Actress announces precious few US summer dates, including MoMa PS1 Warmup peformance, synthetic and organic hands applaud wildly!

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If I was a “reclusive, London-based, avant-garde club producer” like Actress’s Darren Cunningham, I tell you what I’d do: I’d STAY THE FUCK IN LONDON and occasionally put out new albums of avant-garde club music.

I wouldn’t leave my badass little studio…I wouldn’t leave comfy London…And I certainly leave the friggin’ U.K. entirely and head across the pond to those huge, sprawling, messy, gnarly “United States” to perform in public! (I mean, c’mon now: that’s literally the opposite of being a recluse!)

Luckily, Cunningham isn’t me. And in the wake of last month’s AZD album (out now on the Ninja Tune label, ya know), he’s apparently ALL ABOUT stepping out to warmly greet — and possibly even intimately embrace! — every last one of his legions of American fans, no matter how talkative, dirty, rabid, politically-backward, or contagious-with-pink-eye he or she might be!

Uh…except…well, he’s still not much of a “people-person,” so, when I say he’s “all about” it, I mean that he’s playing precisely four shows; one on each coast, and two in the middle of the place.

Buuuut…one of them is totally at MoMa PS1 for their “emerging artist” series WarmUp, though! Which is pretty fitting, since he’s sorta literally-emerging from his fortress of solitude to perform over here, right?! (Hey, I’m doing the best I can here.)

Anyway, look: just listen to AZD album-cut “Dancing in the Smoke” and be grateful this is happening, okay? Especially if you live anywhere near Detroit, Chicago, New York, or Seattle. Besides; I mean, everyone in this country lives kinda close to one of those places…don’t they? I said: DON’T THEY?!?

The British Invasion:

08.23.17 – Seattle, WA – Kremwerk
08.24.17 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
08.25.17 – Detroit, MI – El Club
08.26.17 – New York, NY – MoMa PS1