Electric Forest approved for 10-year extension

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Electric Forest approved for 10-year extensionElectric Forest Credit Anthony Norkus

Electric Forest‘s hometown of Rothbury, Michigan will reportedly welcome the venerated dance music/jam band festival for another 10 years, thanks to the village council’s 5-2 vote on Monday in favor of extending event producers, Madison House’s permits.

The new permit’s body text allows for the potential of an additional early arrival day, which most recently has fallen on Wednesday; though, if Electric Forest’s producer’s comply in supplying the village with ample notice, the festival could begin on Tuesday for its 2020 installment, currently pegged for June 25-28.

The village will also collect a gradually rising surcharge from ticket buyers, to go toward county infrastructure—namely warranted road repairs from prodigious festival traffic. The surcharge will max out at $7.50 per ticket sold.

Council members Robert Fulljames and Village President Scott Beishuizen took issue with some the parameters of the extension. While Fulljames cited Madison House getting the “cheap” end of the deal, Beishuizen pointed out the lack of local vendors operating at Electric Forest in recent years.

Formerly Rothbury Festival (an all jam and rock roster), Electric Forest began in 2011. Organizers recently stretched the festival to two weekends in 2017 and 2018, though recently reverted back to a single-weekend format in 2019.

Find more information on Electric Forest, here.

H/t: Oceana County Press

Photo Credit: Anthony Norkus

Weekend Rewind: Boys Noize’s iconic vinyl-only Essential Mix turns 10

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Weekend Rewind:  Boys Noize’s iconic vinyl-only Essential Mix turns 10Boys Noize 2018

Boys Noize has been a pioneer since breaking out in the early aughts. A decade ago, he was one of the standout artists helming the blog house movement and bringing it to the prominence it had at its peak. It was also around this time that his namesake imprint really began taking off as a platform for top quality music.

Naturally, Pete Tong had his eyes on the German icon from his earliest years, and in 2009, invited him onto Essential Mix. The mix is now a sonic time capsule from the memorable time that was the Blog House Era, with a great deal of the selections mirroring the distinctive mixture of funk, electro, and tech that dominated the dance music sphere at the time. To boot, Boys Noize mixed entirely in vinyl, showing off his mixing skills in any medium.

His mix now turns ten years old on October 10, and to honor it, we’ve selected it as this week’s edition of Weekend Rewind.