Crankdat re-cranks Sheck Wes’ viral hit ‘Mo Bamba’

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Crankdat re-cranks Sheck Wes’ viral hit ‘Mo Bamba’Crankdat Mo Bamba Re Crank

Crankdat continues his fan-favorite remix work with Sheck Wes’ viral sensation “Mo Bamba,” shortly after re-cranking three tracks from Travis Scott‘s wildly popular Astroworld album. On the “Mo Bamba” rework, pitched-down bells sit atop menacing bass, that create a haunting contrast right from the start. Sheck Wes’ vocals maintain the energy that the original cut is known for, dropping into screeching synths and a spooky melody above a bed of grumbling sub bass. Then, a second drop is introduced with angry, pitched-down synthwork.

The Cleveland, Ohio-native producer dedicated 2018 to really honing in on his sound, slightly leaning away from his heavy-hitting remixes, and towards building his catalog of original works. Some of Crankdat’s more popular remixes include re-cranks of San Holo’s “Lights,” Blackbear’s “IDFC,” Zeds Dead’s “Ratchet,” and Jaden Smith’s “Icon.”

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Crankdat unveils 3-part re-crank of Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’

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He’s a remixer at heart, but for DJ Crankdat, 2018 was about showcasing his talents on original music. However, after nearly a year, he’s decided to bring back his fan favorite “re-cranks” with a series tracks from one of 2018’s hottest releases. Astroworld Re-cranked is a selection of three songs from Travis Scott‘s latest album of the same name. He’s released one re-crank-a-day for three consecutive days, each one crazier than the next. According to their SoundCloud descriptions, it seems to be a project that’s close to his heart:

“I haven’t done any proper ‘re-cranks’ in nearly a year. My goal for 2018 was to begin artistically defining myself with my original music. I feel like I did that, but in doing so I had to put a hold on one of my favorite means of expression – remixes…re-cranks are back and I couldn’t be any more proud. Here’s my first project for you, I’ve been working on it since the end of summer. 3 songs from one body of work, but 3 very different vibes.”

Prepare to head-bang through the project’s first installment, an edit of “No Bystanders,” which includes snippets of the original’s most significant verses and climaxes with an intriguing pause before making the crowd go wild. Number two takes on the chart-topping collaboration with Drake “Sicko Mode” and it’s as hard-hitting as the first, allowing for some creative edge with two re-cranks in one, due to the original’s sudden changes in arrangement. Lastly, he brings it down a bit for the chilled-out Weeknd feature on “Wake Up.” It’s more melodic and synth-driven in nature, yet is a great conclusion to something that is bound to be a crucial element of Crankdat’s live show as 2018 comes to a close.

Crankdat teams up with Tisoki for club-ready ‘Wobble’

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Crankdat teams up with Tisoki for club-ready ‘Wobble’Crankdat Tisoki Wobble

Crankdat returns to Monstercat with his newest release “Wobble,” this time teaming up with UK bass producer Tisoki for the track. His last release on the label featured heavy metal band Asking Alexandria, and following this with bass track “Wobble” shows just how diverse his productions can be.

“Wobble” blends commanding bass drops with monstrous synths that could find the perfect home in the peak of a club set. Stylistically, the track could be mistaken for a Jack Ü release with its live performance-ready sound and blend of hip-hop elements. Crankdat has been teasing on his social media channels that his next release would be “hard,” and the song certainly lives up to this promise.

“It was great working on this record with Crankdat,” Tisoki said of the release. “The collaborative process was super precise and I feel it was an awesome learning curve for both of us. I’m super happy how the track came out and it is one of the few that gets such a great crowd reaction every time I play it live.”

Get your weekend started with Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5

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Get your weekend started with Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5Monstercat

Monstercat has been a force to be reckoned with over the past few years thanks to a consistent output of hit tracks and the label’s ability to foster emerging acts into top-tier artists. The label has started compiling a variety of their best recent releases into compilations called Monstercat Uncaged, leading to the release of a packed 41-track Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5. 

This iteration of Monstercat’s Uncaged features hard-hitting tracks from the likes of Knife Party, Gammer, SLANDER, and Crankdat, among many more. This collection of releases is the perfect backdrop to get a party started and is a sampling of the diverse releases the label has to offer.

SLANDER and Crankdat surprise fans with heavy metal collaboration featuring Asking Alexandria

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SLANDER and Crankdat surprise fans with heavy metal collaboration featuring Asking AlexandriaKneel Before Me

SLANDER and Crankdat have teamed up with UK heavy metal band Asking Alexandria for a release that can only be described as incredibly unexpected. Both producers have been teasing a collaboration for a while, but listeners may be surprised to find that the track is as heavy metal as it is electronic.

The SLANDER duo has expressed that hard rock was a huge influence for them musically growing up, making this release an exciting one for them. “Kneel Before Me” showcases the producers’ diverse production capabilities as they meld the different genres together into an exciting whole.

The track opens with rasping vocals framed by electric guitar chords. Screaming falls into what the listener believes will be a heavy metal drop, but surprisingly builds into a fusion of metal and dubstep. For those who grew up on Linkin Park and System of a Down, this track is a welcome addition to the collection, with its electronic chords fusing into a hard rock framework.

The track is out now via Monstercat.

Crankdat makes his first foray into drum & bass in new release

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Crankdat makes his first foray into drum & bass in new releaseCrankdat Press

In a world where fan bases are often upset when their favorite producers pivot from the genre that brought them to notoriety, Crankdat has been nothing short of vocal about his desire to produce outside of the box and experiment with new styles. The producer has done just that with his newest release, “Say It,” which marks his foray into drum & bass production.

“The production process of ‘Say It’ was absolutely seamless,” he says of the new release. “I produced the beat earlier this year with no intentions of doing anything with it – sometimes I make very different styles of music for total fun, and so was the case with this, I just did it for fun. When I sent it around to my team and a few other trusted ears, everyone really liked it.”

The track features vocals by Sara Skinner and blends a catchy melody into a bouncy drum & bass drop. Crankdat now has future bass, drum & bass, dubstep, and melodic trap releases under his belt. He continues to keep listeners on their toes, and “Say It” is the perfect addition to his growing roster of diverse releases.

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Crankdat spins some fresh IDs in new Diplo and Friends mix

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Crankdat spins some fresh IDs in new Diplo and Friends mix

Christian Smith, a.k.a. Crankdat became a breakout star through remixes for Zeds Dead, Jaden Smith, San Holo, and more. In addition, he’s added some equally successful originals to the portfolio, with his most recent being “Need Somebody.” Now, it seems this positive traction has caught Diplo‘s attention, as the rising producer has officially made his debut on BBC Radio 1’s Diplo & Friends.

Fans are in for a big treat here, as the bass-heavy mix features a wide array of fresh IDs from the Cleveland born DJ. He also blends famed remixes with throwbacks, hip-hop — including tracks by Kanye West and Lil Pump — and dance music anthems such as Galantis‘ “Runaway” and Calvin Harris‘ “Summer” (mashed up with some trap-y goodness). The hour long mix is ever-changing and will make listeners wonder where the time went.

Crankdat is currently on his “Outcast” tour, hitting stops all over the globe leading up to an Electric Zoo 2018 performance come Labor Day Weekend.


Featured Image taken from Crankdat’s Facebook

Famous Dex – PICK IT UP ft A$AP Rocky (Crankdat Remix)

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Last October, Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky teamed up to produce “PICK IT UP,” a hip-hop masterpiece that received RIAA gold certification for its infectious beats, unforgettable verses, and stellar production quality. Rising dance music superstar Crankdat has put his own electronic spin on the original hit, creating a new dark tone by changing the main melody with deep throttles of bass and a fiery kick.

Crankdat has amassed worldwide support for his creative versatility, leaving fans constantly guessing what’s to come next from the young producer. With each release, Crankdat pushes the musical envelope by experimenting with different styles, while remaining true to his distinct, highly energetic, playful sound. His last release with Ghastly, “Lemme See U,” was a vibrant mix of colorful synths contrasted by dark progressions of bass. As Crankdat gears up for his sets this weekend at EDC Las Vegas, the fearless artist will undoubtedly have several surprises up his sleeve, giving fans from all over the world an exhilarating experience.

Electric Zoo announces ferocious phase two line-up additions: Alesso, Tiësto, Chris Lorenzo, Destructo, and more

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Made Event‘s titanic New York-based festival, Electric Zoo, is celebrating its tenth birthday this Labor Day Weekend, August 31st–September 2nd. To mark the momentous double-digit occasion, the wildlife-themed event has added two more headlining artists in Alesso and Tiësto to join the star-studded cast of talent that already tops the 2018 bill: KaskadeMarshmelloMartin Garrix, and Virtual Self.

Other notable acts joining on phase two include: Alexander Lewis, Bonnie x Clyde, Boogie T, Chris Lorenzo, Chuurch, Crankdat, Destructo, DNMO, Dubfire, G Jones, Habstrakt, Jauz, Kayzo, Lost Frequencies, Luzcid, Medasin, Party Favor, Petey Clicks, Space Jesus, Spencer Brown, Squnto, Stööki Sound, Whipped Cream, and YehMe2.

Electric Zoo’s ‘Big 10’ birthday bash will feature additional stages curated by Anjunabeats, Deadbeats, Hyperhouse, and Sunday School.

Tickets to Electric Zoo are currently on sale to the general public, and can be purchased here.

Featured photo: aLIVE Coverage.

Crankdat and Ghastly play ‘Do it or Don’t do it’ in honor of their new single, ‘Lemme See U’

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Ghastly and Crankdat teamed up for a new collaboration that merges the most dynamic aspects of both artists’ production capabilities in the form of “Lemme See U.” Crankdat has been teasing a roster of star-studded collaborations lately, including a track with Marshmello that is set to come out in the near future. “Lemme See U” is a stellar start of these collaborations with its mainstage-friendly bass drop. Meanwhile Ghastly is set to release a full album next week.

In “Lemme See U,” Ghastly’s funky bass compliments Crankdat’s progressive energy with synthesized vocals weaving in and out of the chords to propel the track forward. “Lemme See U Do It” is the chorus of the track, so naturally we tested each producer with a game of “Do it or Don’t do it?”

We wanted to test how bold each producer really is, and their responses were true to form. Crankdat proved his thoughtfulness and logic. Meanwhile, Ghastly proves he continues to be an outside of the box thinker, and the total weirdo we have learned to love.

1. Eat gas station sushi?

Crankdat: DON’T do it… i’m not even a sushi guy

Ghastly: Of course, only a real man is brave enough and intelligent enough to appreciate the profound cooking and craftsmanship within the distinct kitchen of 7/11

2. If you pull a lever- you save five people but kill one.

Crankdat: What’s the alternative? I’d say don’t do it… but if all 6 would die… quick maths…….

Ghastly: I would just laser beam them all myself with my laser beam eyes

3. Streak through a festival crowd.

Crankdat: Pfft, do it.

Ghastly: I would streak through a festival crowd, but I wouldn’t want to anyone to know the secret about my 4th nipple

4. Ranch on Pizza?


Ghastly: It is impossible to run an entire ranch on a pizza, this is not logical, you need at least 1 acre

5. Tell your friend their new haircut looks terrible?

Crankdat: DO IT… not a real friend if you let that shit slide….

Ghastly: Yes, friends always tell each other they look terrible, that is what friends are for.

6. Get a drink with your most recent ex?

Crankdat: thats a hard DON’T do it….

Ghastly: Only if she buys it.

7. If you wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat for four months straight while on a European tour, you get a $2 mil bonus

Crankdat:  yikes…… I’d probably say do it… but no photo or video.. and only travel in non-english speaking european countries… lol

Ghastly: Change the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to a ‘Rosie O’Donnell with a fidget spinner in her vagina’ hat, and you got a deal

8. Revive an old pet through killing a current one

Crankdat: Well my last pet was a goldfish and my current pet is a cat… I doubt the fish would sleep on my feet so don’t do it

Ghastly:  If Charles bites me on the face again then yes.

9. Pee in the shower

Crankdat: ………doit…

Ghastly: I pee in the shower everyday, if you don’t then you don’t care about the environment and your personality is likely in the shape of a square

10. Eat the Holy Ship Pizza

Crankdat: I mean i did it…

Ghastly: Always eat holy ship pizza, whether it is preloved or postloved.

11. Book the headlining slot for Fyre Festival 2018

Crankdat: hahahahahaha no jail time for me.. don’t do it

Ghastly: I hear it’s going to be bigger and better than ever this year, and NSYNC is doing a b2b w Cardi B so yes of course