Stream Illenium’s hotly anticipated third LP, ‘Ascend’

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Stream Illenium’s hotly anticipated third LP, ‘Ascend’Illenium

Denver bass/dance-pop phenom, Illenium, returns in efforts to reiterate why he’s among the most pressing acts in modern dance music, as his long-awaited LP, Ascend, lifts off on the newly relaunched Astralwerks.

Few musicians, let alone electronic acts, reach stream numbers in the billions, but Illenium’s ability to juxtapose introspective acoustic harmonies with vibrant festival-friendly elements has pinpointed the soaring producer as a global phenomenon, dissolving genre borders and appealing not just to fans of dance or electronic music, but those who simply seek out quality tunes. The release supports a who’s who of collaborators, featuring the likes of X Ambassadors, Bipolar Sunshine and of course, The Chainsmokers, whose contributing efforts to Ascend in the form of “Takeaway” sit in the realm of 50 million streams just weeks after the single’s release.

Illenium continues his North American tour this weekend at 515 Alive Music Festival in Iowa, before making stops at New York’s Madison Square Garden and the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre for three already sold-out shows.

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It has been half a decade since Porter Robinson graced us with ‘Worlds’ [Stream]

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It has been half a decade since Porter Robinson graced us with ‘Worlds’ [Stream]Porter Robinson Rukes Min

Summer has historically been a busy time for Porter Robinson. This summer brought Robinson’s first curator credits with the launch of his lauded Second Sky festival. In the summer of 2016, he and Madeon teamed up to give us the unforgettable “Shelter,” and now five summers ago on August 12, Robinson graced us with his groundbreaking debut studio album, Worlds.

The album, steeped in Japanese cultural inspirations, opened electronic music up to brilliantly new emotional complexities. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that World‘s glitching sound design and artfully retro sonic collages informed the creative precedents that dominate electronic music today, now half a decade later. The LP, released via Astralwerks, nearly instantly cemented itself as a modern day classic, and rightfully propelled Porter Robinson into conversations about the all-time greats. Revisit Worlds below.

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Premiere: Anakim talks ‘The Oracle’ EP and taking an organic approach to music [Stream]

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Premiere: Anakim talks ‘The Oracle’ EP and taking an organic approach to music [Stream]49512309 2209695962581127 1032704150221094912 N

Anakim is on a journey and that journey is starting to get real good.

His latest step forward on that journey? His new EP out on EIN2, The Oracle. These two tracks embody growth and decay with dastardly synths and heaving kicks. Like any journey that’s worth it in the end, both tracks keep listeners guessing, filling them with excitement surrounding what will happen next.

Anakim’s quest as a DJ and producer is a concrete example of how the music industry rewards artists who focus on doing things right rather than quick; full of favorable encounters, hard work, and refreshing achievements.

In the culture of Soundcloud and Ableton Lite, many producers adopt the “get rich quick” mentality, hoping that a formulaic mindset will lead to a hit record. Not Anakim though. Like other revered producers such as Jauz and Slander, he attended Icon Collective in Los Angeles, receiving a traditional education in music production. While he was there, he spent his time networking with other artists around his hometown of L.A., making real connections and becoming a staple in the scene.

Now after a few years of this prudent approach, Anakim’s getting booked at Coachella, he’s winning Insomniac‘s Discovery Project, and Above & Beyond are playing his tracks on AGBT. Yet after all this success, he hasn’t forgotten his roots as he just released a remix on one of his earliest labels, Understated Recordings, alongside impressive newcomers SOHMI and ASHE, lending his rising name to those who may be a few steps behind him on their own journey.

A class act through and through, we were able to speak with Anakim about his journey as an artist in addition to premiering The Oracle in full. Stream the EP and read his answers below:

1. What was the intention behind ‘The Oracle’ EP? 

A few months ago I happened to watch two movies in the span of three days: The Never Ending Story and The Matrix. In both those films the lead characters, Atreyu and Neo, are both looking for the oracle in their respective worlds. To be clear, an oracle is a person considered to be able to make prophetic predictions or have precognition of the future. That search for answers those characters embarked on about the world around them fully inspired me to create this concept EP called “The Oracle”. I think everyone can relate to searching for meaning in their own life at a certain point, so in a sense, this EP is a mini-soundtrack to various stages in that journey.

2. How did it feel to have Above & Beyond play one of these tracks on ABGT?

That was such a crazy moment for me. I saw Above & Beyond perform at my very first rave back in 2010. I’ve seen them about six times since. Their Trance Around The World and Group Therapy Radio shows have had such a huge impact on me over the years, they’re such iconic radio shows. I literally teared up with joy when I found out they supported The Oracle on ABGT 340. Could I have ever imagined as a raver in the crowd at their shows they’d one day be supporting my music? Not at all. It’s a milestone for me and definitely a feeling I’ll never forget.

3. What was it like for you winning the Discovery Project? How has winning enhanced your career as an artist?

Because I have such a long-standing history with Insomniac Events, winning the Discovery Project was always a major goal of mine. It’s completed a full circle for me, one that began as a raver attending literally every Insomniac event for about six years straight, from their massives to their shows at local clubs, to now having performed at Beyond Wonderland and EDC this year. Thanks to the Discovery Project I now have a good relationship with the biggest dance music promoter in North America and it’s given me an opportunity to not only play their events, but to release my music to their ever-growing fan base.

4. You just put out another remix on one of your first labels, Understated Recordings. How has it been for you to watch them grow recently?

Understated is family. Without them taking a chance on my Veins EP two years ago I’m not sure where I’d be. I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. Seeing them partner with labels like Astralwerks, they deserve all the success that has come their way and so much more.

5. What is one of your dream labels to release music on?

Anjunadeep, Last Night on Earth, Bedrock, and Outta Limits are my top labels I want to release on. It may take a little time, but we’re going to manifest this.

6. You are one among many graduates from Icon collective who has found real success in music. What is it about that program that you think is so effective in advancing artists’ careers?

It’s the tap water in that building, I swear. Really though, the instructors and mentors do such a great job at teaching the students not only the technical aspects of Logic and Ableton, but also intangible things like how to get into a creative state of flow, how to break through writer’s block, how to navigate the music industry, etc. Mix that in with a student body that eats, sleeps, and breathes music production, that is unconditionally supportive of their peers, and you have quite the recipe for success. Icon builds stars of the future and it shows.

7. What do you have coming up for the rest of 2019? Any tour plans to coincide with your impressive release schedule?

August 9th you can catch me performing at Sound Nightclub with Drumcode star Julian Jeweil and my good friend, as well as rising techno star, Sara Landry. I’m not at liberty to fully discuss what else I have going on for the rest of the year, but it definitely is something worth keeping your eyes on.

Gorgon City ignite the underground with ‘Elizabeth Street’

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Gorgon City ignite the underground with ‘Elizabeth Street’Gorgon City

Gorgon City is back with their next underground club release in the form of “Elizabeth Street,” which is a worthy addition to their collection of house hits. The song is titled after Elizabeth Street in Chicago, the birthplace of house music. The duo was inspired to release a track after the location after spending a great deal of time producing in the city.

A steady thumping note progression consistently glues the track together amidst sonic peaks and valleys. It’s the perfect song to keep the energy alive in the midst of a club set and brings another high-quality house production that Gorgon City fans have come to expect from the duo. “Elizabeth Street” follows previous collaboration with Kaskade, “Go Slow,” that has since hit 8 million streams. The track is out now via the duo’s own label on Astralwerks, REALM.

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Illenium and Jon Bellion deliver cosmic new visual for ‘Good Things Fall Apart’ [Watch]

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Illenium and Jon Bellion deliver cosmic new visual for ‘Good Things Fall Apart’ [Watch]Illenium Live

In a refreshing change of pace, Illenium and Jon Bellion star in their music video for recent breakout single “Good Things Fall Apart.” The duo promoted the video in costume on Twitter earlier in the week, and the full video is out now.

The video begins with the world coming to an end, and the camera pans in on Illenium and Bellion standing within a ship that has catapulted them into the galaxy and away from the dying planet. Illenium showcases his guitar playing abilities juxtaposed with Bellion’s svocals as the flight takes a chaotic turn. The duo perform the song mid-flight in between action-packed vignettes of the ship’s crew attempting to regain order in the cockpit. The video ends with a heartfelt message, “To those who have the courage to change the course we are on.”

Both the track and the music video are out now via Astralwerks.

Illenium and Jon Bellion craft angsty new breakup ballad, ‘Good Things Fall Apart’

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Illenium and Jon Bellion craft angsty new breakup ballad, ‘Good Things Fall Apart’Illenium

Illenium takes a step closer to commercial crossover territory with new song,”Good Things Fall Apart”—featuring pop vocalist Jon Bellion. It’s these artists’ first time collaborating, and the outcome is the perfect combination of Illenium’s signature style with Bellion’s enamoring vocals that take center stage in the release.

“Good Things Fall Apart” features a simple guitar backdrop laying the framework for Bellion’s vocals to shine through amidst percussion and a crossover friendly electronic note progression pumped with euphoria. Bellion writes on Twitter that the collaboration with Illenium is “one of his favorite things he has worked on.” He also writes “The 2003 me is mood boarding furiously.”

The track is an angsty break up ballad that showcases the best from both artists, and they will be speaking more about the track today at 3P EST on Instagram Live if fans want to learn more about how the track came to be. “Good Things Fall Apart” is out now via Astralwerks.

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The Chemical Brothers release ninth studio album ‘No Geography’ [Stream]

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The Chemical Brothers release ninth studio album ‘No Geography’ [Stream]Chems Press Pic 1 Photo Credit Hamish Brown

After a four-year break since their last full-length album, Born in the Echoes, The Chemical Brothers make their return with the release of their ninth studio album No Geography. Building up to the album release, the duo released four singles, “Free Yourself,” “MAH,” “Got To Keep On,” “We’ve Got To Try,” and their respective music videos.

The production behind the latest album draws inspiration from the concept of randomness and jagged edges. Channeling dance energy, experimental boundaries, and mind-bending visuals, No Geography offers up a psychedelic journey into the new soundscapes tread through by the powerhouses behind Born in the Echoes.

The Chemical Brothers will also embark on a coinciding tour for No Geography and have announced festival performances for Creamfields, Glastonbury, All Points, and Mad Cool. The album is out now via Astralwerks. Stream The Chemical Brothers’ latest album No Geography below.

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Gorgon City release seductive music video for club-ready ‘Delicious’ track

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Gorgon City release seductive music video for club-ready ‘Delicious’ trackGorgon City Delicious

Gorgon City released a music video alongside their new track, “Delicious,” off their Realm imprint in a partnership with Astralwerks. The track presents the duo’s familiar bass sound center stage, while house percussion elements flutter around sensual club vocals using sibilance to their advantage. The bassline plays both the main character in the verse and an amplified protagonist during the drop. In the video, a theme consistent with the title of the tack depicts a montage of fast-moving close-up shots acting more as a visualizer than a constructed narrative.

“Delicious” looks to rock the Miami Music Week clubs as the preceding track to the North London tag team’s weekend festivities, then again at Coachella a couple weeks later. 2019 has seen some deep releases from the house tandem, and with summer approaching, these first tastes might play a critical role in their coming sets.

Duke Dumont submerges listeners in the underground with new addition to ‘For Club Play Only’ series

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Duke Dumont submerges listeners in the underground with new addition to ‘For Club Play Only’ seriesUnnamed

Duke Dumont has released the sixth track from his For Club Play Only series. The British producer has teamed up with Shaun Ross for the release, which is titled “Red Light Green Light.” The club anthem follows Dumont’s 2018 hit, “Runway.”

Pulsing house synths set the foundation for a release that truly transports the listener to the underground. The commanding bassline is aided by blaring trumpets and a vocalist who narrates the club experience, describing everything from blaring strobe lights to how the listener should dance.

After kicking off For Club Play Only in 2012, the compilation was rumored to have ended in 2016 before Dumont’s sudden resurgence with “Runway.” “Red Light Green Light” is the perfect addition to the collection, and the song is out now via Astralwerks.

The Chemical Brothers release new single, announce ninth studio album

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The Chemical Brothers release new single, announce ninth studio albumChemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers continue gaining momentum as a result of their recent reemergence within public earshot.

Their return endures with, “Got To Keep On.” The duo has formally announced their ninth studio album, No Geography, which will be out April 12 on Astralwerks. “Got To Keep On” employs a menagerie of vintage synths, which the group combines with chanting and an array of noises that have a strategic way of fitting within the thematic of the track. The track is the idyllic representation of what’s in store for the trailblazing electronic outfit.

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons of the group pushed the reset button when it came to crafting this newest album. They recorded the entire project in a tiny room that housed the kind of kit they had previously used to record the bulk of their first two albums. 20 years later, they revived the equipment to help spur creativity for the new compilation. An official release about the album states that the duo drew inspiration from the concepts of randomness and jagged edges, and that many of the songs were built around vocal samples. This has been apparent through the three tracks that have been released thus far from the album, “Got To Keep On,” “MAH,” and “Free Yourself.”

Track Listing – No Geography

1. Eve Of Destruction
2. Bango
3. No Geography
4. Got To Keep On
5. Gravity Drops
6. The Universe Sent Me
7. We’ve Got To Try
8. Free Yourself
9. MAH
10. Catch Me I’m Falling

Photo Credit: Hamish Brown