Luttrell serenades with Anjunadeep feeler, ‘Albanian Summer’

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Luttrell serenades with Anjunadeep feeler, ‘Albanian Summer’Luttrell

San Francisco producer Luttrell has delivered a serene deep house track, “Albanian Summer,” from Above & Beyond’s deep house imprint, Anjunadeep. The ocean atmosphere and dissident seagulls intro the feel-good song reminiscent of the artist’s set in Dhermi, Albania, where he watched everyone dance like crazy to the unreleased version. After that experience, he knew he had to name the song “Albanian Summer.”

After the oceanic intro, arpeggiated plucks and heavenly sustained vocal elements serenade the house percussion elements with a veil of harmonious paradise. A trance build escalates towards a pristine and non threatening release of elements, stripping some of the song’s melodies back while allowing other melodies to shine. Overall, the relaxing deep house and trance exercise curate an environment without worry, harmonically sound to the tune of the surrounding waters.

Above & Beyond add ‘Hideaway’ to their vast Anjunadeep collection

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Above & Beyond add ‘Hideaway’ to their vast Anjunadeep collectionAbove And Beyond Press Photo By Amelia Troubridge 2018 Billboard 1548

Above & Beyond are at it again with a new therapeutic trance track, titled “Hideaway.” No stranger to the UK trio, record label Anjunadeep claims the release to add to its vast collection of trance hits.

Above & Beyond’s exquisite production level is evident in every ounce of the group’s new single. “Hideaway” has an ebb and flow that encourages the listener to participate in the journey that is trance music. The uplifting notes to the track are met equally by dark undertones and assertive synth textures. It’s is a classic Above & Beyond track, perfect for closing the eyes and getting lost in their story of sounds.

Anjunadeep features both a regular and extended mix of the track from Above & Beyond, and both are dreamy trance delights.

Photo credit: Amelia Troubridge

Ben Böhmer announces debut album, ‘Breathing,’ and releases title track with Nils Hoffmann and Malou

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Ben Böhmer announces debut album, ‘Breathing,’ and releases title track with Nils Hoffmann and MalouBen Bohmer Press Image

In Ben Böhmer‘s rapid ascent as the breakout star of Anjunadeep, the Berlin resident has accumulated close to 40 million streams, picked up heavyweight support from the likes of Annie Mac and Pete Tong, and manned his own label, Tön Töpferei.

Now, Böhmer has announced his debut studio album, Breathing, and released its title track to signal the countdown until the LP’s due date. His rise to the spotlight comes at perfect timing with the forthcoming Breathing—which marks a closing of a chapter in Böhmer’s life characterized by heartache, loss, and recovery and his resulting growth as an artist.

The single, “Breathing,” enlists fellow German collaborators Nils Hoffmann and Malou. Tapping into his production ability to weave melancholic atmospheres with hopeful melodies, Böhmer showcases a masterful progression composed of oscillating percussion and haunting reverberations. Malou’s wispy vocals provide a beautifully eerie foreground built around the composition.

Breathing will be out via Anjunadeep on Nov. 22. Pre-order the LP here.

Stream Eli & Fur’s third Anjunadeep EP, 3-track ‘Into the Night’

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Stream Eli & Fur’s third Anjunadeep EP, 3-track ‘Into the Night’Eli Fur

Following the immense success of their 2018 EP Night Blooming Jasmine, Anjunadeep electronica/deep house duo Eli & Fur have released Into the Night: a flawless continuation of their trek into the cinematic stretches of the electronic realm. The latest EP features previously released title track and two new original cuts, “Don’t Say” and “You and I,” with extended mix counterparts in tow.

Laced with hypnotic club grooves and sensual original vocals, Into the Night captures the essence of Eli & Fur’s songwriting strengths in nostalgia-inspired dark tones, and lyricism smoldering with enigmatic intrigue. Paradoxically leaning from their pop-writing origins, their third Anjunadeep EP embodies a complex style of deep house convention, sodden with sensuality.

“It’s always special to create things as a duo as each of us have feelings we want to write about and emotions we want to communicate through the music both lyrically and melodically,” the pair stated in a recent release. “This makes the process more interesting.”

Premiere: Quivver joins Anjunadeep for label’s 11th ‘Explorations’ edition

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Premiere: Quivver joins Anjunadeep for label’s 11th ‘Explorations’ editionQuivver E1567091882310

The multi-faceted producer, DJ, and vocalist John Graham, better known by his Quivver alias, is making his debut on Anjunadeep for the 11th rendition of the label’s Explorations series. As one of the leading progressive house imprints, Anjunadeep’s ‘Exploration 11’ sets out to unearth and welcome the artists commanding the scene.

Hailing from the UK, Graham hardly needs unearthing. An industry leader for over two decades, he boasts an impressive rap sheet, including over five years in DJ Mag’s Top 100, licensing deals with TV shows and top-selling video games, creating his own label, and performing under multiple successful monikers.

Best known to produce as Quivver, his debut track on Anjunadeep, “Long Time,” is a classic progressive house song, peering into the realm of trance while remaining upbeat and soothing. The violin-esque synths seep into the cracks, creating a flowing sensation over the pulsing house beat. For his label debut, the talented artist effortlessly strings together over six minutes of blissfully smooth, yet bubbling sounds fit for the summer.

Pre-order a copy of ‘Anjuadeep Explorations 11’ here

Founding NERO member Joseph Ray releases debut EP on Anjunadeep [Stream]

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Founding NERO member Joseph Ray releases debut EP on Anjunadeep [Stream]Joseph Ray Anjuna Ep

Acclaimed UK producer Joseph Ray is welcomed by prolific label Anjunadeep for his debut EP, Room 1.5/Chem-EX. Ray, founder of the legendary electronic group NERO, boasts Grammy wins and impressive collaborations on his extensive rap sheet, and this release exemplifies his impressive and unique brand of artistry.

Room 1.5/Chem-EX delivers two techno-leaning melodic house tracks that serve as the other’s yin yang. The EP is equal parts unabashed emersion and emotive composition, one track is deeply hypnotic while the other induces a sense of calm weightlessness.

“Room 1.5” opens the EP with a deep and mysterious club detonator, inspired by Ray’s days of listening to jungle cuts in London clubs. The second track, “Chem-EX,” is entrancing, luscious, and beautiful, which the artist calls, “a sci-fi journey through a long-descending bass pattern and multiple layered arp.”

Joseph Ray’s impressive Anjunadeep debut release is out now.

Eli & Fur drift ‘Into The Night’ ahead of next Anjunadeep EP [Review]

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Eli & Fur drift ‘Into The Night’ ahead of next Anjunadeep EP [Review]Eli Fur

Anjunadeep‘s amorphous pop-songwriters-turned-deep-house-duo, Eli & Fur, are officially returning to the Anjunabeats subsidiary for another EP release, entitled Into The Night. Tuesday, the London outfit shared the EP’s title track: an airy deep-house harbinger to the full-length project. The track bears Eli & Fur’s exceedingly sultry and idealistic earmark, of course.

Reverie is ever in the air with these two. As the track opens, the atmospheric duo’s own languorous vocals phase in, affording the track an otherworldly virtue. Soon, the cinematic nature of Eli & Fur’s sound design grows increasingly apparent in both the offering’s lyrical theme and stylistic approach. The swirling synth line juxtaposed against calming woodblock percussion texturizes the track, while the terse lyrical musings offer further introspective tension: “You reminded me of somethin’ / Now it’s taking up all my time.”

Paradox and nostalgia have been driving through lines in Eli & Fur’s catalog for years, coming to a crest on their last Anjunadeep EP, Night Blooming Jasmine. While “Parfume” embodies how readily our olfactory systems are inclined to reminisce (“Is this for real or something better?”) through the scents of bygone lovers, “Something Was Real” plays on the fleeting, imperfect nature of memory and our visceral inner life.

“Sometimes you find yourself shutting off and making excuses about why not to connect with how you feel on an emotional level,” the pair says via a recent press statement on the track. “Taking the plunge into something different to your usual routine is incredibly liberating. ‘Into The Night’ is about that feeling, stepping into the unknown and embracing something you never knew you needed.”

Moon Boots taps Kaleena Zanders for second release from forthcoming album

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Moon Boots taps Kaleena Zanders for second release from forthcoming albumMoon Boots Kaleena Zanders

The release date for Moon Boots‘ new LP, Bimini Road, creeps closer, and the New York native is gearing up for its full unveiling on Anjunadeep. He’s giving fans a taste of what’s to come with the album’s second single, “Juanita.”

“Juanita” is effortlessly groovy, tapping into listeners’ natural instinct to move their feet to the beat. A sexy vocal hook from Kaleena Zanders seals the deal, as her voice glides fluidly over the funky instrumentals the producer’s concocted. It’s a soulful and joyful piece of music, born of two artists joining forces at a retreat.

“Kaleena’s voice is so incredible and her energy is so infectious. You just have to see it to believe it.” Moon Boots noted in a press release. “I’m amazed thinking back on the session that turned into ‘Juanita.’ It was late at night and our sober daytime sessions had morphed into a full-blown party. Kaleena was saying ‘I need aerobics’ over and over while I was messing around on an SH-101. I asked if she could change it to ‘Juanita hold me.’ It shouldn’t work but it just does. I’m so grateful it was all recorded because it could have been a moment in time we laughed about and half-remembered. This is one of the club tracks I am most proud of, and none of it would be possible without Kaleena’s unstoppable energy and talent.”

Bimini Road is out Sept. 6 on Anjunadeep. Pre-order it here, and catch Moon Boots on tour with a seven-piece band here.

Andrew Bayer announces ‘Parallels’ fall tour and shares new single, ‘True Feelin” [Stream]

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Andrew Bayer announces ‘Parallels’ fall tour and shares new single, ‘True Feelin” [Stream]Andrew Bayer NEW Copy 1

Trance titan Andrew Bayer‘s dedication to the Anjuna family is unending and unwavering. Over the course of the last decade, he’s put out dozens of releases on both Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep and headlined oh-so-many Anjuna-curated nights around the world.

Now, he continues that crusade with his next Anjunabeats EP, Parallels, and a North American Fall tour to go with it. According to Bayer, the intention behind this EP is a return to his pure club inclinations which is why this tour will see him hit some of the most iconic clubs the U.S. and Canada have to offer, from Exchange LA to Mezzanine in San Francisco to Chicago’s Spybar.

Parallels’ is a new project for me and a return to analog club sounds aimed squarely at the dance floor. Ever since I started unraveling the club mix odyssey of ‘In My Next Life,’ I’ve felt a deep reconnection with my club sound and pushed myself to take it into new directions – whilst also paying homage to the influences that shaped my first interest in club culture. The latest result is ‘Parallels,’ an EP of instrumental club experiments designed to exist side-by-side with my continuing passion for long players (spoiler alert: album four in motion) – Andrew Bayer

Ahead of the full EP release, Bayer has shared the new single “True Feelin’,” and just as he intended, this track epitomizes uplifting club trance. From the moment the first kick hits, the energy is pushing towards a sensational conclusion that will infuse any listener with joy. Bright chords punctuate a layered rise towards an intoxicating drop Anjuna fans will find refreshingly familiar.

Stream “True Feelin’” in full and check out details for Andrew Bayer’s Parallels tour below.

Andrew Bayer announces ‘Parallels’ fall tour and shares new single, ‘True Feelin” [Stream]Pasted Image 0

Photo credit: Allison May

Luttrell and Ben Böhmer’s ‘Gibberish’ raises the bar for Anjunadeep collaborations to come

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Luttrell and Ben Böhmer’s ‘Gibberish’ raises the bar for Anjunadeep collaborations to comeLuttrell

Luttrell and Ben Böhmer’s debut co-production, “Gibberish,” is a sensational melodic track, flush with texture. The Anjunadeep regulars both have distinctly nuanced discographies. As impressive as they are individually, “Gibberish” showcases their approaches to producing in blissful synchronicity.

Ben Böhmer keeps the progression smooth as silk cascading skyward, while Luttrell infuses the track with glittering synths and rolling basslines, while he morphs vocals with finesse. While these creative fragments are apparent, it arrives blended and whole: two heads with one body and one soul.

The quality of mixing and give and take showcased through this track gives the listener a subconscious feeling of unity that could only be the result of genuine collaboration and mutual respect; a respect that was undoubtedly fostered over Luttrell and Ben Böhmer’s appearances at Anjunadeep Explorations earlier this summer. “Gibberish,” seems something of a misnomer; as the concise, unsullied offering sets the bar for Anjuna collaborations in the cosmos.