Stream Daktyl’s 7-track ‘Riyaaz’ EP

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Daktyl has continued to climb new heights after bursting into the EDM-sphere with superb remixes to records like Autograf’s “Metaphysical” and Flosstrodamus’ “Rebound,” and also with last summer’s career-defining release of his Act of Hesitation EP.

Now, the LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist returns with his second major project signed to Counter Records. The seven-piece effort is aptly titled Riyaaz, after an Urdu expression meaning to practice something you love musically every day — a process which shines in the detail of his well-crafted, diverse project.

Riyaaz takes on a more personal and stripped down approach than Daktyl’s previous records; for instance, in the use of his own vocals and world instrumentation on the single, “Commit,” and in the brooding beats and sweeping, reflective vocals of “Monochrome,” featuring MOONz.

The blossoming talent had the following to say about the significance of the project for his life and how listeners can utilize it’s messages for their own lives.

“This EP is about the love of making music, but also about the sacrifice that that can entail” explains Daktyl. “[E]very individual can take what they want or need from a song… it can mean something different to everyone”.

Currently on tour with Big Wild — which tops an already impressive roster of past live/DJ tours with BonoboPetit BiscuitTroy Boi and Hotel Garuda — Daktyl has set the bar high for his lucid line of bass heavy beat making.

Chrome Sparks unveils ‘What’s It Gonna Take’ alongside tour announcement

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Electronica producer Chrome Sparks,  born Jeremy Malvin, has released his latest synth-pop track, “What’s It Gonna Take,” via Counter Records to coincide with the announcement of his upcoming North American tour with Machinedrum.

The release comes after a bit of a hiatus, as Sparks has released just two singles in 2016 & 2017 combined. Sparks rose to eminence in 2013 after the independent release and wild acclaim of his decisively-named tune “Marijuana.” Sparks’ distinctive sound lies in his ability to incorporate his admiration for dance music, vintage synthesizers, and breezy beats, lending his production keen chromatic tendencies.

Interwoven in the fabric of “What’s It Gonna Take” is the intricate, echoing percussion so characteristic of Sparks, here delivering a 90’s-oriented impression — especially when paired with the sulky pop vocals of Angelica Bess. The track thrives in its oscillating, retro synth work, and atmospheric reverb, which roar the track to life in the intro.

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Daktyl – Monochrome ft MOONZz

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UK export Daktyl has retained his quickly rising status with a number of triumphs this year. With his most notable accolade being his performance at this year’s Do Lab stage at Coachella followed by his signing to Counter Records for the release of his Act of Hesitation EP, the young up-and-comer is a force to be reckoned with in today’s evolving dance music realm.

Daktyl maintains his momentum with the release of his most recent single, “Monochrome,” featuring the talented songstress MOONZz. Leading in with sweeping, reflective vocals, the track lifts off with a defined composure. Succinct percussion and brooding beats form a solid foundation as MOONZz’s voice fills the track with a lucid aura, taking the song to delectable heights.

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Giraffage advocates female empowerment in ‘Green Tea’ ft Angelica Bass

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Charlie Yin, better known as Giraffage, has released his newest song “Green Tea,” featuring Body Language’s Angelica Bass. The dreamy track precedes Yin’s full-length studio album Too Real, set for release Friday, Oct. 20, via Counter Records, as well as his nationwide tour beginning Oct. 25. According to Yin, the song has an important message.

“The lyrics are about female empowerment, which I feel is a more important sentiment than ever at this point in time.”

Yin’s “candy-colored” production style has been the focal point of much debate among listeners seeking to categorize it as everything from chillwave to dream-pop to “post” everything. Yin himself has said he struggles to provide a definitive label for his unorthodox sound. His new track is sure to further this discussion, as it opens with a quirky quack-sounding synth against otherwise smooth, R&B-reminiscent production and Bass’s sensual vocals.

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Daktyl – The Act of Hesitation (Original Mix)

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Daktyl has staked his claim in the dance music industry over recent years with a long series of notable successes. The Los Angeles-based producer released his bass-heavy debut album, Cyclical, in 2015 on Mad Decent, and has created a number of noteworthy remixes for artists like Flosstradamus, Autograf, Major Lazer, and ODESZA. With each release, the young artist has managed put forth a very lucid and accessible form of self-expression.

While quite notable, Daktyl’s rise in the scene has been relatively covert. After the release of his debut record, the artist returned to the studio full-time to pursue a new direction his music – a decision that would ultimately bring him to discover a newfound depth in his production. Regarding his career shift, the producer notes the following:

“I was going in a direction I wasn’t completely happy with and hesitating a lot about whether to continue down that path or try to start on the creative path I’ve wanted to be on for years.”

Daktyl’s artistic endeavors now sees its day with the announcement of his recent signing to Ninja Tune’s Counter Records imprint – a platform on which he will release his new EP, “The Act of Hesitation,” due out June 20. Alongside the announcement, the artist delivers the titular track of the project, a ruminating piece that fully encapsulates the producer’s developing realm in his music.

“The Act of Hesitation” introduces an organic sound that assesses various facets of experimental electronic music with pop and indie influences. With the help of vocalist Krrum, the track lays out a nostalgic foundation with hopeful tendencies, obtaining an alternative sonic edge that proves Daktyl is in a league of his own.

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David August releases new two track EP, ‘The Spell / A Golden Rush’

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David August has been having an altogether wonderful year. In March, his two year break from producing solo material finally came to an end when he released the experimental two-track EP, J.B.Y. / Ouvert. Now, serving as a bookend to the stylistic direction that August has been favoring of late, the German wunderkind has delivered a follow up EP, The Spell / A Golden Rush.

Opening track, “The Spell,” sounds a bit like experimental drum’n’bass. The beat claps along as samples of muffled children’s voices, aerial noises, and piano chords are woven in. Then the track slows seemingly to a close before whirling to life once again.

The second track on the EP, “A Golden Rush,” marks August’s first officially released co-written song. Putting the spotlight on Nelia Kit’s hypnotizing vocals, the song is slow to build but then deftly layers in guitar licks and some lush playa dub to change up the pace.

The Spell / A Golden Rush is out now via Ninja Tune’s Counter Records.

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