Shrimpnose unveils emotive new EP, ‘dawn’

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Art somberly mirrors life on Minnesotan producer shrimpnose’s latest offering, the just over eleven minute “dawn (ep).” The artist commemorates his late friend Donnie’s life on the new ambient EP through melancholic yet hopeful soundscapes.

Gradually processing grief over its emotive five tracks, the “dawn” EP opens with the lo-fi title track. After the third minute mark, the first breezy tune “dawn” progresses into the static of the second, dubbed “heroes.” After the glistening third track “since then,” a whispering monologue brings the listener down to earth on its fourth offering “dusk.” Gradually growing hopeful, a stunning display of strings rounds out the EP on its closer “back when.”

The “dawn” EP showcases a gripping display of emotion and merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shrimpnose’s talent. The artist has recently played opening slots for the likes of  XXYYXX, TOKiMONSTA, Giraffage, Purity Ring, Troyboi, Ekali, The Geek x Vrv, Eprom and Medasin. shrimpnose is set to close out 2017 with a performance at Snowta NYE 2017 in his home state.

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Sunday Morning Medicine: seeing extended family sucks, this playlist doesn’t

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

This week’s opening salvo comes courtesy of vocalist Sophie Meiers. With Baltimore-based producer Vide providing an appropriately oceanic foundation, Meiers’ voice occupies “Shores’” center stage. Her breathy delivery is accompanied by meandering guitar licks, wobbling synth patches, and a rumbling bass that motivates the track without ramping up the energy too high. The end result: an indolent, swaying RnB tune.

A cut from German producer B-Side’s LP When Streets Are Empty, brings laid back vibes and makes the most of its minimal style. An electric piano pings through the audio-spatial spectrum, giving way to nocturnal horn samples. Throughout, a meandering bass line rumbles underneath while a shuffling pattern on a ride cymbal — mostly hidden — provides an element of stability to the affair.

Philadelphia’s Nick Anthony — with an assist from Still Haze — offers up this edition’s most energetic track, “Blur.” A multifaceted production that pulls from styles ranging from 80s nostalgia to the future sounds dominating the electronic music scene today, “Blur” is most impressive in its structure. With so many unique riffs and sound selections, one would expect a thumping powerhouse. However, Anthony maintains a measure of restraint and melds the disparate elements into a cohesive, mellow original.

The penultimate selection is Tajima Hal’s “Until Morning.” A clever patchwork of samples creates a dreamy, hazy atmosphere that mollifies the listener. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Until Morning” is actually one of Hal’s longer compositions. Still, the track is never in any rush and is perfectly content to float along to its conclusion without ever pushing the energy envelope.

Finally, Pool Cosby’s “New York Band Plays New York Venue” brings this edition to a close. An extended intro of slickly produced piano chords opens into a tightly composed verse. Vocal chops weave in and out of trumpet runs while a clever drum pattern taps out the foundation. The track builds to a cathartic crescendo that never explodes but releases into a grinning, smooth outro.

Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.

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Lucy In Disguise – Echoes In Time

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Californian synthwave producer, Lucy In Disguise, has released his newest ethereal track, “Echoes In Time,” audibly expanding upon his 2016 EP, Endless Echoes. The Santa Barbara-based artist is perhaps best known for his ability to incorporate retro synthesizing into his modern, chromatic dreamscapes, like in his Dreamscape EP of 2014. Fittingly named, Lucy In Disguise’s cinematic, unconventional brand of electronica emulates the atmospheric allure of synth wizards like Tycho and Com Truise.

Released via Innerworks Records,”Echoes In Time” is an intricate, lucid journey, layered in ’80s and ’90s textures with a futuristic center. The track’s ambient melodies and downtempo bliss carry the listener back through technicolor dreams long-forgotten.

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San Holo debuts new uplifting single ‘One Thing’

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2017 has proven to be a breakout year for Dutch DJ/producer San Holo. The bitbird label head has garnered immense praise from around the world of dance music and looks poised to capitalize on the success of hit singles like “We Rise”  and “I Still See Your Face,” as he brings his Gouldain Finch 2 tour across the US.

Now San Holo is back with yet another stirring new track entitled “One Thing,” which he teased last week at a November 11 show in Boston. The emotive new tune perfectly encapsulates San Holo’s captivating sonic style and features ethereal vocals and infectious lyrics that blend exquisitely with gripping percussive elements and uplifting synths.

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Louis Futon – Restless Sea ft Opia

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Louis Futon has been a remix machine of late, with recent flips of Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, The Creator pointing his sonic compass into a distinctly R&B/hip-hop driven direction. For the producer’s newest single, out now via ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective, Futon has enlisted the chill, soulful vocal talents of progressive rock trio Opia.

The track, “Restless Sea,” is a chill trap ballad with vocals that call upon an R&B aesthetic and instrumentals that fuse this sound with a smooth alternative rock vibe. To match their soaring, gritty vocals, and highly metaphorical lyrics, Opia’s contribution to the track’s overall sound design delves to the deepest depths of effortless sincerity. Most of all, “Restless Sea” spotlights Futon’s love for the electric guitar, with passionate arpeggiated riffs over each drop that builds nicely over the track’s slow pounding drum work, highlighting the song’s deeply harmonic quality.

The entire track is a stunningly balanced journey into emotionally-driven soundscapes and genre-fusing future bass, with all the atomic energy of a fission bomb.

“I’ve been a fan of Opia for a long time and met DJ and Cole when I moved out to LA. I wanted to combine both of our sounds to make something big. This song turned out to be a personal favorite of mine, I’m a sucker for massive guitar riffs though.”

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Premiere: JP Saxe – Anybody Else (Win & Woo Remix)

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Chicago-based duo Win & Woo have had a stellar 2017. From an array of successful singles like “Chicago” with Bryce Fox to partnering with Blue Moon brewing for “Constellation” to their current tour with fellow Windy City natives Louis the Child, Nick Winholt and Austin Woo haven’t slowed down in the slightest as the year has progressed.

They’re heading into the holiday season with a catchy remix of JP Saxe’s “Anybody Else.” The remix takes a minimalist approach to the dark, sultry feel of the original track, stripping it down to JP Saxe’s vocals and a simple drum pattern for the verses. Their interpretation of “Anybody Else” is more lighthearted than the original, giving it more of a playful feel.

JP Saxe shared his thoughts on the origins of the track and Win & Woo’s rework of it.

“I’ve been a songwriter for a few years now, and going into sessions almost everyday, I noticed this overwhelming theme both in the studio and on the radio of what I call, ‘you hurt me, but I like it’ love songs. I think that’s getting a little played out. Yet there is obviously something very human about wanting something even more because you think you shouldn’t want it. I’d like to think ‘Anybody Else’ is a slightly more sophisticated twist on that concept…it’s leaning into the forbidden-ness in a self aware way, like you’re creating the barriers on purpose just so you can both enjoy breaking them. The original version plays into the sexy, mysterious tone of that feeling. Win and Woo’s remix plays into the fun of it, and the fun of it is very real.” 

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Stream Petit Biscuit’s soaring, cinematic debut album, ‘Presence’

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Rising star Petit Biscuit has proven his talents for music production are developed well beyond his years. Classically trained in the cello since the age of five, Mehdi Benjelloun burst onto the dance music scene with his monumental remix of ODESZA‘s “Memories That You Call,” drawing comparisons of his cinematic sound design with that of the Seattle-based duo. The promising young producer, hailing from France, would soon catapult himself to notoriety at the mere age of 15 with his 5-track self-titled EP, wherein the project’s leading single, “Sunset Lover,” reached an unprecedented 400 million streams worldwide.

The multi-talented musician now celebrates his 18th birthday with the release of a genre-blending debut album that is every bit as warm and inviting as it is vulnerable and exposed. Presence offers sunny, progressive chord structures and colorful, polished mixing flanked by electronic touches and a furtive vocality that both chills and arouses. From the LP’s first track, “Creation Comes Alive,” featuring SONIA, to its instrumental closing title, “The End,” which utilizes the same shimmering synth pattern, the entire work becomes an evocative story book of pain and resilience for which one can use a lens into — quite literally — viewing an emotion.

Arguably the stand out track of the LP is the cinematic production “Forever Being,” which calls upon ODESZA’s sonic landscape with it’s chiming key chords, soaring vocal chops, complex half-/double-time drum work, and nostalgic phonographic movie quotes on the front and tail ends. The LP’s most astounding fact: Petit Biscuit wrote, produced, and mixed Presence over the course of the last year, finding time between high school exams and sold-out tours across the US, Europe, and beyond.

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Madnap & Duumu – Disappear ft Bien

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Coming off his Moving Castle release, “Honey,” featuring Sophie Meiers, Madnap has swiftly served “Disappear,” featuring Bien. Duumu collaborates on this one and includes the slow tempos and seducing atmosphere showcased in his 2017 singles. “Disappear” ties the chill trap side of Madnap together with Duumu’s cloudy and comfortable keys. Bien’s quick entrance and gentle voice make lyrical moments like “mistakes we make / is all those risks we take / but keep your place, no need for vows / and find a little purpose for now” strike with vengeance.

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Sunday Morning Medicine: synthwave to soundtrack the pouring rain

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

The first select of the week is a deep cut courtesy of Lazerhawk.  The Austin based producer has become known for his prolific catalog of deliciously 80s inspired music and for his role as a founding member of beloved outrun and synth haven Rosso Corsa records. “So Far Away” is a dreamy throwback from the producer’s stacked 2012 LP Visitors. A bright guitar lick meanders through the a lush cloud of synths and a pining, haunting vocal refrain that pulses in and out like a communication from another plane.


B•R•A•U•N’s debut solo LP with Diving Bell Recording Co arrived as a fully formed world for listeners to immerse themselves in. Silent Science is at once inspired by sounds of the past and rooted firmly in the attitudes of the present. Producer Ben Braun has constructed an incredible offering that is easy to get lost in for hours of repeated listening and “Lose It All” is a standout track with vibes for days. Even as the vocals detail a stubborn resolution, Braun’s driving bass line and soaring synth melodies drive the song forward into an irresistible groove.


Cult favorites POLIÇA have made a name for their synthpop outfit over a series of timeless releases and high profile collaborations with electronic musicians like Boys Noize. “Lay Your Cards Out” is one such perennial creation from the group’s 2012 LP Give You The Ghost. The track seems to pull from a wealth of influences with elements of trip hop and a strong thematic nod to dreampop pioneers Cocteau Twins, but a rolling drum line brings the track to an intoxicating boil around the three minute mark, fomenting a sense of urgency and tension that feels contemporary, uniquely POLIÇA.


Compuphonic‘s Mango Figaro EP made a quiet arrival earlier this month via deep house stalwart Anjunadeep. The EP’s textured, refreshing brand of deep house is exemplified here in its title track which glistens with organic warmth. The song is a narrative journey through a head space that feels intimate and introspective for producer Maxime Firket and each of the track’s intricate samples is mastered lovingly into the perfect space within this rich, airy composition.


Rounding out this week’s picks is a cut from producer Chris Stewart’s synth outlet Black Marble. Stewart’s 2012 LP A Different Arrangement drew from synthwave’s earliest progenitors, tapping into a DIY creative space and scraping together raw, visceral elements into moody, brooding affair. At a few hopeful moments in the LP, Stewart’s compositions turn bright, verging on glo-fi, but album opener “Cruel Summer” sets the dominant tone for this chillingly impassive album that some how yearns for more, better in a cold and frustratingly intractable reality.


Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.


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Kygo continues daily release of songs with ‘Sunrise’

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Leading up to the release of his sophomore album, Kygo has been releasing a song every day. The song of choice for Oct. 28 is “Sunrise,” a collaboration with Jason Walker.

“Sunrise” is pure, classic Kygo: soothing tropical house vibes with gorgeous vocals. Walker’s refreshing voice perfectly complements a string- and piano-based melody for a vibe that’s instantly recognizable as the Norwegian producer’s.

Previous releases from the Kids in Love LP include “Never Let You Go” with John Newman and “Kids in Love.”

The album is out in full on Sony Music on Nov. 3.

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