Doon Kanda (Jesse Kanda) releases Luna EP on Hyperdub

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Jesse Kanda’s debut musical release as Doon Kanda came out last year in the form of Heart, and looking at the cover art for that release, it’s almost as though Kanda was trying to draw (no pun intended) a hard line between his fantastic and striking work as a visual artist and his hew newfound preoccupation creating sounds that are evidently fit for the Hyperdub label.

The cover is ugly in a way that appears deliberate and not a continuation of Kanda’s otherwise “beautifully ugly” portfolio (it also gives Bjork a run for her money). It’s basically the equivalent of when Michael Jordan decided to try baseball, and instead of waltzing out to home plate wearing his basketball short-shorts and inexplicably handing the catcher a Fisher-Price basketball hoop, severed all obvious ties to his prior sports life (he carried a baseball bat and everything).

The tracks on Heart dabbled with electronic experimentation recalled (on a basic level) the work of longtime collaborator, Arca. Luna likewise conveys a sense of Kanda feeling things out, and it’ll be interesting to see how his musical style evolves should he decide to keep with this creative route. Hyperdub’s on the bandwagon, at least!

You can buy Luna here and now, and be sure to check out Jesse Kanda’s new website, which was launched in conjunction. Feel free to stream the release below as well.

doon kanda, Luna (HDB116D) by doon kanda

Luna tracklisting:

01. Bloodlet
02. Molting
03. Luna
04. Crinoline
05. Burning
06. Shed
07. Lamina

Rest In Peace: some of our favorite Avicii highlights

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Dancing Astronaut is still reeling from today’s news. Our publication, like many others, would not be here today if it weren’t for this man. He was truly one of the pioneers of the genre, and one of the most talented producers and songwriters out there.

In 2011, Levels grew into more than a song. It was a track that signified the entire dance music genre and its growing popularity worldwide. From this song, Tim Bergling and his team built an entire career. They pushed the boundaries of live performances and stage productions from being behind an anonymous black DJ booth to being on the main stages of the biggest festivals in the world, with production value in lights and stage design to rival the biggest pop stars in the world.

Avicii always pushed his own boundaries, even as the leader of the “new school” of dance music. He performed a “live” set for the release of his album True, which was widely criticized at the time. However, as his songs became his most popular, and were accepted by the mainstream audiences around the world, he was lauded as a pioneer for his cross-genre pollination on tracks like “Wake Me Up.”

As the years went on, Avicii’s legendary status was cemented, despite his less frequent live appearances. Chances to see him live were rare, and thus all the more special. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing his shows live, you know that his heart was always there, even as a quiet and mild-mannered Swede.

In some way, any fan of dance music or perhaps music more broadly has been touched by Avicii at one point. His name is known around the world. His character is revered by those inside and outside the industry.

While we take the time to let the news settle in so that we can reflect even more on his legacy, we leave you with some highlights from his career.


A legendary debut: Relive Avicii’s incredible first Essential Mix

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The electronic music world was blindsided April 20 upon learning that Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was found dead in Muscat, Oman at just 28-years-old. Winner of two MTV Music Awards and recipient of multiple Grammy nominations, the Swedish DJ and producer left an indelible mark on dance music.

In 2010, as a 21-year-old wunderkind, Avicii appeared on BBC‘s Radio 1 for a debut Essential Mix to remember. The poignantly nostalgic mix is highlighted by his then brand new, “Penguin,” a stunningly melodic, piano-centric house track, which chimes in at around the 32-minute mark. “Levels,” of course, makes an appearance, along with emotive offerings via Swedish House Mafia, Armin van Buuren, and Alesso. The 120 minute journey is downright inundated with tracks emblematic of the fallen legend and his cardinal legacy, and serves as the best way to honor his incredible legacy.


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DJs across the EDM spectrum pay their respects to Avicii

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April 20, 2018 will forever be marked as a dark day in music history. One of the dance music’s biggest contemporary pioneers, Avicii, passed away at only 28 years-old following a prolific legacy that saw him help import the genre into the mainstream.

He inspired a countless amount of artists throughout his career, many of which we see dominating the main stage today. Not to mention, his influence can be felt heavily among the newer generations of dance fans. He stayed innovating until the very end as well, continuing to release new music after his retirement from touring that mashed up genres in ways previously thought impossible.

Naturally, his peers and admirers have taken to Twitter to express their condolences.



Stream Panamera P’s new album ‘6454’

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Panamera P has been Working. Capital W. It seems like every week he’s dropping something new. A video, a track …

G-Scott drops his ‘Vs The Universe’ project

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Rising NWI star, G-Scott, drops off his latest project, the aptly titled Vs The Universe. 17 brand new tracks featuring …

Remembering Avicii’s Most Popular and Best Songs

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Earlier this morning, we received the news that Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, has passed away. As I sit here mourning the death of the DJ and producer that helped change the trajectory of my life, it’s only right to share some of Avicii’s best songs that changed the lives of so many people

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Avicii’s Death Mourned by The Dance Music Community

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Today we lost a legend. Swedish DJ Avicii, Tim Bergling, passed away suddenly at 28. While there have not been many details around the artist’s death, the news has hit the dance music community hard. Personally, so much of Avicii’s early work helped me fall in love with dance music. Today, I’ve spent much of

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Chris Forsyth and Sunwatchers announce sunny North American tour

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Friends, neighbors, watchers of various popular television programs! Please! Gather near unto me! For it is I, Tour Date Formatting Boy. I have returned again from deep within the heart of the Tiny Mix Tapes content management system, where TMT news editor Dan Smart has imprisoned me in order to impart unto you knowledge of a freshly announced tour by Chris Forsyth and his Solar Motel Band alongside Sunwatchers.

Though it has been many years since I have traveled farther than the text boxes and HTML tags of this humble content management system where I am trapped against my will — and even longer since I have seen the sun — I have heard tell that large swathes of these United States and Canada are “quite nice this time of year.” And since it bothers me not at all to write about not one but two artists whose names reference the great glowing orb in space whose warmth I have not felt in many years, I wish them well as they traverse their various paths.

Sadly, however, I must now return to my chambers, for the tour dates that are my charge will not format themselves in the precise manner expected by my power-mad overlord. Thank you for lending me your ears. I hope that one day you and I might walk side by side on a long road. However, in my heart I know that Dan would never allow that.

The Tour Dates I Formatted For You, Sir:

04.26.18 – Washington, DC – DC9
05.02.18 – Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog
05.03.18 – Detroit, MI – Trinosophes
05.04.18 – Chicago, IL – Hideout
05.05.18 – Milwaukee, WI – Psych Fest
05.06.18 – Lafayette, IN – The Spot
05.08.18 – Toronto, ON – Monarch Tavern
05.09.18 – Montreal, QC – Distortion Psych Fest
05.10.18 – Kingston, NY – BSP
05.11.18 – New York, NY – NUBLU
05.12.18 – Philadelphia, PA – Philamoca
06.09.18 – Minneapolis, MN – Turf Club
06.10.18 – Madison, WI – Marquette Waterfront Festival

Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Nile Rodgers, More React to Avicii’s Death

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Flying Lotus, A-Trak, Lupe Fiasco, Steve Aoki, and others have also mourned the Swedish DJ and producer