Damon Albarn on the Gorillaz future touring plans: “It’s probably going to be another 10 years”

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Damon Albarn on the Gorillaz future touring plans: “It’s probably going to be another 10 years”1200p Damon Albarn Mg 6633

All good things must come to an end…or at least take a break. Damon Albarn, frontman of beloved digital rock outfit Gorillaz, seems to think its time to put the band to bed for a while following back-to-back LP releases with 2017’s Humanz and 2018’s The Now NowRecently, speaking to the Toronto SunAlbarn explained that after two full-length studio albums, he and co-creator Jamie Hewlett plan to take a break from the road, to “even out” their recent output. An impending hiatus isn’t too surprising however, given that before Humanz, Albarn and Hewlett hadn’t linked for a full-length project since 2010’s Plastic Beach

“Since there wasn’t much time between these recent two records it’s probably going to be another 10 years,” claims Albarn.

Recently, the Blur proponent also revealed that another side project, The Good, The Bad & The Queen are set to release new music, and that new materials from the Gorillaz could land sometime after that. Regardless of more new music from the “Humility” producers that may come in 2019, it seems after the group’s current tour ends on October 24 in Mexico City, Gorillaz may not surface again for another decade.


Damon Albarn reveals another new Gorillaz album planned for after The Good, The Bad & The Queen’s next release

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Damon Albarn reveals another new Gorillaz album planned for after The Good, The Bad & The Queen’s next releaseGorillaz Ace Hollywood

Although Gorillaz’ latest album The Now Now was released just this past June, it appears that the animated band is already gearing up to release something new. In a new interview with the Radio FM4 podcast, frontman Damon Albarn revealed the band already has another new album in the works, confirming a revelation Albarn alluded to earlier this year.

“I have another one as well, but I know I’m not gonna be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year. In October, after I play in America, I’ll be starting The Good, The Bad & The Queen again…it’s there. If I get the time, or if anyone wants it, it’s there.”

The upcoming LP would be the Gorillaz’ seventh studio album and would follow another release with The Good, The Bad & The Queen — Albarn’s supergroup with the Clash’s Paul Simonon, the Verve’s Simon Tong, and Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen.


Damon Albarn confirms new The Good, The Bad & The Queen’s album will be out ‘by the end of the year’

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Damon Albarn confirms new The Good, The Bad & The Queen’s album will be out ‘by the end of the year’1200p Damon Albarn Mg 6633

Gorillaz‘ frontman Damon Albarn seems to only be interested in outdoing himself at this point.

He’s on a prolific hot streak, releasing two Gorillaz albums in the span of the last year. Now, Albarn’s made it clear that he has no plans to slow down, either, with the announcement that his supergroup,  The Good The Bad & The Queen, will release their long-awaited sophomore album “by the end of the year.”

“I’m on tour in Europe doing festivals, but I’m coming home in between them [to finish the record],” he told Kyle Meredith at Consequence of Sound. “I’m working all weekend doing festivals and then come home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday — that should be a weekend. But because I’ve stupidly started and want to make this record right, I don’t have any weekends,” Albarn quipped.

The Good, The Bad & The Queen, features a venerable cast of musicians that includes The Clash’s Paul Simonon, The Verve’s Simon Tong, and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen. The band released their last and only album back in 2007.

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Damon Albarn says Del the Funky Homosapien punctured a lung during the rapper’s Gorillaz show stage fall

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Damon Albarn says Del the Funky Homosapien punctured a lung during the rapper’s Gorillaz show stage fallDel The Funky Homosapien Damon Albarn

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has confirmed in a new Beats 1 Radio interview with Matt Wilkinson that Del the Funky Homosapien has suffered severe injuries following his fall at the band’s performance from Denmark’s Roskilde Festival on July 7. Albarn confirmed,

“Del is in hospital still in Roskilde. He’s got seven fractured ribs, and he punctured his lung on one side, lacerated it on the other.”

“He’s gonna be fine,” Albarn goes on to say. “It was just a stage fall, and I’ve fallen off stage several times, off stages way higher than that and I’ve been so fortunate. When he fell down, I was looking at him like, come on get up there’s 80,000 people out there and we need to finish. I thought I was going to able to carry the song on. I thought he was going to be okay…. But he really wasn’t.”

The Gorillaz performance was ultimately halted after the incident occurred. Albarn concludes, “It’s an awful, awful thing that I can’t quite believe. I keep playing it through my head.”

Godspeed, Del.

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Gorillaz to debut their new record ‘The Now Now’ live from the Boiler Room in Tokyo

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Gorillaz are performing their brand new album The Now Now live for the first time ever on the Boiler Room in Tokyo. Announced for Sunday, June 24, Gorillaz will take the stage with a unique combination of atmospheric visuals taken from their stage show.

The album’s full live debut comes after a steady stream of lead up singles, most recently with the introspective, psychedelic “Fire Flies.” Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s impending new collection, The Now Now, marks the virtual band’s sixth studio album and will officially be released on June 29 via Parlophone and Warner Bros. Records.

Gorillaz continue album rollout with ‘Fire Flies’

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The Damon Albarn-led Gorillaz continue rollout for The Now Now with the release of their fourth new single, “Fire Flies.”

The mellow slow-burn follows already shared tracks “Sorcererz,” Humility,” and “Lake Zurich.” Severely less danceable than any of the singles shared thus far, “Fire Flies” sees Albarn leaning into his introspective side. It’s the most intimate look at the record yet, a prolonged psychedelic interlude that feels like a funk-infused culmination of the band’s earliest material.

The Now Now is out June 29 via Warner Bros.

Gorillaz share studio version of sleek, new danceable track ‘Sorcererz’

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Just recently, Gorillaz debuted four new tracks at their first live performance since announcing their forthcoming LP, The Now Now. Now, they’ve shared the studio version of “Sorcererz,” an extremely danceable tune which was premiered at Germany’s Rock im Park.

“Sorcererz” is a warm new take from the group, which seems to rely heavily on the groove that “Humility,” “Lake Zurich,” and alot of their older material rides out. Perhaps, it’s even fair to say this ’80s-inspired take is what could have potentially happened had Albarn, who reportedly turned down the chance to work with Prince, accepted he couldn’t smoke in the studio.

The Now Now is out June 29 on Warner Bros.

WATCH: Gorillaz debut four new songs live

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Gorillaz debuted four new songs off their forthcoming LP,  The Now Now, at a recent performanceThe new tracks debuted at Germany’s Rock im Park, the first time the band’s taken the stage since announcing their upcoming album. Damon Albarn and co. premiered “Tranz,” “Magic City,” “Sorcererz,” and “Souk Eye.”

As originally pointed out by Consequence of Sound, The Now Now is just 11 tracks long, so the new songs Gorillaz played in their set including, “Humility” and “Lake Zurich” were the majority of the record.

Full show:


“Magic City”:


“Souk Eye”:

H/T: Consequence of Sound

Gorillaz have a new album set for a June 29 release, ‘The Now Now’

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After nearly six years of radio silence, Gorillaz returned last year with a massive comeback campaign behind their fifth studio album, Humanz. Naturally, fans wondered whether another prolonged hiatus was ahead for more new music from the English virtual band.

Following the album’s acclaimed release, while the group was deep into their Humanz world tour, a surprising reveal came when front man Damon Albarn let slip in a series of interviews that they had enough material to fill several albums. At the end of 2017, the group’s illustrator Jamie Hewlett confirmed the hype to a German art book publisher.

“We’re working on another Gorilllaz album that we’re going to be releasing next year,” Hewlett said.

Gorillaz fans can now finally rejoice for that album has received a title and release date. The album fate, known as The Now Now, seemed shaky when Albarn recently lost his laptop in the back of a cab, containing the record’s master copy. With the device successfully returned, and presumably without any new Gorillaz materials leaked, we’re in for a treat this summer as the world’s favorite semi-animated electronic band returns with their sixth studio LP.

Feel Bad Inc: Apparently Damon Albarn left a master copy of the new Gorillaz album in the back of a taxi

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Damon Albarn and co. are on melancholy hill after the Gorillaz frontman left his laptop with a master copy of the group’s new album in the back of a taxi.

Having confirmed plans for a new record in 2018, even going so far as to reveal he had 40-50 songs ready to release after Humanz, The Mirror‘s reporting that his laptop turned up in the back of a taxi after Albarn had an evening out of drinking.

“It was a disaster,” a source told The Mirror. 

“Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless. But after a night at Groucho, Damon accidentally left it in a cab and caused a huge panic.”

The source also claims that the album is strongly inspired by Albarn’s strong anti-Brexit views and that there are plans to release it as early as next month.

Lucky for Albarn, hopes for a better tomorrow come today. The album has been returned by the taxi driver and a crisis has been averted, so long as nobody ripped it along the way. Regardless, new Gorillaz seems imminent.