STREAM NOW: Watch Idris Elba show off his DJ chops at Coachella’s Yuma Tent Weekend 2

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STREAM NOW: Watch Idris Elba show off his DJ chops at Coachella’s Yuma Tent Weekend 2Idris Elba Jerritt Clark

British actor, Idris Elba, made his mark as the pragmatic drug lord Russell “Stringer” Bell in The Wire and then again as the ruthless detective John Luther in Luther. In film, he played the revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and many other Hollywood roles.

The laymen might be surprised that Elba is also a passionate DJ, as he planted the ultimate professional crossover via his establishment of 7Wallace Music, his very own record label. He also released a new Netflix Comedy, Turn Up Charlie, about a struggling DJ and loosely based on his life.

Having crushed his house set at the Yuma Coachella Weekend 1 with top notch house selection, he looks to run this back for Weekend 2. Watch the action unfold live.

Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

STREAM NOW: Watch Deep Dish tear down Coachella’s Yuma Tent

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STREAM NOW: Watch Deep Dish tear down Coachella’s Yuma TentDeep Dish Press Shot Credit Joseph Llanes

Coachella always brings out historic appearances. Akin to Aphex Twin‘s storied return to Indio after a decade, the festival was also able to get Dubfire and Sharam back together for their first time in five years following their 2006 split. Weekend one saw them spin a fluid set that balanced thumping deep cuts and euphoric, melodic tracks—including one of their biggest anthems, “Say Hello.” Now, they’ve reprised their spot at the iconic Yuma decks, where fans who might have missed out last week can re-watch the action. Expect a fresh new set from the two as the hour-long journey unfolds.

Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

STREAM NOW: Watch Chris Lake handle Coachella’s Yuma Stage Weekend 2

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STREAM NOW: Watch Chris Lake handle Coachella’s Yuma Stage Weekend 2Header Chris Lake.180913

Chris Lake is a Grammy nominated house DJ with massive, commercial hits from “Boneless” with Steve Aoki and Tujamo to his remix of Calvin Harris‘ “How Deep Is Your Love.” A Skrillex backed house act off his OWSLA release “I Want You,” certainly bodes influence towards bass house, where the dubstep poster child is heading. Another house and HOWSLA (OWSLA’s house music compilation album) favorite became Lake’s “Operator (Ring Ring)” single featuring Dances With White Girls. Ring Ring goes the telephone. There’s no one home.

The UK-born producer has been laying that four-by-four beat for over a decade, and assumes responsibility for some of the most pandemic dance hooks to grace the atmosphere. With his new Black Book Records label, fans have seen the reemergence of Lake’s chunky, hard-hitting bass lines featured in his recent singles, hopefully to be heard in his live set below.

Watch Dillon Francis perform ‘Change Your Mind’ with lovelytheband at Coachella

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Watch Dillon Francis perform ‘Change Your Mind’ with lovelytheband at CoachellaDillon Francis Coachella 2019 By Miranda McDonald

Over the past decade, Dillon Francis has been somewhat of a fixture at the Sahara tent. Since making his Coachella debut in 2013, the impish moombahton mainstay has been a premier attraction at the festival’s rowdiest stage in 2014, 2017, and now, 2019.

To celebrate the milestone of his fourth Coachella appearance, he laced his energetic, primetime set with notable guest appearances from some of his choice collaborators. In addition to inviting DJ Snake to join him onstage for their hit, “Get Low,” Francis temporarily veered attention away from the decks, as lovelytheband came onstage to perform their recent joint single, “Change Your Mind.”

In an Instagram album recapping the set, Francis succinctly expressed how emotional the experience was for him, further engendering excitement regarding what’s in store for Coachella’s second weekend.

Dillon Francis will play Coachella’s Sahara tent from 9:35-10:35 PM on Sunday, April 21.

Featured image via Coachella 2019 by Miranda McDonald.

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)

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10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Coachella 2019 W1 Charles Reagan

Each year, California’s premier music festival outdoes itself by booking an eclectic array of artists from throughout the dance music realm alongside its smattering of other genres. In 2019, these acts spread — perhaps more than ever before — throughout the event’s numerous stages, lending the opportunity to experience the diverse roster within equally diverse environs. While there are, of course, a number of fantastic performances from Coachella’s first weekend that are not represented on this list, we’ve narrowed down 10 sets which particularly impressed us.


10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Gesaffelstein Coachella 2019 1
Photo via Coachella 2019, by Julian Bajsel.

Anytime a Frenchman takes the stage in a metal mask, Coachella history is soon to be made. And, amid a lineup filled with prodigal artists from the festival’s past, Gesaffelstein stood out as one of the its most formidable acts. After releasing the pop-laden album Hyperion in March, fans weren’t sure what to expect from Michel Lévy’s Indio return — would he focus on his newer, more mainstream fare, or return to his darker days of yore? Once he took the stage, donned in a shimmering, Vantablack metal suit, little question remained. For the first hour of nightfall in Coachella’s final day, Gesaffelstein melded his new releases with classic favorites and overwhelming live edits, synchronized against an ominously spectacular visual production. Indubitably, a new era lies on the horizon for the harrowing luminary, and Coachella provided the perfect backdrop for its debut.

Gesaffelstein will play the Outdoor stage from 7:40-8:40 PM on Sunday, April 21.

Jon Hopkins

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Jon Hopkins At Festival Of Disruption By Tony Tenebaum
Photo via Festival of Disruption 2018 by Toby Tenebaum.

There are few acts in electronic who better embody the descriptor of “stunning” than Jon Hopkins. The British artist’s fusion of melodic ambient with erratic techno influences would set him a cut above the rest of his class, were there anyone else in his class at all. His Coachella set, which closed the Gobi tent for the weekend, dutifully matched the quality of his catalogue. Hopkins dove into mesmerizing, cathartic live edits of Singularity, his Grammy-nominated 2018 album, accompanied by a transcendent selection of video arrangements which culminated in one of the festival’s most emotionally evocative performances.

Jon Hopkins will close out the Gobi tent from 9:40-10:40 PM on Sunday, April 21.

Aphex Twin

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Coachella Aphe Twin 2019 Tony Soave
Photo by Tony Soave.

For years, Richard James has been one of the most hoped-for additions to the Coachella lineup. Anyone with a semblance of dance music knowledge knows that his Aphex Twin project is one of the most influential pieces of electronic music history. Because James’ last appearance at the festival, in 2008, predated the “EDM boom,” his 2019 appearance marked the first time that many recent fans have been able to see him perform. Suffice it to say, he did not disappoint. Standing before a surprisingly roomy Mojave tent crowd, Aphex Twin put forth more than 90 minutes of eclectically arresting garage, techno, EBM, IDM, and downtempo music. Piercing lasers and a hysteria of often-unsettling visuals accompanied his arrhythmic score in a chaotic fashion which demonstrably proved that Richard James’ bite easily equals the bark of his hype.

Aphex Twin will close out the Mojave tent from 9:05-10:35 PM on Saturday, April 20.

Nina Kraviz

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Nina Kraviz Coachella 2019
Photo via Coachella 2019, by Julian Bajsel.

Within the techno community, Nina Kraviz’s Coachella set was likely the most polarizing of the weekend. The Russian artist and Trip label-head is known for her highly energetic DJ sets, so the confusion at her decision to break from this mold in her live show debut is understandable. Indeed, for the lion’s share of her set, Kraviz dabbled more in avant-garde performance art, interacting bizarrely with set pieces more primed for a playhouse than a nightclub. However, once the peculiar producer moved on to the techno portion in her set’s second act, the patience of those who remained was duly rewarded. Kraviz’s cerebral, thunderous dance selections were awe-inspiring to say the least. And, when paired with the unique visual components which reflected her moves onstage, her set’s climax echoed Richie Hawtin’s stunning CLOSE performance, which debuted in the same Friday closing slot at Mojave two years earlier.

Nina Kraviz will close out the Mojave tent from 10:15-11:15 PM on Friday, April 19.


10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Ame Coachella 2019
Photo via Coachella 2019, by Yana Yatsuk.

Anytime Âme graces an American festival roster, they are an absolute must-see. More accurately, “he” is a must-see, as generally, Kristian Beyer performs DJ sets without his partner, Frank Wiedemann. Seeing Âme in the Yuma tent at the height of Saturday afternoon is a sensorily peculiar experience. As a benchmark of Dixon’s coveted Innervisions imprint, Beyer’s deftly crafted mixes of soulful balearic house, deep techno, and tribal club music transport the listener to after-hours parties in the White Isle or Berlin. Therefore, it’s easy to forget that the sun is shining brightly just outside the walls of Yuma’s pitch-black interior. A trip to the bathroom during Âme is a smack in the face from reality, but this just makes the imminent return to Beyer’s darkened fantasy realm all the more delectable.

Âme will play the Yuma tent from 4:30-6:00 PM on Saturday, April 20.

Deep Dish

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Patrice Baumel Yuma Coachella 2019
Photo via Coachella 2019 by Lance Gerber.

Undoubtedly, Deep Dish is the best kept secret on Coachella’s 2019 lineup. For those unaware, the duo, which disbanded in 2006, is comprised of Dubfire and Sharam. The Yuma tent provided an impeccable setting for this storied reunion, which Deep Dish more than duly reciprocated throughout their 90-minute set. Ranging from the house influences of Sharam to Dubfire’s favored brand of apoplectic techno, the duo’s reign over Yuma stood out as one of the tent’s most diverse — and best — sets of the weekend.

Deep Dish will play the Yuma tent from 6:00-7:30 PM on Saturday, April 20.

Charlotte de Witte

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Charlotte De Witte Coachella 2019
Photo via Coachella 2019, by Miranda McDonald.

Over the past two years, Charlotte de Witte has grown from a hero of techno’s underground into one of the genre’s most sought-after acts for the festival circuit, and it’s easy to see why. During her prime Sunday slot, the Belgian DJ provided one of the Yuma tent’s darkest sets of the entire weekend — no small feat, considering her competition from ominous legends sharing the roster, such as Nicole Moudaber and Cirez D. From the moment she took the stage, de Witte plunged her audience into a uniquely aggressive realm, ensuring that all in attendance would be reinvigorated for the festivals final sets thereafter.

Charlotte de Witte will play the Yuma tent from 7:00-8:30 PM on Sunday, April 21.

Cirez D

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Coachella 2019 Yuma Tent Charles Reagan
Photo via Coachella 2019 by Charles Reagan.

In 2019, Coachella poured more resources into their preeminent onsite nightclub than ever before. The intricate lighting arrangements throughout the stage and ceiling of the Yuma tent exceptionally accentuated the deftly-curated soundsystem for each act on the weekend’s stellar lineup. With this pristine setup, Goldenvoice would be hard-pressed to find a better weekend closer than Eric Prydz. Impressively, albeit unsurprisingly, the Swedish icon artfully claimed the stage as his own during his sinister, 2-hour set as Cirez D. Prydz’s team masterfully executed the lighting system of the Yuma to its fullest potential, creating a monolithic experience which mirrored the environs of the artist’s former residency at Hï Ibiza. Though the bass often obscured the top-lines of Cirez D’s fast-paced, techno-heavy set, the aggressively sleek selections culminated in a larger than life experience, providing Yuma — indeed, all of Coachella — with the conclusion it deserved.

Cirez D will close out the Yuma tent at 10:00 PM on Sunday, April 21.

Four Tet

10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Four Tet Debi Del Grande 1
Photo by Debi del Grande.

In the realm of live electronic music, an intricate visual production can be as defining (or more) an element of an artist’s set as the music itself. An artist’s decision to eschew any video or lighting component whatsoever is, therefore, quite the statement. As the sun set on Coachella’s second day, Four Tet shrugged off the visual effects at his disposal, opting to perform his entire slot in front of the Mojave tent’s black screens. With no other stimuli competing for attention, Four Tet’s eclectic selection of experimental house and garage-infused tech took center stage, leaving a masterful impact on all in attendance.

Four Tet will play the Mojave tent from 7:35-8:35 PM on Saturday, April 20.


10 Stunning Electronic Sets from Coachella 2019 (Week 1)Bassnectar Coachella 2019 Family Photo
Photo via Bassnectar.

Chances are, those who catch Bassnectar’s closing Saturday night set at the Outdoor stage at this year’s Coachella won’t be seeing him for the first time. Over the last two decades, Lorin Ashton has cultivated one of dance music’s most dedicated fanbases. And, thanks to his high-octane brand of amorphous bass music and vibrantly chaotic visual productions, bass heads will attend as many of his shows as they feasibly can. However, Bassnectar’s set during the first week proved to be a unique experience in its own way.

2019 marks Ashton’s first Coachella appearance since he performed the Sahara tent six years ago, and the rare opportunity to witness the iconic artist from a spacious, open-air crowd is certainly one to be relished. During the first week, Bassnectar’s setlist echoed performances from one of his most beloved eras, the early 2010s. Perhaps due to his relatively brief time-slot, Ashton spent little time exploring his softer, more melodic influences. Instead, he opted to put forth formidable classics from his own catalogue alongside cuts from the likes of Gesaffelstein and a visually stunning, at times political, light show.

Bassnectar will close out the Outdoor stage at 12:05 AM on Saturday, April 20 (technically Sunday).

Featured image via Coachella 2019 by Charles Reagan.

Watch RÜFÜS DU SOL perform ‘Treat You Better’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Watch RÜFÜS DU SOL perform ‘Treat You Better’ on Jimmy Kimmel LiveRUFUS PressShot LeFawnhawk 1

IAustralian dance trio RÜFÜS DU SOL have consistently been lauded for their live act, having played numerous prominent festivals from Electric Forest to their most recent Coachella 2019 set, and touring an expansive North American itinerary. Now, they bring their performance chops to the late-night screen, marking their first-ever appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The electronic group consisting of Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt, took to the stage to perform “Treat You Better” over Kimmel’s airwaves, the fourth single from their 2018 studio album Solace.

With Lindqvist providing impeccable live vocals, George on the keyboard, and Hunt providing the percussion, the trio deliver nothing short of the live brilliance we’ve come to expect, conveying an inspiring performance that exuded magnetic stage energy. The success of Solace has catalyzed RÜFÜS DU SOL’s artistry and career moves, resulting in the trio debuting a 360-degree short film Underwater, securing a Wynn Vegas residency, and taking slots in both weekends of Coachella 2019.

Photo Credit: LeFawnhawk

Listen to Beyoncé’s surprise live album, ‘Homecoming’ [Stream]

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Listen to Beyoncé’s surprise live album, ‘Homecoming’ [Stream]Beyonce Coachella 2018 Live

Beyoncé—the only person capable of stopping the world in its tracks when they release new content—has hit fans with a double whammy, releasing her Netflix documentary Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé and dropping a surprise live album, Homecoming: The Live Album. The film and album feature Bey’s iconic headlining performance at last year’s Coachella in 2018, premiering April 17, just days after this year’s weekend one took place.

In the documentary film, Bey explains that her 2018 Coachella performance was a love letter to historically black colleges and universities, despite never have attended one herself.

“It’s all to give you her point of view, her mind state, into what she was trying to accomplish and communicate with this momentous two-hour performance,” says Sidney Madden of NPR.

The comprehensive live album contains 40 tracks, ranging from her own discography, to Destiny’s Child’s hits, covers, and even some hefty vocals from Blue Ivy that have got pop culture swooning over the 7-year-old’s undeniable singing chops. Stream more than 90 minutes of Queen B in Homecoming: The Live Album, now available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Photo credit: Getty Images

Gesaffelstein’s Coachella stage setup is designed to emulate the darkness of a black hole

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Gesaffelstein’s Coachella stage setup is designed to emulate the darkness of a black holeGesafel

Darkness is more than just the token descriptor we’ve landed on to detail Gesaffelstein’s brooding, shadowy sonic products. In fact, it’s more than merely his brand—at this point, Gesaffelstein is darkness. Though, his embodiment of it is less about the sinister undertone of his productions now and more reliant on the literal concept of light’s absence, as represented in his Coachella performance on Sunday, April 14.

In his first live festival appearance since his 2015 farewell, Gesaffelstein became the only artist to every use Vantablack VBx2, commonly understood to be the darkest substance known to man. It the the closest visual representation to the darkness of a black hole that our eyes will ever see. The substance is typically used in space applications, though Mike Lévy had a different vision for its use. When applied to three-dimensional objects, Vantablack is so dark that it becomes nearly impossible to discern any surface features, and three-dimensional objects appear to become two-dimensional. Gesaffelstein’s Outdoor Stage performance featured a monolith structure coated in Vantablack on the concave side to create the illusion of infinite depth and blackness—essentially simulating a black hole on stage.

Hot off the heels of his sophomore album, Hyperion, Gesaffelstein is taking his craft to another level of other-worldliness. Catch Gesaffelstein again during Coachella’s second weekend and then Governor’s Ball later this summer.

H/T: Amplify

Watch Dillon Francis get ripped for Coachella in new video

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Watch Dillon Francis get ripped for Coachella in new videoDnpJI4UUwAEkTne

In the days leading up to his Coachella performance, it appears Dillon Francis wasn’t just working on his set. He contacted Jeff Wittek of Vine fame with a request: to get jacked in seven days.

Over the course of the next week, Wittek and Francis worked together to get Francis the body he’s always dreamed of. A video on Wittek’s channel documents the venture, showing Francis doing push ups with a scorpion under him, hiking, and attempting 50 burpees.

“I plan on taking [Francis’] laptop, ’cause I know DJs need that to ‘play their music,’” Wittek says in the video as he runs off with his laptop. “If he doesn’t’ stick to the plan, he won’t be able to perform at Coachella.”

Watch the ensuing hilarity below.

Photo credit: Rukes

Anna Lunoe and Wuki merge for Mad Decent-held ‘What You Need’

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Anna Lunoe and Wuki merge for Mad Decent-held ‘What You Need’Anna Lunoe What You Need

Veteran OWSLA Aussie, Anna Lunoe, and chameleon Denver producer, Wuki, prove to be quite an intuitive pairing on their latest, stripped-down club track, “What You Need.”

Landing on Diplo‘s Mad Decent label housing, the track channels its creators’ get-up-and-shake-it signature sounds, topped with crisp hi-hats rounded out by low, grinding bass. As the contorting vocal hook suggests, the track is an abundantly apt prescription for welcomed dancefloor deviance.

“What You Need” marks the second Mad Decent single of the year for the industry-revered DJ (who just recently brought her loony tunes to Indio for weekend one of Coachella) following her equally dance-adept “303.” Also earning quarter with upper-echelon electronic dwellings, Wuki attracted the likes of Spinnin’ Records earlier this year, for his earth-rattling, off-the-wall “IGD.”