Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDC

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EDC Las Vegas has cemented its legacy into the landscape of electronic music festivals across the world, curating a distinctly unique excitement for its arrival. From the preceding week-long, pool party festivities that make up EDC Week, to the recent undertaking of Camp EDC, the festival’s newly introduced campgrounds, Las Vegas transforms its atypical glitzy, nightclub fronted atmosphere into the ultimate glitter-speckled, gaudy outfit-approved haven for EDC attendees during the month of May.

The festival’s 2018 edition saw the birth of their camping program, which brought in thousands of fervent attendees impatiently awaiting to kick off their weekend festivities. After a successful inaugural run, this new amenity will return for 2019’s upcoming weekend. Campers will be privy to a handful of exclusive activities such as the campground pre-party and daytime parties, health and wellness workshops and communal endeavors. Insomniac has tailored the campground experience with their headliners at the helm for its second year, attesting to Insomniac’s ongoing commitment toward self improvement in the events space. In preparation of Camp EDC’s second round over the May 16-20 weekend, Dancing Astronaut has composed the ultimate Camp EDC survival guide – fit with tips, tricks, and experienced knowledge on how to make the most of your EDC experience.

Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDCDustin Downing For Insomniac 1

Glam up your campsite

Your campsite will become your temporary weekend home—so make it feel like it!  Not only do you get to show off some wicked site design skills, but personalizing your campsite will make it easier for your friends to locate your site. Come bearing your flashiest flags, totem poles or inflatables to decorate. Make a checklist to ensure no camping essentials are forgotten at home. If you’re missing anything, check out the on-site general store for those last-minute necessities.

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Snap a picture of your campsite number

Much like navigating a maze, getting back to your campsite can be difficult to steer through after dancing till dawn. After hauling all of your camping essentials onto your site, be sure to snap a few pics of your site number and your tent to keep handy. Rather than waiting for the festival shuttles to head back to the strip, take comfort in the fact that sleep is just a few steps away.

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Take disco naps to keep you dancing 

Arguably the biggest perk of staying in Camp EDC is that your bed is always a few minutes away. Whether you’re cooling down under the Cascada tent or holing up in your Shiftpod, take advantage of the napping opportunities to keep you energized throughout the weekend.

Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDCEDCLV2018 0518 155507 0603 JLB Adi Adinayevs Conflicted Copy 2018 05 20

Snack smarter

Between exclusive campsite sets from Joyryde and Justin Martin, to interrupting your mid-day nap to join in goat yoga—catching a bite to eat might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat while you can in-between your daily activities to keep you fueled for a night under the electric sky. If you’re looking to crush some cravings, Camp EDC is welcoming over 15 gourmet food vendors on the grounds to satisfy all appetites.

Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDCEDCLV2018 0519 160304 6588 SAG

Bring extra supplies

Those who have attended the inaugural edition of Camp EDC are no stranger to the scorching sunlight that beams upon the campgrounds. Come packed with essentials like hydration packs, sunscreen and ear plugs. In this case, having more is better than having less. Pro tip: sharing and caring with your neighbors is a surefire way to lock in some festival friends for life.

Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDCSkyler Greene For Insomniac 2 1

Arrive early and stay late 

Checking into the campgrounds isn’t a walk in the park when thousands of other campers have the same idea in mind. Rather than attempting to weasel your way into the campgrounds with everyone else while the entrance line is at its peak, arrive for the check-in open time on the day of your arrival. Your crew, and your future self will thank you.

Dancing Astronaut presents: a veteran’s guide to surviving day through night at Camp EDCEDCLV2018 0518 145840 9483 JLB

Disconnect and connect with those around you 

Cellular service on the campgrounds may be spotty, allowing you to take the time to get to know the people around you. If you really need to utilize your network, keep an eye out for accessible areas where the wifi is flowing. Areas like the Carnival Square in the festival grounds is prepped with free wifi, food and fun all weekend long.

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Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 edition

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Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 edition37411816 10156427755281877 6531456500462780416 O 1

Electric Daisy Carnival has spent the last decade dominating the electronic music festival scene around the world, characterized by the most in-demand artist bookings and encompassed by an aura of extravagance. The festival has strived to provide unparalleled experiences in all aspects of its yearly event, procuring an unexplainable excitement from the moment of receiving one’s festival wristband, to basking in the early morning sun on day three of hiking up the Las Vegas Motor Speedway staircase.

2018 marked the first of the festival’s expansion with Camp EDC, a four-night on-site experience that allowed festival attendees to avoid the early morning commute back to their hotel and instead stay within walking distance of the venue. Campers were immersed within a profusion of activities, including exclusive campground opening sets from Excision, G Jones and Habstrakt, daily pool party takeovers, wellness workshops and group classes.

This year, Camp EDC returns with a plethora of new and returning daily activities to reflect the desirable “EDC experience,” securing artists like Fisher and his Catch & Release label to open the campgrounds, followed by daily pool parties and campground after parties hosted by the likes of Kaskade, Justin Martin and Solardo.

For those looking to make the most of their time on the campgrounds, Camp EDC offers a handful of daytime activities to entertain the most obscure of interests, ranging from mid-morning goat yoga to headbanger’s therapy. Whether you’re looking to catch some sleep over the armageddon of the festival weekend or fall asleep at the sunrise to the soothing sounds of Kaskade, Camp EDC offers it all.

Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 editionCamp Edc 2019 Friday
Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 editionCamp Edc 2019 Saturday
Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 editionCamp Edc 2019 Sunday
Camp EDC unveils weekend activities and artist set times for 2019 edition56749090 10157079086231877 5292069092209983488 O

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From dusk ’till dawn under the Electric Sky — EDC’s first camping venture

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Jake West

As a festival built on an ethereal foundation of acceptance, imagination and an appreciation for dance music, Electric Daisy Carnival has contrived and solidified their elusive reputation in the realm of music festivals. It has grown to become one of the most distinguished dance music festivals throughout the globe, after years of creating transcendental experiences that manage to remain unique to, and a principal facet to the festival’s essence.

Some may say that EDC’s success can be ascribed to its core focus on the principles of unity, love, self expression, and respect. Others may attribute it to the touches of creative ingenuity in every aspect of the festival, along with their perpetual nature of outdoing themselves with the passing of each year.

EDC 2018 - Jake West

Though EDC excels in all areas of community creativity, and growth, their success innately derives from their focus on the festival attendees — thoughtfully referred to as the “Headliners” behind the weekend. No festival is able to thrive without balancing their hiccups with accompanying improvements, and this one is certainly one of those that learns from their mistakes.

From its very first edition held in 1997, to the colossal three-day takeover just over two decades later, EDC has risen to the top of the international festival landscape with little competition along the way. The 2018 edition proved to be nothing short of what is known as the “EDC experience”, as the team worked magic to pull off 72+ hours of unprecedented extravagance.

With prior years of facing issues with shuttle transportation, and being at mercy to the desiccant, desert heat, one of the largest additions (and solutions) to this years event included the introduction of Camp EDC. Positioned just outside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Camp EDC hosted over 20,000+ attendees over the course of the weekend, kicking off a lineup of widespread festivities right from the get-go. Campers were given the choice between the GA Moonstone, and VIP Desert Rose tenting accommodation, each priced within reasonable grounds to the accustomed price-hike that Las Vegas visitors typically assume. RV Camping was available for  those who weren’t fans of traditional camping, offering a more “cushy” outdoor experience.

While Camp EDC was an excellent solution to alleviating the traffic load to the venue, it came at the cost of long entry wait times to the campgrounds.

Campers took to social media to relay their dismay behind the circumstances, tweeting both EDC and festival owner, Pasquale Rotella, about the 8+ hour wait times, and the risk of running out of gas/car battery. For those who were the lucky few that managed to be in the right place at the right time managed to breeze into the campgrounds, and get set unpacked before the weekend madness commenced.

Camp EDC’s first-ever campground kick-off party took place in their common-grounds, known better by “The Mesa.” Well prepared for the daily heat and incoming profusion of happy campers, “The Mesa” was characterized by colorful landmarks, non-stop daily activities, and weekend-long pool parties hosted by fan-favorite groups like Space Yacht, Insomniac Records, and Brownies & Lemonade.

Thursday’s pre-party was one for the bassheads (and was definitely met to bewilderment from campers seeking a more tame pre-EDC night), hosted by Excision, G Jones and Habstrakt as they played out on the illustrious Parliament Art car. To add to the already stacked evening, NGHTMRE went b2b with Slander in the early evening; adding to the large case of FOMO that non-campers, and campers who weren’t yet inside experienced. Camp EDC 2018 - Skyler Greene

With the good came the bad, and EDC was not exempt from the common camping festival struggles. Desert Rose campers were promised their own 24 hour, VIP bathroom/shower facilities, yet these were unaccessible at different points throughout the first day. Shower lines for the rest of the weekend were rarely scarce, pushing people to head back to their tents and resort to a good ‘ol-fashioned baby-wipe shower. Bumps on the road aside, no festival is complete without a few mishaps, especially when accommodating to 20,000+ thousand people in the middle of the desert.

Between the daily pool parties, and influx of group activities aiming to address the mind, soul and body, Camp EDC was a cloud nine destination for those looking to fulfill their EDC experience. Just as Insomniac prides themselves on centralizing the principles of positivity and respect, staff and security showed ample enthusiasm and genuine concern to the needs of festival-goers, making for smooth and sweet conversations all around.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Skyler Greene

An attribution to the countless hours placed before the festival’s success, campers left tired, yet fulfilled at heart from the three-night spectacle. A daunting task which proves difficult to face, EDC deserves credit where it’s due. Corralling over 20,000 individuals amongst 3,400 tents and 1,100 RV’s requires far more than extraneous planning and meticulous calculations. A project of this caliber requires patience, unwavering dedication and a love for dance music; drawing back to the founding pillars behind Insomniac’s success.

Photo credits: Skyler Greene and Jake West.

EDC Las Vegas to include camping in 2018

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For the first time ever, EDC Las Vegas attendees will be able to camp under the electric sky via Camp EDC. Insomniac has decided to bring camping amenities to the internationally renowned festival to give patrons a more comprehensive experience, though not in the traditional down-in-the-mud format one might expect.

With new festival dates falling in the middle May, 17–21, mitigating the Las Vegas desert heat, camping is no longer out of the question — just in case, Camp EDC will offer air conditioned tents, misting stations, and daytime pool parties with a walk up bar.

Additionally EDC campers can also partake in an array of colorful activities over the extended weekend: go-kart racing, kandi-making, yoga, rave aerobics, hula-hoop classes, and sound baths, to name a few. Campers will also get exclusive access to the Thursday night kickoff pool party, with surprise DJ sets, among other live entertainment.

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