Birocratic’s newest single leads the way for new Sundae Sauuce compilation, ‘Chocolate Drizzle’

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Birocratic's newest single leads the way for new Sundae Sauuce compilation, 'Chocolate Drizzle'

Brooklyn-based producer Birocratic has a longstanding and productive relationship with the Sundae Sauuce compilation series. It’s no surprise then that the artist’s new track, “holy smokes,” was selected as the lead single from the upcoming Chocolate Drizzle compilation.

Accompanied by a slick video of Birocratic performing the track on bass, drum pads, and midi controllers, “holy smokes” is a thoroughly funky composition that blends live instrumentation and electronic synthesis seamlessly. The release also emphasizes Sundae Sauuce’s guiding ethos: that of finding artists who approach electronic music with unique perspectives that make them stand out and elevate their productions and giving them a platform.

Chocolate Drizzle is set for release on June 28.

Birocratic – Zesty Surprise

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Brooklyn-based producer Birocratic returns with the new single “Zesty Surprise,” a thoroughly funky affair that portends new avenues for the artist.

While he originally made a name for himself through the deployment of cleverly constructed samples, “Zesty Surprise” sees the producer lean heavier into recorded instrumentation. Slinky guitar chords announce the track’s intentions, while a groovy bassline percolates underneath and shuffling percussion propels the track forward.

Most intriguingly, though, is “Zesty Surprise’s” surprisingly complicated, yet easily accessible, structure — a mark of a maturing songwriting process that is sure to push Birocratic to new heights.

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Birocratic – Handsome People

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Brooklyn-based producer Birocratic has teamed up with the Dutch outfit Chillhop once again for his latest single, the mellifluous “Handsome People,” out on the latter’s Essentials – Spring 2018 compilation.

The producer originally made a name for himself with a deft ear for sampling and clever song construction, but has recently seen himself expand into new territories. Samples remain an integral part of his craft, but “Handsome People” sees Birocratic place a heavier emphasis on his live instrumentation — notably an electric bassline that bubbles on the track’s foundation and moves the production forward. Twinkling piano riffs skitter under dreamy vocal samples, while a shuffling drumbeat binds the track together.

“Handsome People” also sees a new shift for the artist, as he dials back on the funk and leans into a jazzier feel — though one that is still heavy on groovy danceability.

NMF roundup: new Aoki remix, Wiwek unleashes a ferocious new tune, and Birocratic explores a new sound + many more

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The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

Steve Aoki remixed one of the hottest acts in the world, Korea’s omnipresent boy band BTS.

Lost Frequencies joined with Zonderling for the bouncy single, “Crazy.”

“Ni de Coña” is the raucous result of Wiwek and Mike Cervello joining forces.

Russian duo Volac had their track “No Love” receive the remix treatment from the likes of Dillon Nathaniel, Jay Robinson, and more.

Newcomer Wolves By Night releases his debut EP on BMKLTSCH!, a two-tracker of downtempo, vocally prominent, tunes that portend big things to come.

Korean producer Raiden teamed with France’s Tom Tyger for a “C’est La Vibe,” a gritty house tune that’s sure to set the dance floor ablaze.

Noah Cyrus tapped One Bit for her latest collaboration, the thudding electro-infused single “My Way.”

Birocratic expanded his style with his remix of of Pool Cosby’s “Thrive,” maintaining his trademark groove while building a structure of vigorous synth patches around smooth, breathy vocals.

Kove followed up his recent chat with DA with a new atmospheric single “Ain’t No Love.”

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Sundae Sauuce drops ‘Strawberry Drizzle’ compilation

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With its release party announced back in October, Sundae Sauuce‘s second compilation, Strawberry Drizzle, is finally here. With additions from Birocratic and Moods released in the lead up, fans now have access to the compilation’s full 16 tracks.

The compilation runs the gamut of genres from chillhop, funk, disco, and many more — and manages to feature a number of promising producers. The likes of Flamingosisquickly, quickly, Ian Ewing, Engelwood, The Kount, Brock Berrigan, falcxne, and many more all make the cut and drop off of grooving tracks. Whether looking to chill or set the dance floor ablaze, Strawberry Drizzle has something for everyone.

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