Khalid premieres new Disclosure-produced “Talk” on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio

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Khalid premieres new Disclosure-produced “Talk” on Apple Music’s Beats 1 RadioKhalid Live Credit Emily Korn

Khalid‘s latest single “Talk,” has officially hit the Beats 1 Radio airwaves. The brand new Disclosure-produced collaboration is a soulful rendition that evokes feelings of stillness. Veteran radio host Zane Lowe spoke with Khalid in regards to the song’s meaning, ahead of the track’s debut.

Khalid eloquently explained that “Talk” is set in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. The track itself calmly reflects on the importance of awareness and the communication one must engage in to move forward as the intensity of love settles in. With a voice so unique that it simply cannot be mimicked, Khalid croons, “Can’t we just talk? Talk about where we’re going/Before we get lost/Let me out fast/Can’t get what we want without knowing.” Disclosure’s production backdrop serves up the dreamy yet steady beat for Khalid’s words and emotion to swim through. Khalid said, “It’s one of my favorite songs I have ever been a part of.”

“Talk” is the lead single off Khalid’s upcoming sophomore album, which the El Paso sensation announced would be released before his upcoming performance at Coachella.

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Get a look at the official track list for Ariana Grande’s forthcoming album, ‘thank u, next’

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Get a look at the official track list for Ariana Grande’s forthcoming album, ‘thank u, next’Ariana Grande Thundercat Cover Them Changes Credit Spin Mag

The expression goes “strike while the iron is hot,” but one has to wonder if Ariana Grande‘s proverbial iron is ever anything but. With an illustrious headlining slot at Coachella, and her newfound status as the youngest artist to ever headline the posh California affair, not to mention a YouTube record for the most-viewed video on the platform within a 24-hour window, following the release of the cinematically inspired visual for “thank u, next,” Grande continues to not only strike, but hit her targets.

Next up? Grande’s 12-track LP that shares the name of its lead single, thank u, next. The album follows the August 2018 arrival of sweetener, a bubbly, dreamy offering, and, notably, Grande’s fourth studio production. Slated to drop just ahead of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 8, thank u, next is proof of just how much Grande hearts her fans, seeing that the album will be Grande’s second in a six-month period. Spotify shared the the track list for thank u, next ahead of the album’s release, and as to be expected, the track list alone affirms Grande’s growth from pop princess to badass queen thereof.

thank u, next includes the previously releases singles, “7 rings,” “imagine,” and the eponymous “thank u, next.” Nine unheard album inclusions meanwhile round out the track list, like “NASA” and, one sure to raise some eyebrows when it makes its full-length debut, “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.”

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Ariana Grande throws all-girl mansion party for ‘7 rings’ video

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Ariana Grande throws all-girl mansion party for ‘7 rings’ videoAriana Grande 7 Rings Video

Still riding the ravaging momentum of her worldwide “thank u, next” success, Ariana Grande isn’t done flaunting her independence as an artist, and as a woman. The sweetener singer has just released a lavish visual for her most recent track, “7 rings,” a contemporary, hip-hop-indebted pastiche of the The Sound of Music classic, “My Favorite Things.”

The video, touting a pink monochromatic color scheme (down to the gleaming lip gloss), follows Grande through a decadent all-girl house party. Grande is dripping in diamonds as she rap-sings about what she can afford or manifest for herself, which is, well, pretty much anything. Between shattering a YouTube record for most plays within a 24-hour period with the video for “thank u, next,” securing a slot at Coachella as the youngest headliner in the festival’s history, and queuing up a new album, Grande has plenty to boast about.

Ariana Grande reportedly headlining Lollapalooza 2019

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Ariana Grande reportedly headlining Lollapalooza 2019Ariana Grande Live Bbmas Billboard

You’d be hard pressed to find another pop star currently having a bigger moment than Ariana Grande. Through last year’s trials and tribulations, facing extreme lows and climbing to equally extreme highs, Ariana Grande has emerged in 2019 as one of the most in-demand musicians in the world, and she’s making all the right moves as she continues to ride the wave she’s on. Following a quick swoop in to a headlining slot at Coachella after Kanye West’s grandiose demands forced talks to fall through, the Sweetener singer has also reportedly been tapped to headline this year’s edition of Lollapalooza.

Variety reports that Grande has been in talks with the Chicago festival for considerably longer than her Coachella negotiations took, and as a result, has already begun rescheduling dates on her current Sweetener World Tour to accommodate her high profile festival bookings. 2018 may have seemed like the year of Ariana Grande, but two weeks in to the new year and it looks like Grande has 2019 firmly under her thumb too. Expect an official announcement in the coming weeks.

Coachella said ‘Nay’ to ‘Ye’s dome – and now Ariana Grande is headlining

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Coachella said ‘Nay’ to ‘Ye’s dome – and now Ariana Grande is headlining4 21 18 DOLAB COACHELLA W2 WATCHARA21

Kanye West became one of the most talked-about topics in the Coachella rumor mill around the mega-festival’s 2019 when word began circulating that he’d been tapped to headline. Right before the billing was unveiled, however, a new story arose: Kanye had apparently pulled out of headlining due to contention over the main stage design.

An exclusive report from Billboard dove deeper into this rumor, and found the truth to be seemingly more absurd than what curious onlookers had originally thought. Apparently, Kanye wanted to bring in one of his longtime arts collaborators, John McGuire, on board to build an entire new dome stage in the middle of the Coachella grounds for him to perform under. Such a plan would require removal of porta-potties, a reinvisioning of the entire venue organization, and more than likely would take too long to complete before Weekend 1 settled in, according to a report. As a result of Golden Voice rejecting this idea and Kanye not wanting to disrupt his vision, Ariana Grande was soon brought in to headline instead.

Billboard also pointed out that a similar dissolution between Kanye and festival promoters happened earlier in 2018, when the rapper was initially set to headline Governor’s Ball in New York. It seems as though he’s simply not a festival-friendly act.


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15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019

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15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019Coachella Undercard Image Final

The release of Coachella‘s lineup is a highly anticipated event every year, with fans attentively looking out for their favorite acts and fresh new talent amid the festival’s legendary annual billing. Aside from the drama surrounding Kanye West‘s departure from his headlining slot, the festival released their full lineup to considerable fanfare this year. Presenting one of the most diverse and electronic-heavy lineups in recent memory, Coachella has drawn both praise and criticism for their underground selections and electronic skew.

With such a deep pool of electronic acts, this list is a guide to the most crucial sets from the bottom portion of the Coachella lineup. From the debut of techno newcomers to emerging producers and vocalists, Dancing Astronaut has selected the fifteen undercard acts that you can’t miss at Coachella this year.

Rachel Narozniak, Christina Hernandez, and Alex Krinsky also contributed to this article.

Four Tet

Known for his truly inspiring live sets, Four Tet consistently amazes crowds with thoughtfully curated shows in intimate venues, while also adapting his invigorating performance for larger festival audiences. Striking a balance between analog and digital, between funky and rigid, crisp and distorted, Four Tet displays his mastery of sound and space with every set he plays. The highest billed artist on this list, this show will please everyone from casual house and techno fans to audio aficionados, without sacrificing creative ambitions and impulses.

15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019Tet Live 2019


Singer, songwriter, and producer Rosalía released her sophomore album, El Mal Querer, at the tail end of 2018. Following up her mostly flamenco-leaning debut, Rosalía embraces textured electronic production behind her vocals, drawing comparisons to James Blake, Sampha, Blue Hawaii, and more. With her powerful voice, intensely executed choreography, and top notch production, Rosalía is a star on the rise, taking on what may be the largest performance of her career this April. 


Few know their way around sound design like SOPHIE — a true master of eclectic electronica. Her groundbreaking album, Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides was a breathtaking evolution of her signature experimental sound, taking listeners on a wild ride across its nine tracks and eventually leading to her making Grammy history as the first transgender woman to be nominated for the honor. It was a true culmination of years spent exploring different soundscapes, and shows off a mature artist primed to continue leading the charge in her creative realm. Catch her on Friday for what’s set to be a hauntingly brilliant live performance.15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019SOPHIE

Jon Hopkins

While Grammy-nominated artist Jon Hopkins needs no introduction, the depth of talent on Coachella’s lineup makes it easy to miss even the most impressive of names. Infusing his live sets with synths and a variety of gear, Hopkins’ house and techno is filled with textures and subtleties that have gained global recognition. With an international superstar bringing an acclaimed live set to one of the largest stages in music, this set is guaranteed to bring entrancing vibes to the Polo Grounds.

Tara Brooks

With a career of performances spanning from Burning Man to Berlin, Tara Brooks is a perfect example of Coachella’s expanding body of house and techno artists. A Desert Hearts veteran with co-signs from Joseph Capriati, Sasha, and John Digweed, Brooks puts forth some of the best that deep and progressive house out there to date. Though an L.A. native, she will bring the experience of the world’s most coveted nightlife and festival scenes to Coachella this April.

Idris Elba

It’s a surefire fact that when people saw Idris Elba’s name on Coachella’s lineup most of them went straight for Google. Many articles were written up on the fact that the man who portrayed Stringer Bell, Luther, and Nelson Mandela was going to be spinning beats at California’s biggest festival. CNN actually put out the headline “Yes, Idris Elba is playing Coachella” no doubt to many clicks. The fact of the matter is DJ Big Driis has been spinning for a minute — since he was 14, actually. He told Dancing Astronaut not only about his strife balancing his image as an actor and sexiest man alive with his passion for dance music back in 2017. Though it may be unbeknownst to many, Elba has collaborated with Fatboy Slim, was remixed by Pete Tong, and remixed Skepta. Far from his first major appearance, the 007 prospect made his mark in Ibiza, Atlanta, played Glastonbury festival, and has his sets on YouTube. He’s got that English charm, major relevance across multiple fields, and the skills to back it all up. Besides, it’s Idris Elba — you don’t need us to tell you to go see him.

15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019Idris Elba Djing

Nora En Pure

Deep house and indie dance aesthetics intermingle with polished precision when Nora En Pure takes the decks. A melodic songstress, the South African phenom smoothly crafts live sensory experiences that invite attendees to delve into deeper house territory alongside the renowned producer. Nora En Pure’s catalog conveys her seemingly magnetic gravitation downwards to the lower boundaries of house music. It is with unparalleled finesse that the Don’t Look Back producer lifts her listeners from these deeper house stylings, to provide contrast in the form of airy, mellow sonic constructs that showcase Nora En Pure’s versatility, and the effortlessness with which she seamlessly bridges the ‘dark’ and ‘light’ tonalities of her music. Dulcet and fluid in the way that it unfurls, a Nora En Pure set is a Coachella must see.

Ross From Friends

Back in the 80’s Felix Clary Weatherall, better known as Ross From Friends, had a mobile sound system created by his dad, stationed in a van that bumped beats and toured around Europe, bringing a shared experience to music lovers wherever it wound up. Since his childhood, Ross From Friends wanted to create and connect like his father, through the use of music. However, one can follow in their father’s footsteps for only so long, eventually Ross From Friends carved his own path — one that led to a stage at Empire Polo Club. Only a few years ago Brainfeeder’s head honcho Flying Lotus casually recruited Ross From Friends and gave him the freedom to create with the advice, “make the album you want to make.”

In April of 2018, Ross From Friends released his Aphelion EP, displaying his sonic mobility while defining and fine-tuning his sound. Just four months later he put out his debut album on Brainfeeder, Family Portrait.

The Guardian deemed him “one to watch,” his sound has been compared to Jamie XX, Boards of Canada, and Four Tet. Fly-Lo gave him absolute freedom to astounding results, and that guy just knows. Whether the pull is musical curiosity or the desire to see an artist that is in the process of blooming, Ross From Friends’ performance at Coachella should not be missed.

15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019Rossfromfriendsportrait

Burna Boy

In 2018, Burna Boy went from local Nigerian treasure to a global phenomenon. Dropping his major label debut, Outside, on Atlantic Records and nabbing a feature on Major Lazer‘s “All My Life,” Burna Boy has been exposed to a whole host of new audiences. The energetic 27-year-old rhymer is making sure his presence at Coachella is known, already taking to his Instagram to demand that his name be printed larger because he is an “AFRICAN KING.” Eccentric and talented, Burna Boy is slated to bring down the Polo Grounds with his distinctive Afrobeat style.

Polo & Pan

French indie-electronic duo Polo & Pan spent much of 2018 on the road, with two US tours and gigs around Europe and the Middle East allowing them to fine tune their live show. Coming hot off the deluxe re-release of their debut album, Caravelle, the pair now have a deep body of work to play out to the masses in Indio. With a fleshed out stage set-up coming in 2019, Coachella may be Polo & Pan’s biggest and most impressive show yet.


The French up-and-comer has breathed fresh life into bass music. Her avant-garde sound draws from a multitude of influences and her own classical training, making for captivating original productions and even more infectious live sets. CloZee’s growth has been particularly impressive as of late, where she released her long-awaited debut LP, Evasion, in 2018 and quickly earned slots at a variety of high profile festivals including Bonnaroo, Lightning In A Bottle, and even Coachella. We suspect her return to the Southern California institution will be pumped full of brand new music, and special edits of deeper cuts in her discography.

15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019DA WM 22

Stephan Bodzin

For house and techno lovers, Europe’s diverse club and festival circuit can leave American fans yearning for talent that often stays on the other side of the Atlantic. A prime example of this is esteemed German DJ Stephan Bodzin – though he tours relentlessly in Europe, playing his gripping techno tunes to engrossed crowds, a US appearance from Bodzin is a rare treat. With pounding bass, a melodic skew, and enough gear to fill an entire studio, Bodzin is set to tear down Indio with his old school style and boisterous swagger for one of his few US shows of 2019.

Rico Nasty

Since coming onto the scene in 2016, Rico Nasty has blossomed into one of the more colorful and abrasive characters in D.C.’s ever-growing hip-hop scene. Ranging from hard trap music to a punk take on rap, the 21-year-old and her rowdy personality are only boosted with production from Kenny Beats, one of hip-hop’s most in-demand producers of the moment, formerly of LOUDPVCK. With high energy music and a lively stage presence, Rico Nasty’s Coachella performance is a great opportunity to catch some of hip-hop’s finest rising talent.


Denmark-based DJ and producer Kölsch has built a path for himself by adding a melodic twist on four-to-the-floor techno production. Having graced the main stages of much of Europe’s techno festival scene and played a DJ set atop the Eiffel Tower, Kölsch has a deep catalog of work, most recently including his 2018 joint EP with Tiga. Bringing his anthemic sound to Indio, the Danish DJ’s set is sure to be one of many stellar techno performances headed to Indio this spring.

15 acts that define Coachella’s undercard in 2019Kolsch Dj Set Eiffel Tower Cr Adrien Combes 2017 Billboard Fea 1500


Bridging the gap between electronic and indie music, Superorganism defy genre in a completely unique way. Using a mix of harmonic vocals, distinctive sampling techniques, and electronic instrumentation, the band is sure to make an impression on any audience. Whether it’s jamming out on a funky synth or blowing bubbles through a straw, every track will be packed to the brim with intriguing textures. Check out their Tiny Desk Concert to get a taste of the creativity to come at the band’s Coachella debut.

Idris Elba plots collaboration with ‘Cats’ co-star Taylor Swift

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Idris Elba plots collaboration with ‘Cats’ co-star Taylor SwiftTurn Up Charlie 2 1

Idris Elba is already taking 2019 by the horns. He’s one of the most anticipated DJ acts on Coachella‘s recently released lineup, he’s launching a new comedy series on Netflix, Turn Up Charliethis spring, and he’s leading the theatrical version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famed musical, Cats. The UK DJ legend is co-starring in the film alongside Taylor Swift, and if he plays his cards right, he’s hoping to parlay joint work on the film into a collaborative studio effort with the Reputation megastar.

Elba and Swift co-presented at the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 6, and shortly after presenting at the awards show, Elba dished with Access‘ Scott Evans on his working relationship with the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer. Elba explains, “She’s got a really good heart and she works hard. I’m so excited to work with her in this film. Not only is she a musician but she’s an actress as well…she’s got chops.” Then, he further elaborates,

“This year’s been amazing because I get to play and make music a lot more and I’m hoping that…I might get Taylor and I to do a song. I mean, that would be great.”

The last time Swift wrote lyrics for a star UK house veteran, we got “This Is What You Came For.” If a studio session with Idris Elba does materialize, we might have another major hit on our hands.

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Coachella unveils new initiative against sexual assault

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Coachella unveils new initiative against sexual assault4 21 18 DOLAB COACHELLA W2 WATCHARA21

“We are taking deliberate steps to develop a festival culture that is safe and inclusive for everyone. Persons of any gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or ability are welcome at Coachella,” stated the mega-festival upon launching brand new initiative, Every One.

Every One is a new effort to combat sexual harassment and assault that, unfortunately, has become a mainstay at music gatherings around the globe. In addition to encouraging guests to take more personal responsibility, Coachella will also be hiring trained Safety Ambassadors to roam the grounds throughout the weekend and help those in distress. There will also be tents set up where Ambassadors can provide counsel to guests.

The festival also reiterated its longtime stance on sexual assault: “Coachella will NOT tolerate any form of assault or harassment, be it sexual, physical or verbal. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy is subject to immediate removal from the festival site and law enforcement may be notified.”

Read more on the initiative here.


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Coachella’s first weekend sold out in 40 minutes, both weekends within six hours

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Coachella’s first weekend sold out in 40 minutes, both weekends within six hoursCoachella Rukes2

Tickets for Coachella‘s 2019 edition flew off the virtual shelves within hours — even minutes! — of going on sale.

The iconic California festival’s first weekend, slated for April 12-14, sold out of its general admission tickets in just 40 minutes, with tickets for weekend two (April 19-21) following shortly after. Six hours after going public, all Coachella passes were entirely sold out. The past two years, tickets sold out within three hours.

Tickets went on sale a day after the festival announced its star-studded 2019 lineup, boasting noteworthy acts like Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Ariana Grande set to headline. Notable dance music acts include fan favorites DJ Snake, Bassnectar, Diplo, and Four Tet.

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Fans will now be able to livestream both weekends of Coachella on YouTube for the first time

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Fans will now be able to livestream both weekends of Coachella on YouTube for the first timeBeyonce Coachella 2018 Live

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is back to dominating the headlines thanks to an all-encompassing, star-abundant collection of artists who will be performing at the 2019 iteration of the Indio, CA-based music festival. The next chapter of the legendary soiree has not met the media’s gaze without its fair share of controversy, mainly Kanye West dropping out of the lineup due to what he recently referred to as “artistically limiting” stage design.

On a brighter note, 2019 will be the first year fans will be able to live stream the festival for both weekend one and two. In previous years, fans were limited to the festival’s first weekend exclusively for streaming capabilities. Now fans across the world will be able to watch back-to-back weekends of acts including DJ Snake, Kayzo, Bassnectar, Ariana Grande, and more. The live streaming for Coachella 2019 commences the first weekend, April 12th-14th, rolling all the way through to the next, which spans April 19th-21st.

Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella