Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]

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Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]Steve Aoki Neon Future III

Steve Aoki‘s Neon Future LP installments have always felt like full-blown events, and the main event of the cake-tossing EDM icon’s year has finally arrived: Neon Future III. 

Aoki’s ubiquitous productions are never off the airwaves long. In between his well-endowed festival/touring schedule, the globetrotter found time to pepper 2018 with releases. Despite the consistent output, Neon Futures III easily stands out from the rest of Aoki’s output with an feature-stuffed track list that’s poised for some serious chart damage.

“Neon Future III (Intro)” starts off the LP with a no-vocals-necessary stadium electro scorcher–but the opening volley quickly gives way to an categorically stacked slate of feature-heavy pop-leaning productions. Former One Direction-er, Louis Tomlinson is on-board for radio-ready house on “Just Hold On,” and K-pop sensations BTS are right behind with “Waste It On Me.” Aoki has a potential crossover smash for every genre in the chamber, with everyone from blink-182 to social media queen Bella Thorne in line to lend their talents. For fans of his full-throttle instrumental offerings, the tone struck by the intro track resurfaces at the LP’s close, with none other than Bill Nye lending heavyweight sample clout to album close: “Noble Gas.”

Jean-Michel Jarre previews upcoming album ‘Equinoxe Infinity’ with new single, ‘Robots Don’t Cry’

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Jean-Michel Jarre previews upcoming album ‘Equinoxe Infinity’ with new single, ‘Robots Don’t Cry’Jean Michel Jarre Toronto Louis Hallonet

Nearly five decades after Jean-Michel Jarre broke through boundaries in electronica and influenced an entire generation, the innovator is showing no end to his creative flow. He’s been hard at work in the studio for quite some time now, putting the final touches on Equinoxe Infinity — the long-awaited sequel to Equinoxe, his fourth studio album that was released forty years ago. He’s now given audiences a taste of what to expect through a brand new single, “Robots Don’t Cry.”

Per Jarre’s usual aesthetic, “Robot’s Don’t Cry” is an ethereal intersection of synthwork and instrumentation, woven together into an electronica piece with timeless appeal. It’s emotive and contemplative, built for taking the mind off to far-away lands while its sweeping string elements and dissonant notes wrap around the cerebral cortex. It is indeed a crafty play between human and machine, much like the aim of Equinoxe Infinity.


Pre-order a copy of the LP, due for a November 16 release, here.


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DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completion

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DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completionDJ Snake

DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completionDj Snake Insta Story AlbumJust weeks after delivering a massive music video for “Taki Taki,” DJ Snake has revealed more music is on its way — perhaps even sooner than anticipated. In an Instagram story posted on November 5, the Parisian superstar apologized for his lack of communication with those close to him and noted that he’s been hard at work on his next album: “I apologize to my friends and family for being so distant and ignoring your messages/calls but I need to finish this album.”

The Grammy-nominated producer has been churning out a steady stream of releases this year, thrilling fans with dynamic tracks like “Let’s Get Ill” and “Public Enemy” with Yellow Claw amidst projects like starting his own label, Premiere Classe. He also recently became the fifth artist in Spotify history to accumulate more than one billion streams on two original songs: “Lean On” and “Let Me Love You.” But it’s been more than two years since DJ Snake released his debut LP, Encore, and fans have been angling for more.

While no exact date or timeframe has been disclosed concerning the forthcoming LP, it does appear fans will see a full collection of songs sooner rather than later.

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Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 album

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Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 albumBIGWILD PRESSPIC HAIRUP BANDW 1

Producer Jackson Stell has taken another step in an evolved direction as Big Wild. He’s just unveiled two new singles  — “Joypunks” and “Maker” — and both see him continue to push his artistic boundaries into the world of melodic, indie electronica-inspired soundscapes that feel refined and polished.

Stell is clearly locked into something. He shot to the top of Spotify’s Global Viral Chart with the release of “Aftergold,” in 2015 and his success was minted in 2017 when his debut EP Invincible, was met with rave reviews. In line with most of his work “Joypunks” has a happy-go-lucky feel, warm overtones, and steady congealing beats. The refrains are well spaced throughout the track and allow the listener a moment to take in the subtle layering of the song.

The second track “Maker” shows us Big Wild’s versatility. It’s more pop-oriented as a leveled out feel ebbs through most of the track alloting a larger focus towards the vocals while still staying true to the formula of a dance song. It’s all there. Both tracks are a tribute not to just what Stell can do, but what he will do in the near future. Big Wild’s debut album Superdream will be released in February, 2019.


Prince Fox continues surge to debut album with sweet and abundant ‘Trust’

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Prince Fox continues surge to debut album with sweet and abundant ‘Trust’Prince Fo Trust

Foreshadowing his long-in-the-works debut multi-track release, Prince Fox has uncorked his latest “pop-that-knocks” bestowal, “Trust.” The newest track trails the first delivery from the awaited project, the bouncy bass-inclined “Fake It,” which, like the rest of the greater project’s offerings, features vocals and songwriting, complements of Fox himself.

“Trust” sees the “I Don’t Wanna Love You” you producer meld his broody, lo-fi vocals to rapturously melodic fabric of the track. Just a few years ago on the forefront of future bass movement, Prince Fox continues carving away at avant-garde dance-pop prestige with his benevolently heartfelt soundscapes.

An adept and persistent collaborator, Prince Fox has secured a slew of advantageous features on his radiant catalog, including Bella Thorne and Hailee Steinfeld. A product of his productive range, he’s also tapped electronic outsiders like The Griswalds for more minimal offerings, in the same vein as his Jimmy Eat World re-envision of “The Middle.”


Hayden James and Running Touch eclipse electronic-pop orthodoxy with ‘Better Together’

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Hayden James and Running Touch eclipse electronic-pop orthodoxy with ‘Better Together’Better Together Hayden James 1

With the help of fellow Aussie, Running Touch, Hayden James continues his furrow into pop-focused foliage with the smooth and saccharine, “Better Together,” released through his consistent Future Classic label housing.

Tied together with a seamless house beat, “Better Together” tells a tale of a halcyon romance: when “that other person is an extension of you,” and “it’s the right relationship,” as James puts it. Perpetuating summer well into the frigid folds of winter, “Better Together” serves as a sublime showcase of James’s inexorable ability to fit driving dance sensibility inside a highly accessible, often relationship-oriented narrative.

James received widespread embrace from the electronic circuit after his “Permission To Love,” sent reverb traveling through more than just speakers. He soon saw his production vines intertwine with like-minded counterparts such as Rüfüs Du Sol and even ODESZA. Listeners can look forward to his momentous debut album, expected to arrive in 2019.



The Prodigy fuse 90’s electronica and punchy grunge rock tropes on ‘We Live Forever’

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The Prodigy fuse 90’s electronica and punchy grunge rock tropes on ‘We Live Forever’The Prodigy Carlos Alvarez Montero Hi Res Treated Preview

Nineties-born electronica group The Prodigy has been back with a steady stream of new releases from what will be their seventh studio album. The group has released new single “We Live Forever,” and the hypnotic breakbeat blends retro rave notes with a chanting chorus, throwing the listener back to the intersections of the British grunge rock era and the emergence of the illegal rave circuit. As always, The Prodigy finds a way to seamlessly integrate electronic layers and aggressive spits into and energetic one-two punch. In the group’s North London studio, The Prodigy’s co-founder, Liam Howlett explains,

No Tourists is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed and not to follow that easy set path. In these times we live in people have become lazier and forgotten how to explore. Too many people are allowing themselves to be force fed, with whatever that may be. It’s about reaching out further to find another alternative route where the danger and excitement may be to feel more alive… not accepting that you can just be a tourist. That’s what the title is about for us.”

No Tourists set for release on November 2. “We Live Forever” is undoubtedly one of the inbound records high points, with classic in-your-face appeal from the venerated UK electronic outfit. Listen to the final single ahead of the album’s official release below.

Anderson .Paak reveals new album release date and artwork

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Anderson .Paak reveals new album release date and artworkAnderson .paak Onard Release Date Artwork

The next Anderson .Paak era is officially on its way, with the R&B superstar announcing his forthcoming LP Oxnard will arrive on November 16. .Paak broke the news on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg, and shortly after dropped the album’s official cover art via Twitter.

Anderson .Paak monstered the music scene with his 2016 album Malibu, which won him boatloads of fans and acclaim on the strength of monster tracks like “Come Down” and “Am I Wrong.” Although the singer has had his hands in side projects and features since, Oxnard’s release will mark his first true solo LP in almost three years. Even without that hype-worth distinction, .Paak’s momentum is already juggernaut status. After striking gold early with lead single “Bubblin,” the star followed it up with the groovy Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Tints.” If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Dre himself has reportedly handled extensive production on the album, which will arrive via Dre’s Aftermath imprint. The album’s artwork is pure .Paak, and if the lead singles are any indication, Oxnard is shaping up to a new high bar for the singer.

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Lane 8’s ‘Little by Little’ LP sees a treasure chest of remixes from Dirty South, ATTLAS, and more

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Lane 8’s ‘Little by Little’ LP sees a treasure chest of remixes from Dirty South, ATTLAS, and moreLane 8 Little By Little Remied

Lane 8‘s albums have been more than just perfunctory collections of songs for the deep house star – they’ve been legitimate works of art, defining individual eras within his catalogue. The producer’s sophomore LP, Little by Little, has seen him embark on tour across the globe, while his tracks seep into the collective consciousness of his fans. In a fitting finale, the artist has opened the door for some of dance music’s most emotive names to reimagine the album on Little By Little Remixed. The 10-track pack is a stellar mix of mainstays and rising talents. Among cuts from established artists such as Dirty South, ATTLAS, and Tinlicker, the album has a wealth of up and comers to be heard including This Never Happened signee Anderholm and recent Anjunadeep artist Ben Böhmer.

Little By Little is an album flush with gorgeous vocals, and the remixers take on the challenge of reframing them fearlessly. ATTLAS spins the deep longing of “No Captain” into a symphony of bright synths, while Khåen takes “Stir Me Up” down an eerie side-street. Elsewhere, Fairchild injects Lane 8’s frequent set opener “Daya” with a brilliantly shuffled percussion groove that supercharges the synth-driven melody. Tinlicker’s rework of “Clarify” is a surefire standout, its hypnotic arps already having provided what Lane 8 himself described as an “amazing moment” in live sets this year. Though the meticulous album was surely a daunting task to complete, Lane 8 did so beautifully, yielding a range of ethereal takes fit to extend his latest artistic era further into the future.

The Crystal Method returns in rare form with new LP, ‘The Trip Home’

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The Crystal Method returns in rare form with new LP, ‘The Trip Home’The Crystal Method The Trip Home Album

It’s been four years since a proper album from The Crystal Method — their latest full length project The Trip Home is a momentous occasion if only for that fact. But the album is also new territory for the group’s founding member Scott Kirkland, with the LP marking his first since fellow member Ken Jordan retired from electronic music in 2016. Since then, Kirkland has been determined to keep the legendary project in the game. The new 12-song album is the result, and it’s safe to say The Crystal Method’s flag is undoubtedly still planted firm.

The album is at once epically cinematic, with Atlanta-based producer Le Castle Vania on hand to help kick things off on the metal-inspired opener, “The Raze.” Rattling boom bap follows close behind on “Holy Arp,” polished by what sounds like a synthesized, distorted harmonica solo. That variance is a hallmark of The Crystal Method’s catalogue, with the project experimenting across rhythms and tempos at will. Kirkland creates 80’s power rock drama on the Franky Perez-assisted “The Difference” one moment, and channels Stranger Things mystery with “Let’s Go Home” the next.

Throughout its cinematic storytelling arc, The Trip Home maintains the spirit of classic Crystal Method. Acoustic and electronic guitars make their presence known, blending the lines between rock and electronic music. The songs’ edges are a little rough, the drums crackle and hiss, and the synth lines at times feel wrangled into submission. The result is a rebirth of The Crystal Method that feels familiar and authentic amidst Kirkland’s fresh experiments and inspirations. After more than two decades, the torch is still burning bright for one of electronic music’s true icons, and The Trip Home is a well-compiled new chapter in The Crystal Method story.