Chance The Rapper To Host Quibi’s Punk’d Reboot

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Chance The RapperChance The Rapper is set to host MTV’s reboot of Punk’d on the short-form video streaming platform Quibi. The original celebrity prank show ran 10 seasons on MTV with Ashton Kutcher as the host. More »

Preview 100 gecs’ “Ringtone” Remix Feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, & Kero Kero Bonito

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100 gecsThe 100 gecs album 1000 gecs became a sensation among fans of weirdo pop last year, and its popularity extends to some of the duo’s most prominent peers in that world. Many of them are participating in a remix album called 1000 gecs & th3 phant0m m3nac3 due sometime this year. More »

Noisia release their full Armajet original soundtrack

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Noisia release their full Armajet original soundtrackNoisia Ballet 1

The full Armajet soundtrack has landed through Noisia’s own Vision Recordings. The five-track project composed by Noisia is part of a new update from the real-time multiplayer shooter game available for PC, Android, and iOS. The game was initially released towards the end of 2018. Through thick layers of synth and syncopation, the drum ‘n’ bass torchbearers have curated a rich set of storytelling through their signature sound design. The Armajet soundtrack has been teased prior to its release via UKF‘s debut of “Decloak” on Jan. 21, and the arrival of “The Ascent” on Jan. 22 through an exclusive with Dancing Astronaut.

Since announcing their retirement, the Dutch trio still has gas in the tank, with a hefty world tour celebrating their evolution as artists over the past 20 years. The troupe is set to finish the year with shows from Hit & Run at the Concourse in Manchester through the Noisia Farewell Tour that passes through the UK, Italy, and the US. They will also be performing at Electric Forest and Lightning in a Bottle.

Nik Roos made a comment about the project: “Armajet is a game with its roots in ’90s twitch shooters. Hardcore, unforgiving, instant, inhuman. The match with our music was obvious. We didn’t have to work out much about what it needed to sound like. The music we made for it isn’t purely about Armajet itself, though. A lot of other elements come through: the frustration over our breaking up, my personal attachment to ’90/’00s twitch shooter genre (UT99 specifically), the ’90s trance sound of detuned saw arps, and the developing 3D game graphics of the time: futuristic, unnatural and new.”

The Two Fake Blondes Make Debut With Electrifying Single, ‘If You Really Love Me’ (Premiere)

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Husband and wife duo Petey Mac and Hannah Mac are bringing a lot of excitement into 2020 with their brand new project, The Two Fake Blondes. ‘If You Really Love Me’ is their debut single dropping today, signed exclusively to Gameroom Records. ‘If You Really Love Me’ is the electrifying debut from The Two Fake

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Chance the Rapper to Host MTV Punk’d Reboot

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The celebrity prank show is relaunching on the mobile video platform Quibi

YG Arrested for Alleged Robbery

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L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies reportedly arrived at the rapper’s home with a search warrant early this morning

Duck Sauce announce first new music in six years

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Duck Sauce announce first new music in six yearsDuck Sauce 51312ada11000

2020 started off with news that A-Trak and Armand Van Helden would be teaming back up to revive their beloved Duck Sauce side project, marked by impending comeback sets at this year’s edition of Coachella. Now, we’re about to get our first disco duck droppings of the year. Duck Sauce’s defunct Twitter account shared an image on January 24, announcing new material from the duo is expected to land on Friday, January 31. No telling if the upcoming delivery is a single or batch of new tunes, or perhaps the rollout to a more fleshed out project.

As for the image itself, it effortlessly encapsulates Duck Sauce‘s aesthetic in one single photo. It rounds together’s the group’s most recognizable visual themes, all saturated in the perfect blend of throwback zaniness, suggesting Armand and A-Trak are ready to pick back up exactly where they left off in 2014 with Quack. See the teaser below and prepare for some delectable new disco underway.

Luke Geddes’ Playlist for His Debut Novel "Heart of Junk"

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Heart of Junk

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book.

Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Roxane Gay, and many others.

Luke Geddes’ debut novel Heart of Junk is quirky, moving, and hilarious.

Publishers Weekly wrote f the book:

“[A] rambunctious, oddly touching debut…[Geddes] offers even his most misguided characters the opportunity to bumble towards redemption. This one’s a quirky treat for fans of flyover state humor.”

In his own words, here is Luke Geddes’ Book Notes music playlist for his debut novel Heart of Junk:

Deep cuts from the record collection of Seymour Longwell and Lee Fallon

My novel Heart of Junk follows the vendor-denizens of a Wichita-based antique mall, each obsessed with a particular category of collectible or antique: postcards, art glass, Barbie dolls, etc. Naturally, this required a fair amount of research, except in the case of record collectors Seymour Longwell and Lee Fallon, whose interests, of all the characters, overlap most with my own. A friend who’s read the book asked me what I did to so accurately capture the monomaniacal music collectors’ patter about obscure micro-genres and rare-issue vinyl and vintage stereo equipment; I explained that there was no research necessary, only a friendless adolescence and lots of free time.

Below, I present you with a selection of deep cuts from Seymour and Lee’s collection (and, I admit, my own) and/or songs that otherwise influenced the writing of the novel.

“The Village Green Preservation Society” / “People Take Pictures of Each Other” – The Kinks

The first and last songs from the The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, a favorite of both Seymour and Lee and, as it’s a loose concept album about nostalgia, pastoralism, the inexorable passage of time, etc., one that embodies many of Heart of Junk’s themes. These aren’t the deepest of cuts, but although the album is critically and cultishly beloved, it’s not as widely lauded as similar watershed 1968 pop albums like Electric Ladyland, The Beatles, or Cheap Thrills.

On its own, “Village Green” might come across as a “good old days” celebration of retrograde culture and values but read in the context of the album as a whole, it’s not so straightforward. By the final track, “People Take Pictures of Each Other,” songwriter Ray Davies’ ambivalence toward nostalgia is clear: “Picture of me when I was just three / Sat with my ma by the old oak tree. / Oh how I love things as they used to be / Don’t show me no more, please.”

“Celebrity Art Party” – The Embarrassment

Probably the best ever band to come out of Wichita and the most terminally underrated in punk/post-punk history. If they’d been based somewhere trendier, they’d be regarded with the same reverence as Mission of Burma or Gang of Four. I like them better than those two, actually, and just as Memphis could only have birthed Big Star, the idiosyncrasies of The Embarrassment’s sound and style probably have a lot to do with their relative isolation. Lee uses them as proof that there could still be an underground coolness to the city; Seymour, although a fan, doesn’t buy it. To him, they’re the exception that proves the rule. “Sex Drive” is probably their most well-known song, but I’m partial to “Celebrity Art Party,” the lead track off their 1981 EP.

“Randy Scouse Git” – The Monkees

Headquarters is one of the first albums I ever bought on vinyl, for a few bucks from the now sadly defunct New Frontier Record Exchange in Appleton, Wisconsin, which somehow remained open even during the nadir of vinyl sales in the early 2000s. It was just the sort of shop Seymour most respects: it only sold used records; its operating hours were erratic at best; it was well organized but overstuffed and covered in dust; there’s no conceivable way it was profitable—its owners seemed to run it as a mere hobby. After he rang me up, the guy at the counter, a true head, mentioned that one rare edition of Headquarters, known as the “beard variant,” replaces a back cover photo of the clean-cut band with a photo of them sporting stubble, a wonderfully useless bit of trivia that years later made it into the novel.

“Sodom and Gomorrah” – The New Creation

This is from Troubled, an exceedingly rare Canadian private-press Christian garage album from 1970. It’d be a holy grail for someone like Seymour. You could spend your whole life looking for an original issue and never find it. But unlike a lot of rare private press records, it’s interesting for more than its scarcity. Kinda sounds like The Shaggs meets The Velvet Underground with gonzo religious lyrics. One of my personal favorites.

“Egyptian Shumba” – The Tammys

Once totally obscure but now fairly well-known owing to its placement on key girl group compilations, “Egyptian Shumba” nevertheless retains its singularity. Dig the orgasmic nonsense-yelps of the chorus and the oddly psychedelic use of the clarinet. Should I brag that I own the original 45?

“Malcontents” – Reversible Cords / “Skeletons” – Inflatable Boy Clams / “Our Secret” – Beat Happening / “No Side to Fall In” – Raincoats

Seymour and Lee are both veterans of the ’70s and ’80s underground music scenes, but I intentionally tried not to get too specific in describing the various (fictional) bands they spent time in. In a nutshell, I imagine them as punk in my favorite sense—that is to say, in ethos rather than idiom, using limited musical skillsets to innovate rather than imitate, like these four bands.

“Sadie and the Fat Man” – Benjamin Dean Wilson

Though it’s never explicitly stated, the novel is set around 2010, not coincidentally the same time I myself lived in Wichita, so this song, from the 2016 album Small Talk, doesn’t yet exist for Seymour, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that would stop in his tracks even a jaded record collector who thinks he’s heard all there is to hear. At least that’s how I felt when I first heard Wilson, having bought the album on a whim after reading an eBay listing that compared him to Jonathan Richman. His songs are Cheever stories set to music, eccentrically constructed in a way that can combine say, doo wop and prog rock and talking blues in a way that feels seamless. I’ve so fallen in love with his music that I used some of my book advance money to start a boutique record label for the express purpose of releasing his second album, The Smartest Person in the Room, on vinyl.

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Jason Ross Finally Releases Debut Album”1000 Faces”

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Jason Ross has officially released his debut album “1000 faces.” Released on Ophelia records, this incredibly talented artist has blown us away with this new masterpiece. This new album features Jason Ross’ recently released singles, such as “When the Night Falls” ft. Fiora, “One that Got Away” with Dabin and Dylan Matthew, “Known You Before”

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Umphrey’s McGee Announces 2020 Red Rocks Run with Goose, PPPP, Gene Ween & More

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The post Umphrey’s McGee Announces 2020 Red Rocks Run with Goose, PPPP, Gene Ween & More is published on LIVE music blog.

Umphrey’s McGee has announced their annual Red Rocks run, set for June 19-21, 2020 at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

Joining the band on the first night will be Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Cory Wong. For night two, the band will welcome The Fearless Flyers and Samantha Fish. Finally, the Sunday closer will feature Goose and three sets of Umphrey’s McGee with one set as Godboner, which is a fancy way of saying the project featuring Gene Ween out front with Umphrey’s McGee as the backing band.

Looks like a rager, and come early, because there’s a special show on June 18th as well.

Brendan and Jake will kick off the Colorado festivities on June 18 with an intimate concert benefiting Conscious Alliance. Please join us for a good cause at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox; tickets will go on sale on Friday, January 31st at 9:00 am MT.

Here’s the official tweet. Head here for UM tickets.

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