Phish Confirms 2018 Summer Webcast Plans

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Phish has annonced their official plans for webcasting from their summer tour set to kick off tonight in Lake Tahoe. Sadly the shows that fans will see tonight are not being broadcast for the larger viewing world on #CouchTour, but we will get shows from the Gorge! Beginning this weekend at The Gorge, will […]

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Delta Heavy churn out explosive new tune, ‘Exodus’

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Delta Heavy churn out explosive new tune, ‘Exodus’Unnamed 3 1

UK producer duo Delta Heavy follow up their February Monstercat single “I Need You” with another release on the indie label, “Exodus.” The bass music producers seem to be gaining major headway in calling Monstercat home, including a well-received Call of the Wild guest mix for the label and being featured on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 4.

The track is heavily cinematic at the start, with echoed dub-hits and intriguing narration, explaining that “science has opened the world to the unknown.” The production then carries the dubstep-driven work into oblivion, including a ferocious bassline and hard-hitting kick-snare combos. Expect this one to bump at upcoming tour stops such as Sziget Festival in August and Insomniac’s Bassmnt San Diego in September.

Sigur Rós’ Jónsi and Troye Sivan Share New Song “Revelation”: Listen

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It appears in the trailer for Boy Erased, the new film starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe

Spiral Deluxe announces forthcoming album, ‘Voodoo Magic’

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Spiral Deluxe announces forthcoming album, ‘Voodoo Magic’Jeff Mills

It’s Voodoo Magic and all that jazz for Jeff Mills‘ electronic jazz quartet Spiral Deluxe as the group looks ahead to the release of their next record on Mills’ own Axis Records imprint. A five-track offering crafted in single takes over a two-day span, Voodoo Magic will debut on Axis on September 7.

Mills will continue to carry out his drum machine and percussive duties on Voodoo Magic, while fellow Spiral Deluxe constituents Gerald Mitchell, Yumiko Ohno, and Kenji ‘Jino’ Hino round out the quartet’s sound on the keyboard, Moog Synth, and bass and vocals, respectively.

Voodoo Magic’s inclusion of a remix crafted by none other than Detroit’s own deep house sonic spinster Terrence Parker further sweetens the news of the album’s impending arrival.

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Metric Share Video for New Song “Dark Saturday”: Listen

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From their next studio album, out in September

Watch: Armand Hammer – “Dettol”

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Yesterday, at the health food spot in my neighborhood, the guy behind the counter making my tuna ceviche wrap complimented me on my shirt. I told him it was an album cover, correctly assuminng he’d think it was a metal band. When he asked as much, I told him, no, it’s ROME by Armand Hammer. Oh, the health food dude knows him and heard that one mixtape where he’s sitting on the park bench. Race Music, I say. Yeah, they’re dope, I add, no emphasis on “they’re” though, because what the hell.

Walking home, I realized that since billy woods’ face is perpetually blurred or concealed on film, and since Armand Hammer was indeed a person, it makes sense that someone who’s never really listened to them might get the impression that the group is one guy, specifically the guy whose face isn’t osbscured, Elucid. I imagine both he and billy woods would get a kick out of this. I’ve typed over 25,000 words about the two of them, so I’m not really laughing, just reporting on the odd series of events that have helped keep me, like a young Larry Merchant, perched on the balls of my feet since becoming a fan. There was also an insane car wreck outside of my window yesterday evening, and a few hours earlier in a separate incident my co-worker’s wife was involved in one. She’s OK, though; one of the guys in one of the cars outside my window, not so much.

Earlier today, hours before getting the email with a link to this song, I cleaned the apartment, but I used Chlorox, not Dettol. Also, when I started writing this, a record arrived, but it was Lemonade, not Paraffin. That, the internet says, is on its way to a USPS facility. I eagerly anticipate its arrival.

Sade Member Says New Album Is Coming

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Stuart Matthewman says Sade have “a bunch of songs” in the works

Free Cake For Every Creature – “Be Home Soon” Video

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Free Cake For Every CreatureFree Cake For Every Creature are releasing a new album, The Bluest Star, in a couple weeks. We’ve heard a couple of tracks from the Katie Bennett-led project’s latest already — “Around You” and “In Your Car” — and today they’re sharing another one called “Be Home Soon.” … More »

Sarah Davachi very, very softly and quietly returns with new album Gave In Rest, shares new track “Evensong”

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Turns out, even when she’s in rest-mode (perhaps, say, after releasing one of our favorite albums of 2018 so-far with this past spring’s haunting Let Night Come On Bells End The Day), Vancouver drone artist extraordinaire Sarah Davachi cannot help but spin her personal experiences of quietude, isolation, and austerity into BRAND-NEW, WHOLE-ASS RECORDS of DEEP, CONTEMPLATIVE BEAUTY. It’s just what the lady does.

Davachi’s latest collection of cathedral-sized meditations, Gave In Rest, was recorded last year during a period of flux, during which the composer fled Vancouver and “spent the summer in Europe, occasionally performing in churches and lapidariums and seeking respite from her transitional state while surrounded by such storied history.” As such, the album’s seven constituent tracks — each of which is named for a specific time of day — “echo that emotional state of solitude and ephemerality, reaching towards familiar musical landscapes but from oblique perspectives.” Welp, that sure sounds about right.

You know what else sounds about right, though? The album’s lugubrious and dusk-y first single “Evensong.” You can listen to it down below while you sloooowly and reverently navigate your web browser over here to pre-order CD or LP versions of Gave In Rest — which is due out September 14 via Ba Da Bing.

Gave In Rest tracklisting:

01. Auster
02. Third Hour
03. Evensong
04. Matins
05. Gloaming
06. Gilded
07. Waking

Plug Migo drops new “Ratchet Thoughts” video

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Directed by Dada Creative We’ve all had ratchet thoughts at one time or another. Some more than others, for sure. …