM scene worldwide.