Diplo and Flume share ambient ‘Secular Sabbath’ performances during Coachella

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Diplo and Flume share ambient ‘Secular Sabbath’ performances during CoachellaDiplo Secular Sabbath Credit Nicole Mangiola Rolling Stone

Over the last three weekends, Diplo has certainly squeeze Southern California for all the juice it’s worth. Between two weekends of Coachella, followed by a performance at Stagecoach, Diplo gave Indio a run for it’s money. However, he still managed to find time for some much needed rest and relaxation at a much less-publicized event—Secular Sabbath, just a few miles down the road in Desert Hot Springs, right outside of Palm Springs.

Joined by Flume, the pair shared ambient tunes to soundtrack a night of introspection and meditation, close enough to Coachella to feel the event’s energy, but far enough away to feel the distance at the historic Two Bunch Palms resort. Secular Sabbath is a running event series, started in 2016, put on by California-native Genevieve Medow-Jenkins. Secular Sabbath events promote self-care and intentional, spiritual relaxation.

“It was a blast. I got to sit in a hot tub, I took a nap – there was great stuff going on all at the same time. And I got to play some cool music and I loved it. It’s good to try new things,” Diplo told Rolling Stone of his Secular Sabbath experience.

For a man who has dropped an album, a house music EP, and launched a country music project in less than a month’s time, managing a work-life balance has got to be a tall task, though the Mad Decent head honcho tends to make it look effortless. “Secular Sabbath was special, and I got to chill out, which is kind of rare. It’s kind of like the anti-festival,” says Diplo. With an itinerary like Diplo’s, a swing by Secular Sabbath sounds like a crucial stop amid three weekends of chaos in Southern California.

Tor lays down an eclectic, low-end wonderland ahead of Lightning In A Bottle [Mix]

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Amidst a blanket of monotony in the bass world, Tor has risen as one of the new wave of forward-thinking talent introducing an aural breath of fresh air.

The producer wriggled his way into the spotlight not too long ago thanks in part to Emancipator, and quickly made a name for himself thanks to his creative arrangement and fearlessness around pushing his own musical boundaries. His debut album on Emancipator’s Loci imprint, Drum Therapy, was met with critical acclaim, thus leading him to land a second album on the label in 2016 that most would say conquered the Sophomore slump.

Tor will be making his Lightning In A Bottle debut come Memorial Day weekend, where he will be delighting his crowds with a multifaceted performance. Before seeing him, however, he decided to make an official “introduction” to his work:

“I wanted to make this mix as bit of an introduction for people who maybe haven’t heard my music before, mixed in with some songs I’ve been enjoying lately as well as a showcase of what I’ve been up to recently with some unreleased remixes and hints of what you might hear at my LIB set this year. Cheers!”

Tor – Two Suns
Tor – Two Suns (CloZee Remix)
IHF – Departure
CloZee – Secret Place (Tor Remix)
Tourist – Hush
Maya Jane Coles – Bo & Wing
Nuage – Every PPL
Tor – Vaults
??? – ??? (Tor Remix)
RUFUS DU SOL – Innerbloom (Tor Remix)
??? – ??? (Tor Remix)
Edamame – Sable (feat. Tor)
Affelaye – Whir

Anjunadeep stumbles upon ambient gold in boerd [EP Review]

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Curatorial excellence on Anjunadeep‘s part is evident in their newest signee, boerd. The James Grant-run imprint isn’t afraid to travel outside its usual deep and progressive confines every so often, and in this case has stumbled upon a promising ambient talent.

Boerd’s debut EP on the label, Static, is intellectual and nuanced, playing around with spacey elements, white noise, and atmospheric soundscapes to create complexity sans a rhythmic crutch. Such a feat is easy for the Swedish newcomer, who draws extensive experience from his time as a double bassist for various prolific orchestras.

“Lid,” for example, opens Static on a warm note, with crackles lining the background of a guitar-laden soundscape whose chords gently caress the ears. This sentiment persists throughout the EP, continuing on into a smooth, piano and vocal-assisted “Fragment II” and a dissonant, string-filled “Void.” Time is skewed without a constant metronome, making these three tracks feel like they fly by.

Like “Fragment II,” “Diorama” involves heightened lower frequencies and subtle percussion, pairing together with warm background accents and jubilant synths to create a feeling of elation. “Blind” is the most energized track on Static, employing guitar riffs, powerful verses, and hollow vocal edits into a nostalgic, laid-back listen.

“Ebb” closes Static with an homage to classical, Medieval sounds. A choir hums out somber melodies, with the mood further amplified by slight hints of oregon, and moving piano and synth progressions. Though minimal, the piece has a profound effect.

It’s safe to say boerd’s time in the electrosphere spearheading a new ambient movement will be one to watch.



Pick up a copy of ‘Static’ here

Anenon’s ‘Two for C’ is a hauntingly gorgeous refrain

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Producer Brian Simon stuns on his latest release as Anenon. “Two for C” taps into the producer’s keen ability to weave disparate influences into cohesive, lush, and atmospheric pieces. The hauntingly ethereal track shimmers with otherworldly beauty as almost elegiac instrumental melodies carry it forward.

If “Two for C” is any indication, Simon’s forthcoming EP Tongue — out February 9 via Friends of Friends  — will be exactly the lush melange of neo-classical, jazz, and ambient electronic elements fans have been waiting for.

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Jono Ma & Dreems release ambient beauty, ‘Can’t Stop My Dreaming (Of You)’

Jono Ma & Dreems release ambient beauty, ‘Can’t Stop My Dreaming (Of You)’

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Australian dream team Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma) and Angus Gruzman (of Dreems and Die Orangen) present The Dreemas, an EP that will be out mid-January via Kompakt. Jono Ma and Dreems have teamed up to create a minimalist piece full of ambient vibes and glowing melodies. “Can’t Stop My Dreaming” is notable for its downtempo, relaxed sound which showcases rumbling excerpts of bass and intriguing, distorted vocal samples. Starting off the new year right, Jona Ma and Dreems have set the bar high for what’s to come.

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Arcando – Don’t Say That (ft. Jaki Nelson)

Christian Löffler stuns in remix on Superpoze’s ‘For We the living’

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Earlier this year, the German-enthraller Christian Löffler released a reworked edition of his 2016 album Mare. Brimming with ethereal material, one of its particular standouts was a piano-driven take on “Haul” from the French artist Superpoze. Now, the two are reworking with each other’s material once more as Superpoze’s just released a deluxe edition of his record, For We the living, which features just three remixes, one being from Löffler.

Considering that Löffler resides near the Baltic sea, it makes sense that his music is deeply fluid, enveloping, and vastly amorphous. In his own bio, he describes his music as a combination of “melancholy with euphoria.” He continues, “All my music is connected by a gloomy spirit, which is minted by a warm sincerity. I try to merge all kinds of different acoustic colors to obtain this feeling in my music.” His take on Superpoze’s new deluxe album title track, “For We the Living,” feels very much driven by this aforementioned gloomy spirit. It’s even more mellow than Superpoze’s original, which is surely a difficult feat, and also explores a pleasing, eerily evocative sonic realm.

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Illenium unveils immensely moving piano covers of ‘Awake’ tracks

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Illenium has a uniquely evocative sound design and his rise in EDM is in large part thanks to his embodiment of the beautiful, more deeply introspective side of the genre. For years, the producer has opened the floodgates on gorgeous, sound design juxtaposed with melodic EDM style drops. With the release of his sophomore album Awake, Illenium ventured into a more commercial side of EDM, sure, but also did so without compromising the emotionally-inflicting tendencies of his music.

Now, Illenium fans and lovers of all emotive music will be delighted to find out that an EP of piano covers from Awake has arrived just in time for the holidays. “Beautiful Creatures,” “Fractures,” and “Crawl Outta Love” have all received piano covers thanks to Julien Marchal, Lorcan Rooney, and Lambert respectively. The tunes are incredibly captivating and ones that will awaken its listeners in its delightful production depth.

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Illenium makes hotly anticipated Diplo and Friends debut



Squarepusher constructs alien synths for Nintendo’s new NES system

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Squarepusher has constructed some imaginative synth sounds for Nintendo’s latest classic console spawn—the Super NT—created by Analogue. The Seattle based video game hardware company known as Analogue is dubbing the console as “a reimagining of perhaps the greatest video game system of all time,” and their new boot-up tune summons nostalgic memories of playing Super Nintendo in moldy childhood basements. Squarepusher is certainly an apt producer for the contract, masterfully reinventing the quintessential Nintendo bleeps and 8-bit-esque sounds. The fabled IDM producer released a live album earlier this year called Elektrac and also soundtracks another revised Super Nintendo game called Super Turrican.



H/T: Pitchfork


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Post Malone – Congratulations (Filous Remix)

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After having just delivered a diverse testament to his exuberant production penchant with a new EP — For Love — Dutch singer-songwriter Filous quickly followed suit with an impassioned rework of Cimo Fränkel’s “Never Give Up.” Now, the rising artist has enhanced one of the hottest songs of 2016 with his own approach, and it’s a stirring assemblage of vocal ambiance and scintillating guitar strums.

Filous is consistently pointing to his soothing potential in the indie-electro realm with his dulcetly delivered reworks. With his latest breath of life into Post Malone‘s “Congratulations,” it seems Filous is veering down a pathway that indicates some more “Congratulations” will be in order quite soon.

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Filous releases mellow ‘For Love’ EP

The Radar 97: Mixed by Filous

Photo Credit: Marcella Ruiz Cruz 

Koronis releases poignant neo-classical piece, ‘Winter’

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Jesse Woolston’s Koronis project continues to evolve and adapt at an alarming rate. The New Zealand born, LA-based sound designer and composer first caught our attention with his cinematic drum ‘n’ bass album, The Replicant, back in 2015. Following up with his cerebral concept album Circuits in 2017, he demonstrated a deeper understanding of psychoacoustics, told through the lens of delicate neo-classical compositions.

Now Koronis has returned with a new standalone piece, “Winter,” a beautifully-wrought, minimal piano composition “inspired by the ending of the year and winter season.”

It’s patient and sparse, boasting little more than a raw, poignant piano progression. Ultimately, it’s the kind of measured composition that would make an effortless accompaniment to film or TV.

Listen to “Winter” below: