Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 23

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

There’s a serious shortage of glitch hop on my radar lately, so I’m delighted when some pops up. I’m a long-time fan of Au5 and his incomparable style. He crafts flawless, ethereal soundscapes that never fail to impress with their otherworldly qualities. He’s reworked APEK‘s “Supernatural” into a remix that juxtaposes Stassi’s delicate vocals with heavy glitchy elements. It’s both melodic and hard-hitting, which I love.

This next track continues with the theme of otherworldly music. WDMA’s “I Walk Alone” is an intense adventure of a track, containing elements of deep and tech house. Throughout its four-minute length, the song goes through an array of phases, making it more of a story than a song. With gorgeous builds and serene vocals, “I Walk Alone” caught my ear from first listen.

Stonebank and Darren Styles have teamed up for a legendary happy hardcore track on Monstercat called “Sky Is Falling.” With dreamy vocals from EMEL, the two top-notch producers are pushing BPM boundaries with this latest collaboration. As with many happy hardcore releases, the verses shine with emotive vocals, building up to a fiery, fast-paced drop. It’s addicting.

Party Ghost is back releasing music, and all is right with the world. Less than a month after the release of “Alone,” the Californian producer is back with a shimmery new track called “Keep Me Around.” The track focuses on Party Ghost’s vocals over a simple guitar melody, taking a minimalist approach to his music. Though it’s a bit melancholy, “Keep Me Around” still has catchy elements that keep the listener hitting “repeat.”

For his latest piece of work, GoodSex has released a remix of fellow Chicagoans Win & Woo. GoodSex gives the track a sultry vibe, with a deep bass line that gives the chorus a gritty, rough-around-the-edges feel while still maintaining top-notch production quality. It’s reignited my love for “Recognize” in an entirely fresh way.

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 16

This post was originally published on this site

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

There’s something beautifully haunting about the call of a loon. Their eerie cry invokes deep nostalgia for me, taking me back to summer vacations spent in Canada and hearing the birds’ mesmerizing call echo across the lake in the late hours of the night. Sultan + Shepard have used a loon call in their latest release, “Bloom,” and it fits in perfectly to create a wilderness atmosphere surrounding a simple melody. It’s a beautiful song, made all-the-more beautiful by one of the coolest sounds in nature.

Teminite just hit 100,000 followers on SoundCloud and has released the perfect track to celebrate the occasion. “Party Time” is full of upbeat, dancing synths that frame a grooving melody, paired with pumped-up vocals that add to the party atmosphere. Though it starts off with a cheery vibe, Teminite brings his signature grinding dubstep elements to the chorus, creating a fun juxtaposition. “Party Time” is an intense, energetic piece of work, perfectly highlighting the producer’s excitement about the recent milestone.

Any song with Au5‘s name attached to it is bound to be a celestial, otherworldly journey. His latest, a collaboration with Last Heroes and vocalist Holly Drummond, is a carefully crafted exploration of a “Lush” soundscape. With intricate builds and a focus on Drummond’s soothing vocals, “Lush” is an impeccable example of melodic dubstep at its finest. And can we talk about that album art? Just beautiful.

RL Grime‘s “Core” is one of the most easily recognizable tracks in the dance music game. Since its release in July 2014, “Core” has fueled headbangers at festival stages around the world. On Nov. 21, “Core” was presented in a whole new light by flip guru Crystalize. He’s given the legendary track an even more bass-heavy makeover, adding dramatic synths behind the memorable siren-like melody and beefing up the trap elements in the chorus. “Core” marks Crystalize’s second RL Grime flip this year after his “Reims” rework in June.

Bass house is having a moment, and Spock is here for it. He’s just released “Digital War,” a ferocious, bass-driven single that’s complemented by plucky video game-like synths, staying true to its title. I first heard Spock’s music when he collaborated with Party Ghost years ago and have been thrilled to see the way he’s developed as an artist. His last release, “Floating,” is vastly different from “Digital War,” so there’s no knowing what he’ll cook up next. All we know is that it’ll be awesome.

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Psymbionic releases ‘Almost Human’ mixtape with tons of unreleased music

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Bass music tastemaker and Gravitas label head Psymbionic has released his first mixtape in more than a year. The Austin-based artist is calling his newest sonic venture into genre-crossing electronic music the “Almost Human” mixtape.

The hour-long mix takes listeners deep into a wormhole of sound covering the entire bass music gamut: from glitch-hop, breakbeat, and dubstep influences to the future funk, jamtronica oeuvre. It’s also a stable glimpse into Psymbionic’s vault of unreleased music, including his original track, “Hypnotoad” (appearing around the 22-minute mark), a collaboration with ProbCause titled “Homesick,” and his glitchy remix of Opiuo‘s “Airy Watson.”

Also included in the mixtape are unreleased bits from the likes of Minnesota, Au5, and Zebbler Encanti Experience.

Psymbionic & ProbCause – Homesick [Unreleased]
Of The Trees – Our Hero Returns (Part Two)
Signs – Monkey Shoulder
Esseks – Master of Ceremony
Ivy Lab – Socket
Zebbler Encanti Experience – Inner G (Rave Boar Remix)
Kursa – Smoked Out
Psymbionic – Retroactive VIP
Unlimited Gravity – Mind Misplacement
Psymbionic – Blast
Psymbionic & Of The Trees w/ Cristina Soto – One Thing (Bassnectar Remix)
Psymbionic & Esseks – Static
Psymbionic – Hypnotoad [Unreleased]
Psymbionic & Unlimited Gravity – Down Low
Pretty Lights – Reel15 Break05
Vanilla – Sunrise
Psymbionic & Manic Focus – Pushing
Gramatik – Satoshi Nakamoto (Psymbionic Remix) ft. ProbCause & Adrian
Psymbionic & Space Jesus – The Last Quasar (Luzcid Remix)
Dysphemic – The Hunted
Too Short – Weird Science (Psymbionic & Wolf-e-Wolf Remix)
Holly & Luzcid – Forgotten (Conrank Remix)
Ryanosaurus – Regained For The First Time [Unreleased]
Psymbionic & Holly – Shatter
Au5 – Goo Lagoon [Unreleased]
Minnesota – HiLow [Unreleased]
Psymbionic & CloZee – Biohackers
Opiuo – Airy Watson (Psymbionic Remix) [Unreleased]
Psymbionic & Of The Trees – 2 Wicked
Psymbionic & Of The Trees – 2 Wicked (Wolf-e-Wolf Remix)
Zebbler Encanti Experience – Sobek [Unreleased]
Psymbionic – Short Circuit
Psymbionic – A/S/L
Psymbionic & Cristina Soto – All I Need (Bassline Drift Remix)

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Au5 – I Miss You (Feat. Kenny Raye)

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New Jersey producer Au5 is known for his transcendent melodic dubstep tracks on labels like Monstercat, Simplify, OWSLA, and more. Over the years, fans have come to expect beautifully vivid soundscapes from the producer, but his latest release is something a little different.

In a genre he’s calling “future trap,” Au5 has released his latest song “I Miss You,” featuring vocalist Kenny Raye, on Simplify.

“I Miss You” initially appears to be completely different territory for the producer, but upon a closer listen, the components that make Au5’s music so unique are still very much present. The chorus contains heavy-hitting dubstep elements, and Raye’s vocals expertly capture the emotion of the song.

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