Good Morning Mix: A morning dose of techno with Luke Slater ahead of his momentous return to LA

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Good Morning Mix: A morning dose of techno with Luke Slater ahead of his momentous return to LALuke Slater Credit Ale Kurunis

Many music industry pros have dubbed Luke Slater a “mastermind” of techno, and the UK producer has definitely proven this notion. An architect of the underground since his start in the 90s, Slater’s helped pave the way for darker sounds to rise to prominence—thanks to impeccable DJ sets performed across Europe and numerous releases under aliases that include his collaborative project LSD with Steve Bicknell and Function, and of course, the groundbreaking Planetary Assault Systems. Under his own name, Slater DJs with precision and class, opting for refined, yet forceful records that build onto each other like bricks in the Roman age. His proven dexterity behind the booth has made him a favorite at iconic venues like Berghain, Rex in Paris, and Georgia’s KHIDI.

It’s been quite some time since he was last in the states, however. By this we mean nearly two decades. So, when this legend announced his long-awaited return to both coasts, it was a cause for joy. That’s why we chose this brilliant set he just released from ADE, conveniently on Christmas 2018, to wake up to this morning. Sleeping after being grilled by the searing synthesizers and fiery kicks is simply impossible, especially when mixed with perfection.

LA is one of the most anticipated stops on the tour, where he’ll be playing an extended set in a discreet warehouse. Tickets are still available here.




Photo credit: Alex Kurunis

Fans can now relive Martin Garrix’s ANIMA show in full [Watch]

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Fans can now relive Martin Garrix’s ANIMA show in full [Watch]Martin Garri Anima

Those who have kept up with The Martin Garrix Show season three know how much work has gone into his new performance concept, ANIMA, which was debuted during Amsterdam Dance Event this past fall. The producer enlisted a team of the top editors, creative directors, and show directors among many others, who worked countless hours over an eight month span preceding ADE to make the concept of ANIMA come to life. Those who attended his two sold out shows at the RAI were able to see ANIMA in all its glory, but everyone else has only been able to see glimpses of it throughout the episodes within season three.

However now, Martin Garrix fans the world over can experience what the “Glitch” producer has been pouring so much of his time into. Garrix has finally released the show in full onto his YouTube where viewers can now enjoy the full story of ANIMA, which features four chapters: “Consciousness,” “Void,” “Transcendence,” and “Worlds.”

Martin Garrix’s New Show Concept is finally debuted in latest episode of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

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Martin Garrix’s New Show Concept is finally debuted in latest episode of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’Martin Garri Show

Those wanting the backstory of Martin Garrix‘s new book can look no further than the latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show. The book is titled Life = Crazy, and the show around it introduces fans to the Dutch wunderkind’s photographer, Louis Van Baar, who shot the book’s content. Garrix talks about how the book is forever versus many things in 21st century life, which are seemingly fleeting.

Viewers watch as fans hug the famed producer during his book release event, and one even gives a testimony about how the positivity of Garrix’s music and his shows had inspired him to live through hard times. The episode then jumps to the filming of the artist’s  ADE live show graphics, where new technology is used to capture the models and the producer in a robotic and angular fashion. The Garrix team finally takes over the warehouse they will be performing in at the major dance event and test the concept in full that they have been creating since the previous November. Despite the lack of preparation shown through Garrix improvising his intro minutes before it began, his show turned out to be a huge success.

Watch as Martin Garrix and his team scramble to complete his ADE show concept in time

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Watch as Martin Garrix and his team scramble to complete his ADE show concept in time6.27.15 Martin Garri OMNIA Photo Credit Al Powers

In case fans were wondering, 22-year-old Martin Garrix, who not too long ago had to be escorted to and from his club performances, still does not have his driver’s license, as confirmed in the latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show.

In the beginning of the episode, Gabe Fabroni, Garrix’s show director, reveals more about what went into their ADE show, which is eight months in-the-making, broken into seven different chapters. Viewers follow the members on Garrix’s team as they work tirelessly during the days leading up to the show on their respective crafts. At one point, Garrix locks himself in a studio working on new music and sampling his past releases in different ways for his two-hour set. His editor traces the episode through a daily routine, non-stop working with the exception of a few hours when he gets to sleep.

Damian, the director for Garrix’s ADE concept, talks about how he created the video concept for the show, which is something he says he has been dreaming of doing for years. What he admits he did not foresee was the tight timeline for such a large undertaking. He stresses about whether or not the project will be completed in time for the show, serving as a worthy cliffhanger for next week’s installment.

Photo Credit:© Al Powers,

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insights

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Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insights20181019 Soundcloud ADE 2

Photos courtesy of Dick Renning, Piet van Strijp, Coenvan Tartwijk, Mark Richter

Now 23 years in the running, Amsterdam Dance Event has grown to be one of the most prolific occasions in the world. Garnering over 400,000 visitors from more than 100 countries and upwards of 1000 events across five days, ADE is unlike any electronic music festival-conference hybrid out there.

200 venues. 2500 performing artists. 600 speakers. These are just a few of 2018’s key statistics that demonstrate why ADE is a leader in the music business. 

It’s this command for curation that makes ADE’s programming unparalleled; from ethereal sound experiences to keynote interviews with the CEO and Founder of Ushuaïa Ibiza, ADE’s scope knows no bounds. And it’s not always about music, either. With its finger on the pulse of society at large, the seminal event also traverses pressing topics such as the future of food, sexism in the age of social media, and cyber security, to name a few.

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insightsDick Rennings 20181021 R2 3312 1Staying Organized at ADE

ADE’s gargantuan festival and conference schedule can be overwhelming for most, particularly first-timers. Its day-into-night programming runs 24 hours per day for five consecutive days, and it’s easy to get lost in the countless panels, parties and networking opportunities. In other words, attendees that don’t pace themselves will burn out much sooner than the rest.

Insight: It is impossible to do and see all that ADE has to offer, and you do not have to be at every event that catches your eye. Mapping out a day-by-day plan in advance – even if tentative – will help you stay organized. Add each of your events to your Google Calendar, with the knowledge that your schedule will undergo last-minute changes. And if you’re setting up a meeting with a potential client, be sure to take down their phone number ahead of time so that you can easily find one another.

Be open to impromptu meetings and getting sidetracked. Not having a plan isn’t always a bad thing. 

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insightsMarkRichter 20181018 EMIN2730ADE by Day

ADE’s daytime programming often gets lost in the shuffle as attendees look to the event’s sweeping nighttime roster as its biggest draw. Yet those looking to learn, network or potentially strike a deal look to ADE by day as one of the most valuable opportunities of the year.

Insight: While ADE capitalizes on its rich catalog of parties and showcases, the event’s reputation is also largely rooted in its masterclasses, keynotes and art exhibits. On one end of the city, dozens of DJs around the world are spinning at renowned record store Rush Hour, while on the other, Spinnin’ Academy is building an all-star team of budding DJs and producers. Meanwhile, local artist Dadara is exhibiting his gallery, Life Inside a Pixel, at KochxBos Gallery. It’s evident that the team behind ADE not only had the aspiring producer in mind, but also the artistically inclined and the audiophiles.

Make time to take advantage of ADE by day’s limitless offerings – even if that means calling it an early night. A considerable amount of time and thought are put into constructing the conference, as each year themes shift in accordance with what’s trending in dance music, technology and culture. By far one of the most memorable moments  was ADE’s Sound Experience at The Conscious Club, which coupled the best of slow, tribal beats with live instruments including a flute, violin, harp, contrabass and hand drum.

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insightsPiet Van Strijp 20181018 579A3601 1Getting around Amsterdam

Public transportation plays a key role in planning around a hectic ADE schedule. Both the metro (underground) and trams (above ground) are clean, efficient and highly accessible. Oftentimes, public transportation serves as a faster (and cheaper) alternative to Uber.

Insight: Purchase a 6-day metro pass, which is accepted on the metro (underground), tram (above ground) and bus. For about $36, both the metro and trams can quickly transport attendees to nearly any ADE-marked venue. Once you’re in the city, walking from venue to venue shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, though several trams run from one end of the U-shaped city to the other.

Note: the metro and trams stop running at midnight. However, if you’re heading to venues across the river like A’Dam Tower, Shelter or NDSM-werf, the ferries from Centraal Station run 24 hours per day and are free. 

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insights20181019 045713 CoenvanTartwijk 006 422244ADE by Night

Though some see ADE as a prime networking opportunity, others view the festival as a chance to discover new music and attend some of the best parties in the world. Representing everyone from Hardwell to Maceo Plex to Mano le Tough, it’s hard to not find a showcase worth checking out.

Insight: This year, many ADE pass holders found themselves disappointed when they were denied entry to their party of choice due to capacity. While some venues chose to enforce a “one in, one out” policy, others capped their events completely. If there is a party you absolutely must attend, arrive at least 30 minutes before doors open – especially if your preferred party is sold out or at risk of drawing a big crowd. Purchasing a ticket isn’t a bad idea either, as only a certain number of delegates are admitted into each party before all remaining spots go to ticket holders. Unused tickets can always be sold safely on Ticketswap.

Open-mindedness is also handy here. Consider seeing artists that you’ve never heard of, or opt to check out some of Amsterdam’s most famed venues like Gashouder, Chicago Social Club, De School or Shelter. Curiosity can go a long way, and you might just find some new musicians to include in your next Spotify playlist.

Amsterdam Dance Event: a compilation of 2018’s key learnings and insightsDR 20181016 R2 9276 1Soaking in the sounds (and sights)

It would be remiss to not see Amsterdam’s myriad landmarks like the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark and Dam Square, to name a few. And if you’re lucky, ADE might just be hosting a party at one of the city’s top destinations: in 2016, Maceo Plex became the first electronic artist to perform at the Rijksmusem’s iconic bicycle passage.

Insight: ADE wouldn’t be the same without its surrounding environment, and paying respect to its city is equally as important as the festival itself. There’s no place in the world quite like Amsterdam – a city rich with history, shimmering canals, artistic heritage and fine cheese shops. Set aside some time to see Amsterdam outside of the party setting, and act like a local. Rent a bike and see the city through the eyes of the Dutch. Sample a cone of Belgian fries, or make a new friend with a Soho House membership who will take you to the newly opened House as their guest. Who knows – you might even stumble upon Honey Dijon spinning in the lounge.

Martin Garrix presents new show concept for ADE in newest episode of The Martin Garrix Show

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Martin Garrix presents new show concept for ADE in newest episode of The Martin Garrix ShowMartin Garri ADE

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) came to a close recently, but Martin Garrix takes viewers back to his extensive preparation for the event in the most recent episode of The Martin Garrix Show. The Garrix team debuted a brand new show concept during his ADE show titled, Team Garrix Presents: Anima.

Anima is a story that features four chapters: consciousness, void, transcendence, and worlds, all of which the attendee is exposed to sonically and visually throughout the performance. As Garrix puts it, the show has truly become an “art form.”

Garrix notes during the episode, “I’ve been looking forward to this week for a long long time. The preparation that went into this week compared to any other show is not even fair. It’s not comparable.”

As viewers watch what goes into the graphics, music videos, lighting, and studio preparation, the aforementioned comment’s validity becomes apparent. The ADE show coincided with Garrix’s full release of his Bylaw EP, wherein he released five tracks in five days. Bylaw collaborators Dyro and Blinders both make cameos during the momentous episode.

Photo Credit: The Groove Cartel

After three years, Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Pierce Fulton and Mike Shinoda is finally here

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After three years, Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Pierce Fulton and Mike Shinoda is finally hereMartin Garri Pierce Fulton E1539968525899

Martin Garrix caps off ADE week with the fifth and final release from his new EP, now revealed to be named BYLAW.

The five-track compilation is the long-awaited release of the music we have heard Garrix feature in his sets this festival season. The final track of the week is titled “Waiting for Tomorrow,” and it’s unlikely that Garrix enthusiasts haven’t been listening to a bootleg version of the song since Garrix started performing it in 2015. The collaboration with Pierce Fulton was feared to never be released, but three years later, it’s finally here.

The track features vocals by Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda, adding a new dynamic and contrasting from the pop-leaning vocals of many of the producer’s recent releases. The collaboration is also not without a good story, as Pierce Fulton posted on his Instagram the story about how the track came to be.

The EP is fully out now on Garrix’s own STMPD Records.

Martin Garrix releases second single in just a few day’s time, ‘Yottabyte’

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Martin Garrix releases second single in just a few day’s time, ‘Yottabyte’Martin Garri Yottabite

Martin Garrix is coming into Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) week in saddles blazing considering he’s unveiling yet another single, “Yottabyte” only a day after his collab with Blinders, “Breach (Walk Alone)” dropped.

Garrix is known for teasing unreleased tracks into his sets sometimes years before release. In that vein, hardcore fans will find both new singles all too familiar thanks to his episodic integration of the songs into both his live performance and his The Martin Garrix Show series.

“Yottabyte” combines a light chime melody with a string arrangement that cascades into an electro-house drop. Both releases this week have been a touch less commercial-leaning compared to recent collaborations like “Oceans” and “High on Life,” giving old-school Garrix fans reason to revel. Garrix debuted the tune during his Tomorrowland Mainstage set, a sublime backdrop for the momentous production.

10 events not to miss at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event

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10 events not to miss at this year’s Amsterdam Dance EventAde Credit Ma Kneefel

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) kicks off next week, and most by now know the event’s robust scheduling means being inundated with party/lineup decisions and challenges. With countless events featuring even bigger talent, planning the “ideal” weekend in Amsterdam can be tricky. To help guide the way, we’ve curated a few of our favorites to help steer attendees in the right direction. Of course, there’s many more to choose from, but here are our 10 events not to miss.

The Classic Music Company

Honey Dijon / Horse Meat Disco / Luke Solomon / Eli Escobar / Sophie Lloyd / Titia

23:59 – 06:00 / Sugar Factory

It’s the first night at ADE, and there are so many parties it’s hard know where to start. Look no further than Sugar Factory — a mainstay in Amsterdam club culture for the better part of the last decade. Featuring Dot Audio sound, and two rooms (a main, and a more intimate space), Sugar Factory is the first ingredient in the recipe for a great night out. Throw in the lineup for the legendary Luke Solomon’s last night of a recent residency and attendees’ ADE appetizer is complete. Headlining is Honey Dijon, known for an incredibly progressive blend of club-sound brilliance, and Horse Meat Disco, a talented duo riding disco’s wave of resurgence. What better way to kick off a long weekend in Amsterdam?


Boys Noize / Christeene / Curses / Ghost Van Bellen / Joost van Bellen / Paul Neverready

22:00 – 07:00 / SEXYLAND

ADE is warming up and it’s time to get a little freaky for night two. Look no further than Sexyland — a new temporary club concept. The concept is simple: New Owner, Every Day. Every experience at Sexyland will be different. Headlining the night is Boys Noize, German industrial techno wunderkin. Fresh off a variety of new releases throughout the past year including a collaboration with Virgil Abloh, the music is guaranteed to be as banging as the space, art-installations, and crowd. 

Anjunadeep Amsterdam

16 Bit Lolitas / Ben Böhmer [live] / Dom Donnelly / James Grant / Penelope / Yotto

23:00 – 05:00 / Tolhuistuin

Perhaps there’s an affinity for the airier sounds of the house spectrum? Head over to Tolhuistuin, the three-room Amsterdam nightclub right off the water with views, and green spaces to boot. There lies a massive Anjunadeep showcase featuring some of the top deep and progressive house acts. Key acts include Yotto, whose original productions find their way into everyone’s favorite DJ’s sets, and 16 Bit Lolitas. These Amsterdam locals are bound to make for a a huge hometown show.

Thuishaven Friday w/ Life and Death

Axel Boman / DJ Tennis / Gommage / Gerd Janson / Henrik Schwarz / Job Jobse / Leon Vynehall / Red Axes and many more

15:00 – 06:00 / Thuishaven

The weekend is finally here! Head over to Thuishaven for an unforgettable evening in and incredibly unique space. With multiple stages nestled between bars in a hugely industrial scene (think scrapyards and abandoned oil tankers), Life and Death’s ADE showcase awaits. The Italian label brought out all the stops, with huge names littered throughout this lineup. Between Henrik Schwartz, Axel Boman, and DJ Tennis, there’s a sound for all styles and a DJ pushing that sound to its furthest limits.

Audio Obscura x Stephan Bodzin at Scheepvaartmuseum

Luna Semara / Nicolas Masseyeff / Patrice Baumel / Stephan Bodzin

20:00 – 03:00 / Scheepvaartmuseum

This one’s definitely something special. First, the promoter, Audio Obscura, which is known for its legendary events in obscure and unexpected settings. Next, the fascinating architecture of the famous National Maritime Museum in central Amsterdam. Finally, four hours of the incredible talents of Stephan Bodzin, the live-techno genius. Combine those three elements for one of ADE’s most unique events this year. For those looking for somewhere to physically stay put while going on a musical journey — look no further.

Awakenings x Maceo Plex Presents Mosaic

Architectural / Job Jobse / Floating Points / Ben UFO / Maceo Plex / Helena Hauff

22:00 – 08:00 / Gashouder

It would be impossible to have an ADE list without mentioning an event at Gashouder. This techno Mecca features a massive dancefloor, booming sounds, incredible production, and even indoor screaming fireworks. With so many events at this pinnacle space, it can be hard to choose just one, but Maceo Plex’s Mosaic party is guaranteed to be one to remember. Backstopped by the brilliant minds behind Awakenings, Mosaic’s lineup is hugely diverse. While mainstays like Maceo Plex and Floating points are obvious must-sees, don’t sleep on Helena Hauff, one of the princesses of acid and electro. That German sound is bound to get attendees jumping.

Berlin: Watergate x Club Feierei

Adana Twins / Jan Blomqvist / Anja Schneider & La Fleur / Seth Schwarz / Jan Oberlaender / Kiasmos and many more

22:00 – 07:00 / WesterUnie

Speaking of Germany, famous Berlin club, Watergate, is hosting what looks to be an unmissable night. The lineup is full of regular German club residents and additional stars from across Europe. Ears will perk at the idea of an Anja Schneider B2B La Fleur set, which is bound to be entirely epic. Two female label bosses and boundary-pushers together on the same stage. German and Swedish sounds will collide. What more could you ask for?

DGTL x Paradise

Jamie Jones / Dubfire [live] / Derrick May / Maya Jane Coles / Richy Ahmed / Darius Syrossian / Luuk van Dijk and more

22:00 – 07:00 / Scheepsbouwloods

Scheepsbouwloods is described by Resident Advisor as the “ultimate rave location on the NDSM-wharf.” What better way to hit the “ultimate rave location” than with the ultimate rave? DGTL, Amsterdam-based cutting edge dance music event producers, bring Jamie Jones‘ Paradise party to this epic location. And of course, following Jones comes an insane lineup of techno, tech house, and house heavyweights. It doesn’t only feature label boss and tech-house party-vibes legend Jones. It doesn’t only feature Derrick May, one of the Detroit-based pioneers of techno and members of legendary trio, Belleville Three. It doesn’t only feature a rare live Dubfire set, featuring all original production. This lineup features all three of them plus Maya Jane Coles, Richy Ahmed, and countless others. 


Tale Of Us / Solomun / Dixon / Recondite / Mind Against / Adriatique / Mathew Jonson / Kobosil / Shifted / and more

14:00 – 14:00 / Warehouse Elementenstraat

For those looking to avoid party-hopping and seeking a true, nearly endless, immersive experience, look no further than the Afterlife party on Saturday night. Curated by masters Tale of Us, the lineup a deep mix of incredibly diverse minimal and masterful artists. Not only are Tale of Us, Ardiatique, and Mind Against hitting the decks, but there’s a huge variety of live sets in the mix. Mathew Jonson, Recondite, and Agents of Time are all coming out to round out the incredible mix of DJs with their live sets. Additionally, a special Solomun B2B Dixon set is bound to feature a full dance floor surging to dimension bending sounds.

elrow goes to ADE


23:00 – 06:00 / De Kromhouthal

An elrow party is not to be missed. The legendary Barcelona day club that has taken their event international. Known for its incredible tech-house and dance party sounds, elrow is has made a name for itself with the sheer spectacle of it all. No lineup announced yet? No problem. Attendees can expect everything from confetti blasts to themed dancers in the crowd on stilts to hundreds of inflatable pool toys to throw at friends — and, of course, the dancing chicken. Aside from the spectacle of it, the music at elrow is guaranteed to meet high standards. The theme for this party is Chinese “ROW” year, and time will tell exactly what that entails.

Photo credit: Max Kneefel

Hardwell’s final DJ performance will be live-streamed

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Hardwell’s final DJ performance will be live-streamedScreen Shot 2018 10 11 At 3.10.22 PM

All good things come to an end… for now. For Hardwell fans, they will have one final chance to see the Dutch producer perform live at Amsterdam Dance Event on October 18. For those who are unable to make it overseas, the all-ages show will be live-streamed across numerous social and digital channels from ADE.

Just last month, Hardwell detailed in a Facebook post his decision to focus on himself. He writes, “I have grown from an ambitious kid with everything to gain into the 30-year old I am today whilst evolving as an artist with triple the speed of my aging process. Over the past few years I’ve come to know myself better and better and over time I realized that there’s still so much I want to share with my family and friends, so many roads I’d like to explore, but being Hardwell 24/7 leaves too little energy, love, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person to do so.”

Tune in with Hardwell and the Metropole Orkest’s Symphony: The Global Revolution of Dance at 8 p.m. CEST on October 18 at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam.

Featured photo: Instagram