Good Morning Mix: Barclay Crenshaw’s ‘Transmission 004’

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Good Morning Mix: Barclay Crenshaw’s ‘Transmission 004’Barclay Crenshaw Transmission 004

Claude VonStroke is back to his low-end antics under his real name, Barclay Crenshaw. The DIRTYBIRD boss introduced this new (or old, should we say) ego to the world in early 2017, proving his prowess in the non-4/4 realm. He subsequently began his Transmission series of mixtapes, showing off the fruitful results of his deep dives into bass and hip-hop.

The fourth edition of Transmission has now arrived, and it’s arrived in the form of Crenshaw’s Dirtybird Campout West set. It goes down overwhelmingly smoothly, with an expansive tracklist that includes everything from new edits of tracks by artists like TLZMN and Kurei, to glitchy and powerful numbers by Seppa, Gucci Ba$$, and more. Of course, a number of Barclay Crenshaw originals are also weaved in for a full-bodied listen. The chilled atmosphere makes it a perfect morning listen.


All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see acts

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All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsDestructo Live Dancing Astronaut

The city of Los Angeles’ continual role in hip-hop and electronic dance music — not to mention the underground niches that helped birth what we now know as the mainstream music in each genre — has only continued to build upon itself over the years. From the days when gangsta rap reigned, to the birth of G-funk and the underground rave scenes, the city’s symbiotic relationship with the two genres is irrefutable.

Today, in an era of festival superfluousness where festivals seem to be dropping off the map like flies, it’s seeming to be inevitable that very few will sustain. That said, Los Angeles’ All My Friends festival seems destined to succeed despite its freshness on the festival circuit. 2018 marks its first year.

Judging by the Billboard hot chart dominations, streaming numbers, and the sheer fact that the teens love both genres — and of course the fact that we live in a world that caters almost entirely to these factors — there seems no better way to christen the city of Los Angeles’ influence in the genres than for it to host a proper celebration. All My Friends is here to host said celebration, as Los Angeles’ finest meeting of dance and hip-hop music in recent memory.

What’s more of the inaugural All My Friends is that not only is the lineup an impressive 40-deep presentation of the genre’s hottest acts, but that its trend-cognizant curation is concise. Thanks to its curator, Gary Richards and AMFAMFAMF, the dance brand he created at LiveStyle, All My Friends’ calculated debut takes place over the two-day time span this August 18th and 19th. With just three stages, AMF is simple, but in that simplicity lies the best thing music can offer: the possibility to connect and build new friendships. As Richards recently told Billboard, “All the cool people in my life, I know through music… ‘All My Friends’ really has a deep-rooted meaning.”

Ahead of the festival’s debut, Dancing Astronaut‘s compiled the five must-see acts, and although the lineup’s not necessarily a daunting display, that really just means that its attendees can’t go wrong no matter who they end up seeing.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsJamie 2997 Emma Swann

Photo Credit: Emma Swann

Jamie xx

Although Jamie Smith’s All My Friends jaunt does come complete with other Los Angeles dates — or rather, it was intended to, up until the unfortunate cancelation of Goldenvoice’s FYF Festival — it still feels like a rare circumstance. Following his recent stint at San Francisco’s Outside Lands, Smith’s performance as Jamie xx promises an ephemeral experience. Like the chilling air to his 2015 album In Colour, Smith’s performances promise euphoria, nostalgia, jovial dancing, and maybe even some tears, but with his only other public appearance for the rest of this year being at the esteemed Oasis festival in Marrakech, All My Friends is certainly one that’s not to be missed. As such, Jamie xx will be closing out the festival Sunday evening on the main AMFAMFAMF stage. It’ll be a fitting ending to the debut affair.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsYo Gotti Press 2013 650 430

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti

No hip-hop heavy festival would be complete without the addition of Yo Gotti. Consider the facts — “Rake It Up,” “Champions,” and “Down In The DMs” — all of which are party anthems and all of which cement the anthemic proportions of Gotti. His set promises to be an essential weekend experience.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsBarclay Crenshaw Coy Boy Scout Press Shot 2017

Photo Credit: Photo credit of Barclay Crenshaw

Barclay Crenshaw

Any devout Dirtybird fan will tell you that the flock’s hip-hop affinity runs deep. Long story short, it’s nest overseer, also known as Claude VonStroke, began experimenting with hip-hop, jungle, and drum ‘n’ bass long before the label’s inception. Today, Barclay has a collaboration with The Cool Kids — enough said.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsLorenzo

Photo Courtesy of Red Light Management

Chris Lorenzo

Chris Lorenzo‘s garnered support from major labels like Dirtybird, Food Music, and Night Bass and collaborated with some of the biggest names in EDM — Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and Chris Lake — to name a few. But, he’s also a vehement producer in his own right, too – known for his distinct remixes of Disclosure, Rudimental, A-Trak, and more.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsRL Grime Day Of Dead Billboard 1548

Photo Credit: Photo credit of RL Grime

RL Grime

RL Grime‘s All My Friends performance comes fresh on the heels of his highly-anticipated sophomore album release. NOVA is a sound marriage of the two worlds of R&B and EDM – where melodic rap and R&B refrains from hip-hop and R&B heavyweights bridge the gap between the two genres and EDM.

  Check out the festival’s set times below and snag any last-minute tickets here.

All My Friends Festival to make vehement LA debut: Check out DA’s must-see actsAll My Friends Lineup

North Coast boasts diverse 2018 lineup featuring Miguel, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Jamiroquai & more

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Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival unveiled the diverse lineup for its ninth edition, returning to Union Park August 31–September 2.

This year’s headliners include Jamiroquai, Miguel, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, DJ Snake, The Revivalists, and Yellow Claw.

Additional artists performing at “Summer’s Last Stand” include Vulfpeck, Snails, RL Grime, Gramatik, and more. This year, North Coast will also debut all-new daily showcases curated by industry collectives, showing off the best sounds in hip-hop, house, rock, and beyond with sets from the likes of The Cool Kids, Lyrical Lemonade, and more.

Tickets and more information are available here.

Featured Photo Credit: Michele D’Amaro

Barclay Crenshaw blesses Coachella with beat-heavy Bon Iver renegade cut, releases it as free DL

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Self-proclaimed bass daddyBarclay Crenshaw, the extraterrestrial-steeped hip-hop alter-ego of Claude VonStroke, closed out Coachella‘s Gobi Tent on the first weekend’s final night.

In what can only be described as an over-the-top delivery of high frequencies and off-kilter, bass-driven meanderings, Crenshaw was in top form. Though much of his background is in jungle and drum-n-bass, Crenshaw still infuses his musical pursuits with pieces of his earliest musical fascination — hip-hop. Appropriately, he’s imbued his love for the genre on a new rework of Bon Iver‘s “715 – CRΣΣKS,” off the group’s electronic-tinged album,  22, A Million.

A highlight in his sets over the last four months, Crenshaw’s Bon Iver cut now sees its official renegade release, as both a nod to the artist and an amplified testament to Bon Iver’s electronic production potential — may that someday see that light of day.

Download it here

Photo Credit: Get Tiny Photography


Beyond the headliners: DA presents the top 10 must-see acts of Coachella 2018

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America’s cornerstone music festival is fast approaching its Empire Polo Club descent. As Coachella Music Valley Music & Arts Festival enters its 19th annual celebration, the festival reflects on music’s past, relishes in its present, and amplifies its future. It’s an exuberant apex promising the land of milk and honey for its frenzied fashion frolickers and music aficionados alike.

Those that secured passes this year conquered its fastest selling edition on record despite having endured a price hike. This year sees the Goldenvoice brainchild packing punches and taking names as per usual. Rock ‘n roll’s presence has dwindled, giving rise to rap, pop, and R&B. Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Eminem are headlining. In the electronica arena, rising acts like Louis the Child, Alan Walker, AC Slater, Petit Biscuit, Whethan, Cash Cash, and San Holo are carrying the torch of a new era of radio-friendly, pop-centric dance music, which Coachella’s clearly noticing based on their booking choices. 

We here at Dancing Astronaut have taken to compile a complete list of acts we deem unmissable ahead of the gathering’s first weekend. By now the set times have dropped and there are inevitable conflicts, but these acts are among the most exciting debuts, performances, and compasses for where dance music has been and will shift in the years to come.

10) Ekali

Photo Credit: Brandon Artis

If a cosign from Skrillex doesn’t entice you, perhaps it’ll behoove you to know that the OWSLA signee Ekali sold out his Babylon tour through December of last year. Maybe you’d like to know that the trap maven moves through genres with ease, having collaborated already with TroyBoi, Denzel Curry, and KRANE. Last year, he released a huge collaboration with Zhu and dropped a wide range of mixes, including his three-hour-long Awakening mixes, a Diplo & Friends mix, and a Triple J mix. Ekali became a household name in the dance community in 2017, and accordingly, DA named him one of the producers of the year. This year, he’s moved from his 2016 DoLab performance slot to an afternoon slot in the Sahara tent and if that isn’t an impressive testament to his own, and a rising class of new dance acts’ versatility, growth, and impact in the modern dance realm we truly don’t know what is.

9) Petit Biscuit

Photo Courtesy of Sacks & Co.

Nineteen-year-old Mehdi Benjelloun, known musically as Petit Biscuit, has already proven his music production talents are well beyond his years. Classically trained in the cello by the age of five, Benjelloun’s monumental remix of ODESZA‘s “Memories That You Call,” drew comparisons to the duo with a refreshing injection of poise. Not to mention, Petit Biscuit wrote, produced, and mixed his debut album Presence over the course of the last year, somehow finding a balance between high school exams and sold-out tours across the world. Petit Biscuit’s Coachella debut is a testament to a new class of classically trained electronic musicians. May there be plenty more to come.

8) Kölsch

Photo Credit: Adrien Combes

Just last year, Kölsch ran through a slew of high profile festivals, had a stellar BBC Radio 1, an Ibiza residency at one of the island’s most renowned new destinations, played the iconic DC 10, Berghain‘s Panorama bar, and performed on the Eiffel Tower for five million people around the world. With both ease and great comfort, Kölsch’s sets implement an articulate understanding of his surroundings, and though Coachella 2018 marks his debut at the festival, his ability to read the room will surely see that he delivers here and for the rest of the world in the months to follow.

7) Barclay Crenshaw

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Dirtybird head honcho Claude VonStroke, also known by his hip-hop alter ego and real name, Barclay Crenshaw, is elevating one of dance music’s mightiest messages. As the founder of the Dirtybird Campout, Crenshaw’s proven the Dirtybird flock is much more than a tantalizing tech house home base, but an embodiment of the true meaning of dance music. He’s bringing the tribe back to the dance floor and proving that love and passion, for music, but more importantly for one another, will see it all through.

6) Chromeo

Photo Credit: Tim-Saccenti

One could argue that a Chromeo set in 2018 is outdated. But, that would be to ignore the duo’s immense cultural permeability, not to mention their timelessness, and an ultimate ushering in of contemporary disco music. Chromeo’s releasing a new album in June. For now, they’ve released a new bop with D.R.A.M and renowned Prince and D’angelo collaborator Jesse Johnson for what appears to allude to their grooviest album yet. Their Coachella set will undoubtedly feature a plethora of classics and new material alike, and you’d have to be crazy to miss that.

5) Detroit Love (Carl Craig, Kyle Hall, Moodymann)

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Keeping current and experimental with underground techno bookings proves to be no easy task. This year, Coachella’s dance bookings cater to the techno heads — see Maceo Plex, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, and more — while simultaneously paying respect to the birthplace of the genre with the booking of Detroit Love. Detroit Love is a trio comprised of dancefloor experimentalist and top Detroit techno producer Carl Craig, Kyle Hall, and Moodymann. Ultimately, it’s small wonder Goldenvoice looked to this crew. If any group were to lay siege on the compelling concoction that is Motown, jazz, and techno, there would be no better choice than these homies from the “D.”

4) The Black Madonna

Photo Credit: Aldo Paredes

In the era of #MeToo, where women are speaking out against their oppressors, The Black Madonna uses her music as a means to amplify the voices of the fringe dance community. Her sets raise up the central voices of club history — ones that have been forced to the periphery or silenced entirely — through a provocative exudence of acid house, disco, and outright emotion.  Her music seeps groove and love that’s made to replenish the soul.

3) Peggy Gou

Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst

Peggy Gou is going to be here for a long time. Having graduated from the underground circuit with the highest honors of club-polished sounds in 2018, Gou brings forth sets that are a dynamic testament to her compelling curation and outpouring love for the craft. She wanted to the be the first female Korean DJ to play Berghain, which she was, and along the way she also became the first female Korean DJ to play BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix. Now, her Coachella debut solidifies that her electrifying electro and disco will only perpetuate her meteoric rise to stardom.

2) Alison Wonderland

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Alison Wonderland is speaking her truth. She’s just released her exquisite sophomore album, AWAKE, which is a compelling collection of EDM and hip-hop crossovers. From rappers to Grammy-award winning songwriters, Alison Wonderland is successfully holding the attention of her listeners, while offering one of the most refreshing perspectives of women in the genre’s history. It’s rife with sarcasm, and yet, poppy in its deliverance. The album sees Wonderland wielding her moniker’s trope as a weapon with ease, and it’ll be no surprise if she’s a household name come the end of the year. Considering how much the EDM world is a man’s microcosm, at least onstage,  the very presence of Alison Wonderland’s perspective tends to come off as a revolutionary, dare we say, awakening.


Photo Credit: Will Selviz

Dancing Astronaut named REZZ 2017’s producer of the year, “The prodigy who exceeded all expectations,” we called her. And yet, to reduce REZZ to our expectations, in hindsight, feels wrong. She’s an artist. Mercurial and acting on her own unique vision. She’s promoting the consumption of water during her sets, like many, she’s working on the little things, improving her jumps during her sets, and she’s taking on the world. As the Coachella set times were looming we began to wonder if the outside world had caught up, whether it was ready to recognize Isabelle Rezazadeh’s global ascension. Having ripped into the scene three years ago with an unparalleled juxtaposition of industrial techno and pummeling bass,  REZZ carved an unforeseen niche in the mines of ominously-sinister, singular techno, and now, the world has taken notice. REZZ will close out the Sahara tent on Friday and the world will be watching. There are no doubts REZZ will continue her momentum into superstardom after this performance, and continue to exceed our expectations, but it’s probably time we let go of those and let the Space Mom do her thing.

Featured Image Courtesy of Coachella

Bassnectar announces line-up for Basscenter XI

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Riding the massive success of his sold-out Spring Gathering event in Chicago, Bassnectar has announced a third family-style event for 2018. BassCenter XI returns to Hampton, Virginia’s Hampton Colosseum, a sacred space dubbed “the Mothership” by bassheads.

Following Bassnectar’s summer gathering, Freestyle Sessions, which touches down in Colorado in early June, the Bassnectar project will venture out east for Labor Day weekend. As a celebration of fall, Basscenter promises to be the creative pinnacle of the year from Bassnectar’s team.

The two-day spectacle, held September 1–2, 2018, will feature line-up support from Stylust, Ill-esha, Hatcha, Ana Sia, the legendary Dutch DnB trio Noisia, and the in demand Barclay Crenshaw — Claude VonStroke‘s new alter ego. Pre-sale tickets begin Wednesday, April 11th with general on-sale beginning Friday, the 13th at 11am EST.

Shambhala announces initial 2018 lineup: Claude Von Stroke, Destructo, Feed Me, Gramatik, Christian Martin, Mr. Carmack, Opiuo, & more

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After celebrating a historic two decades last year, Shambhala Music Festival returns to the pristine Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, on August 10–13, 2018. Organizers of the transformational event have already dangled some tantalizing teasers in REZZThe Glitch Mob, Kyle Watson, and DJ QBert. Today, the festival announces the first phase for its 21st annual edition. 

This year’s roster will boast the first-ever Canadian debut of UK hip-hop legend Dizzee Rascal!, Dirtybird founder Claude VonStroke and his hip-hop leaning project Barclay Crenshaw, legendary UK dubstep aficionado Feed Me, renowned bass renegade DESTRUCTO, crossover hip-hop/electronic producer Mr. Carmack, mysteriously masked Malaa, world-class producer Gramatik, British creator of the “purple sound” sub-genre Joker, French world-music producer Fakear, UK drum & bass duo Camo & Krooked, melodic dubstep duo Adventure Club, the electrifying 2¢ project from DJ CRAZE and Four Color Zack, Mad Decent’s Boombox Cartel, electro house trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, Montreal bass music phenomenon Snails, Grammy winning live duo Brasstracks, and the glitched out Australian act OPIUO, plus many more.

Arriving as the most intriguing act of the weekend, arguably so, is 29 Palms, a collaborative side-project between Ooah and Boreta of The Glitch Mob.

Shambhala’s full line-up will arrive April 9th. Tickets and travel packages are almost sold out, grab yours here


Dirtybird Campout East shares staggering final phase of inaugural lineup

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The nest for Dirtybird Campout’s East Coast edition is finally full, with the complete lineup for its inaugural Dirtybird Campout East set to feature label forerunners, Barclay Crenshaw, Justin Martin, and Shiba San. Crenshaw, Martin, and San round out the St. Cloud, Florida-based event’s lineup, the third and final phase of which further expands the festival’s already massive talent roster, making for an alluring assortment of tech house, house, and tech funk tastemakers ready to take the decks from February 2-5.

Campout East’s Showcase Stage Takeover series also sees artist additions in the third phase, with Keinemusik’s &Me, Rampa, and Adam Port, Crew Love’s Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Pillowtalk, and Nick Monaco, This Aint Bristol’s Billy Kenny, BOT, and MaximonoBrazil Team’s Bruno Furlan, Ciszak, DJ Glen, Danny Kolkand Lalaland’s Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch, Walker & Royce, and Get Real joining the festivities.

Accompanying Campout East’s third phase is the ensuing news of the Dirtybird Campout East Compilation, due out on January 19 on the collective’s sister label, Dirtybird Select. The special edition compilation will feature music from Nick Monaco, BOT, Justin Jay, and more. Birds seeking to migrate to St. Cloud with an exclusive Dirtybird release in tow can pre-order the compilation here.

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Barclay Crenshaw drops off high-octane Dirtybird Campout set

This post was originally published on this site

Claude VonStroke‘s first love was hip-hop, and as is said, “you never forget your first love.” In an effort to hone in on his love for the genre, VonStroke released a debut LP under his own name, Barclay Crenshaw, in January of 2017 and as the year went on, he released a satiating slew of extraterrestrial-friendly hip-hop, and honeyed-jazz, leading listeners on tantalizing trip-hop odysseys.

In October, Barclay Crenshaw played a cavernous, bass-saturated set at the Dirtybird Campout. After delivering what was largely regarded as one of the best West Coast bass sets of the year, Crenshaw’s now shared the near hour live mix and its an appeasing culmination of unrelinquishing, dirty bass and hip-hop opulence.

Speaking on the mix on his SoundCloud he said,

“Alien visitors have chosen to send messages across our channels of abandoned technology. Our old phone lines are currently running complex data formulas that have allowed enemy visitors to take control of all “A.I.” devices such as Alexa and Siri. This “A.I.” is now fully controlled and the brainwashing of the human population has commenced.”

Continuing, “Barclay Crenshaw took a stand last October somewhere off the grid in Bradley, California – shielding 4,000 listeners from the imminent takeover. The DJ set was actually a series of bass waves deconstructing the brainwashing process. Please listen now to this recording especially if you feel like you are no longer in control of your life. Save yourselves.”

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Dirtybird Campout releases eclectic lineup and venue change for 2017

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Today, July 11, brings exciting news for house music fans. Curated by Claude VonStroke (a.k.a. Barclay Crenshaw), Dirtybird Records has just announced the lineup of their third annual Dirtybird Campout. Under the supervision of Head Counselor Claude, festival-goers will be able to enjoy live music from artists like Amtrac, Chris Lorenzo, Cut Snake, Egyptian Lover, and more.

While Dirtybird has always embraced music from all realms of the underground, this house-oriented festival is proud to introduce their most diverse lineup yet. With grime artist Madam X joining the roster alongside a number of strong drum & bass acts and, the Campout will feature a welcome a palpable presence of UK bass music. Live trap legend Araabmuzik and rising star Bleep Bloop will also make appearances, rounding out the lineup with a variety of experimental sounds. Music showcases from Mija‘s FK A Genre imprint and LA-based collective Soulection will bring some of the scene’s best tastemakers to the Campout as well.

The Dirtybird Records team will be holding down the rest of the festival, in terms of music and events. DJs like Shiba San, Christian Martin, Ardalan, and J. Phlip will be not only spinning house beats but also hosting a series of non-musical activities throughout the weekend, including volleyball, sack racing, and, naturally, pizza parties. This year’s Campout is located at the San Antonio Campground in Bradley, CA and features extended hours on a new second stage, ensuring that the party will not stop.

Dirtybird Campout 2017 Lineup Web Size

Dirtybird Campout will take place October 6-8. Tickets are available here.