Whethan preps sun-drenched Orbit playlist ahead of Splash House 2018 [Exclusive]

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Whethan preps sun-drenched Orbit playlist ahead of Splash House 2018 [Exclusive]Whethan Press Photo 3 Credit Rennie 1

With a number of hit singles under his belt and a forever viral Coachella performance, Whethan is cruising through 2018 at a healthy speed. The most recent additions to his growing discography includes a bootleg of Clairo‘s “Pretty Girl” and a hit single with Oh Wonder entitled “Superlove,” which gained him fast traction for the launch of his “Life of a Wallflower” US tour.

Before he hits the road on September 13, the Chicago-born prodigy will take proctor a poolside party at Splash House‘s second weekend of 2018, a multi-venue festival-style event held at select resorts in Palm Springs. To compliment the upcoming performance, Whethan’s provided us with a selection of songs from his personal rotation that have summer vibes written all over them. The young beatmaker dished to DA regarding his new Orbit playlist,

“I’m super excited for Splash House. I’ve never played before, but I’ve seen videos and I’m looking forward to an exciting weekend. Here are a handful of songs to jam to this summer that I’ve personally had on repeat. Hope you enjoy.”

Whethan’s Orbit series contribution includes a diverse assortment of jams including old school Calvin Harris, the new heater from Childish Gambino, a track from upcoming English vocalist Jorja Smith, of course some music from Whethan himself, and more. This year’s Splash House commences on August 10 — fans can purchase their tickets here.

Louis Futon flips Childish Gambino’s ‘Summertime Magic’

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Louis Futon flips Childish Gambino’s ‘Summertime Magic’Futon

It’s been a few weeks, so its about time someone flipped Childish Gambino‘s “Summertime Magic,” and who else to do it better than Louis Futon? The certified flip-master celebrates his birthday by chopping up this new one from Gambino, off of the rapper’s recent surprise twofer Summer Pack. In the latest addition to his ever-so-popular video series, Futon allows viewers to follow his production process of cutting up the track’s melody, adding drums and bells, before getting a little weird on the second verse.

The Philadelphia-native beatmaker has been out on his Fall On Me tour this summer, following an infectious, jazzy single of the the same name featuring BXRBER. His last flip came by way of  J. Cole‘s “Kevin’s Heart,” though recently Futon has had his eye on Childish, working on another Gambino heater, “Telegraph Ave,” earlier this year with Louis The Child. Gambino’s “Summertime Magic” has already been subject to heavy repeated listens, though now with a new take from Louis Futon, the track’s shelf life just extended well past the summer swelter.

Childish Gambino to host three concurrent ‘Summertime Starts Here’ events this weekend in New York, Los Angeles, and London

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Childish Gambino to host three concurrent ‘Summertime Starts Here’ events this weekend in New York, Los Angeles, and LondonHttps Hypebeast.com Image 2018 07 Childish Gambino Summertime Magic Feels Like Summer Summer Pack Stream 00

New York, Los Angeles, and London will serve as the sites of three concurrent Childish Gambino events the weekend of July 14 – 15, as the “This Is America” producer brings his enigmatic Summertime Starts Here event experience series to each city in staggered intervals.

Summertime Starts Here initially debuted in New York on July 13 at Union Square, and will remain in the ‘Big Apple’ into Saturday, July 14, where the second day will commence at Fort Greene Park from 12-4 PM EST. Los Angeles will also receive the Summertime Starts Here experience on July 14. The West Coast edition of the event will take place at California’s Santa Monica pier from 12-4 PM PST. On Sunday, July 15, Gambino’s nomadic fan event will relocate to Fairfax High School from 12-4 PM PST.

Last but certainly not least, London will also be privy to Summertime Starts Here, with the UK version occupying Gunnersbury Park from 1-10 PM GMT. Although Gambino shared little detail about the specifics of the Summertime Starts Here series, each event will supposedly be free of charge. It is unlikely that Gambino will perform live in each city, given the overlap of the three events, though if any mortal man could do it, it would be Donald Glover somehow.

The Summertime Starts Here run follows the July 11 release of Gambino’s new EP, Summer Pack.

Feels like Summer. Link in Bio.

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Mr. Carmack releases earth-trembling, instrumental rework of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’

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Mr. Carmack releases earth-trembling, instrumental rework of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’Jacob Avanzato Carmack

Mr. Carmack has released an edit of Childish Gambino‘s “This Is America,” maintaining subtle pieces of the original’s framework, while keeping the new set list weapon a strictly instrumental hay maker. Playing with a minimal bass beat and open sonic space, the original rework was anchored to Gambino’s apathetic tone, though the Hawaii-based producer dropped a completely the instrumental edit as the final product, and the result is a club-rattling heater.

With trembling low-end appeal and metallic synth stacks, Mr. Carmack’s rendition of the dominating Billboard chart topper will certainly begin to creep into heavy festival play this season. Mr. Carmack is known for his versatility in combining hip-hop beats with electronic elements, and Childish Gambino’s incredibly successful commercial outing has proven to be a perfect canvas for Carmack’s underground touch.


Childish Gambino drops off two dance-heavy summer-themed heaters

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Childish Gambino drops off two dance-heavy summer-themed heatersScreen Shot 2018 07 11 At 9.42.02 AM 1531316547 Compressed

Donald Glover has dropped off a pair of new summer-themed Childish Gambino tracks, as if he hadn’t already delivered the song of the summer with “This Is America” already.

In what Gambino’s officially called the Summer Pack, “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer” are each good feel tracks in their own right. Both heavily rely on a smooth dancehall, R&B vibe that welcomes its theme with open arms.

Of course, neither of the tracks comes complete with its own deeply political video or arrives with quite the same fervor that “This Is America” did, though each is certainly compelling support for Glover’s always impressive versatility as an artist.

Chance The Rapper confirms Kanye West-produced album and joint Childish Gambino project underway

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Chance The Rapper confirms Kanye West-produced album and joint Childish Gambino project underwayChance The Rapper Dancingastronaut

Chance The Rapper fans will be kissing the sky after the “Good Ass Job” rhymer’s revealing interview with Peter Rosenberg via Complex‘s ‘Open Late.’ Chance discussed a number of topics across the interview, though the conversation largely centered around music, and Chance didn’t spare any details in dishing on his upcoming plans. Chance doubled down on huge confirmations, revealing plans to deliver a seven-track Kanye West-produced LP that’s slated for studio time in July, along with an exciting update on his long-mythologized joint project with Childish Gambino, which is shaping up to be quite the endeavor.

“We got six songs that are all fire. But I think the album’s gonna be more than 14 songs. I think it’s gonna be a full thing.”

Chance waxes poetic on his newfound, Kanye-taught ability to multitask creatively, the influential role Dave Chappelle plays in his life, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, and the early mentoring Donald Glover gave him as his career began to bud. On the current state of affairs in the rap world, Chano expresses his hesitation with diss rapping, though he mentions he “has hella music” sheepishly wishing some of it was out. Despite Chance not having anything currently dominating the airwaves, it sounds like that’s all about to change. Watch Chance The Rapper’s full interview with Peter Rosenberg above.

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In an act of online activism, Childish Gambino fans are reclaiming the r/Donald subreddit

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Until last week, r/thedonald was a subreddit where Reddit users gathered to share posts related to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Despite the subreddit’s description as “the place where we discuss in an unbiased manner Donald Trump’s great contributions to modern society,” the page is littered by hate-filled posts from people who look to Trump as a twisted savior of sorts, sent to save the American public from its diversity thugs.

Over the past week, however, fans of Donald Glover have taken the subreddit page by storm, posting memes and photos of the actor/rapper in a collective effort to reclaim “the Donald” name. At the very least, the move is a response to Childish Gambino‘s potent, racially charged “This is America” music video release. At best, it’s a form on online activism. And the most wonderful part is — it’s actually working. The subreddit page is now almost solely devoted to Childish Gambino/Donald Glover.

The following post, for instance, has been upvoted more than 45,000 times.

The One True Donald from thedonald

Another post draw some starkly accurate comparisons when juxtaposing the two Donalds, forcing subredditers to stop and question.

Not a racist ✅ Not a rapist ✅ Can read ✅ Was never bankrupt ✅ Likes Mexicans ✅ Talented ✅ Pays his taxes ✅ Handsome ✅ Loves immigrants ✅ Not a puppet for Russia ✅ Doesn’t want to fuck his daughter ✅ Must be the real one true Donald ✅ from thedonald

Finally, one post moves to campaign for a Donald Glover run for presidency. Step aside, Kanye.

Made this to screen print. Thought it fit well here. from thedonald

The hope is that if enough Donald Glover fans start posting on r/the_donald, they can reclaim this subreddit as well. In a world where activism can take many forms, users of social media are realizing the digital domain as a space for creating First Amendment political movements and reclaiming hateful digital spaces as places of empowerment.

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Donald Glover talks controversial ‘This Is America’ video on ‘Kimmel’

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Since Donald Glover released his torrentially trending and controversial music video for “This Is America,” under his musical alter-ego Childish Gambino, the internet has been ablaze with fervent reaction, meticulously dissecting the messages laden throughout the symbolic work.

However, on May 10, Glover took to Jimmy Kimmel Livewhere he told Kimmel that he has altogether avoided the internet and the video’s reception therein since he debuted the song on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

“It’s bad for me,” said Glover of the volatility of the internet. “I’m really sensitive. So, I was like ‘I’ll just let it be.’”

The video, which tackles a myriad of today’s most fiercely debated issues including, police brutality, gun violence, and the frivolity and fickleness of the media, has eclipsed 75 million views on YouTube in under a week. It has incited dozens of analytical essays, video responses, and over 250,000 Youtube comments, many of which attempt to unravel the intricately woven portrayal of Glover’s labyrinthine “America.”



Childish Gambino makes impassioned return with new music

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Donald Glover‘s made an impassioned return into the musical sphere, despite an announcement that his forthcoming Childish Gambino LP would be his last.

Citing an eventual departure from music as an important step toward progress, Glover’s latest is a sociopolitical reckoning, and his first new material since 2016’s neo-soul pastiche, Awaken, My Love! On the heels of a widely buzzed Saturday Night Live appearance, in which Glover hosted, performed, and even made a playful jab at Migos with a segment dubbed “Friendos,” Glover’s now shared the new music video for his latest track, “This Is America.”

“This Is America” is a politically steeped directional piece by Hiro Murai, who’s also directed several episodes of Gambino’s television show Atlanta, and features background vocals from Young Thug, 21 Savage, Quavo, Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi, BlocBoy JB, and an appearance from SZA.

Austin City Limits unveils staggering 2018 line-up with ODESZA, Childish Gambino, REZZ, and more

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Austin City Limits is one massive annual event that every devout festival goer ought to check off their festival bucket list at least once. The two weekend Texas throw-down wrangles a staggering herd of talent year after year that brings the best of electronic, pop/rock, and hip-hop to Zilker Park, ACL’s host venue on the banks of the Colorado River with scenic skyline views of downtown Austin. Sitting atop this year’s festival billing is the legendary Paul McCartney, Metallica, Childish Gambino, Arctic Monkeys, Travis Scott, ODESZA, and The National.

Running from October 5–7 and October 12–14, ACL’s expansive 2018 lineup features over 140 live acts, providing a truly cross-genre, mega-festival experience. From Khalid and Shawn Mendez, to Deftones and St. Vincent, and Lily Allen, Børns, and Sylvan Esso in between, the C3 Presents-produced event delivers the full sonic spectrum to satisfy a range of musical tastes. With live performances by Marian Hill, Sophie Tucker, and synth pop rockers CHVRCHES, along with key electronic acts in Justice, Illenium, Rezz, San Holo, and Gryffin, Austin City Limits continues to be at the pinnacle of festival curation.

Tickets are now on sale for both weekends here.

Featured image courtesy of ACL.