Tiga vs Audion – Stabbed In The Back (ANNA Remix)

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Brazilian techno royalty ANNA knows her way around hardware, and shows that she refuses to hold back one bit with her remix of Tiga & Audion’s anthemic single, “Stabbed In The Back.” The original is hardly recognizable in her rendition, in which she strips down to just a few sparse elements and incorporated them into a piece completely her own. Analogue synths and a prominent, driving bass-line make ANNA’s concoction almost 3D, mercilessly anchoring feet to the ground as it shakes to the core and leaves listeners with little to do but to march in a zombie-like fashion.

“Stabbed In The Back (ANNA Remix)” is yet another testament to her versatility as a producer. One moment she’s enthralling fans with ethereal, almost trance-esque pieces like “Haze Moon,” and another she’ll be shaking the body to its core with raunchy, hard techno. It’s this adaptability and musicality that has allowed ANNA to so quickly become a highly in-demand techno icon with a heavy global following.


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Sonny Fodera – Love Don’t Fade ft Cashino

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With “Love Don’t Fade”, Australian producer Sonny Fodera offers up the second single on his new label AARRIVAL.

The sound Fodera has carved for himself is truly remarkable and “Love Don’t Fade” is a prime example of what makes it so unique. While the song starts pretty mellow, it curves right into a space between deep house and techno that’s signature Fodera. Between his production and the track’s co-star Cashino, Fodera doesn’t allow for the energy to fade throughout this kinetic track.

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