Bro Safari and UFO! debut the first part of ‘Clockwork’

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Bro Safari and UFO! debut the first part of ‘Clockwork’Screen Shot 2018 08 27 At 3.25.22 PM

In mid-August, Bro Safari and UFO! released “N.U.M.B,” the first single off their experimental new album, Clockwork. The last time the two artists linked was back in 2012, on their first collaborative project called Animal. Now, the duo is back to unleash the first fuller selection of the project in the form of an EP.

“N.U.M.B,” “Inaccessible,” and “Break The Curse” come together under the Part 1 banner, offering a crazed teaser of what’s to come. Fans already know serves as an introduction to the synergy and magic between these two producers. Outside of that, the second dives into the deepened, free-flowing parts of their collective psyche. “Break The Curse” offers a wild, Caribbean-influenced ride that heats up the speakers it’s played through. Enter through this space filled with eerie vocals, dark loops, and transformative melodies, and get ready for the full release on September 21.

Bro Safari and UFO! are back with first track from forthcoming experimental album, ‘N.U.M.B.’

This post was originally published on this site

Bro Safari and UFO! are back with first track from forthcoming experimental album, ‘N.U.M.B.’Bro Safari Ufo Numb Artwork 1

Bro Safari and UFO! are back. After some considerable since from the pair of longtime collaborators, the two have released their new single “N.U.M.B,” which is an enamoring fusion of mysterious sounds, dark, experimental arrangements, and animalistic samples blending into a unique jungle-inspired track.

The duo have released countless collaborations before, but “N.U.M.B” is the first to skew away from the heavy bass sound they are known so well for. The single is the first from their newly announced forthcoming joint album the, titled Clockwork, which lands in full on September 21. Bro Safari and UFO!’s new project is said to be a conceptual listening journey, which is a new direction for both artists. The full album release will be accompanied by a North American tour this fall.

Dion Timmer releases his dynamic track ‘Shiawase’ on Monstercat

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Dion Timmer Shiawase

Netherlands-based producer Dion Timmer has accomplished more than most kids his age. By the age of 10 Timmer had discovered dubstep and realized his passion for music. Fast forward about 7 years and now he has collaborated with Snails, Bro Safari, Adventure Club and gone on tour with Excision

If that’s not enough, then hitting play on his latest release on Monstercat, “Shiawase,” should be enough to reinforce the fact that the kid is talented to say the very least. Following his theme of pitched up vocal chops along with his exceptionally technical sound design, he creates a light-hearted and dynamic song that feels as if it was exported directly from a video game.

If that cup of coffee didn’t do it’s job this morning, then Dion Timmer has you covered. 

Tritonal transforms DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’ in remix

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Tritonal is the latest group to try their hand at remixing DJ Snake‘s “A Different Way.” Notable remixes of the track so far have included Henry Fong, DevaultKayzo, and Bro Safari with ETC! ETC!

Tritonal totally transforms the backdrop of the song, retaining only the vocals from the original. The duo inserts their signature upbeat sound and an elaborate chord synth progression for the drop, making the track a perfect radio song or club hit.

The progressive house duo has been busy touring and releasing hit release after hit release in 2017, and with this remix drop, they show no signs of stopping in the new year.

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Kayzo puts hard dance spin on DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’

Bro Safari and ETC!ETC! team up on daring ‘A Different Way’ remix

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After landing itself a No. 11 spot on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Chart and embodying an immensely heart-warming aspect of adolescence in its official music video, DJ Snake and Lauv‘s radio anthem, “A Different Way,” has received its very own remix package.

The remix package features two distinct takes on the radio anthem, each vivacious takes on the original in their own right. Notably, Bro Safari and ETC!ETC! have joined forces for a monstrous trap house take on the original, erring away from the tune’s smooth, radio tendencies and imbuing a darker dancefloor air. In turning down the brightness of the track, Bro Safari and ETC!ETC! attain an evocatively, amusing new tune that certainly gets down in a daring, different way.

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Bro Safari, Anna Lunoe, Mr. Carmack, & Kyle at The Greatest Day Ever 2017 (NYC 7/15)

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