A$AP Rocky forced to cancel Tomorrowland performance due to incarceration

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A$AP Rocky forced to cancel Tomorrowland performance due to incarceration190710 Asap Rocky Cs 1155a B81df229242a83edfb5737d24882bcb9.fit 2000w

After a series of contentious events leading to his incarceration in Sweden on assault charges, Harlem-born rap star A$AP Rocky has been forced to cancel his appearance at Tomorrowland.

The stop in Boom is one cancellation among many since Rocky, real name Rakim Meyers, reportedly turned himself in and was remanded to a Stockholm jail in the early morning of July 3. Rocky was also scheduled to perform in Germany, Norway, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, UK, and Spain throughout his current tour. Now, all of the aforementioned performances are cancelled as well.

News of Rocky’s arrest swept across headlines after a fight took place in the streets of Stockholm involving him and his entourage. In a three-minute video Rocky posted to IGTV, it appears the two unidentified men—whom Meyers and his entourage did not know prior to the encounter—had physically provoked Rocky and his staff with a pair of headphones, subsequently following them along their path after warnings to leave.

TMZ then posted their own video which shows the brawl escalate. The altercation purportedly turned violent upon Rocky’s learning from a female pedestrian that the two men who were following them had groped her earlier that day.

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A$AP Rocky held in Sweden for two weeks on assault charges

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A$AP Rocky held in Sweden for two weeks on assault chargesAsap Rocky Gq Style Cover B

A$AP Rocky has been detained in Sweden on account of assault allegations, and will be missing his headlining slot at London’s Wireless Festival as a result. The arrest has also resulted in missing appearances at Poland’s Open’er festival, and Longitude in Ireland.

The rapper was put into custody following his appearance at Smash Festival, where footage had been posted soonafter to his Instagram depicting him throwing a man to the ground and punching him after the man had attacked Rocky’s security guard with a pair of headphones. One of the contentious posts explained they’d been followed by drug addicts who’d sexually harassed women around them, and in the assault footage, his voice could be heard in the background telling the pursuers that they didn’t want any trouble. He’ll be held by authorities for two weeks.

Initially, A$AP had been charged for aggravated assault—but have since lowered the charge to assault. He could face up two six years in prison if the court rules against him.


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ICE alludes to criminality in statement on 21 Savage arrest

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ICE alludes to criminality in statement on 21 Savage arrest21 Savage Getty

It seems there is no limit to the new, extended reach ICE has when it comes to deportation. Rapper 21 Savage, regarded as a hometown hero in Atlanta who rapped about profound topics and gave back to his community, was arrested on Sunday, February 3 as an illegal immigrant. A statement from the agency spokesman Bryan Cox claims, “His whole public persona is false. He actually came to the U.S. from the U.K. as a teen and overstayed his Visa.”

More specifically, the rapper purportedly came to the US in 2005 on a tourist visa and overstayed his welcome. ICE also advised the media of past run-ins with the law to back their reasoning behind his arrest and their intended deportation of him. Atlanta locals and the community at large have fought back against this, citing his numerous charitable acts and his role model status among city youth: “‘Mr. Abraham-Joseph is a role model to the young people in this country, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively working in the community leading programs to help underprivileged youths in financial literacy,’” stated his lawyer Dina LaPolt.

Stay tuned as more details emerge.



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K-9 drug-sniffing dog overdoses during pre-Holy Ship! boarding inspection

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K-9 drug-sniffing dog overdoses during pre-Holy Ship! boarding inspectionK9 Jake

Brevard County Sheriff’s officers administered Narcan to K-9 dog Jake after the drug-sniffing dog displayed signs of an overdose, following the dog’s inspection of luggage during Holy Ship! 12.0’s pre-boarding bag checkpoint. “[Jake] started having some problems with balance and had some type of seizure incident of some sort, [and] was showing effects of having inhaled some substance,” sheriff’s office spokesperson, Tod Goodyear said. Officials promptly took Jake to the vet after giving Jake the anti-overdose medication.

Authorities suspect that Jake ingested a type of ecstasy and later traced the drugs that prompted Jake’s overdose to 33-year-old Holy Ship! 12.0 would-be attendee Leslie Bennett. Police arrested Bennett for felony possession of a controlled substance without prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia and equipment. Bennett is but one of a group of 16 arrested while trying to board Holy Ship! The Brevard County Sheriff’s office released arrest information immediately following the first installment of Holy Ship!’s two-part 2019 iteration. Jake, meanwhile, is now in a stable condition, and expected to make a full recovery.

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Police body cam footage shows that Skrillex was with Ty Dolla $ign at time of rapper’s drug arrest [Watch]

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Police body cam footage shows that Skrillex was with Ty Dolla $ign at time of rapper’s drug arrest [Watch]Skrille Feelcycle

Skrillex made a cameo not on a Ty Dolla $ign track, but during the rapper’s recent arrest in Atlanta on September 5 — the same evening that Dolla was to jointly headline for G-Eazy‘s North American Endless Summer Tour at the Cellairis Amphitheatre. Newly released video footage from the arresting officer’s body cam shows Skrillex follow the rapper out of the car as Ty Dolla $ign exits his Mercedes van to speak with the officers present at the scene.

The footage captures Dolla’s admission that he smoked weed earlier in the day, in response to one officer’s comment that he smelled marijuana. The video also follows the officer’s pat down of both Skrillex and Ty Dolla $ign, but only one of the two artists would emerge unscathed. Police immediately arrested the rapper for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of cocaine after finding the drugs in Dolla’s bag. Ty Dolla $ign was released on bond on September 6, and is scheduled to appear in court on September 20.


Tom Swoon sentenced to prison in Poland after fatal DUI conviction

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Tom Swoon sentenced to prison in Poland after fatal DUI conviction22851870 1349560215165803 1892334889828432438 N

In summer 2017, Dorian Tomasiak, known professionally as Polish DJ and big room house producer Tom Swoon, left his home and got in his car to take a drive that ended with another person dead. Now, his trial has come to a close with a final guilty plea submitted and a sentence administered.

After a short trial, Tomasiak submitted to the charges against him, acknowledging that he was under the influence of alcohol during the drive, so much so that he didn’t remember the incident at all until he was already in handcuffs and being told that he had killed someone. The fatal crash happened when Tomasiak was driving over 111 mph — and he’s been in jail since. After the trial concluded, he submitted to his punishment being a lifetime ban on driving, four years and eight months in prison, and 70,000 Polish zlotys – or $18,812.32 USD.

Translated from Polish, Tomasiak expressed his acceptance of the gravity of his actions in the court: “…punishment is inadequate to blame…The awareness that taking the second person of life is the greatest punishment that could have happened to me. I am not even able to ask for it, but I apologize to you wholeheartedly.”


Fyre festival founder burns again with fresh ticket fraud charges

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The case of William McFarland is quite the embodiment of the old adage around “leading a horse to water.” Despite going down in flames over the notorious blunder that was Fyre Festival — which collected thousands of dollars from each upper-middle class ticket holder and then thrust them into FEMA-esque conditions — it seems he still is unable to drink the proverbial water and learn from his mistakes.

Reports are now surfacing of a second arrest for McFarland, for once again frauding customers over glamorized events. He also leads a dubious company NYC VIP Access, which sources and upset consumers advise is a firm offering “exclusive” tickets to events like Met Gala, Burning Man, Coachella, and more, and then not delivering after taking their payments. He allegedly collected upwards of $100,000 from over 15 buyers.

NYC VIP Access had been running its operations right before the Fyre fail, in March of 2017, according to current coverage on the debacle. After a failed cover-up attempt to place the blame on another company employee, McFarland is now facing up to 40 years in prison: he’s been charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering.



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Tom Swoon announces end of career in formal statement preceding manslaughter trial

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Tom Swoon broke the silence that followed his December 2017 arrest in a new statement that offers fans an update on Swoon’s career, and the current state of his legal proceedings. Swoon was detained by police on December 5, 2017 after driving under the influence of alcohol, causing a fatal accident that led to the death of one person. “I have pleaded guilty and got immediately arrested,” Swoon writes in the post, published to his Facebook page. Swoon now awaits trial.

“I am writing this letter because I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart, first and foremost to the family that has lost their loved one” Swoon continues, “I am also sorry that I’ve let all of you down.” Swoon goes on to acknowledge the “very harsh verdict” that he will soon face, and credits his expected prison sentence as a central influencing factor in his decision to “end the Tom Swoon project.”
“It’s time for me to focus on things way more important than a musical career,” Swoon concludes the announcement, “I am sorry that it all ended so quick…and in such a tragic way.”

Three men charged for coordinating an illegal rave causing ~$35,000 in damage

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Three men have been charged for orchestrating an illegal rave at an industrial warehouse in Kent, UK that led to approximately £30,000 (~$35,000 USD) worth of damage. Up to 500 people are reported to have attended the unauthorized event, hosted on August 6.

Upon arriving at the scene of the rave, officials arrested 12 people on charges of drug possession, criminal damage, and theft. Authorities have noted that while unlicensed events of these kind do not frequently occur in Kent, they tend to draw large crowds when they are initiated, often attracting hordes of people to industrial units in particular.

“Many who travel into the area, do so from outside the county by using trains,” Superintendent Amanda Tillotson remarked, “These gatherings can cause a number of issues, including damage to property, noise to local residents and antisocial behavior. The nature of the venues can also pose real safety issues for those attending.” Kent Police noted its ability to send attendees of the August 6 party home by 7 AM, the slight delay in doing so the product of no overnight trains out of Kent.

The unlicensed August event notably took place without the consent of the owner of the brand new warehouse unit, and has since led the three organizers of the event to be brought up on charges of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. The men are expected to appear before Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on November 17.

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