Premiere: Take a peek behind the scenes of ‘Where Neon Goes To Die’ with Steven A. Clark and Boys Noize in new mini-doc

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Premiere: Take a peek behind the scenes of ‘Where Neon Goes To Die’ with Steven A. Clark and Boys Noize in new mini-docWe Own The Nite NYC Boys Noize Killer Ft. Steven A Clark Adamski Berlin Boyz Noise US Tour 2018 Boyznoise Records 1 1

Miami’s Steven A. Clark delivered his sophomore LP via Secretly Canadian earlier this fall, produced by Boys Noize. The pairing of Clark’s genre-blending 80’s-inspired R&B and Alex Ridha’s deep, archival knowledge of synthwork resulted not only in Where Neon Goes To Die  but a kindred working relationship and friendship. The project was documented by Lil Internet over the course of the record’s creation and now fans can dive into a behind the scenes look at Clark’s album and studio sessions with Boys Noize in a new mini-doc that captured the experience.

Boys Noize and Clark come together in Ridha’s Berlin studio after lengthy email chains bouncing music back and forth. Clark discusses the duo’s mutual adoration for Prince, and the kid in a candy story feeling of being out of Miami and having access to Boys Noize trove of synthesizers and production equipment in pursuit of a “handcrafted, analog” sound. The video canvases Clark’s motivations and influences, Boys Noize’s production process and studio aesthetic, and much more. In a busy year for Boys Noize that included the launch of his ELAX alter ego and resumed work on Dog Blood, his work with Steven A. Clark proved to be a really refreshing step outside of dance music in 2018. Check it below.



Weekend Rewind: Revisit A-Trak and Erol Alkan’s Essential Mix from this weekend in 2008

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Weekend Rewind: Revisit A-Trak and Erol Alkan’s Essential Mix from this weekend in 2008A Trak

Though they were at very different points in their career, A-Trak and Erol Alkan may have been as relevant in 2008 as they are today. Riding the bloghaus high just a few years out from his time as Kanye West‘s official tour DJ, A-Trak had become one of the most hotly anticipated performers at his craft. Pair him with the categorically underground Erol Alkan at the beginning of his Phantasy Sound days, and there you have one of the most memorable sets of the BBC Essential Mix series.

Even ten years later, the tracks from the two master selectors make for an invigorating mix. Pulling out Fool’s Gold deep cuts, classic Shadow Dancer tracks on Boys Noize Records, and grimey, age-old Tiga tunes, the mix catalogs the peculiar, pre-EDM era of dance music that was the late 2000s.

Spank Rock reinvents himself as Naeem, delivers new music on Boys Noize Records

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Spank Rock reinvents himself as Naeem, delivers new music on Boys Noize RecordsSpank Rock Naeem Single Artwork

After over ten years and a multitude of releases under the Spank Rock moniker, Naeem Juwan has decided to make a change. The artist has now revealed his new alias, choosing to go by Naeem and rest the Spank Rock banner for the foreseeable future. Under his own first name, the now mononymous artist has released his new single, “Sway(e)d” on his longtime home imprint, Boys Noize Records.

No stranger to working with Boys Noize, Naeem’s initial BNR offering is very fitting for the label, with heavy bass stabs, and spastic percussion lying under the rapper’s aggressive and confident bars. The release comes with an altered version and an instrumental version of the track. Resembling tracks like “Rick Rubin” on YoYoYoYoYo, this new original marks the first step of change in Naeem’s updated persona. After previewing three songs with Bon Iver at Bonnaroo, Naeem hopefully has more new music ready to be heard.

Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh release exclusive vinyl-only ‘ORVNGE’ EP

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Following their early 2017 OFF-WHITE MAYDAY clothing collection, producer/creative designer Virgil Abloh recently joined up with Boys Noize for their first official single together, “Orvnge,” in January 2018. Whereas last spring’s joint clothing line launch relied on much of Abloh’s expertise in clothing design, this time around Boys Noize is showing the renowned designer his way around the music studio.

May 11 marks the first of Abloh’s official music releases in an exclusive, all-vinyl 12″ EP, ORVNGE, released via Ridha’s Boysnoize Records. Created in Ridha’s Berlin studio, the project features 3 original, highly-experimental tracks — “Sirene,” “??,” and the previously released leading single, “Orvnge” — that are as throughly crafted as they are playful, mischievous, and whimsically tongue-in-cheek.

The ORVNGE vinyl is available now only in all-vinyl record stores, via mail order, and at all Off-White stores. You can purchase the full EP here. No word yet on whether the EP will be released via digital retailers.

Virgil Alboh links with Boys Noize to deliver first official single, ‘Orvnge’

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boys-noize-virgil-alboh-orvnge-artwork (1)

Virgil Alboh‘s moonlighting around electronic music has finally culminated in his official debut release, and he’s found the perfect collaborator for his first dip into the production game. Following up on their early 2017 OFF-WHITE MAYDAY collection, Alboh rejoins with Boys Noize for “Orvnge” and where last spring’s joint clothing project relied on the renown designer’s expertise, this time around the ball is firmly in Boys Noize court. Together they proctor a suspenseful, minimal rave tool, clearly inspired by the pair’s complementary aesthetics. The Illinois-bred multi-creative explains the track was,

“Birthed out of mutual admiration of our points of views in music and art alike, we made a track to score the moment,”

His Berlin-based counterpart drives the point home, suggesting that the BNR and OFF-WHITE camps will continue to collaborate in the future,

“This first track of ours sums up that awesome vibe we’ve shared in my studio in Berlin. It’s a club banger sui generis. And it’s the beginning.”

Alboh’s penchant for where dark and industrial meet electronic music first came through in his 2014 live tour concept for Flosstradamus. Now Alboh is behind the console, and Boys Noize Records could be a fitting home label for future releases.