Anteloper (Jaimie Branch and Jason Nazary) to release debut album of trumpet-drum-synthesizer magic on International Anthem

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“What if tribal music, but from space?” That’s what comes to mind immediately upon hearing “Ohneotree Suite” the lead single off of Kudu, the debut album from Anteloper.

Anteloper is trumpeter Jaimie Branch, and drummer Jason Nazary, two musicians who have been collaborating with each other for years. Kudu features Branch on her instrument of choice: trumpet. It features Nazary on his instrument of choice: drums. And, it features both of them on an instrument they clearly both love and respect, but for one reason or another never settled down into a committed career with: synthesizer.

Trumpet + drums + synthesizer. As one might expect from a marriage of those three instruments, Kudu is equal parts wild, groovy, and strange. Engaging in melody, yet challenging in texture. Thrilling, but confounding. Or, you know…like tribal music, but from space.

Kudu is out April 20 (this Friday [!]) via International Anthem. You can pre-order it on cassette or a variety of digital formats here. Listen to “Ohneotree Suite,” check out Kudu’s full tracklisting and art, and peruse Anteloper’s upcoming dates down below.

Kudu by Anteloper

Kudu tracklisting:

01. Oryx
02. Fossil Record
03. Lethal Curve
04. Ohoneotree Suite
05. Seclusion Self

Anteloper lope about the country:

04.20.18 – Brooklyn, NY – The Lot Radio
04.20.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Honey’s
04.22.18 – Washington, DC – Rhizome
04.23.18 – Richmond, VA – Black Iris
04.24.18 – Asheville, NC – TBA
04.25.18 – Nashville, TN – Betty’s
04.26.18 – Lafayette, IN – The Spot
04.27.18 – Oberlin, OH – Oberlin College
04.28.18 – Chicago, IL – Co-Prosperity Sphere
05.02.18 – Cleveland, OH – TBA