Chrome Sparks – What’s It Gonna Take ft Angelica Bess (Machinedrum Remix)

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Los Angeles producer Machinedrum has remixed Chrome Sparks, “What’s It Gonna Take” featuring Angelica Bess. Machinedrum’s dreamy take on the original features an uplifting melody, infectious beat, and an energetic fusion of staccato synths and dynamic percussion. Mellow interludes with minimalist rhythm contrast upbeat drops, creating a tasteful balance of soothing yet playful sound.

Machinedrum has engineered an indie style categorized by heavenly electronic progressions and moving harmonies. He is known for striking originals such as “U Betta” and euphoric remixes including UZ‘s “Inferno.” With a captivating signature tone, Machinedrum’s remix of “What’s It Gonna Take” sets the stage for what’s to come from the bold, innovative producer.

Chrome Sparks unveils ‘What’s It Gonna Take’ alongside tour announcement

This post was originally published on this site

Electronica producer Chrome Sparks,  born Jeremy Malvin, has released his latest synth-pop track, “What’s It Gonna Take,” via Counter Records to coincide with the announcement of his upcoming North American tour with Machinedrum.

The release comes after a bit of a hiatus, as Sparks has released just two singles in 2016 & 2017 combined. Sparks rose to eminence in 2013 after the independent release and wild acclaim of his decisively-named tune “Marijuana.” Sparks’ distinctive sound lies in his ability to incorporate his admiration for dance music, vintage synthesizers, and breezy beats, lending his production keen chromatic tendencies.

Interwoven in the fabric of “What’s It Gonna Take” is the intricate, echoing percussion so characteristic of Sparks, here delivering a 90’s-oriented impression — especially when paired with the sulky pop vocals of Angelica Bess. The track thrives in its oscillating, retro synth work, and atmospheric reverb, which roar the track to life in the intro.

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