deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXM

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deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXMUnnamed 1

The mau5trap maven himself, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5), has now vamped his very own weekly radio show, mau5trap radio, through SiriusXM. The first edition aired late last week, September 28, featuring a fitting, hot-button guest mix from Getter, who just recently released his mau5trap-certified concept album, Visceral.

The internationally-aired series is set to feature a sundry of other mau5trap talent, with debuts lined up from the label’s most auspicious acts, including REZZ, ATTLAS, No Mana, Rinzen, and more. The show has found a home on SiriusXM’s BPM (channel 51): a sacred staple in the electronic airwaves. This landmark achievement for Zimmerman and the esteemed imprint comes just one year after mau5trap’s momentous 10-year anniversary.

After a three-day period, each show will be plugged onto Mixcloud, where listeners can stream freely. Additionally, the show will air regularly across the globe, through the following mediums:

Germany – ENERGY NRJ
Turkey – Radyo S – Monday 11pm
Dubai – Dance FM – Tuesday 22:00 PM
Mexico – Beat FM
Cyprus – ENERGY NRJ (Prime time – Saturday agreed).
Bulgaria – Radio Nova (If music & Jingle only)
Thailand – Kiss FM
Russia – DFM – Saturday 23:00 Moscow Time
Sri Lanka – Fox 91.4 12pm Friday (Repeated 11am Friday afternoon, the week after)
Kiss Fm, Australia – Saturday 6.30 – 7.30pm


Skrillex, Vindata, NSTASIA release new single ‘Favor’

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Skrillex is coming off of a packed weekend where he provided the last performance at NYC’s venerable Webster Hall and then found himself playing at HARD festival a few hours later. That hasn’t stopped him from starting off the week strong with a brand new track “Favor.” The producer continues to diversify his sound with his newest release, a collaboration with Vindata and NSTASIA. An electric guitar weaves in and out a consistent drum backdrop at a much slower BPM than we are accustomed to with previous Skrillex releases. NSTASIA’s vocals carry the track, and it’s the perfect change of pace for those who love Skrillex’s signature sound but also love their electronic chords mixed with a little bit of rock.

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BPM Portugal unveils second phase lineup, more venues, and showcases

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BPM’s inaugural launch at its new home in Portugal is getting closer, and hype is beginning to bubble up under the surface. Having already released the first long list of artists appearing at the festival, organizers have now added onto that with the second phase lineup, which doubles the current artist lineup and additionally boasts a whole new batch of established acts in the house and techno realm.

Art Department, Ida Engberg, and Danny Tenaglia, make up just a few of the bigger names to grace this year’s phase 2 lineup, in addition to Eats Everything, Richy Ahmed, and more. To balance out the harder acts slated to perform, BPM has also booked its usual suspects of Chaim, Bedouin, Behrouz, and more to bring their dreamy and melodic brands of house and tech into the mix.

Finally, guests are now able to catch a glimpse of some of the showcases happening as well. Lee Burridge will be hosting an All Day I Dream event, while ANTS will also be in tow with a host of stunning talent. BPM will also be bringing back its concept Ya’ah Muul party with Deep House Amsterdam as its sponsor. A full list of showcases can be seen below the artist lineup.





WARUNG hosted by Ibiza Voice
YA’AH MUUL hosted by Deep House Amsterdam


BPM issues updated statement following Blue Parrot shooting

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Early in the morning last Monday, January 16, the festivities at Blue Parrot nightclub’s Elrow closing party were violently disrupted by a shooting which killed five people. The bedlam marked a tragic end to The BPM Festival’s ten-year tenure at Playa del Carmen, wherein the event is hereafter banned.

For the first time since its initial statement on the day of the shooting, The BPM Festival has broken its silence. In the new statement, BPM briefly eulogizes the attack’s five victims:

“We are still reeling from the loss of the five lives, three of our festival guests — Daniel Pessina (Italy), Rafael Antonio Peñalosa Vega (México), and Alejandra Margarita Villanueva Ibarra (USA) – and two well-loved members of our BPM family, Kirk Wilson from Toronto, Canada and Geovanni Francisco Ruiz Murillo from Veracruz, Mexico. Kirk leaves behind a wife and two young children.* Geovanni was the father of two children. We are in touch with both families and are doing everything we can to ease this terrible loss.”

BPM has set up a GoFundMe account to memorialize Canadian victim Kirk Wilson, a bouncer who was killed while on-duty in the shooting, and is survived by a wife and two children. The statement further notes that only one of the surviving victims injured in the shooting is still undergoing hospital treatment.

Though the shooting has been extensively covered, much information regarding the night’s events remains uncertain. While the festival’s statement on the day of the attack noted that the act of aggression was carried out by “a lone shooter,” numerous eyewitness accounts assert otherwise. Cartels are widely thought to be involved with the shooting – Los Zetas Cartel, in particular. However, at press time, authorities have not officially confirmed the assailants to be cartel-affiliated.

In the new statement, BPM remains an agnostic stance regarding the course of events, refraining to comment publicly “so as not to interfere with, or impede, the ongoing police investigation.”

Read the BPM Festival’s full statement below:

Donate to Kirk Wilson’s memorial here.

H/T: Mixmag

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Eyewitnesses are reporting multiple gunmen involved in BPM shooting

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Citing police confirmation, The BPM Festival released an official statement yesterday, January 16, which asserted that the attack at Blue Parrot nightclub which killed five people and injured fifteen more was the work of “a lone shooter.” Eyewitnesses, however, are contradicting BPM’s statement, claiming that the shooting was carried out by multiple gunmen – with some accounts reporting the number of assailants to be as high as five.

Billboard has published statements from several anonymized eyewitnesses detailing the events of the Blue Parrot shooting. A 28-year old Australian man who was at the scene of the shooting has told Billboard that he saw “five Mexican men in black leather jackets attempt to gain entry to the Blue Parrot.” The same attendee alleges to have later seen one of the men exiting the incident through a police perimeter in “a button-down shirt, fedora hat and glasses, and…no longer wearing a leather jacket.”

Billboard has reported the following information from the Sydney attendee’s testimony:

“They got denied because they didn’t want to be patted down…Three of them left out of our vision and two of them shot security guards at the entrance, ran in and aimlessly opened fire. There were two guys there, not one like the news incorrectly reports.

“Outside the club it seemed like there were people actually squaring up as though it might have been cartel-related…It gave them the feeling that something was about to happen.”

Billboard notes the similarities between the above attendee’s account and an unverified report by local Mexican publication, Semanario Playa News Aquí y Ahora.

Another eyewitness to the incident, who Billboard deems “an industry source,” vehemently denies the notion that the attack was carried out by a lone gunman:

“There’s no way there was just one shooter…I must have heard shots that happened from the beach or street. How can one guy be shooting all this and not get caught?

The same source told the publication that he heard three rounds of gunfire, and reports from other attendees of an assailant firing shots from a car.

An “internationally-known male DJ/producer” who escaped from the shooting further corroborated the story of multiple gunmen to Billboard, stating, “I just want people to know the truth, because it was not just some crazy lone gunman…I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Billboard notes that they have contacted The BPM Festival and authorities for statement, but have not published any response at press time. After ten years in Playa del Carmen, BPM has been banned for future editions.

Via: Billboard

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BPM banned from Playa del Carmen; victim identities and shooting details confirmed [Breaking]

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State officials have announced that after 10 years, BPM Festival is no longer welcome in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Playa del Carmen’s Mayor of Solidarity Cristina Torres Gómez–a goodwill liaison between tourists and locals–announced that strong regulations will be developed to protect Playa del Carmen’s tourist friendly atmosphere.

Among the regulations, Gómez announced that night activity will be strictly monitored. She also announced an immediate ban on both BPM and the Arena Festival, scheduled to take place in February.

“We want these types of events to go,” Torres Gómez said. “We won’t allow one more.”

The Playa is typically much less violent than the cartel contested regions in mainland Mexico and is often affectionately referred to as the face of Mexico. BPM will likely still hold events in Brazil and Portugal, as was recently announced.

Mexican news sources have also confirmed the names of those injured and deceased and revealed new details about the suspected shooter in the Blue Parrot nightclub shooting that took place early Monday morning during the Elrow closing party at BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

According to several sources including Quintana Roo’s Attorney General, the victims have been identified as Kirk Wilson of Toronto, Daniel Pessina of Italy, Geovanni Francisco Ruiz Murillo of Mexico, and Rafael Antonio Peñalosa Vega of Mexico. While the former three were declared dead on site, Vega died minutes after being admitted to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), a state run hospital in Playa Del Carmen.

Alejandra Margarita Villanueva Ibarra of the United States has also been confirmed dead by the Attorney General and by her family in Colorado. Reports confirm Ibarra was crushed to death in the stampede to exit when shots broke out inside the club.

The Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the altercation took place at 2:28 am, Monday January 16  when a patron was denied entry to the bar for carrying a gun. Quintana Roo Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech Cen had previously confirmed that four people of interest were being held in relation to the event, but no charges have been filed. He also firmly ruled out any ties to terrorist activity.

State officials also confirmed that the suspect left behind several items including a t-shirt, a Tuarus .38 revolver, and numerous shell casings from several handguns including: 6 .38 revolver shells, 8  9 millimeter shells, and 6 .380 caliber shells.

The Governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquin, confirmed details about the shooting and reiterated the importance of cracking down on violence in the region in a dispatch on the state’s website. “We will implement decisive actions to avoid aggressions of any kind in this state that is the window of Mexico and the pride of all Mexicans,” said Gov. Joaquin. “Measures will be taken to maintaine [sic] the order and security in all of our tourist destinations.”

“All crimes are reprehensible,” he added, “but certainly, the most are those that have consequences for innocent people.”

This article features reporting from Christina Hernandez and Jordan Diaz.

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Dancing Astronaut Does The BPM Festival: 5 Early Highlights

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The BPM Festival is in full-swing. The 10-day electronic music festival, which takes place in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, has already hosted over 200 DJs since beginning on Friday, including show-stopping appearances from Carl Cox, Solomun, Green Velvet and more.

In order to take you into the action, Dancing Astronaut has collected some of our favorite highlights from The BPM Festival thus far. Check out 5 early highlights from The BPM Festival below.

All photos via aLIVE Coverage for


   All Day I Dream

As a chief brand in the underground sphere, All Day I Dream’s exploration of melodic house and techno has become a staple at The BPM Festival. Though similar in nature and decor, no two All Day I Dream parties are the same – and therein lies the real beauty of one of the most authentic electronic music celebrations in the world.

Once again returning to Playa del Carmen’s Martina Beach Club for the 2017 edition of All Day I Dream BPM, revelers gathered beneath the brand’s signature teal and purple fabric to soak in all that Hoj, Lost Desert and Lee Burridge had to offer: shimmering techno, exultant vibes and memories set to last far beyond The BPM Festival’s end.

   Solomun’s Pop-Up Set from Los Aguachiles

The best surprise of the week arrived in the form of Solomun’s spontaneous pop-up party at Los Aguachiles taco stand, easily drawing in a crowd of thousands of locals, BPM attendees, and unsuspecting tourists. Although the crowd in the plaza was too thick for most to see the man himself, the sound system was sufficient to send Solomun’s casually energetic vibe far and wide. For many, this pop up dinner party was but an appetizer for the main Diynamic event in the jungle later that night.


   Diynamic in the Jungle

On the fifth night of The BPM Festival, Solomun was joined by his Diynamic label-mates Magdalena, Stimming, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Adriatique and more for the highly-anticipated showcase, Diynamic in The Jungle. Taking place in Playa del Carmen’s electrified wilderness, the event presented the crème de la crème of the underground label, with the solid lineup rounded out by none other than Diynamic head Solomun himself.

For the closing set of the night, the German native offered a set in The Jungle that showcased Solomun’s unique take on dance music, with elements of dark deep house chords and entrancing, tribal-inspired tech house beats. According to The BPM Festival’s mobile app, Solomun has been the “most liked” artist throughout the festival, and his explosive set during the Diynamic event proved why.


   Do Not Sit By The Ocean

From Burning Man to Playa del Carmen, burners and hippies alike gathered oceanside for an ethereal voyage of daydream beats at Behrouz’s world-renowned Do Not Sit On The Furniture all-day party series, appropriately renamed to Do Not Sit By The Ocean for The BPM Festival. The desert house don headlined a stacked roster of whimsical acts such as Viken Arman, Valentino Huedo, Chaim and Sis who played to an intimate crowd adorned in psychedelic tapestries and dystopian accessories.

   Descend Records Showcase (Patio 8)

If you’re going to make your BPM Festival label showcase debut, and you don’t have over 5,000 people show up spilling out into the streets prompting city officials to barricade a good chunk of Playa del Carmen’s main strip, then you’re doing something wrong. Miami-bred DJ and producer and Descend Records label owner, ALX, did just that Wednesday night with an all-star lineup including Venezuelan techno sorceress and Descend’s newest signee Hanie Arraiz, Hugo Bianco, Oscar L, Carabetta & Doons, Thomas Benedix of Pan-Pot and special guest Carlo Lio. We’re not sure if we were at The BPM Festival or back on the famed terrace at Space Miami, where ALX once held his successful residency. All we know is ALX and the Descend family are going to need a bigger venue next year.