American man, 26, dies after attending Ultra Europe in Croatia

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American man, 26, dies after attending Ultra Europe in CroatiaUltra Europe 2015 Day 2 25

It’s somewhat counter-intuitive to think of a musical festival, a place for unparalleled celebration, as a place from which one may never return. Nevertheless, year after year, due to exhaustion, overheating, and/or drugs, a small number of festival-goers tragically validate this bleak reality.

As Ultra Europe 2018, held in the Croatian city of Split, came to a close, a 26-year-old American man was confirmed dead after attending the festival. According to local authorities, after falling ill, the man was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, where he eventually died the following day. The U.S. State Department confirmed the death to Daily News, saying, “We extend our sincere condolences to friends and family. The U.S. Embassy in Croatia is providing consular assistance.”

The man’s official cause of death is still pending an autopsy.

It’s worth noting that over the weekend, temperatures reached over 86 degrees Fahrenheit in Split, making drug use especially risky, drastically increasing the likelihood of dehydration in any case. Local media reported that, in addition to the singular death, an additional 24 attendees were hospitalized, with 60 additional incidents requiring attention onsite. A whopping 305 individuals were arrested at Ultra, with one incarceration involving a man found with 49 kilograms of marijuana (roughly 108 pounds) on his person.

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A day-by-day look at Sonus’ magic [Festival Review]

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A day-by-day look at Sonus’ magic (Festival Review)

Sonus has become an underground jewel of sorts of the Croatian festival scene within just five years of operation. This notion was evidenced physically by the thousands of partygoers flooded into the surrounding town of Novalja as the festival commenced its milestone fifth anniversary celebrations at the nearby Zrce Beach.

Over its tenure, Sonus’ following has grown immensely, with new attendance records broken each year. This just-past edition saw a record broken in terms of nationalities making the pilgrimage to their techno paradise — a record 65 in total. Of course, the continual success of the festival is hardly a surprise; organized largely in part by Time Warp, it has a proven track record of providing a premier dance music experience to its guests whose artistic caliber is matched by the natural beauty that can be seen by the festival’s beachside clubs.

Feature Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen


Fans once again had their promises of a magical, underground dance-oriented getaway fulfilled in spades with Sonus’ arrival on August 20. Organizers worked hard to curate a well-rounded lineup which combined plenty of prolific names with those that are lesser-known. Regardless of stature, each of the 70+ artists brought their A-game to the table, making for an unforgettable five days of non-stop house & techno.

The task of naming a few select acts above the rest was daunting to say the least, but alas, the time has come to Dancing Astronaut top sets of Sonus 2017.


Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen



Day 1: Len Faki ushers in the first Sonus sunset

Kalypso and Papaya, two of Sonus’ clubs, were populated by sets fit for the daytime hours. Len Faki, however, opted to bring a slice of Berghain to Aquarius, inundating the open air club with raunchy, driving techno right from the start of his 6pm slot. By the time the sun began turning its golden sunset hue, the packed dance-floor was primed for darkness to take over as the Berliner continued his onslaught of pungent kicks set at tempos upwards of 130 BPM. While his set ended just when the night began, the amount of energy generated within provided a healthy kick-start to the rest of the week.


Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen


Maceo Plex closes out Day 1 with a dose of heavy feels

It’s about six in the morning, and the night sky is just beginning to give way to the morning light. As the brightening continues creeping into existence, those filling Kalypso are being swept away by Morrissey’s bellowing vocals and the following lyrics: “I am the sun, and the air.”

The orchestrator of such a breathtaking moment is none other than Maceo Plex himself, who also happened to pen a remix around The Smiths song whose lyrics were just mentioned. Of course, the path to get to there was wrought with twists and turns — fans were taken from the most sinister soundscapes into the sentimental light, through the ages with classics, and everything in between.



Day 2: Monika Kruse brings joy to Kalypso with her infectious energy

Monika Kruse is class woman whose love for electronica is palpable with each show. Having been around the block plenty of times, her intuition and ability to feed off of her crowds make her an ideal lineup staple for anytime of the day. This time, Kruse was tasked with bringing Kalyspo into the evening hours on Day 2. She rose nicely to the occasion, starting off soft and inserting plenty of grooving melodies into the mix before taking a turn in a harder direction as twilight hit. Her relentless smile and joyful energy radiated out of her the entirety of her set, which in turn kept her crowd in a state of entranced bliss that was lovely to watch.


Photo Credit: Ruben Schmitz


Tale of Us ring in an enchanting Day 2 sunrise

The sunrise and Tale Of Us are an idyllic pairing. Sonus picked up on this of course, scheduling the Italian duo to set the morning tone as Day 2 came to an end. They blessed a filled Aquarius with an ethereal, yet intense set that kept their viewers anchored to the dance-floor. Moreover, sense of time felt skewed as Tale Of Us brought them on an introspective journey catalyzed by haunting melodies, well-placed vocals, and thundering kicks that carried the momentum through to the end. High expectations for a magical sunrise were met when Matteo & Carmine opted to wield their touching edit of Hans Zimmer’s “Time” — the move had fans basking in every moment as moving string melodies swept over them to the tune of rosy skies.

Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen


Day 3: Pan-Pot wreck their early-morning set in the best of ways

German duo Pan-Pot were among the few who performed twice throughout Sonus’ tenure, allowing fans to see the full spectrum of their artistry and their skills of playing to their setting come into play. After rocking the Papaya club with a more light-hearted techno set at sunset on Day 2, they came back for a 1am jaunt at Kalypso on Day 3 and reaped complete destruction. A time where they went below 128 bpm was hard to find, as the black tee shirt-clad partners pummeled the crowd with post-apocalyptic techno. Their set was a veritable marathon that shot energy levels right back up to where they were twelve hours prior when festivities began. Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen


Day 4: Adriatique take Aquarius to space

Adriatique took over Aquarius at 2am on Day 4, promptly steering the club in a brooding direction with cerebral sound design and artful arrangement. The Adrians weaved together an awe-inspiring mélange of their own works and others whose futuristic aura made attendees feel as though they were traveling through space. One particularly powerful moment was when they brought out their remix of Tale Of Us’ “Monument” — Vaal’s haunting vocals encapsulated the floor, and time felt almost as if it had stopped. Adriatique’s late night offerings fit right into the dimmed island surroundings, and gave way nicely into Âme’s early-morning ride.


Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen


Day 5: SHDW & Obscure Shape jolt Sonus’ final day into action

SHDW & Obscure Shape make an unstoppable team, as evidenced by their swift rise to prominence in the underground ranks. Sonus gave them a chance to bring their skills out of the warehouse and into the open air, but of course, they never once forgot their roots. Though they began slowly, they subtly inched into a round of relentless, thumping techno that shook the dance-floor and bent the audience to their will early on. Their closing was thunderous as ever, with the Another Mind owners playing a series of favorites from their burgeoning label such as the Konstantin Sibold remix of “Gesang Der Toten Dinge,” and “Die Weiße Rose.”

Photo Credit: Elephant Studio


Sven Väth exudes magnetic force at Sonus’ final sunset

People call Sven Väth “Papa Sven” for a reason. The longtime icon exudes a warm, fatherly energy that electronic fans are drawn to like moths to a flame. His presence demanded an extended hour at the Papaya club, and he made sure to provide fans with an unforgettable performance that transgressed genres and generations of dance music. That said, despite being all over the map musically, each impeccable track selection was pieced together into a wildly cohesive and seamless vinyl set — only natural, coming from someone who’s been at the forefront of electronic for three decades.

After taking viewers on a four hour journey which went from smooth house in the day, to haunting twilight melodies, to pounding techno at nightfall, Väth closed with David August’s sentimental cut “Epikur.” Everyone had funneled into his set by this time, including many other DJ peers, and the room thundered in glowing applause as lifelong memories were made at that very moment.


Photo Credit: Ruben Schmitz



Sonus & DA present: A guide to planning a techno holiday in Croatian paradise

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Sonus & DA present: A guide to planning a techno holiday in Croatian paradise

Croatia is quickly rising as Europe’s next booming party destination. When looking into its growing presence on the public radar, it becomes evident why — not only is the coastal nation lined with beautiful beaches and warm, crystal-clear waters, but it also boasts a tourism-friendly economy with easily attainable event permits and affordable pricing for lodging and food.

These factors make Croatia a veritable “White Isle” of the Adriatic Sea, as dance events are increasing in volume along with a legion of tourists looking for a paradisal experience that seems a bit easier on the bank account than the increasingly “VIP” culture and hiking prices in Ibiza.

feature photo credit: Felix Hohagen



One such dance event that has become a favorite among the dance music crown is Sonus festival, which is organized by Time Warp and provides a premier underground dance experience to guests across five days and five nights. This year marks the festival’s fifth birthday, and they’re pulling out all the stops — Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer are a few of the big ticket names on the roster, with over 70 more top acts booked alongside them.

To boot, Sonus is held on Zrce Beach, which has become known for its excellent clubs and 24-hour parties that happen throughout the summer. Zrce beach is located on the picturesque island of Pag, which boasts an array of gastronomic specialties and special tourism zones outside its stretch of day & night clubs.

As Sonus is touching down in Pag from August 20-24, Dancing Astronaut is here to provide a look at what one’s holiday might look like during the festival. photo credit: Kid Kuts Media




When settling in before Sonus begins, a good way to start off the elongated holiday with is the local cuisine. Pag is known for its wine production and good growing soils — Gegić and Burin are two wines in particular that have come out of that region of Croatia, and pair well with the various seafood dishes that are offered on the island.

Additionally, locally-farmed sheep in the region produce paški sir, or Pag cheese, which is a favorite throughout the country.





Zrce beach clubs are some of the most famous in Croatia, and many are situated right by each other on the beach. Papaya, Kalypso, and Aquarius clubs will be open with hardly any breaks throughout Sonus’ five-day duration, and are all in walking distance with each other.

A pool-lined Papaya, for example, will be a highlight during the daylight hours with events that include “all day long” parties with Apollonia and Joseph Capriati. Veterans Sven Väth and Carl Cox will also be headlining earlier slots on Tuesday and Thursday, August 22 & 24, respectively.


photo credit: Felix Hohagen


Pag Adventures


Pag has a number of places to excursion to as well. Those needing a more laid-back day during Sonus could head over to the island’s famous Lun olive groves for a spot of peaceful greenery, or enjoy a hike to the intriguing Pag Triangle. Furthermore, the crystal-clear ocean surrounding the island is perfect for swimming and sailing.

Sonus also has daily boat parties that allow for a bit of oceanic exploration whilst being doused by grooving techno — Rødhåd will be pounding his guests with heavier beats on August 21, while tINI and the Gang will be bringing their unique vibe out to sea on the 22nd.


photo credit: Zadar Film Commission


Nighttime Festivities


After the sun sets is when Pag and Zrce Beach truly transform into the “Ibiza” of the Adriatic sea, and clubs are open well past sunrise. Naturally, these places are the pillars of nightlife culture on the island.

Aquarius’ lush outdoor decor will fit well with the vibe of artists playing there throughout Sonus’ duration — Tale of Us, Jamie Jones, and me make up a few. Kalypso, the oldest and first-ever club on Zrce Beach, will be hosting an equally class lineup in its recently-renovated space, including Maceo Plex and Ricardo Villalobos.


photo credit: Felix Hohagen



Pag is undoubtedly a place to put on one’s bucket list, and planning a holiday around a high class festival like Sonus helps provide further motivation to make the journey out to Croatia’s pristine shores.

Josip Milkovic, local DJ and Sonus resident, leaves us off with the following:

“Visiting Croatia is a no brainer! It’s a dreamlike holiday destination with breathtaking nature and beautiful Adriatic Sea with endless beaches and hot music festivals. If you love music and like to party you just have to come and visit that magical Sonus festival. Experience mesmerizing beats of Sonus and fill your heart with joy and love which flows through all of us while we dance together. It’s coming soon guys and I sincerely hope to see you there.”


photo credit: Elephant Studio


The first sets from Ultra Europe 2017 have arrived

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Ultra Europe began its milestone fifth edition in the picturesque Split, Croatia on July 13, bringing in thousands of global fans to enjoy a wide array of artists across the electronic spectrum. From main stage heroes such as David Guetta and DJ Snake, to the legendary pairing of Sasha & John Digweed at Carl Cox’s Resistance stage, the festival truly included something for everyone in its enviable bill.

Set recordings from the gathering have already started to emerge, allowing those unable to attend a chance to put themselves in the crowd with their imaginations. Thus far, sets by Armin van Buuren, Fedde Le Grand, Carl Cox, and Axwell / Ingrosso have gone up – keep watch on this post as more emerge.

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Sonus unveils final lineup & boat parties – Âme, Dense & Pika, and more added

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Underground lovers will make their pilgrimage to the Zrce beach, Croatia come August for the milestone fifth edition of Sonus. The festival, which is thrown by organizers of Time Warp, promises an exquisite week of top-quality techno and house set to the scenic backdrop of the Adriatic sea.

With Sonus creeping closer, some much-awaited details have now been unveiled. The lineup, which already boasts the likes of Len Faki, Maceo Plex, has been finalized. This wave brings along the prolific Âme, along with Hypercolour pros Dense & Pika, along with father-daughter duo Floorplan, Magda, and more.

In addition, the boat parties have also been revealed. Keep On Dancing will be taking things over on August 20, while XLR8R will be hosting on the 21 with Rødhåd and Meat in tow. tINI & the Gang, Jesus Loved You, and Trax are slated for the 22, 23, and 24, with full lineups pending.

View the full lineup below, and head over to the Sonus website for more information and to purchase tickets to a veritable getaway event of the Summer.




Full lineup:

Adam Beyer – Adriatique – Agoria – Âme (DJ) – Andrea Ljekaj – Andrologic – Apollonia – Archie – Hamilton – Binh – Chris Liebing – Dan Andrei – Dejan Milicevic – Dense & Pika -Dorian Paic – Enzo Siragusa – Fabio Florido – Felver – Floorplan (aka Robert Hood and Lyric Hood live) – Guti (live) – Hito – Homeboy – Ian F. – Ivan Komlinovic (live) – Jackmaster – Jamie Jones – Janina – Jesse Calosso – Joey Daniel – Joseph Capriati – Josip Milkovic – Julia Govor – K.O.D (Cabanne & Lowris) – Karotte – Len Faki – Leon – Loco Dice – Luigi Madonna – Maceo Plex – Magda – Mano Le Tough – Marco Carola – Margaret Dygas – Mariano Mateljan – Marina Karamarko – Matador live – Meat – Mimi – Monika Kruse – Nick Curly – Pan-Pot – Raresh – Rhadoo – Ricardo Villalobos – Richie Hawtin – Richy Ahmed – Rødhåd – Sam Paganini – Seth Troxler – SHDW & Obscure Shape – Steffen Deux – Solomun – Sonja Moonear – Sven Väth – Tale Of Us – The Martinez Brothers – tINI – Valentino Kanzyani – Vril (live)


Boat Parties:

Sun, 20th August

Hosted by:  Keep On Dancing

Line up: TBC


Mon, 21st August

Hosted by: XLR8R

Line up: Rødhåd, Meat


Tue, 22nd August

Hosted by: tINI & the gang

Line up: tINI, Ian F.


Wed, 23rd August

Hosted by:Jesus Loved You

Line up: Valentino Kanzyani, TBC


Thu, 24th August

Hosted by:  Trax

Line up: K.O.D (Cabanne & Lowris)



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