Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]

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Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]Rossfromfriends12

On August 16, Ross From Friends will be back on Brainfeeder with his newest EP, Epiphany. Ahead of the release, the trip-hop innovator – whose real name is Felix Clary Weatheral – has also shared a new single, “The Revolution.”

While Weatheral has made sparse, yet effective musical offerings over the past year or so, his proudest moment of 2018 was surely the release of his debut LP, Family Portrait, which also came out on Flying Lotus’ notorious imprint.

As the name suggests, the album was partially dedicated to his family. Epiphany will follow this trend as Weatheral claims the release is dedicated to his sister, whom he describes as one of his “most important role models.”

Weatheral has also cited his love of science fiction as a significant influence of the EP, specifically referencing movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and Fifth Element:

“I wanted the release to play on the idea of a desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany.”

Sonically, both of these distinct descriptors are apparent on ‘The Revolution.’ With the solid foundation of dance grooves Weatheral has constructed over the years, warm mid-range vocal samples drive the first half of the track until the breakdown which leaves the listener with a warehouse ready club beat. Stream ‘The Revolution’ in full below.

Flying Lotus to score LeSean Thomas’ and Lakeith Stanfield’s new anime series ‘Yasuke’

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Flying Lotus to score LeSean Thomas’ and Lakeith Stanfield’s new anime series ‘Yasuke’Flying Lotus 3d Live

Flying Lotus has been recruited by Netflix to produce the score of Yasuke, and upcoming anime Netflix original series starring Lakeith Stanfield. Yasuke will be directed by LeSean Thomas, a man with an eclectic background in animated series having given the world The Boondocks and Black Dynamite. Thomas’ productions have had a consistent raw, humorous, and above all honest, focus on black life in America, successfully delivered through superb animation, mindful scrips, and exhilarating hype-inducing scores.

Yasuke will follow a former samurai who picks his sword up once again to protect a child from mysterious forces that want to see the innocent murdered. The ronin who will be voiced acted by Stanfield, of Atlanta and Sorry To Bother You fame, is based on an African samurai who formerly performed duties under the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku period or the Warring States period in Japan which occurred between the 15th to 17th centuries.

Flying Lotus is sure to put his all into this series as the Brainfeeder head-honcho is also acting as an executive producer. FlyLo is also due to release a major multi-instrumental collaborative 10-year anniversary box set Brainfeeder X on Nov. 16.

Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD team up for ‘King of the Hill’

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Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD team up for ‘King of the Hill’Thundercat Cred Finbarr Webste

The much-anticipated Thundercat and BADBADNOTGOOD collaboration track “King of the Hill” has been released. The Flying Lotus-produced single has been on the radar since FlyLo’s label Brainfeeder announced their upcoming 10-year anniversary project, Brainfeeder X.

While Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD all have impressive and unique discographies, “King of the Hill” proves to be a testament to the potential of collaboration. BADBADNOTGOOD’s arrangement is characteristically jazzy, meticulous, and tight, and Thundercat’s bass jams with the band while his angelic voice guides the message. While all this natural jamming is happening, leave it to FlyLo to come through with the production. The arrangement is flush and well-thought-out with interludes that create a sense of calm to take in the waves of funk. This is exactly what Brainfeeder and Brainfeeder X are all about, and nothing could convey that feel and that message than the song itself.

Photo credit: Finbarr Webste

FlyLo’s Brainfeeder celebrates 10th anniversary with new compilation

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FlyLo’s Brainfeeder celebrates 10th anniversary with new compilationFlying Lotus Brainfeeder Compilation

Over the past decade, Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder has consistently published a discography of experimental genre-defying music that genuinely challenged its listeners to grow and its artists to become household names. What better way to celebrate a perfect wave than to ride it? With the announcement of Brainfeeder X, it’s clear FlyLo plans to do just that.

The two-volume 36-track compilation is spliced between what has been and what will come to be. In volume one lives a homage to the label’s past decade with tracks from Taylor McFerrin, TOKiMONSTA, and Lapalux. Volume two boasts an even more contemporary sound through unreleased tracks from Thundercat featuring BADBADNOTGOOD, FlyLo with BUSDRIVER, Louis Cole, Taylor Graves, Ross from Friends and more. All in all, 22 of the 36 tracks are unreleased and are surefire sonic gold.

Brainfeeder X will be available November 16 digitally, as two CDs, and as a four-vinyl box set (expertly packaged by Charles Munka, who also designed the Brainfeeder logo). In tune with the theme of celebration and collaboration, there will be a Brainfeeder x London show on December 15. Flying Lotus and Thundercat are already on the lineup, but it’s guaranteed Brainfeeder won’t be pulling any punches with the artists and friends coming through. In veteran internet-age style, FlyLo also put out his remix of Brandon Coleman’s jam “Walk Free” to accompany the project’s release announcement, listen below.  

Ross from Friends unveils debut LP on Brainfeeder

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Ross from Friends unveils debut LP on Brainfeeder42592532831 0410eaca32 O 1

Ross from Friends has become one of the most prominent purveyors of lo-fi house since the subgenre’s explosion over the past couple years. Alongside DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab, and more, Ross from Friends has made serious waves with his understated approach to the typically high-charged genre. Now, lovers of all things lo-fi will be pleased to know that the artist has released his debut LP, titled Family Portrait, on Flying LotusBrainfeeder imprint.

Spanning twelve lush tracks, Family Portrait is a truly impressive work, and comprehensive as well. It’s packed to the brim with warm textures and beautifully complex percussion, and stands as a culmination of the producer’s life up to this point. Ross from Friends, a.k.a. Felix Weatherall, grew up with music all around him – he watched his father DJ and produce on analog gear after touring the eclectic European rave circuit. The old school influence is clearly present in this record, with an attention to detail and a long-form prowess giving off an aura reminiscent of the storied scenes of London and Detroit. A smooth and invigorating listen, Ross from Friends has set the bar very high with his first full length offering, proving that lo-fi house is here not only to stay, but also to grow.

Ross From Friends channels major nostalgia in new family-infleunced ‘Pale Blue Dot’ video

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Ross From Friends channels major nostalgia in new family-infleunced ‘Pale Blue Dot’ video29217075 1634731183279973 9097606821673172992 O

Make no mistake, Ross From Friends doesn’t want to be taken too seriously. Born Felix Clary Weatherall, Friends is known for his punny pseudonym and feel-good tunes which are as easy to get lost in on just the repeated listens as they are with the hour-long loops online. Weatherall has just shared a video for a new song “Pale Blue Dot,” from his upcoming album Family Portrait.

The accompanying video’s a grainy VHS video shot by Ross From Friends’ mother,  Jo Weatherall, who recorded Ross’ father, Jamie Clary, while the two were traveling through London and Europe right when they met in 1990. “Pale Blue Dot” is an appropriate lead for Ross’ new album, dedicated largely to his father, as it too nods to the influence of his parents on his music, particularly the sounds of hi-NRG dance, Italo disco, and proto-Techno.

Family Portrait album is out July 27 via Brainfeeder.

Photo Credit: Fabrice Bourgelle

Flying Lotus shares mesmerizing new single, ‘Heroes Pt. 5’

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Adult Swim’s Singles Program series is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just over the course of the last year they’ve delivered singles from some of the best underground talents of late like Jlin, Tim Hecker, Thundercat, Washed Out, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Zola Jesus, Julia Holter, Heathered Pearls, and more. Now, Adult Swim is closing out its seventh-annual Singles Program series with a hot new track from Brainfeeder head honcho, Flying Lotus.

“Heroes Pt. 5” follows FlyLo’s seven new SoundCloud tracks, a Blade Runner short film score, and his grotesque directorial debut Kuso; a vile horror film Rolling Stone called “the grossest midnight movie of the last decade.” Maintaining the producer’s characteristically mind-melting modus operandi, “Heroes Pt. 5” uses a heady house filler with angelic synths sprinkled underneath. True to the off-kilter vibe FlyLo has tightly embraced over the years, “Heroes” features dialogue and sound effects from Dragonball Z,  as Pitchfork originally pointed out.

Ross From Friends announces debut album, shares lead single, ‘Project Cybersyn’

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Ross From Friends is the internet’s best friend, especially for those that spend a significant amount of time perusing YouTube‘s lo-fi house. Spend enough time in these dizzying catacombs, and Ross’ prevalent lo-fi chiller “Talk To Me You’ll Understand” is bound to work its way into the rotation.

What’s especially unique about the London producer, born Felix Weatherall, is that’s he one of the few lo-fi acts who actively embraced his production prowess, quite reminiscent to the ascension of chillwave’s Ernest Greene or Washed Out. Last year in an interview, Weatherall said, “I’ve been trying to keep up this persona of being goofy, and people have really reacted to that.” Now, Ross From Friends seems to be breaking free of those self-imposed restrictions.

Fresh off the more recent success of his EP, Aphelion, released just this April, Weatherall’s announced a new album, Family Portrait.

Characterized by the same experimentation and obsessive attention to detail that saw out Ross From Friends rise to fame, Family Portrait marries carefully crafted production and heavy saturated spaces. Family Portrait is preceded by its first single “Project Cybersyn” which demonstrates Weatherall’s amicable ability to shift and evolve, transitioning from the world of lo-fi to the world of FlyLo, his Brainfeeder overseer.

Ross From Friends has also announced his first-ever US shows in conjunction with the announcement.

Tour Dates:

06/09 – Manchester, UK @ Parklife
06/09 – Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen (DJ)
06/15 – Glasgow, UK @ Sub Club
06/16 – Marseille, FR @ Marsatac Festival
06/26 – Albania @ Kala Festival
06/29 – Gdansk, PL @ Electricians Street
06/30 – Milan, IT @ Astro Fest
07/05 – Montreux, CH @ Montreux Jazz Festival
07/06 – Paris, FR @ The Peacock Society
07/07 – Trencin, SK @ Pohoda Festival
07/14 – Dour, BE @ Dour Festival
08/09 – Seoul, KR @ Cakeshop (DJ)
08/10 – Seoul, KR @ Kontra (DJ)
08/17 – Tokyo, JP @ Sonic Mania
08/19 – Hamburg, DE @ MS Dockville
08/24 – Lincolnshire, UK @ Lost Village Festival
09/15 – Edinburgh, UK @ The Liquid Room
09/21 – Dublin, IE @ Button Factory
09/22 – Nantes, FR @ Scopitone Festival
09/26 – London, UK @ Village Underground
09/27 – Leeds, UK @ Belgrave Music Hall
09/28 – Sheffield, UK @ Hope Works
09/29 – Bologna, IT @ roBOt Festival
10/02 – Bristol, UK @ Thekla
10/03 – Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
10/05 – Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg
10/06 – Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgique
10/11 – Birmingham, UK @ Hare & Hounds
10/13 – Berlin, DE @ Berghain Kantine
10/20 – Warsaw, PL @ Smolna
10/25 – Geneva, CH @ Zoo
10/26 – Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
10/27 – Oslo, NO @ Jaeger
11/02 – Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
11/03 – Montreal, QC @ Phi Centre
11/08 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage
11/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Good Room
11/10 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
11/14 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza
11/15 – San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
11/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ (dis)order [formerly Lot 613]

Family Portrait is out July 27 via Brainfeeder.


The Gaslamp Killer issues new statement pleading innocence in light of defamation lawsuit

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Last October, electronic music producer The Gaslamp Killer, real name William Bensussen, was accused of allegedly drugging and raping two women in 2013. News first arose when one of the alleged victims, Chelsea Tadros, first shared her account via Twitter, stating that the Los Angeles artist drugged her and a friend, RaeAn Medina, at a hotel party, where he then proceeded to allegedly have non-consensual sex with them both.

This subsequently led to Bensussen’s labels, Low End Theory and Brainfeeder, severing ties with the producer and sparked massive public outrage in the era of  #MeToo. In a new statement posted to The Gaslamp Killer’s Facebook page, Bensussen breaks his silence of seven months with details as to why he believes he is innocent and has filed for defamation.

Read his full statement below:

“Last October, Chelsea Tadros made false claims on Twitter about a consensual sexual encounter that I shared with her and her friend RaeAn Medina 5 years ago. Tadros claimed that I drugged her and Medina at The Standard Hotel during a daytime pool party, then took their incapacitated bodies to my home and raped them. Not only is this untrue, it is logistically impossible.

Despite having numerous witnesses dispute her story, I had to remain silent for legal reasons. I so badly wanted to defend myself right away and share the facts with details from my witnesses. Because the case is now public record, I am finally able to come forward.

I am 100% innocent of these accusations.

My only recourse was to bring a suit for defamation to prove my innocence. In suing Tadros, I am not trying to silence her. In fact, I am hoping to open a dialogue in which to examine this event in front of a judge and jury, rather than trial by social media.

It is important to note that no criminal charges were brought against me, and that I am the only person accused of this type of assault during the me too movement to bring a defamation suit against my accuser and be granted a trial. Furthermore, Medina has not affirmed nor corroborated Tadros’ accusations. In fact, in my 15-plus years of touring the world as a musician, no other woman has come out against me

Because the actual trial might be more than a year away, I feel it’s necessary to share these important facts from my case with you:

1. Judge Joanne O’Donnell has identified many inconsistencies in Tadros’ claim, and ruled that “Tadros’ statement contains a provably false assertion of fact that [I] drugged and raped Tadros…”

2. A toxicology expert specializing in date rape cases stated “It is in my opinion, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that Tadros’ account of what happened on July 5, 2013 is virtually impossible.”

3. The sworn statement of eye witness #1, a friend of Medina’s, who directly contradicts Tadros’ claims about the events of that day. This witness reached out to me in support on the day of Tadros’ twitter accusation, even though I had only met him on the day in question 5 years ago and had not seen nor heard from him since.

4. The sworn statement of eye witness #2, my former roommate, who directly observed Tadros and Medina enter and exit my home in their own power.

Excerpts from these statements can be found in the following screenshots. If you‘d like to see more, there is also a dropbox link. After reading the above declarations by the judge and witnesses it is clear that Tadros’ claims are blatantly false.

I urge you to look at the facts objectively, as this false claim has changed my life forever. Within the first 24 hours of Tadros’ post, I received hundreds of death threats. I have subsequently lost everything that I have worked for; a career which took me 20 years to build. The damage done to my life, my friendships, my reputation, and my career is irreversible.

My life dissolved before my very eyes because of a single tweet. This type of reckless accusation undermines real sexual assault victims in their pursuit of justice. Therefore, it is with great care and awareness that I share my story. All I ask is that you take a moment to examine the facts.”

See the referenced court documents here.


Thundercat returns with groovy new single, ‘Final Fight’

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The multi-talented jazz fusion doyen, Thundercat, has stamped his undeniable virtuosity and trademark funkiness on Adult Swim’s ongoing Singles Program. Joining the likes of artists from Run The Jewels to Jlin, is Thundercat’s first new single since his critically-acclaimed early-2017 album, Drunk.

“Final Fight” features highly contrasting moments of Thundercat’s beloved M.O., between vivacious vocal coalescences, ample bass slaps, and aqueous undulations of guitar-driven energy. It’s a riveting return, and considering he’s coming off a year of collaborating with legends like Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Michael McDonald, and Kenny Loggins, it’s a track that definitely hints at yet another major year in the big leagues.